Warning: violence, rape, mentions of rape, possible sexual situations, language

Alice Cullen was panicked.

She just had a vision of Bella, the human girl Edward was so fascinated with, and it wasn't good. Someone needed to get to Port Angeles now. Actually they needed to get to Port Angeles five minutes ago.

There was only one problem.

Her brother, Edward would normally be the person that she would call. After all he was the one that was so keen on protecting her. The problem was he would never get to her in time. Sending Edward would result in Bella's death.

No one was close enough to help her except one. Rosalie. Alice frantically dialed her sister's number silently begging the blonde to answer and help. Alice knew Rosalie also had a strange fascination with Bella but the one time Alice had asked Rosalie had denied it and threatened to burn her clothes if she brought it up again. Since then Alice became very careful and never mentioned Bella to her. But it didn't stop her from searching both of their futures.

"What Alice?" Rosalie's annoyed voice called through the phone.

"I need you to go to Port Angeles now," Alice said quickly. "Bella is there and if you don't get to her soon…" she trailed off, trying to find a way to word this without causing Rosalie too much pain, "history will repeat itself."

Alice could hear Rosalie growling in the background. No matter how much she claimed to dislike the human girl she would never stand by and let someone go through the same thing she had. Alice wasn't convinced that Rosalie hated, or even disliked Bella but she had no proof otherwise and Bella's future was constantly changing.

Alice heard a click and all was silent. Now all she had to do was wait. She didn't want to search the future because she didn't want to risk seeing what she had seen before. That future wasn't pretty and it made her want to vomit, even though it was impossible.

Rosalie stared at her cellphone for half a second before whipping into action. She was currently at an auto shop a few miles from Port Angeles. She ran to her car and sped off toward the city. She wasn't about to let what happened to her happen to Bella. She couldn't explain the strange feelings she felt toward the human girl but whatever they were she couldn't allow her to get hurt, just the thought of Bella suffering like she had made her sick.

She wove in and out of traffic, ignoring the honks from pissed off drivers. Normally Rosalie wouldn't drive this fast when there was traffic but she was in a hurry. She didn't know how long she had before the attack happened and she had no idea where in Port Angeles Bella would be.

She groaned in frustration. Why couldn't Alice give her more information? Then again Alice was in a hurry to make sure Bella got help. She probably forgot all about it.

The streets of Port Angeles were busy at night. Rosalie pulled into the first parking spot she could find and jumped out of the car. She could move faster when she wasn't trying to weave in and out of all the cars.

Rosalie growled in frustration as she tried to find Bella. All the different places she could be ran through her mind but Rosalie didn't have time to check them all and she was sure her mental list didn't cover all of the possibilities. She started with the alleys near the dress shop she remembered hearing Bella talk about back when she was still trying to convince herself she wasn't eavesdropping on Bella.

She heard the scream half a second before she smelled the blood. She ran in the direction of the scream and found it was a small alleyway/parking lot behind a bookstore.

A small part of her brain registered the fact that it was a bookstore that specialized in Indian legends. She narrowed her eyes as she sped to Bella's location. She was certain that the bookstore would have the Quileute legends in it, which meant the legends about vampires were there too. Did Bella know about them?

She burst into the hidden parking lot and spotted four men surrounding Bella. A feral growl ripped through Rosalie's chest. The sound alerted the men to Rosalie's presence. Two of the men were holding Bella down. They didn't release her but they loosened their grip to look at the newcomer. The other two men had their knees on the ground and their pants and boxers around their ankles.

Rosalie could see every inch of the lower body of the two men including an appendage buried inside the human girl Rosalie had strange feelings for. The other man's penis was shoved in Bella's mouth to keep her from screaming. The two pulled away from Bella and the smell of blood was stronger. It almost knocked Rosalie to the ground and it would have if it wasn't for the fact that she was too focused on these men.

They grinned at her, thinking they had another easy target. Rosalie ignored them for the time being, it wasn't like they could do anything to her anyway, so she could focus on Bella, broken and bleeding on the ground.

They locked eyes and something in Rosalie's mind shifted and something in her snapped. The look of pain and terror on Bella's face angered Rosalie even more. The demon in her demanded retribution for what was done to her mate.

