Chase stumbled into the living room after Bree had gone. He had ruined everything. Bree hated him, he had torn apart his family, his missions – why was he thinking about missions, that was his problem! He missed Bree already, his heart felt heavy, he was so, so sorry; he wished he could show her that, but he didn't know how.

"Chase?" Adam came into the living room and almost immediately jumped to put him in a headlock, "Hey Chasey! What's up?"

"Not now, Adam!" Chase pushed him away; he felt awful. But then Adam actually stopped and he saw Chase upset.

"Chase," Adam said more gently, "What's the matter, little bro?"

Chase shook his head and tried to blink away the tears he felt forming. "Adam, Bree hates me. She really hates me, I've completely messed up." He didn't know what to do. He was the youngest, and yes, ironically, he could lead, but he didn't really know what to do without Bree in the real world.

"What?" Adam looked at Chase and shook his head, "No, she doesn't hate you."

"She found my theory, I left the binder out on the cyber desk." Chase groaned, "How could I be so stupid?"

All of a sudden, Chase felt something start to change. He felt controlled, like he was sinking away, like someone else, someone darker was forming. He looked at Adam, originally just for help, but he felt upset and scared and stupid and embarrassed and sorry and he just saw red.

"Chase." But Chase heard it, it was distant, "Chase!" Adam was calling out to him, he held Chase's arms and before his commando app took over, Adam hugged him, "Chase, breathe. Take a deep breath, don't let Spike take over. I know you're scared, but Bree's just angry, she doesn't hate you. Breathe, Chase."

Chase did, he took a breath and as quickly as it had come, he felt fine again. "Adam," he looked at his brother, "I've never been able to control it before," he stared at him, maybe for an answer, although he had no idea how, he was supposed to be the smart one.

"Proud of you," Adam ruffled his hair and smiled; Adam really was there when Chase needed him. "Now, about this whole Bree thing."

Chase groaned, "What do I do?" He asked him, "I want to make everything better, but I don't know how and…" Chase thought, his amazing intellect thought, "I think my problem is I'm too logical, but that's also my ability. So, do I just…turn it off? I like being logical, it's how I think!"

"Chase," Adam sighed, "Just tell Bree the truth, calmly and tell her how you're going to show her you're sorry and make it up to her. Trust me," he huffed a laugh, "I've annoyed the Hell out of her so many times." Chase thought about it and stared at the door.

"Right now?"

"Well," Adam thought, "You're the smart one. Do you think running after her whilst she's mad at you is going to make her less mad at you?"

Chase was sure that that question was rhetorical, but it was coming from Adam, so honestly, he had no idea. He just sighed.

"Probably not," he said eventually, "I'll start by shredding that stupid hypothesis." He should never have made it anyway. "I just didn't want her to get hurt."

"Yeah," Adam put his arm around him, "You've always been like that."

"What?" Chase screwed up his face and stared at his brother, "No I haven't, have I?"

"Yeah," Adam laughed, "One time, when we were kids and training with Mr Davenport, he accidently made Bree cry and you got so mad you bit his ankle. You were like four or something." Chase laughed and Adam carried on, "An angry little tiny boy."

"And he's back with the short jokes," Chase rolled his eyes, but then looked at his brother, "Thanks bro," he smiled and Adam accidently hit his back way too hard.

"Good talk, Chase," Adam smiled back, "Although now that Miss Mopey is gone I can finally have some toast around here!"

Bree was having a blast, she had almost completely forgotten about her horrible little brother. The only question now was how many members of her family were in on this. No wonder no one had said anything when she had come out dressed like this! She probably looked horrible. That's it she was going home.

"Bree!" Caitlin called her and now she had to turn around.

"Caitlin!" Bree smiled back, her half-fake, half-real enthusiasm at seeing her friend. She was in such a public place, and it was loud and usually Bree would have liked to lose herself in the music, but tonight something was missing.

"Bree, guess what!" Another girl grinned, "Owen is right over there and he wants to talk to you!" The girls reacted in a cacophony of drowned-out noises and Bree turned to the other side of the room. She saw him, Owen. The boy who had broke her heart.

"Bree, go talk to him!" Caitlin urged.

"Yeah, Bree!"

"Go on," another nudged her, "He misses you apparently."

