This is the chapter of the Council meeting and I have down heavily from the movie scene. It is one of my absolute favorites on the movies so I didn't want to change much. This is probably the only scene which will be as faithful. Hope you enjoy it.

The snowy owl was still too far away for her to see clearly; she opened her eyes and left her meditation in frustration. Once she had managed to master the first stage of meditation and see her animal, she had not been capable of advancing and was stuck. Holly didn't understand why the next step, seeing her owl's details, was becoming such an impossible task. The book clearly stated that achieving the meditation and discovering your animal was the hardest part, and everything else came fluidly after. So it frustrated her to no end that there seemed to be no step forward with her animagi training.

She looked at the sun rising, the view from her balcony where she was sitting was breathtaking. While she was uncertain about the reason she was there, she was happy to have seen Rivendell. Flying over the rivers and waterfalls would have been incredible, it is what won her over Lothlorien, how enjoyable flying here would be. Someone knocked on her door, and she took it a cue to stand up. On the other side of the door was a beautiful elf maiden with her breakfast. "Lord Elrond thought you might prefer to have breakfast in your quarters, but you are also quite welcome in the hall if you wish to eat with everyone else."

"I would rather eat here, thank you. And thank Lord Elrond for his thoughtfulness. Do you know at what time the Council will start?"

"It will start after breakfast, I will come and escort you there." She left the tray with her breakfast and left. It was filled with all sorts of food, from eggs and bacon to fruits and pastries. As if they had not been sure what she would enjoy, and had decided not to risk it and bring her every type of breakfast food they could think of. But she was not complaining, her nerves about the council meeting were making her ravenous, and she ate generously.

After she finished breakfast, she started to get ready. She chose a teal color dress with mustard-colored wildflowers embroidered into the sleeves. As it was one of the very formal dresses, it had long full sleeves. She was no good doing her hair without Elil; the elf maid occasionally helped her in Lothlorien. She had taught her simple braids, but anything more complicated was beyond her. She still preferred to put her hair in a ponytail or a bun no matter how much it horrified her elven friends, apparently it wasn't done in middle earth. So she brushed it until it shone and left it loose over one shoulder as it came down in waves.

When she arrived at the council meeting, people were still arriving, and Gandalf signaled her to sit at his left. At his right were sitting two hobbits going by the description of Galadriel of their race. As she relaxed a bit, she started feeling uneasy; she could sense some sort of dark magic.

"Strangers from distant lands, friends of old, you have been summoned here to answer the threat of Mordor. Middle earth stands upon the brink of destruction, none can escape it, you will unite, or you will fall. Each race is bound to this fate, this one doom." As Elrond started the meeting, she was barely listening to the introductions he was making. When he began recounting the story of the one ring and Sauron, she started paying attention, and her stomach began to turn in dread.

Finally, Elrond asked Frodo to show the ring. "Bring forth the ring."

With the ring no longer hidden but in the open where she could see it, any doubt about what she was sensing went out the window. The magic in middle earth was different from the one from earth, but she still recognized that type of magic. She could feel it's presence brushing across her mind. She got distracted from what was occurring until Gandalf stood up and started speaking in a dreadful foreign speech, that seemed to stop all other speech. However, it did not stop one of the men, tall and handsome, for long, as he stood up to speak.

"It is a gift. A gift to the foes of Mordor. Why not use this ring. Long has my father the steward of Gondor kept the forces of Mordor at bay, by the blood of our people have your lands kept safe. Give Gondor the weapon of the enemy let us use it against him."

"You can not wield it, none of us can, the one ring answers to Sauron alone. It has no other master." Another man interrupted him.

"And what would a ranger know of this matter?" he argued when an elf stood up.

"This is no mere ranger; he is Aragorn son of Arathorn, you owe him your allegiance. Galadriel had given her some history lessons, but they centered more on Arda's creation and more focused on elves and the Valar. She had no desire to get into a man's pissing contest.

"Aragorn, this is Isildur's heir?" he said in disbelief as is he could not believe it.

"And heir to the throne of Gondor." the elf retorted. As Aragorn raised his hand to tell his elf friend to please sit down, so the situation didn't escalate, the other man replied.

"Gondor has no king, Gondor needs no king." as he went and sat down.

"I do not wish to meddle into inheritance issues that I know nothing about, but I might have some insight about the ring." It came out of her mouth before she realized she had spoken. Everyone in the Council looked intently at her.

