Screen Title: #iGet Arrested: #Melanie #Spencer #Pam


Main Cast

Jennette McCurdy as Sam/Melanie Puckett

Ariana Grande as Cat Valentine

Cameron Ocasio as Dice Corleone

Guest Cast

Jane Lynch as Pam Puckett

Special Guest Cast

Jerry Trainor as Spencer Shay

(Sam, Cat, and Dice are watching an episode of All That)

"I love this show." Sam said.

"Kel is so funny." Cat says.

(Suddenly the doorbell rings)

"Ding dong." Cat says.

"I'll get it." Dice said.

(Dice opens the door and it's Melanie. Cheer Applause)

"Sam how'd you get outside so quick?" Dice asked.

"I'm right here." Sam said.

"Then how...?" Dice asked but is interrupted.

"I'm her twin sister. Melanie." Melanie says.

"Hi Melanie." Cat said.

"What are you doing here?" Sam asked.

"It's about mom." Melanie said.

"What did she do?" Sam asked.

"She got arrested in Fresno." Melanie says as she plays a message she got from Pam.

"Melanie it's me. When you got time could you get Sam and bail me out of jail in Fresno." Pam said in the video message.

"Damn it mom." Sam said.

"We need to bail her out. Do you know if anyone can take us to Fresno?" Melanie asked.

"I think I do. (Sam is on the phone with Spencer) Great thanks Spencer. See you soon." Sam said.

"Spencer's taking us?" Cat asked.

"Yes. He's using his friend's RV." Sam said.

"Socko?" Melanie asked.

"Yes." Sam said.

"Wait Spencer has a friend named Socko?" Dice asked.

"Yes." Sam said.

"When will Spencer get here?" Cat asked.

"In a couple hours." Sam says.

(Spencer arrives. Cheer applause)

"Hi guys." Spencer said.

"Thanks for coming Spencer." Sam said.

"What's going on?" Spencer asked.

"Our mom got arrested." Melanie says.

"Again?" Spencer said.

"Yes." Melanie said.

"Can you drive me, Melanie, Cat, and Dice to Fresno?" Sam said.

"Sure." Spencer said.

"Yay road trip." Cat said.

"Wait how much does it cost to bail your mom out?" Dice asked.

"$500." Melanie replied.

"What the fuck?!" Sam cursed.

"It's California." Melanie says.

"Sam I'm afraid we have to use $500 from our babysitting service money." Cat said.

"I guess so." Sam said.

"I have money on me." Spencer said.

"How much?" Dice asked.

"$300." Spencer said.

"Oh so you and Cat can just use $200 from your babysitting service money." Melanie said.

"Kay Kay." Cat says.

(Cat grabs $200)

"We ready?" Spencer asked.

"Yes." Everyone replied.

"Let's roll." Spencer says.

(The gang are on the road)

"Why did your mom get arrested?" Dice asked.

"She shoved hot chili peppers down a cops pants." Melanie replied.

"Hey Sam remember when you did a similar thing back in 2010?" Spencer asked.

"Yeah I got arrested so you had to cover for me on the show." Sam said.

"So that's why you weren't there." Cat says.

"This is the second time Spencer and I have to bail our mom out of jail." Sam said.

"Oh right. She got arrested in Vegas back in 2012." Melanie said.

"Yeah." Sam says.

"This is a nice RV, Spencer." Cat said.

"Thanks Cat." Spencer says.

"I can't believe you have a friend named Socko." Dice said.

"That's what Sam said." Spencer replied.

"He has his own sock company and makes colorful socks." Sam said.

"I think I've read about that on his blog." Melanie added.

"Yeah." Spencer said.

"How long til we get to Fresno?" Dice asked.

"In 1 and a half hours." Spencer said.

"Is there a bathroom in here? I have to pee." Cat asked.

"Yeah it's behind the curtains." Sam says.

"Kay Kay." Cat said.

"So Spencer are you still sculpting?" Sam asked.

"Kind of. I've been selling them. That's why I have $300." Spencer said.

"You're a great artist." Melanie says.

"Thanks Melanie." Spencer said.

(Cat comes back from the bathroom)

"That bathroom is so cool." Cat said.

(1 hour and 25 minutes later, the gang arrives at the Fresno Police Department)

"Hey we're here." Spencer said.

"Good." Sam said.

(They walk in the department)

"Can I help you?" A guard asked.

"We're here to bail out Pam Puckett." Melanie said.

"She's my and her mom." Sam said.

"Do you have the $500 to bail her out?" The guard asked.

"Yes." Cat said.

"Here you go." Spencer said.

"Good. Puckett you're bailed out." The guard said.

"It's about time." Pam said.

(Cheer applause)

"Mom." Melanie said.

"You guys came to bail me out?" Pam asked.

"Yes. I had Spencer drive us here." Sam said.

"Hi." Spencer said.

"Why did you pour chili down the cops pants?" Cat asked.

"He cut me off." Pam says.

"Cops don't wait in line." Dice said.

"Hey Sam this reminds me when you got arrested for doing a similar thing back in 2010." Pam said.

"Yeah." Sam said.

"Alright we got to get Sam, Cat, and Dice back to LA, Melanie to where you live, and Pam back to Seattle." Spencer said.

"Let's roll." Sam said.

"Thanks for bailing me out of jail you guys." Pam said.

"You're welcome mom." Melanie says.

"Ehh whatever." Sam said.

"No problem." Dice said.

"Anytime." Cat says.

"You're welcome." Spencer said.