Turn 2 Results

Speed Diplomacy:

"Alright. So with the West Side Conference Room finished, we're about half done. Now once we can get the Vale representative to finally send in his room design choice, we can finish on the Cultural Center. That only leaves the temporary housing, the cafeteria, and the grand entrance."

One man with combed back hair sighed,closing his eyes as he tried to rub away the building pressure that he just knew was going to become a horrible migraine at the thought of spending another afternoon wrangling the representatives, ambassadors, and aides to try and get any response from them that wasn't vague answers of soon. Then having to deal with angry builders wondering where their plans were.

'Why did I sign up for this again? I could be designing the new Huntsman Academy in Menagerie. Instead I'm stuck dealing with overgrown children in a nowhere city that'll probably just be dismantled once we have a permanent space station.'

At that moment his much more cheerful partner slapped him on the back as he tossed him some snacks.

"Come on dude, you gotta lighten up! You know we're at least a year ahead of schedule already. Here, got some food from the snack machine."

The dark haired man gave his partner a short glare, before opening one of the snacks.

"I just don't see why I'm the one who has to deal with the representatives. It's not a long flight, you could easily pop over in my stead."

At this the cheerful grin on his partners face changed into a grimace.

"Please, you know I'm allergic to bullshit. Hell, it took everything I had not to knock out Mr. 'I'm Better than You' while getting him to finally decide on something, which I feel like completely makes us even for at least the next year."

At that, he pulls out some paperwork, showing his more serious friend that he had gotten the Valean Rep to decide on something. At the surprise on his face, he just laughed as he went to exit the room.

"Don't look so surprised! I can get stuff done too on occasion. Now if you don't mind, I'm gonna go wrangle the builders into getting started before it hits noon."

Effect: Diplomacy actions are now shorter
Time Left: 1 turn

Speed Economy:

As an older man looked over the hole leading into the depths of the moon, he gave a ferocious looking grin.

"Shaves off quite a bit from the schedule. Must be from when the moon was a bit more active. Who'd a thunk a cave would be right where we were trying to break through. Winchester! Where's that grandson of mine got off too, we're in a bubble for Brother's sake. WINCHESTER!"

As his shout echoed out through the enclosed area, a brown haired man ran up to him, lugging behind him a drill.

"I'm on my way, just bringing the drill you wanted."

The old man grunted, looking back down into the hole.

"We can't have you lollygagging, not if we want to put our family back on top. I may not understand why my fool daughter married your father, but at least it gave us this chance. Space is a new frontier, and we need to keep moving fast if we want to get a firm foothold. If we can build up out here, we can replace the SDC as the top mining company, same as they did to us."

Finishing, he turned back to look at the younger man, before checking over the drill for defects. Finding it fine, he gave a quick grin before lifting it and putting it in his grandson's hands.

"Now git down that hole and get me some core samples. We need to see what we're dealing with here."

Effect: 50,000 Lien added to income.
Time Left: 1 turn

Set up Space Combat Protocols:

"Do any of you know why space combat is different form air combat?"

The soldiers in the room, mostly ship captains, trainers, and military planners look around at the others in the room, before one of them speaks up.

"It's distance right?"

At this the grey haired former general nods.

"That is the correct answer, but i don't think it quite explains the magnitude. For the past ten years the others in my group and I have studied and planned for what we would need for us to succeed in space. I have studied extensively to determine what combat in space would be like, should there be space Grimm, future bandits, or even a hostile alien race. And the biggest change is simply the distance battles will be fought at. To effectively use our speed to dodge attacks, even with our best estimates of future G-Drives, battles would take place at ranges where you could not even see your enemy. Shots will not only have to be fired accurately, but also at the right time, as the travel speed means that the enemy may be at a completely new location just from simply drifting out of the way before the projectile even gets close."

The man paused to take a breathe, changing the hologram in front of them that cast everything in a bluish-white light

"We will also have to track the shots made by ourselves and our enemies even, no, especially if they miss. Because only hitting something else will stop those shots, and it doesn't matter how far away they are if ten years later some missed shot wipes out the capital of Atlas or Vale or whatever. Quite simply, if you fire a shot, you are almost guaranteed to kill someone, even if it's not within the next hundred years."

The group assembled before him start looking over their works, frowning slightly at the grim attitude.

"Now, lets talk about positioning of you and your enemies to prevent possible collateral damage."

Minimum roll needed = 50. Rolled 90. Roll succeeded
Effect: More effective at space combat
Time left: 1 turn

Explore Mars and Asteroid Belt:

"Rocks, rocks, rocks. Oh look, more rocks! Isn't this exciting!"

"Yes! It really is! I mean look at us, on the surface of another planet! According to the scans I've found, way in the past this planet was even habitable! We could find evidence of life on another planet! I can't wait!"

The first speaker turned to their partner on this trip with a deadpan look, before shaking their head.

"You know that stuff's only for bad fiction novels. If we find evidence of life from another planet, I'll eat my boot."

Turning away from the cutely frowning face behind her, she looked into the distance where the Airship they were based out of was hovering over the landscape.

"Well at least we're not stuck here by ourselves. If i had to stay down here or in our Bullhead as well while searching, i think I'd go insane."

At that, they both shuddered, sending up a silent prayer to the teams exploring the asteroid belt, who apparently would have to stay on their Bullheads for days at a time while they asteroid hopped, mapping out the belt.

Gazing around at the area they searched, then looking at the time, the first woman turned to her partner.

"Come on, it's time to get back anyways. Set down a beacon and lets head on home. I know you don't want to miss that Huntsman's archaeology lesson again."

At that, they both dashed back to the ship, the first woman wondering if her partner was trying to imitate the professor with how fast she moved.

Effect: Gain further knowledge of Mars and the Asteroid Belt
Time Left: 3 turns

Research Upgraded Ship Type:

"Testing in 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Testing begins."

The design team holds their breath as they stare down at the final testing checks on the upgraded Construction Ship. The room is silent with anticipation from all but one person. Syd, leader of the design team, looks calmly over the people gathered here, her team so filled with anticipation and anxiety you'd think it was their baby learning to walk. Clapping one on the back, startling the others, she turns to the door.

"I'll go get the champagne. You can all come down once the test is done."

She walked away, confidence in her team gifting her with a small smile, and as she heard the roars of success all the way from the kitchen, she couldn't help but chuckle.

Minimum roll needed = 30. Rolled 63. Roll succeeded
Effect: Raise mining chances

Whew, this took awhile to write! Trying to give everything it's due while building up the world is not easy. Unfortunately, no Omakes this time, but hopefully some more will show up soon. Still haven't named everyone, but that just means you guys can have some fun with them instead! Also, some Canon cameos this time! I know, I know, not the ones you wanted, but hey! They will show up, and I'm gonna make sure i do them justice! Once again, if you notice any issues, tell me and I'll fix it