Jasper held his breath as Carlisle, Esme and Edward approached the house. In a matter of seconds they would know Bella was here and it would begin. He couldn't be sure what 'it' was but it wouldn't be good.

Emmett kept his eyes locked on the front door. He hadn't moved an inch since he crouched down in front of Rosalie. He would protect Rosalie and her mate with his life if that's what it took. It wouldn't come to that, Emmett knew, but the sentiment was still the same.

Alice sat beside Jasper, rubbing the back of his hand to keep him calm. The emotions in the room were taking on a toll on him and it was only going to get worse. The only thing keeping him sane was Alice's love for him.

Edward stopped when he got to the front door. Something was very wrong. He could hear a heartbeat inside of the house. His siblings were home but he couldn't hear their thoughts. Not that it was unusual. He was used to his siblings blocking their thoughts from him. What he wasn't used to was the fact that all four of them were hiding their thoughts at the same time.

"What's wrong son?" Carlisle asked.

"There's a human here," Edward said. "And Rosalie, Alice, Emmett and Jasper are all blocking their thoughts from me. Something is going on." It never crossed his mind that the human at their house was Bella. There was no reason for Bella to be at their house.

Carlisle had no idea what was going on either. He opened the front door and the faint smell of human blood assaulted his senses. Edward stiffened beside him. "Bella's here," he said through his teeth. He was trying his hardest not to lose control.

"Bella," Esme said in surprise. "Are you sure? Why would she be here?"

Carlisle was last to step into the house. "It is Bella," he confirmed. He recognized her scent from the hospital. He turned to his eldest son. "Can you handle this?"

Edward nodded. "I'm fine," he said.

They followed the sound of Bella's heartbeat to the living room where the others were. Edward found Bella lying on Rosalie's lap, fast asleep, with Jasper and Emmett crouched down in front of them.

"What's going on?" Edward demanded, eyes locked on Bella.

"Lower your voice," Rosalie hissed as Bella stirred.

Carlisle put his hand on Edward's shoulder. "Can you explain why you have Bella Swan sleeping on your lap?" he asked raising an eyebrow. "And why your eyes are red."

Edward didn't wait for answer. He ran over to the two and tried to pull Bella off Rosalie's lap. Bella woke up and started screaming. She pulled herself closer to Rosalie.

Emmett immediately reacted. He grabbed Edward and threw him away from the girls. "Bad move Edward," Emmett said showing his teeth.

Carlisle stepped between Edward and Emmett to keep Edward from attacking. Jasper was busy trying to calm Bella done and put her back to sleep. "I think you should take her upstairs," Jasper told Rosalie. "Just in case."

"No," Edward yelled. "No one is taking Bella anywhere until they explain what is going on. Why is Bella in Rosalie's arms? They don't even know each other. Rosalie has fed from a human and you are leaving Bella in her care. Are you all crazy?"

"Edward sit down," Alice said. Jasper stood beside her. "I will explain just please sit down and keep your voice down."

Edward glared at Alice for half a minute. Finally he sat down across from Bella and Rosalie. "Explain," he demanded.

Jasper glared at him for daring to tell his mate what to do. "I got a vision of Bella when she was in Port Angeles," Alice began. "She decided to go to a book store that specialized in Quileute Legends. Yes she does know about us now but not all the details," she added. She saw them all asking about it. "Anyway something changed. Everything was fine until she left the shop. I was going to call you Edward because you were the obvious choice but you wouldn't have gotten there in time. I checked everyone but no one would have been there in time. The only one that had a chance was Rosalie. So I called her and sent her to Port Angeles. Right after I got off the phone with her I got another vision. Rosalie was too late. Four men found Bella and—"

She couldn't finish. She turned away and buried her head in Jasper's shirt. Rosalie tightened her grip on Bella. "No," Edward said shaking his head. "No. They… no."

"I need to take a look at Bella," Carlisle said moving closer to Rosalie and Bella. Rosalie growled at him. Carlisle frowned. "What else is going on? What aren't you guys saying?"

"When Rosalie rescued Bella she learned Bella is her mate," Jasper said.

"No," Edward shouted.

