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This is a fem Harry story with a Harry/Boromir pairing. I am taking a lot of creative license with both Harry Potter canon and LOTR canon be warned. If you don't like the story please leave don't bash. Suggestions about plot are welcome although I might not always take them. Also english is not my first language and I have no beta so also be warned. Hope you enjoy it.

Holly was in a world of agony, lying on the floor with her eyes closed she could hardly move, and her entire body felt like it was on fire. She tried moving, but that just brought her more pain, so she stopped fighting and relaxed. It was done anyways, Voldemort was dead, whatever happened to her now didn't matter. In her suffering, she thought that maybe death would be for the best, her family was dead, Ron and Hermione had fallen during the battle, what did she have left? And with that final thought, she faded into darkness.

Slowly she started to wake up. She realized she was no longer in so much pain, although her body still felt quite bruised. She was lying down in a comfortable mattress covered in soft sheets. The question was, where was she? It didn't feel like the hospital wing at Hogwarts, nor did it feel like St. Murgo's either, slowly she started to open her eyes. She did not recognize the room, and it looked like nowhere she had ever been. The room did have that old-style the wizarding world sometimes had, but it looked different. She was in a large bed dressed in a white nightgown. The door to the room opened, and a beautiful woman in a long white dress and golden hair came in, (and where those pointy ears?).

"You are awake, I see, good, my name is Galadriel." Holly looked at her, unsure whether she was dreaming or hallucinating. "I can assure you that you are neither dreaming nor hallucinating."

"How did you know what I was thinking?" Harriet tried to get out of the bed, spooked by the legilimens; unfortunately, she was still not recovered and promptly fell on the floor. Galadriel glided towards her in unnatural grace and helped her back into the bed.

"That was not wise, but I should have been more careful, I understand my gift can be unnerving. But you're surroundings are real, and you are indeed far from home. I am sure you have some questions, Lady Holly."

"Yes, starting by, who are you, where I am, and how do you know me?" As she could not stand, she decided to sit as tall and as straight as she could, with her back leaning on the headboard and her legs stretched out. Lady Galadriel sat on the chair that was closest to the bed on her left.

"As I mentioned when I arrived, I am Galadriel, the lady of Lothlorien, which is where you are now. Lothlorien is a kingdom of Middle Earth where you have landed, and I know who you are because I was warned that you would be arriving."

"Warned by whom?"

"That is harder to explain. After you arrived we tended to your injuries, you were unconscious for a week but healed remarkably fast, no doubt you magic helped you. I have a mirror that sees things that were, things that are, and some things that have not yet come to pass. I saw much from you, your past, your loss, your victories, and that you have things to do in this world."

"Things to do in this world? I do not like how that sounds at all. I mean no offense, but I have already gone through one war, and I have no intention of getting involved in another world's problems. I am tired I just want to rest in peace."

"I understand, I have seen much of your suffering. Here you can rest, there is time, but unfortunately, you have arrived during dark times, and I do not think that your spirit or the fates will let you stay away from the fighting. But for now, we will help you recover your strength. I will have some food brought, and we can talk more later."

With that, Galadriel left the room, and another elf entered with food for her. She was starving, but her head was going around in circles from what Galadriel had told her. When she had woken up, she had been momentarily relieved she was not dead, even if with her last thoughts Holly might have thought death was welcome, the moment she woke up a part of her was relieved. But now she wondered what this world would demand of her, and it would require something, Lady Galadriel had heavily implied that. She could do nothing at the moment, and her head was starting to hurt, so she decided to finish her food and rest a bit more.