"And what would a woman know of this matter?" The man that had been in favor of using the ring questioned, but Gandalf spoke up in her defense. Holly really needed to find out what his name was.

"She is not simply a woman, this is Lady Holly, and she is a Maiar sent by the Valar to aid in this time of need."

"I am not a Maiar, not truly. I come from a different world, were magic, and people are different. I am human, but with magic. In my world, before I was brought here by the Valar, I also faced a Dark Lord who created something similar to the ring, we call them Horcruxes. This ring seems to be a more complex and powerful version. One thing is similar in both cases, the only solution is destroying them."

Silence stood for a moment before he spoke again.

"You say that is even more powerful that the objects you encounter, but you have not said why we should not use it against him. It is a tool we could use to defeat him."

"Well Lord -?"


"Well, Lord Boromir, it will only destroy you. This is a hypothesis from what I know from the objects from my world. As the ring is more powerful and its creator older and more knowledgeable, I am certain it will be even more dangerous. Simply carrying for any length of time will affect anyone deeply. The more darkness, pain, desperation, or any dark emotion you carry, the faster it will affect you." She remembered the effect it had on Ron and how his jealousy and insecurities had been incremented as he carried the Horcrux and divided them for a time. "And to use it against him would be disastrous for a simple reason, the ring does not belong to Sauron, it is Sauron. At least a small piece of him. As long as the ring exists, so will Sauron; the more you use it, the faster it will destroy you."

That at least seemed to silence him as he sat down. Elrond looking intently at her spoke next.

"Could you speak to us of your experiences, please, Lady Holly."

"The Dark Lord in my world was called Voldemort. As every being in my world, he was mortal; there are no immortal beings. He wished to be as he was terrified of dying. So he created his Horcrux's, which were soul containers that would allow him to cheat death if his body was destroyed. They would anchor him to the living plane until he could get another body. Until every Horcrux was destroyed, he could not truly be defeated. This ring is more than just that, it does have great power, but it is also a Horcrux in the sense that a piece of him is part of the ring. And while I do not know how rings of power work in this world, I know there is a measure sentience to Horcruxes. It would be like asking Sauron to fight Sauron."

That silenced Boromir and the rest of the Council. Elrond stood and spoke.

"You have only one choice, the ring must be destroyed."

A dwarf suddenly stood up. "What are we waiting for." And flung his axe at the ring and shattered when it smashed into the ring, hurling him to the floor forcefully. She could see shattered pieces of his axe around the ring, that remained unblemished. As the other dwarves stood to help him, Elrond explained that it could not be destroyed by any means that they possed it could only be destroyed in the lavas of mount doom. She could see that the Council was going to disintegrate into a terrible argument, and she was correct as eventually, everything fell apart, and a screaming match started.

Until Frodo, the brave kind hobbit stood up and offered to take the ring to Mordor himself, silencing everyone with his courage.

"I will help you bear this burden Frodo Baggins, as long it is yours to bear." Gandalf moved to stand behind Frodo in support as Aragorn stood.

"If by my life or death, I can protect you, I will. You have my sword." Aragorn stated as he knelt in front of him, which seemed to inspire others as more joined in.

"And you have my bow." Legolas came forward, followed by Gimli. "And my axe!" Although Legolas didn't seem very pleased by that statement as the dwarf moved to stand beside him. Then Boromir followed.

"You carry the fate of us all little one; if this is indeed the will of the Council then Gondor will see it done." Out of nowhere, three hobbits started to appear, who seemed to be spying on the Council, which Lord Elrond didn't seem pleased about. Although by their comments, they hadn't managed to hear much about the quest. Holly had been watching it all unfold, feeling her stomach knot more and more. She knew that this was what Galadriel had meant that Holly could aid them. But did she want to? She remembered the journey to destroy the Horcruxes; it had been a hard and painful journey that had ended in Hogwarts' battle that had claimed Ron and Hermione's deaths. But Holly couldn't stand by and not help others, it wasn't who she was.

"You have my magic as well. I will aid you in any possible way that I can." I also stood and joined the group. Elrond looked at all of them.

"Ten companions, so be it, you should be the fellowship of the ring." As those solemn words were spoken on the hobbits asked.

"So, where are we going." The look his friend gave him almost made her burst out laughing. Holly believed that Hobbits would bring much-needed levity to the journey.