Bella scooted closer to Rosalie. "Keep your voice down," Rosalie hissed.

Edward glared at her. "She is not yours," Edward said firmly. "I already claimed her."

"Stalking someone doesn't count as claiming," Emmett scoffed. "You are fascinated by Bella but you don't love her. She is Rosalie's, not yours, and the sooner you deal with that the better for all of us."

"Rosalie regardless of what your relationship with Bella may be you shouldn't be touching her, let alone holding her," Carlisle said. "It's not safe. Give her to Esme. Esme will watch after her."

"Safe," Rosalie spat. "She wasn't safe in Port Angeles. I protected her. I saved her. She's comfortable in my arms and that won't change."

"Carlisle I don't recommend that," Alice said glaring at her father figure.

"What?" Emmett asked.

"He tries to take Bella away from Rosalie and Rosalie rips his arms off," Alice explained. "Not only that you cause Bella more distress and injure her even more. Bella is calmed by Rosalie's scent. Take Bella away from her and Bella will panic."

"What about when Bella goes home?" Esme asked.

"She's staying here for the weekend," Alice informed her. "I cleared it with Charlie already. She will stay in Rosalie's room." Her eyes closed for half a second. "No Edward," she screeched.

Rosalie growled at Alice. "What is going on?" Jasper asked looking back and forth between his wife and brother.

"Edward tries to take her out of Rosalie's room and put her in his room," Alice said glaring at Edward. "Bella freaks out and hurts herself in the process."

Rosalie stood up with Bella in her arms. She glared at Edward before carrying the sleeping human to her room. She gently laid her sleeping mate on her bed and pulled up the blankets. Bella unconsciously pulled the blankets closer to her.

While Bella slept Rosalie grabbed some clothes and went to shower change in the bathroom. She needed a chance to think. Rosalie stared at her reflection. Her red eyes seemed foreign to her but she liked them. She was strong. That's what the eyes represented to her. She was in control.

Rosalie's mind wandered to Bella as she showered. Her mate had suffered a similar fate to her. The only difference was Bella was rescued and she would survive. Rosalie had no idea how broken Bella was but she silently prayed she would be okay. Rosalie would do everything she could to make sure Bella was okay.

Rosalie heard yelling just as she wrapped a towel around her body. In the blink of an eye she was dressed and back in her bedroom. "What the hell is going on?" she snarled.

In her bedroom was the entire family. Emmett and Alice were blocking the view of the bed while Carlisle and Esme were trying to calm an angry Edward. Jasper was crouched down next to the bed trying to calm Bella. His eyes were black but he was in control. Rosalie was proud of her brother.

It seemed Edward had snuck in to see Bella and she had woken up and got scared. Rosalie rushed to the bed and pulled Bella into her arms. "Shh my Bella," Rosalie muttered. "I am right here. You are safe."

Bella stared at Rosalie with wide, fearful eyes. "Make them go," Bella begged.

Rosalie looked up. Emmett and Jasper dragged Edward out and the others quickly followed. "How are you feeling?" Rosalie asked even though she knew it was a stupid question.

"Cold," Bella said shivering.

Rosalie pulled away from Bella but Bella grabbed her shirt. "Please don't leave me," Bella whispered. Rosalie scooted closer to her.

She heard Emmett walking over to the thermostat to turn up the heat. Rosalie grabbed the blanket and maneuvered their bodies so she could pull the blanket around Bella. "Better?" Rosalie questioned. Bella nodded. "Do you need anything else?"

"Water?" she questioned, a little unsure.

"Of course," Rosalie replied. Rosalie heard Emmett put out of a glass from the cabinet and fill it with water. Emmett was the only one left in the house because he refused to have in case Edward came back. "My friend, Emmett, got you some water. Is it okay if he comes up?"

Bella bit her lip. She was comfortable with Rosalie, even though they had never actually met. Rosalie had saved her and protected her. If Rosalie trusted Emmett then maybe she should too. "Okay," Bella agreed.

"I'll be right here," Rosalie promised. She could tell Bella was nervous, not that Rosalie blamed her. It was part of the mating bond. Every vampire was slightly empathic when it came to their mates. "Emmett, come on up," she called.