Mate. Oh shit, Rosalie thought. A small part of her brain was wondering if it was possible. It would certainly explain the strange feelings she had been having regarding Bella and the desire to kill these human males.

Edward was going to kill her when he found out. Her lip curled at the thought. She was happy at the thought. The reminder that he cared for Bella, loved her even repulsed her but for now she had something else to focus on.

"Look here boys we go another toy," one of the men that was raping Bella called. Only seconds had passed since the men had caught sight of Rosalie.

Rosalie's black eyes focused on the man and before he could blink Rosalie had her teeth in his neck. She had never had human blood before. Even when she killed her ex-fiancée and his friends she never spilled their blood. But now she thought that was a stupid idea on her part. The human blood was almost orgasmic to her.

Before the others could register what had happened Rosalie sunk her teeth into the next man. The human blood made her stronger, more alert and in control. She was enjoying that feeling. She felt like she could think clearly for the first time in over eighty years.

It only took two minutes to drain all four of the men. It left Rosalie craving more. She shook her head to clear away the blood crazed thoughts. She would feed later. Right now she would take care of Bella.

"Bella," Rosalie called softly. She heard Bella whimper in pain, and possibly fear. "You're safe now." Rosalie held back the growl that threatened to escape. Her clothes were ripped up. Her shirt wasn't salvageable so Rosalie removed her jacket and draped it over Bella's body. It didn't cover everything but it was the best she could do. Her pants had been destroyed and her underwear was shredded but Rosalie didn't have anything to help with that.

"Hurts," she mumbled, flinching when Rosalie touched her cheek. Rosalie pulled her hand away. She knew better than to try and touch her. She hadn't wanted to be touched after her own attack. But she had hoped her mate would have found some comfort in her touch.

"I know," she muttered. "I will help you but you can't stay here. We need to go before someone finds us and the bodies." She sneered at the mention of the bodies. They deserved what they got.

"I know what you are," Bella mumbled. Rosalie stopped breathing.

"Are you scared?" she questioned, fearing the answer.

She shook her head and moaned in pain. Her head was throbbing from hitting the ground. "I'm not afraid of you," Bella told her.

"Do you trust me?" Rosalie asked. She needed Bella out of here now but didn't want to scare her mate even more by grabbing her and running. Then again she wasn't above knocking her out if needed.

Bella gave a short nod and Rosalie quickly pulled the human girl into her arms. She carefully arranged the jacket so Bella wouldn't feel as exposed. Once Bella was secure, or as secure as she could be, Rosalie took off running. She couldn't take her car. People would notice her carrying a bloody girl in her arms and she didn't want the police involved. After all the men were dead, there was nothing for the police to do. And if Charlie found out… Rosalie couldn't risk him sending Bella back to her mother.

For most part Rosalie kept her eyes on Bella. She was having an internal debate on what to do. Should she take Bella to the hospital, should she take her to Carlisle, or should she take Bella and run far, far away? It didn't take long for her to decide against the hospital. There were too many questions involved with that.

Rosalie thought about taking Bella to Carlisle. It was the most logical solution as he would be able to help her without involving the police but Rosalie couldn't go see Carlisle right now. Her eyes were red. She had knowingly and willingly killed four humans, not that she considered those men human. Rosalie knew Carlisle would forgive her, it was in his nature. He forgave Jasper, Edward, Emmett and even Esme for their slips.

But she didn't regret what she had done and that was what would anger Carlisle. For the first time since she was turned she was embracing the demon within instead of hating her existence. It was time for the old Rosalie Hale to die and a new one to be born, one who didn't complain about who she was, one who fed on the miserable excuses for human beings.

As she rid herself of her past she realized calling Carlisle was out. Edward had already tried claiming Bella as his and the demon in Rosalie would not allow him to touch her Bella. No, she couldn't go back. Carlisle and Edward would deem her too dangerous to be around her mate and they would try to take Bella away from her. That was if they believed that Bella was her mate which she knew they wouldn't.

Her phone rang just as she decided to take Bella far away from Forks. She growled as she moved so she could grab her phone. "What Alice?" she growled into the phone, after checking the caller ID.

"I saw your decision to take Bella and leave," Alice said getting straight to the point. Rosalie was grateful for that.

"Yes," Rosalie agreed. "You must have seen what happened."

