A Theurgist is alone

or what feels alone.

Listening to the world's song

a sense of peace and excitement.

They echo the great symphony.

A breath,

it starts with one note,

then two, soon a song follows,

one of mischief and glee.

A shape starts to take form,

playing on its fiddle,

joining the melody.

They dance to

the joy they share

spinning around each other,

faster and faster they go.

Their grins a mirror

but they know it cannot last.

The song nears its end,

they look at each other,

it's scared, it doesn't want to go.

They draw closer

until they are merely a breath away.

The Theurgist takes

the sprite's little hand,

a kiss, their foreheads touch.

It's okay, I'm here,

the wizard's eyes say,

with the smallest of smiles.

It returns the gesture,

placing its hand on top of their creator's.

The music comes to an end

and the life born from a song

fades away.

Notes: Wizard101 has this summoning system where you bewitch or enthrall creatures to fight for you except the Life School. Through tapping into the Song of Creation, they are able to create life. The school's motto is "As we have been created, so must we create." As a crafter I agree with the quote "Whenever someone creates something with all their heart, then that creation is given a soul." And I've been thinking that while we have created life, we are not god so it cannot last and that is where this story came from. The birth and death of the first spell we learned.