It wasn't necessary to call him up since Emmett could hear their entire conversation but Rosalie wanted to make Bella comfortable. That and Rosalie wasn't sure what Bella remembered.

Emmett walked up the steps. He paused at the doorway to his former bedroom. He looked between Rosalie and Bella. Rosalie nodded and Emmett took small, slow steps into the room. "Hi Bella," he said softly, handing Bella the glass of water.

"Thank you," Bella whispered sipping the water.

"Are you hungry?" Emmett questioned. "We don't have much here and I can't cook but I can make you some toast."

Bella shook her head. "Bella," Rosalie said. "Can you try to eat a piece of toast? I don't think you had dinner."

"Okay," Bella agreed hesitantly.

"Okay," Emmett repeated. "I'll be back in a few." He paused at the door. "We have a large selection of movies. You should convince Rose to watch one. If not we have an Xbox."

Rosalie smiled gratefully at Emmett. He was trying to help Bella relax and it looked like it was working. "You said friend," Bella muttered. "I thought Emmett was your boyfriend."

Rosalie mentally sighed. Of course she would think that. "We were together for a while," Rosalie admitted. "But he isn't my boyfriend."

Emmett snorted from downstairs. "Yeah I'm your ex-husband," he chuckled. Rosalie rolled her eyes.

"We were together more for convenience then anything," Rosalie explained. It was the truth. Even though they did love each other they were never in love with each other.

Emmett came back upstairs with a piece of toast. He handed it over to Bella. Bella took the offered plate and giggled at the dark brown toast. Emmett looked confused. "I guess you've never made toast before?" Bella asked.

Emmett frowned. "No I haven't," he admitted. "Did I do it wrong?"

"No," Bella lied. "You did great." She couldn't stand the thought of hurting Emmett's feelings after everything he had done for her.

Emmett beamed and Rosalie smiled. Rosalie knew Bella was lying to protect his feelings. "Do you need anything else?" he questioned. Bella shook her head. "Okay, well if you change your mind just holler."

"He seems," Bella paused, "nice."

"He is," Rosalie agreed. "Don't let his size fool you. He's really a big teddy bear and fiercely protective of his family." Including you, Rosalie added silently. "We need to talk about what happened."

"I…" Bella said. "I don't think I'm ready."

Rosalie understood that. It had taken years before she was willing to talk about that night. She had no desire to pressure Bella into talking so she moved onto a different subject that needed to be talked about.

"Can I ask you something?" Bella questioned.

"Anything," Rosalie replied honestly, though she was a little confused as to what it would be.

"Why are your eyes red?" Bella asked. "Your eyes were gold before and Emmett's eyes are gold and so are the others."

"Do you remember what you said to me earlier?" Rosalie questioned.

"Yes," Bella said. "I know you're vampires."

"Yes that," Rosalie said. "How did you find out?"

"My childhood friend Jacob Black told me about the Quileute legends," Bella confessed. "I put two and two together and I went to the bookstore to confirm."

"Our eyes are gold because we drink animal blood," Rosalie said answering Bella's question. "My eyes are red because I feed on humans."

"You killed them," Bella said in realization. "The men who… you killed them."

"I did," Rosalie confessed. "And I would do it again. I would do anything to protect you."

"Why?" Bella asked. "Why you? I don't know you and you don't know me. I expected Edward to be the one…" Rosalie growled. "I could have sworn someone was following me. I even saw the Volvo, though I suppose it could have belonged to anyone."

Rosalie pulled away from Bella. Edward had mentioned Bella always seemed to be aware of their presence, or at least his. If she felt him watching her that meant he was there and he didn't nothing. "Emmett," Rosalie called. She closed her eyes, trying to remain calm until she had all the facts.

"Alice is on her way," Emmett said. "She texted me right before."

"My sister, Alice, will be here any minute with her mate Jasper," Rosalie told Bella. "Jasper has been helping keep you calm."

"Is he like Emmett?" Bella asked nervous. She liked being around Emmett. She felt safe with him, like she did with Rosalie.