"I did," Alice said sadly. After Alice got off the phone with Rosalie she had saw what would happen to Bella and to Rosalie. It was too late to stop Rosalie and even if she wanted to she couldn't. Bella would have died and something deep inside of her said not to interfere.

When Rosalie made the decision to feed on the humans Alice saw why she wasn't supposed to interfere. She wasn't entirely sure what to do next. She saw a future where Rosalie was happy with Bella. She didn't want Rose to lose that. The one thing she did know was Rose couldn't take Bella away. If that happened the others would hunt her down. "You can't take Bella away," Alice announced.

"I can and I am," Rosalie snarled. Bella whimpered at the anger in Rosalie's tone and Rosalie held her close, promising Bella she wouldn't hurt her.

"You can't," Alice said again. "If you take her away Edward will hunt you both down. No, you both need to come home."

"There's blood Alice," Rosalie said. Bella was Edward's singer. If he smelled the blood he would attack and while Rosalie was stronger than Edward due to the human blood, she was in no position to defend herself.

"I know," Alice said sadly. "I have that planned. We will meet in front of the house. The breeze will help mask the smell. Emmett is on the way to your location."

Emmett. Rosalie had completely forgotten about her husband of over eighty years. Even though they were married they were never mated. At the beginning of their relationship they came to an agreement. When one of them found their mate they would annul their marriage and be with their mate. There would be no hard feelings between the two. After eighty years they started to wonder if they were ever going to find their mate, or if maybe they were mated after all.

Mating was a lot more complicated than most believed. It wasn't as simple as looking at someone and knowing they are the one. If it had been that simple Rosalie would have known about Bella before tonight. No, mating involved opening your heart and soul to another person and allowing yourself to bond with them.

Carlisle had met Esme several years before she was changed and yet he hadn't recognized her as his mate because he hadn't been open to the possibility at the time. Alice and Jasper were rare creatures. Their mating bond formed as soon as they met in that diner. Both had been lonely and wanted, and needed, love which allowed them to bond sooner.

For Rosalie it had been different. Edward had already claimed Bella for himself and Rosalie had resented the human girl for putting her family in danger of having to move away so she never paid much attention to Bella. Because Edward claimed Bella Rosalie never opened herself to the possibility of mating with Bella.

But when Rosalie saw Bella, broken and bleeding, all her walls had crumbled, allowing the bonds to form. Rosalie wasn't sure if Bella felt it yet. This was the first time that she knew of, that a vampire had been mated to a human. Because of that she had no idea how it affected her.

When Rosalie got to the woods she slowed down. There was no need to run now that Emmett was on his way and the running wasn't helping Bella. Bella whimpered in pain and Rosalie wished she had Jasper's gift, or her favorite brother was here to help.

The unmistakable sound of Emmett's Jeep could be heard coming in their direction. Rosalie stepped out into the open so Emmett would know when to stop. Sure enough less than a minute later he pulled to a stop on the side of the road. "What the hell happened?" he exclaimed when he caught sight of Bella.

Rosalie frowned. "What did Alice tell you?" she asked as carefully climbed into the backseat with Bella still in her arms.

"Just that there was some incident in Port Angeles with Bella," Emmett replied. He turned to look at the girl in his wife's arms. His dead heart broke at the sight. He unclicked his seat belt and leaned over so he could pull his T-shirt off. He handed it to Rosalie and the blonde vampire used it to cover Bella. "She did mention there was something you wanted to tell me."

"She's my mate Emmett," Rosalie muttered quietly enough that Bella couldn't hear. She had expected Emmett to react badly but to her surprise he simply nodded.

"I wondered if it was a possibility," he admitted. "You were acting so strange every time she was mentioned. I'm happy for you. You deserve to have your mate. I'm just sorry it had to be like this."

"Thanks Emmett," Rosalie said softly. "I do love you, you know. I just wish it had been enough."

"Me too," he said before pulling out onto the street. He rolled down his window so he wouldn't have to smell Bella's blood. It would have hard for him to focus on the road if he had to smell human blood the entire trip.

The car trip was quiet with the exception of Bella's whimpering and Rosalie whispering in her ear that they were almost to the house. Emmett had dozens of questions running through his mind but he kept his mouth shut. He figured he would get the answers soon enough and he wasn't entirely sure he wanted to know.

