When will My Life Begin?

Little Rapunzel has just finished reading one of her storybooks to little Pascal. She looked at the chameleon.

"What do you think?" She asked. Pascal squeaked with joy. "Yeah, like I said before, it's one of my favorites. I can't get enough! I'll be rereading it soon. And since I'm stuck here, probably a bazillion more times." Pascal was so confused by that. He wasn't sure why Mother Gothel kept her in the tower all the time. It was so unfair. What was she so afraid of? Sure, outside was a scary place. With his own mom killed by a snake, he could understand that. But why? Every single day, the little chameleon has been pondering that question and he hasn't had any answers yet, and he didn't think he ever will. If only he could speak, then he'll know for sure! But for the time being, he'll have to stay in the dark, and he didn't like it. There was a knock at the door.

"Rapunzel!" Gothel shouted from the other side. "It's time for bed. Remember you have a big day tomorrow!" Rapunzel beamed as she placed the book back on the shelf.

"Are you going to take me out of the tower?" The excited little girl asked.

"No, but we'll so something else you want." Rapunzel frowned at this and sighed.

"Very well." Pascal felt sad for this girl, but didn't know what to do about it.

"Goodnight, my little Flower!"


Rapunzel hopped onto her bed. She looked at Pascal again.

"Tomorrow's my birthday, Pascal!" Pascal cheered up at that. He didn't know what a birthday was, but was just happy that his little friend was happy. He also didn't know when his birthday was, or if animals like him even had birthdays, but that wasn't important right now. "And that means the floaty lanterns are going to appear at night." Pascal was confused again. Floaty lanterns? What were those? She wasn't making sense to him.

She frowned. "I wish I can see them from outside." Pascal frowned again. He wished his friend could see them too, whatever they were. She smiled again. "Well night, Pascal!" She then shut off the lights, and went to sleep in her bed.

Pascal however, couldn't go to bed. He kept thinking of his owner not being able to go outside like other humans. If only he could do something. Then he did think of something. Maybe he can do something! After all, she saved his life and gave him a home after his mother's death. He felt like he owed it to her. He didn't know how he was going to pull it off, but he was willing to try. He'll do anything to please Rapunzel. And with that, he went out of the tower, and climbed all the way to the bottom.

It was a long way to the bottom so when he reached ground again, he wanted to rest. But he knew he didn't have long. So he was off again.

The next morning, Rapunzel woke up for her morning chores, but was shocked at what she saw. There were flowers, tree branches, makeshift hammocks made out of blankets, and potted planters everywhere. It was like being outside even though it was inside.

"Whoa!" She said in amazement. "Who did all of this?" The little girl grinned with glee, and ran to wake up Pascal. "Pascal! Look at what someone did to our tower room!" Pascal woke up with a yawn. "Isn't this amazing?" He looked around as Rapunzel ran around with a smile. He was happy she liked what he did for her. It wasn't exactly what she wanted, but it was the next best thing. He followed her around.

Rapunzel ran around the whole room. She smelled all of the flowers. She sighed heavenly. She hadn't smelled flowers in her entire life and immediately loved the smells. She turned to Pascal.

"Smell these, Pascal!" She encouraged him. "They smell lovely! You won't regret it!" Pascal knew the smell, but smelled them anyways to make Rapunzel happy. He sighed heavenly too. Though he smelled them a million times before, he couldn't get enough! "I wonder how they got here. Whoever brought them here must've went though a lot of work."

Rapunzel was right. Getting all of these flowers and plants here was a lot of work. As much as he didn't want to, he had to sneak the potted planters from the market place, and uproot flowers from the grass near the tower.

Next, Rapunzel ran and plopped herself on one of the many makeshift hammocks. She sighed in content. "Awww, this is the life, don't you think, Pascal?" Pascal also had to steal some blankets from the market and tie them to the beams to make them. He was almost caught. In fact, he was almost sure. But luckily he wasn't, and his tiny feet made him so fast that even with pulling blankets around, he managed to escape, and the man from the market that sold the blankets never came to hunt him down. The reptile jumped on another hammock and sighed with content as well. He was glad he was making his pal's special day extra special. He may not know what birthdays were, but they must be special to make someone like Rapunzel happy. Rapunzel smiled to herself, "Yeah, I'm right, little froggy."