"He's a lot more serious and calmer than Emmett but they are very similar," Rosalie told her. "Jasper has struggled with human blood so he may keep his distance from you. It's hard to say because he was close to you when you were unconscious and was in control."

"Does it bother you, being close to me?" Bella asked concerned.

"No," Rosalie said truthfully, tightening her grip on Bella. "I'm comfortable. There are many reasons why," Rosalie continued before Bella could ask. "Animal blood makes us more human but it also makes it harder for us to be around humans. Tonight was the first time I've ever tasted human blood and I am amazed by how in control I am."

"Human blood is better for you," Bella said.

"In a way yes," Rosalie agreed. "I'm stronger and in control. I feel better than I have ever felt."

"Then why don't you all feed on humans?" Bella questioned.

"My family tries to cling onto their humanity," Rosalie said. "Jasper fed on humans for many decades, which is why he struggles now. Jasper has a special ability. It allows him to feel and control the emotions of the people around him. Feeding on humans wasn't good for him mentally so he no longer does it except for the occasional slip but it really gets to him."

Alice and Jasper appeared at the bedroom door moments later. "I'll be right back," Rosalie said climbing off the bed. Bella whimpered as Rosalie gently removed Bella's hand from her shirt. "Jazz," Rosalie said looking to her brother for help.

"I'll take care of her," Jasper promised. "Rosalie," he called before her and Alice left the bedroom. "Don't be mad at Alice. It's not her fault."

Rosalie sighed. He could feel her anger at Alice and he was right. None of this is Alice's fault but Rosalie needed to blame someone. "I'll try," Rosalie said. She looked at Bella. "Alice and I will be downstairs. If you need me call for me and I'll be here." She looked at Jasper. "You know Jazz is a champion at chess, maybe you two could play a game? I would love to see him lose for a change."

Bella smiled slightly and Rosalie left the room. "Can we play?" Bella asked softly.

"Sure," Jasper agreed. "I'll be right back."

Jasper left the room and returned seconds later with his chessboard. He sat at the foot of the bed so he didn't scare Bella and quickly set up the board. "Black or white?" Jasper questioned.

"Black," Bella said.

Jasper spun the board around so the black pieces were in front of her. He moved his pawn on the far left up one. "How are you doing?" Jasper questioned softly.

Bella shrugged. "Don't you already know?" she countered.

Jasper chuckled and nodded. "I know," he confirmed. "I was being polite. Not everyone is happy with me reading emotions, just like they aren't always happy when Alice and Edward use their gifts."

"They have gifts?" Bella asked looking up.

Jasper winced. He didn't realize Rosalie hadn't gotten around to telling Bella yet. "They do," Jasper confirmed. "Alice can see the future, although it is subjective. Our decisions change the future. Edward can read minds." Bella's eye's widened in horror and Jasper worked on calming her. "He can't read your mind," he continued. "We're not entirely sure why. The rest of us are good at hiding our thoughts."

Bella relaxed. "What about the others. Do they have gifts?" Bella questioned.

"No," Jasper said shaking his head. "Only us three."

"Why are you helping me?" Bella questioned. "I don't know any of you, except Edward, and I barely know him. Most the time we spent together he tried to get me to stay away from him."

"That's something that should be discussed with Rosalie," Jasper told her.

"I just don't get it," Bella admitted. "She could have left me there. Most people would have."

"None of us would have left you there," Jasper said firmly. "Rosalie especially." Bella was ready to ask why but Jasper stopped her. "You will have to ask her. I promise she will tell you."

Bella nodded and they went back to their game.

"Alice," Rosalie growled when they were in the living room. "Was he there? Did he know?"

"You know I can't answer that second question," Alice said. "But yes he was there."

Rosalie clenched her fist. "How did you not see this?"

Alice frowned. "I don't know," she admitted. "I checked to see if he would get there in time but he couldn't. It wasn't until I had a vision of Bella saying she was sure she saw Edward's Volvo that I knew for sure he was there. I'm sorry Rosalie."

Rosalie resisted a strong urge to punch a hole in the wall. She didn't want to scare Bella with the noise. "Why didn't he help her?" Rosalie snapped.

"I don't know," Alice said. "But we will find out in three minutes. They are on their way back."