Emmett drove down the long driveway. He parked the Jeep at the edge of the woods. They were still within eye sight of the house but far enough away that Bella's blood wouldn't be smelt from inside. "Damn," Jasper muttered from beside Alice as the door to the Jeep was opened.

He backed away so he wouldn't be tempted to lunge for the battered girl. Poor Bella had suffered enough, she shouldn't have to suffer from him trying to kill her. "I'm sorry," Alice told Rosalie. "I tried to make sure you got to her in time. I really tried. My first vision showed-"

"Alice," Rosalie called stopping the small vampire's rant. "You did everything you could. This is not your fault, I promise. This is the fault of the men that did this to Bella."

"We should get her inside," Emmett said from next to Jasper. "She's probably cold and I doubt she is comfortable right now."

Jasper nodded in agreement. "She's in pain and she's terrified of us," he said. "Well not all of us," he added cocking his head to the side. "She's comfortable with you, Rosalie, must be the mating bond."

"I need to go get some things to clean her up with," Rosalie said. She tried handing Bella to Emmett, he had better control than Alice and Jasper, but as soon as Bella touched Emmett she started to panic. "Shh, Bella it's okay. It's just me," Rosalie said pulling Bella closer to her.

Bella calmed down and Jasper used his gift to put her to sleep. "Now what?" he asked.

Rosalie looked around. Her eyes settled on Emmett's jeep close by. She turned to Alice but her sister already saw what was coming next. "Jasper and I will get some things to help clean her up and some of your clothes," Alice said pulling Jasper toward the house.

"What should I do?" Emmett asked.

"I'll need you to burn my jacket and your shirt," Rosalie said. "I don't want Edward smelling her blood."

"I can do that," Emmett agreed.

Jasper and Alice returned with a shirt for Emmett, clothes for Bella and a bucket with soap and warm water to clean her with. "Are you sure we can't take her inside for this?" Emmett asked. He didn't like the idea to cleaning Bella out here in the open.

"I'm sure," Alice said. "The blood will be too much. It's better out here."

"Will she wake up?" Rosalie asked Jasper.

"I don't know for sure," he confessed. "But if she starts to wake up I'll knock her out again."

Rosalie turned her attention to Bella. She was suddenly very aware of the fact that her siblings were too close to her vulnerable mate. "Leave," she commanded.

Alice, Jasper and Emmett exchanged looks. "Rose," Alice protested.

"Leave now," she snarled. "All of you."

"We should go hunt," Jasper said trying to pull his mate away. "She's trying to protect Bella."

Alice reluctantly allowed Jasper to drag her away. Emmett followed his siblings.

Rosalie turned her attention back to Bella once they were alone. She peeled away Emmett's shirt and her jacket. The smell of Bella's blood was stronger without the articles of clothing covering her. The demon in Rosalie snarled in rage at the sight of her mate broken and bloody. She dipped the sponge into the warm water and wrung it out. She gently wiped Bella's face. Bella, although unconscious, recognized the presence of her mate and leaned into the vampire's gently touch.

"My poor Bella," Rosalie muttered cleaning her mate's body as gently as possible.

She lifted the human's body as carefully as she could and found small cuts littering her back from being pushed and dragged in the gravel.

Rosalie washed the blood off Bella's inner thighs. The vampire side of her wanted to mark Bella and remove the traces of the men but Rosalie fought it. She knew better and marking Bella now could hurt her and even the darker side of her didn't want that.

Eventually Bella's body was clean. The scent of the men was virtually non-existent. That allowed Rosalie to relax some. She carefully dressed Bella in her clothes, pleased her mate was now carrying her scent.

"You can come out now," Rosalie called, knowing her siblings could hear her.

The three vampires stepped out of the woods. "Don't get too close," Jasper warned Alice and Emmett. "She's still in protection mode. If we get too close she will attack regardless of who we are."

Rosalie listened to her brother's warning. She was in complete control so she wasn't sure why Jasper was worried about their safety. It wasn't until Emmett took another step forward that Rosalie understood what he meant. She growled at Emmett, warning him to stay away from Bella.