Suddenly the door opened and in came Mother Gothel. Both Rapunzel and Pascal looked at her. Pascal was scared and hid. He didn't know why, but to him something seemed way off about her. Plus, he was sure she will be mad at this. Everything on the outside seemed to make her mad or scared. How to convince her of this? He didn't think it was possible, but just maybe. Rapunzel ran and hugged her mom. Pascal stuck out his tongue in disgust. There was no way this woman was her mom, could she? She was too cruel.

"Mommy!" She said giddily. "Look at the tower! I love it; thank you! It's the best present ever!" Gothel was shocked and confused. She then did a fake smile.

"I'm glad you like it," She began, stroking her fake daughter's long hair. "but I did not do this." Rapunzel looked at her in puzzlement.

"You didn't?" The little lost princess wanted to know. Gothel shook her head. "Then who did?"

"I don't know." The old woman then frowned. "But whoever did it, I do not appreciate this one bit. This has all got to go!" Pascal gasped. Not all of his hard work! This woman was cruel all right! She doesn't like it at all? The nerve of this woman!

"Oh, please!" Rapunzel begged. "Let it stay. I love it. It's all so lovely. How can you not like it, Mommy?" Pascal did a silent beg himself. Please, don't take this away from Rapunzel! "Please, it's my birthday!" Yeah, it's her birthday.

Pascal could see the gears working in the old hag's brain. After a long time, she sighed. "All right, Rapunzel. They can all stay up." Rapunzel cheered. "But first thing tomorrow, I want them all out. Understand?" Rapunzel nodded in agreement.

"I promise you Mom, that before you serve me breakfast, this place will be like it was before. No reminders of the outside whatsoever in here. That will all be outside just as it should be." Rapunzel hugged her again. "Thank you, Mom. I love you." Gothel faked a smile again.

"I love you even more then you ever know." Pascal gave a sigh of relief. Gothel, despite being corrupt and as he was convinced, an evil, awful hag, can be agreeable at times.

That night, Rapunzel went to the bay window to wait for the lanterns. Pascal jumped into her lap. Rapunzel smiled and petted him

"Hello, Pascal." She greeted. "I didn't go outside again but Mom still made sure I had a good birthday." She looked at the many decorations in the room. "I am still in awe at whoever did this. It made my special day a bit more special." Pascal smiled at this. Rapunzel stopped petting Pascal and sighed. She frowned. "I sure wish that I didn't have to take all of this stuff down tomorrow." Pascal frowned as well. He wished that too.

Suddenly, he heard her crying. Pascal looked up at her. She looked at him, and wiped away her tears. "Sorry. It's just that, do you think I'll ever be able to go outside, and experience a world beyond my tower? I want to sneak out at times but at the same time, I don't want to disappoint Mom."

Pascal felt hopeless. He hated seeing her sad, but didn't know what to do to cheer her up. So he climbed onto her shoulder and rubbed his head against her cheek. Rapunzel stopped crying and smiled. "You're right, Pascal. Someday I'll have my dreams come true and experience outside life. I have to remain strong and positive." She changed the subject. "What was outside life for you like before you came to live with me? I wish you could tell me." Pascal wished that too. He would tell her everything about the joys of being outdoors. He would warn her about the bad parts too, like his mom's death. If only he could talk.

The darkness then lit up. Rapunzel beamed and the two looked out and watched the floating lanterns. Rapunzel placed Pascal on the window still. "So you can get a better look." He looked and smiled and the two continued watching a few lanterns become a lot. "Someday Mom will let me see the lanterns from out of this tower. I just know it." She looked at Pascal again. "You can come see them with me too." Pascal smiled. He would love too. Someday, Rapunzel, someday your young life will begin.