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Lily Evans was in trouble. When she first planned to attend a Muggle concert with a group of girls from her year, she never guessed it would turn out like this.

Before going out, the girls had taken Polyjuice potion. With hair supplied by various unknowing friends and cousins, the result was a group of late teens, guys and girls, with fake IDs. Nearly everyone was of legal Muggle drinking age. Lily had drawn the short straw. She had to attend the concert as her least favourite cousin. Luckily, said cousin was out of town with a few of his mates for the weekend, enjoying the break before he was called back home for New Years.

Lily wouldn't have normally ever dreamed of something like this, but it was her seventh year Christmas break, so what was there to lose? It's not like she'd get another chance to do something like this, and she hadn't had an exciting adventure like this since … ever.

On their way back to their hotel, a few of their group had gone to pick up food from a local fish and chips shop, planning to eat in the comfort of their room. Craving something sweet, Lily had decided to go buy some ice-cream for dessert. Not wanting to drag the others through the cold night, she had sent the remaining girls on ahead, telling them she'd be fine alone.

Oh, how wrong she was.

Lily was slumped against the wall of a dark alleyway, pain blossoming in her chest as she was kicked repeatedly.

She couldn't see her attacker. Nor could she reach her wand. She tried to shield herself from the pain with her arms, but the horrible person just kept on kicking her. Lily tasted a metallic substance in her mouth, and her sight started to go blurry.

In the distance she saw a silhoette coming down the alley. They stopped, before suddenly shouting. Lily couldn't make out what they said, but the voice was too deep to be anyone out of her group.

Looking up suddenly, Lily's attacker stopped, and whipped around to face the new comer. As she dipped in and out of consciousness, Lily though she saw the figure run at her attacker. Before she knew what had happened, she had blacked out.

She woke again to feel herself being picked up. There was a soothing voice telling her that it was going to be okay, and that she was safe now. Lily felt warm, as she smelt a comforting, familiar scent envelope her. She snuggled into the warmth and drifted back to the darkness.

When Lily finally awoke what felt like hours later, she gasped. She didn't recognise where she was as her hotel room, and the bed was too comfortable to be her own. She sat up and checked her watch. It was 1am. She had three hours until she needed to drink more of the disgusting Polyjuice potion.

Deciding to get it over with, Lily took a swing of her potion, which had been hidden in a shrunken flask on her necklace. She looked around the room. It was practically empty, apart from the bare essentials.

There was a wardrobe sat in the right corner of the room, opposite the door. The door was to the left of the bed where Lily sat. There was two comfortable looking, plush armchairs to her right. Her hoodie was draped over the arm of one of the chairs. On the wall directly opposite her, to the right of the wardrobe there was a window. The cream-coloured curtains were drawn to block out the light of the stars.

Lily couldn't hear any cars, so she assumed she was in the countryside. She sat up suddenly, and felt around for her wand. Getting up quietly, ignoring the aching pain in her ribs, she crept over to the armchairs. She grabbed her hoodie and felt around for the hidden pocket. She had glamoured it, and cast an undetectable extension charm on the pocket, accompanied by a feather-light charm.

Her fingers brushed against her beloved wand, and she let out a breath she didn't realise she had been holding. She removed her wand from her coat pocket and cast a Patronus charm, telling her friends and parents that she was alright. Lily turned to the window and froze.

She heard steps approaching the door, and she jumped into the bed, snuggling down pretending to sleep just as the door opened. She heard a voice that sounded horribly familiar, but she could put neither name nor face to it.

"He isn't awake yet. We should leave him rest, mother."

Lily turned over to face the people, and opened her eyes slowly, yawning.

"Look, dear. He's waking up. Go and get a Pepper-up potion from my lab. They're on the third shelf. You know the one. And make it look like tea. We're not breaking the Stature of Secrecy tonight."

Lily heard the door close, and she opened her eyes fully. She saw a woman wearing a light green dress, her long brown plaited hair draped over her left shoulder. She had kind eyes, and a concerned look on her face.

"How are you, dear? My son told us that you had been attacked. He brought you straight here. What's your name, young man?"

Young man? Oh Merlin, the Polyjuice. I still look like cousin Jake ...

"I'm better now, thank you ma'am. My name is Jacob Evans. Um, where am I? And who are you?"

"You are in our family estate. My name is Euphemia Potter, but you may call me Euphemia. My son is going to bring you some tea to help you get better"

Potter ... oh please no. Anybody but him ...

Lily heard the door open, and turned to face it. And there stood the mysterious figure that had saved her from her attackers. Holding a mug of badly disguised Pepper-up potion, was her eternal annoyance. A quarter of the group that was the bane of prefect life.

Her saviour was James bloomin' Potter.

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