So, against her better judgement, Bree casually approached him. Her heart beat loud in her chest, so loud it was threatening to escape its fragile cage. But she had to do this, she definitely had to now because everyone in the room had seen her go up to him; Owen had looked at her.

Within minutes she felt like they were back together. He kissed her, told her he was sorry and stupid and he'd never do it again.

"I didn't mean to hurt you, Bree," he held her hand and his everything made her melt, "You're my muse." He kissed her; she really felt on top of the world.

Chase listened to two things. One: the guilt inside him and two: the sound of the ticking clock. He just waited for Bree to get home. He never used to wait up for her after dates, or at least, not anymore. He had gotten used to it now, one of them leaving, usually Bree for something or other in the evening. When they were newly out of the lab and Bree had gone on her first date with Ethan though, Chase had never been more scared. He obviously couldn't show it, because he was the logical one and logically, nothing bad was going to happen. But at that time, he didn't know anything about the outside world that Bree was going into, so he had waited up in his capsule, just standing there for hours, waiting for her to come home. He pretended to be asleep when she was down in the lab, but at least now he had the decency to do it in the living room.

She was supposed to be home six minutes ago now and yes, everyone in the house was still awake, but they were in separate rooms. Adam, Leo and Davenport were finishing up in the lab, Tasha was in her bedroom and Chase, well, Chase hadn't left the couch since Bree had gone out.

He still didn't know what he was going to say, but he needed his sister back. Yes, logically, there was nothing she could do to make them not siblings, but he still worried. He always worried about his family.

Then the door opened, and Chase forgot the lights were off at first. He saw Bree, and he didn't think she saw him, because when she got in, she closed the door behind her and breathed out long and deep.

"Bree?" He stood up and his sudden voice, presence, concern, his sudden everything made her jump.

"Jesus, Chase!" She hissed, "You scared the Hell out of me! What is wrong with you?"

"Bree I shredded it," He told her, "I promise, I shredded it. It was a stupid thing to do and I'm so sorry and please don't say you're not my sister, because," he felt like such a child, "Because I really love you and it'll be Hell just me and Adam. We need a girl to keep us from blowing each other up and, and," he took a breath, "Bree, I know I upset you and what I did was wrong, but I was only trying to help, but I didn't help I just hurt you and I'm sorry."

"Chase," Bree sighed, her voice sounded wobbly. Chase remembered that the light was still off. "Lights on," Bree commanded, and when the warm light flooded the living room, Chase looked at his sister.

"What's wrong?" He asked; her cheeks were stained with reflective streaks and her eyes were red and puffy. "Bree," he prompted, "Hey, talk to me."

"You were right," Bree collapsed onto the couch, defeated, "Are you happy now? You were right, Chase. Owen was there, we kissed, he apologised and then ten minutes later he was kissing a different cheerleader than before!"

Chase gasped, he was right. His theory worked, but also that was a horrible thing to do and his sister was upset. "Oh Bree," he hugged her, "Owen is awful, Cheerleaders are all bitches."

"No, don't comfort me," she snapped, "I'm still mad at you." She breathed, "I'm mad at you, Chase, because these last few days I've felt really listened to and loved and that was all because you made a stupid book about how to deal with me in a crisis. None of it was real, and it turned out you were completely right about Owen hurting me again."

"Bree," Chase hugged her, he felt awful. "Of course it was real. I love you so much, I just really hate seeing you upset. I just, I feel like I need logic to deal with everything and that got in the way of normal thoughts about how to be a normal brother." He looked down, "I did it to try and help myself help you, because I felt like I could do better."

"I don't need you to be better," Bree sighed, "I just need you to be my far too smart, far too over-protective little brother." She sniffed, "Like I said, it annoyed me more that you were right about everything in that stupid play-by-play of my breakdowns."

"Every new name you give it makes it sound worse," Chase cringed.

"That's because it was a stupid thing to do!"

"Look," Chase began, "I want to help and regardless of what I wrote down, I know you. So, I also know you're hurting." He paused and she took a breath, so he hugged, her, "What do you say you, me and Adam watch more of those crappy rom-coms?"

Bree scoffed, "Oh, you can't call them crappy anymore." She laughed through tears, "You like them."

"I'm trying to be nice here," he sighed, but Bree looked at him and shook her head as she smiled.

"I'm sorry for saying I didn't want you as my brother anymore," Bree confessed, "I love you, Chase."

Chase smiled; he finally felt relieved. "I love you too, Bree."