Jasper had his head down and his arms raising in surrender. He had been around newborns and mated vampires enough to know how to react. "Rose," he said softly. The blonde vampire could feel him trying to calm her but it was no use. "We need to get Bella inside now. She's cold and will get sick if we don't warm her up. No one will get close and we won't touch her, I promise."

He turned to Emmett. "Go start a fire," he instructed. He needed Emmett out of the way as he was the biggest threat. Emmett ran into the house. Jasper turned his attention to his wife and mate. "Can you dispose of the bloody clothes and clean the Jeep? We need every trace of Bella's blood gone before the others return."

Alice nodded and got to work. "I will head inside first," Jasper told Rosalie. "Bring her in so she can warm up. When Alice is done we can discuss our next move."

Rosalie waited until Jasper was inside the house before picking Bella up and carrying inside. She sat Bella down on her lap in the armchair closest to the fireplace. Jasper handed her a blanket to wrap Bella in. "Why am I so… I don't know," Rosalie said.

"Out of control," Jasper offered.

Rosalie nodded. "I've never felt this way before and I've never snapped at you guys," she said. Bella whimpered in her sleep and Rosalie gently rocked the girl, whispering words of comfort.

"It's because of your mate," Jasper said. "She's human and hurt. It's natural for you want to protect her and because of what happened to her," Rosalie growled, "your natural instinct is kicking in. We all feel it Rose and you will learn to manage it without reacting so violently. I have to ask, the humans that did this, you killed them didn't you?"

"Yes," Rosalie replied glaring at the fire. "I snapped when I saw Bella. She was terrified, broken and bleeding. I just reacted."

Jasper nodded. He expected as much. "It's part of being a vampire," he said. "We are very protective of our mates. They are lucky all you did was kill them. I've seen vampires do a lot worse after their mate is harmed."

Jasper's mind drifted back to the southern vampire war he was forced to fight in. A newborn had attempted to rape Charlotte and Peter tortured the newborn for three straight days before finally killing him.

Alice walked into the room a while later and sat down beside Jasper. "So what do we do?" Rosalie asked. "You wouldn't let me take Bella and run. I'm assuming you have a plan."

"Every future involves a fight," Alice admitted. "But staying here is the best idea. I called Charlie and told him I ran into Bella in Port Angeles. I convinced him to let Bella stay the weekend and we would take her to school Monday. It works well since he has to work. From what I can see you will stick close to Bella so she will be sleeping in your room. Your Harvard sweatshirt, give it to Bella Monday before school. Your scent is comforting to her. Without it she will struggle."

Rosalie didn't complain about losing her favorite sweatshirt. If it helped Bella that was all that mattered to her. "Okay," she agreed. "What about Edward, Carlisle and Esme?"

"Esme will be disappointed in you but she will understand," Alice said. "Edward and Carlisle will be difficult."

"Will it be safe for Bella to be here?" Rosalie questioned. She was not about to put her mate in danger because of those two.

"Jasper and Emmett will protect the both of you," Alice assured her. "From what I can tell Edward will react the worst but Carlisle won't be happy."

Rosalie expected as much. She had 'stolen' the girl Edward had thought was his mate. He wouldn't forgive her anytime soon, if ever. Carlisle's reaction didn't worry her. He would be angry but he wouldn't do anything to her. There was nothing he could do.

"How is she Jazz?" Rosalie asked her favorite brother.

"Right now she's calm," he said. "It's your scent. She feels safe with you even if she doesn't realize it. She's still in pain though both physically and emotionally." He stared at Bella for half a minute. Rosalie growled at him. He stood up and walked over to the kitchen. He returned a few seconds later with a glass of water and some painkillers. "For when she wakes up."

Rosalie accepted the water and painkillers. She sat them on the side table that was next to her. She stared at Bella for several minutes. Occasionally Bella would shift closer to Rosalie but for the most part she was still.

The four vampires heard someone pull into the driveway and Rosalie tensed up. "Em," Jasper said. Emmett glanced at his brother. "I need you to stand in front of Rosalie. Knowing Edward he will do something stupid, like try and take Bella from her," Rosalie growled, "and if he does try he won't live and Bella could get hurt worse. You need to make sure no one can get close to her. Can you do that?"

Emmett moved in front of Rosalie and crouched down into a protective stance. "No one is getting near them," he promised.