Sing me to Sleep

"No, no, no." The sky was falling at last. Sophie tugged hard on her eyelashes, trying to gather her memories. One year ago… she believed her life in the Lost Cities could return to normal. One month ago … she and her friends were preparing for a battle with the Neverseen. Ten days ago… her friend circle had been complete. Five days ago… it wasn't. And even now. Sophie regretted. Regretted the moment she'd decided not to get Elwin. Regretted the moment she'd announced the note from the Neverseen. Regretted the moment she followed a teal-eyed boy into a different, somehow darker world. Nobody came to comfort her. Fitz was at Elwin's. So were Dex and Biana. Marella had been dragged away by the Neverseen, along with Linh and Tam. Grady and Edaline had tried already. Nobody left to care about her. Echoes rang in Sophie's head, and pictures flashed through her cracking mind. First a yellow canary that had found her on the way back and landed on her shoulder, talking to her as if talking to a friend. Sophie remembered turning towards the canary and seeing the pale blue eyes, exactly like a pair she had known before. "Sophie, Sophie, Sophie." It chirped. "Foster, Foster, Foster." The memories came faster and faster.

"Sing me to sleep. I want to hear your voice. Please." No more than a dying whisper. A pool of bright red blood, a misplaced strike. A cut too deep to heal. "Stay with me."

Deep in the meadow

Under the willow

A bed of grass

A soft green pillow

Lay down your head

And close your sleepy eyes

And when again they open

The sun will rise

Here it's safe

And here it's warm

Here the daisies guard you

From every harm

Here your dreams are sweet

And tomorrow brings them true…

And a pair of ice blue eyes that dimmed and blinked out.

"Sophie." A yellow canary called from her windowsill.

Follow me. Let's go. We can be free.

Sophie looked into the ice blue eyes.

Trust me, it sang.

Sophie laughed as she felt her mind break and her vision start to blur.

Finally, she was free.

The Letter

My Dearest Fitz,

You remember when—five days after your beloved friend's death—Sophie was in her room? Do you remember when you looked for her and found her, arms spread like wings, as if she had jumped from her window trying to fly? Do you remember when you took her to Elwin? Elwin said she had passed away already, hadn't he? And you didn't know what to do with the body. Remember when I said Sophie should be buried? And you agreed?

You said she was one of your dearest friends and that she was ever on your mind. Please know, she is ever on my heart as well.

I found the most beautiful place on a hill not far from Havenfield. It is covered in wildflowers, and one tree with drooping branches. We agreed on burying her there, under the tree, with the teal heart you insisted on burying with her.

And there your Sophie rests.

She is safe.

She is loved.

~Eveny Tide

Here's to the ones that we got

Cheers to the wish you were here but you're not

Cause the drinks bring back all the memories

Of everything we've been through

Toast to the ones here today

Toast to the ones that we lost on the way

Cause the drinks bring back all the memories

And the memories bring back memories bring back you.

Everybody hurts sometime

Everybody hurts someday

Everything will be alright

Go and raise a glass and say

Sorry that's just a random song I've been listening to…

I think it fits this story though.