Mike and el were siting in mike's bed room they had been there all day mike was dreading the feeling of going back to riverdale high school after the death of Jason blossom he knew Cheryl would be more bitchy than usual because that was her brother the same brother that would pick on him and his friends "el?" Mike asked "yes mike?" El asked back "I don't really want to go to school" he said "why?" She asked "because with this Jason blossom thing it's just I don't wanna deal with Cheryl" he said

Mike's mom walked into his room "elven hoppers here" mrs wheeler said "okay thank you mrs wheeler" el responsed with "bye mike"she said as she kissed him goodbye "bye el" mike says his mom escorted eleven outside "bye sweetie" Karen said "bye mrs wheeler" eleven said "eleven wait In the car" hopper said " okay dad" eleven said "thank you for watching her Karen" hopper said "not a problem hopper I love having her over and mike keeps her busy" Karen said "how is mike doing with all this Jason Blossom stuff" jim asks "he's dealing even though Jason picked on him a lot he never wanted this on him" she says "no one did" hopper says "well I better get mike and Nancy to bed" Karen says "me to better get her to bed"jim said

Mike's asleep when his phone goes off "what who's calling me" mike says groggy he looks at his phone he reads the text "mike I know it's early yet but meet me,Dustin,Max and will at school" Lucas said in a text "shit I forgot the annual bet everyone to school on the first day" he says "mike?" His mom asks "yeah mom?" Mike reasons to his mom "what are you doing up so early?"she asked "annual beat everyone to school on the first day" he said "go go" his mom said "bye mom see you later" mike said before leaving the house on his bike and he arrives at school to see Lucas Dustin will eleven and max arguing about something "no NO Jason is better than Micheal Myers" Lucas says "how?" Will asked "why are you guys arguing about this?" Mike asked "idk they've been arguing about it since we got here

"I can't wait to deal with Cheryls bullshit today it's gonna be so fun not!" Mike said angrily "she had always hated me bullying me or my sister about being different and shit like that and of course Archie freaking Andrews watches as it's being done he never helps me" mike said with tears in his eyes mike looks at his watch "one more hour" mike said the they all see Cheryl mike Walks to his locker and notices it's "Shit why" he mumbles "mike puts his stuff in his locker and see his other best friend Kevin Keller walk up to him " so would it be werid if I said that Betty never asked Archie out" kev asked "wait what she still hasn't asked him out!" Mike says "yeah she's too nervous that he'll say no" Kevin says "I'll talk to her kev" mike said mike and Betty and Archie have been best friends forever even when he got his other friends they still were friends he saw Betty and a raven haired girl "hey bets" mike said "hey Mikey" Betty said "Mikey god you know that nickname is soo old bets" mike said with chuckle "who's this?" The girl asked "oh sorry mike wheeler Veronica lodge veronica lodge mike wheeler" Betty said "wait is it true you dad's the devil-" mike stopped because Betty gave him a look

"Does everyone know" Veronica asked they all shake their head "oh this is Kevin and he'-" mike was cut off "gay thank god let's be best friends" Veronica says "mike's other friends come up to him "HI BETTY!" Eleven said "hey el" Betty said "who are these people?" Veronica asked "this is Dustin,will, and Lucas" mike said "guys this is veoronica lodge" mike said "hi" max said "MAX!" A voice said "shit" max said billy Max's abusive step brother came up to her "WHY THE HELL ARNT YOU IN CLASS!" he screamed "I-I umm I was umm" max said as she couldn't find the words to respond with billy hits his step sister max falls on the ground crying "WHAT HEL IS WRONG WITH YOU BILLY" mike screamed billy was about to hit mike when someone's hand grabbed his arm "hey man" the voice said "what the hell" billy said before he could get his arm freed he was turned and thrown ya words a locker "YOU LISTEN HERE ABUSIVE ASS YOU WILL LEAVE HER ALONE FROM NOW ON UNDERSTAND!" The voice screamed as he dropped billy and billy ran away

As the figure walked tawords them it was Archie "thanks archie" mike said "no problem mike I was getting sick and tired of him doing that to poor max" Archie said "you okay max?" Archie asked "yeah thanks" max said