Months had passed since William 'The Spider of New York' Snyder had faced his arrest, trial and destruction of his beloved organisation 'The Web'. Yet one essential member was missing and that was Racetrack, Snyder's trusted thief. While well known to the police, not much was truly known about him. All they had on him was his alias, appearance and the role he had been trusted to play.

Detective Sean 'Spot' Conlon couldn't help but glare at the file in his hand. The fact that the thief always escaped his grasp had irritated him for as long as he could remember and he knew that he had an issue. He was obsessed with Racetrack. The thief was always in his thoughts, the words he always threw at him racing through his mind as he tried to find any clues in them. Any weaknesses he could find to predict his next move, yet he always came up with nothing.

There was something about the man that kept sending him back to the file, despite knowing that there would be no new words appearing on the pages. Maybe it was the fact that he always managed to slip through the cracks. Maybe it was the speed the other had or the smug look he flashed him whenever the two saw each other or maybe it was the fact that Race seemed to have a heart yet for some reason, worked for the most heartless person in New York. Either way, Sean was desperate to catch him and finally put this case to rest.

Sean wasn't surprised that Race was still active despite Snyder's arrest. While the others thought that he'd just disappear after the news broke of Snyder being detained, Sean knew better than that. Race seemed excited by the fact he was wanted by the police. He seemed to take joy in dancing circles around everyone. He was sure that the thief was taunting him, knowing that he had the detective hooked and that he wouldn't rest until he was captured.

Sean scoffed, tossing the file onto the passenger's seat before he started the drive to The World Casino. All he could do was hope was that they would be quick enough to catch his rival.