Hello my readers, As you read, here's a sample read of what I have planned in the future, hope you enjoy the possibility idea lol.


Even the wicked witch herself cannot resist the nature of motherhood, which in some way makes her worse. The world is full of IFs. "IF" is a powerful word, just one change in the timeline and everything changes so much. In another world where the Ultimate Despair destroys the planet but without Hope's peak existing, there was no School killing game.

In this world, The Goddess of Despair Junko Enoshima finds an orphan girl on the streets during another Despair riot" in the hellish world she created, and while she could just have her killed, something within her overdriven mind something not even Junko herself could analyze, a very rare feat made her decide a different option: adoption especially since whoever her caretaker was, now they were no longer around.

"...Akki, her name from this day forth shall be...Akki." Mukuro smiled at her sister's decision and crouched down next to her while she continued to hold the little girl in her arms. Junko's face was void of any emotion. "If you've truly decided it Junko, then there's no problems with it."

Junko made no response to that she simply gets up and begins walking back to their home. "Come along eyesore,this Despair riot is getting rather boring now, and my new little Akki here needs medical treatment and bedrest, get that sow's number for me and tell her to meet up with us~.

Of course, Junko" Mukuro obeyed her sister's orders and began calling Mikan on her cell phone. Junko was still walking ahead with the unconscious girl in her arms, her mind analyzing every possibility this new route will take her, the unpredictability that this child could give her, and the Despair at how she'll nurture this child with her precious Despair, into her image.

"…Upupupu~ well this certainly be an actual intriguing piece that's landed in my arms, rest well Akki, plans will be made for you, despairingly wonderful plans. I believe this will be a very interesting experience, for both you….and me. Junko perks up, her wide sadistic smile showing proudly.

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