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I'll play her game for now .. We'll just see what happens in the morning ..

And with that, James fell asleep, none the wiser that the girl sleeping on the bed not five feet away was Lily Evans.

Along with the first few rays of dawn, Lily woke up.

She sat up in a hurry, not remembering exactly where she was or how she had gotten there.

Crap, I'm at the Potter's place. She looked down at herself, and groaned. I'm still cousin Jake! Could this get any worse?

Apparently, it could.

Checking her flask that still lay around her neck, Lily realised, to her horror, that she only had a half-dose of Polyjuice Potion left. Enough for six hours, maybe, and that was being optimistic.

Lily heard her stomach growl, and winced. She hadn't eaten since before her concert yesterday. It must have been about 17 hours ago ..

Sighing almost guiltily, Lily moved over to the edge of the bed toward where James sat, slumped over in his armchair.

"Potter! Potter! Wake up you oaf, we need to eat before we starve."

Seeing she got no reaction that way, she thought back to Remus telling her stories about waking Sirius and James up in the morning. Unless it was Quidditch, they would rise for no man, he had claimed. That gave Lily an idea.

In her best impression of Remus' voice, which was admittedly terrible, Lily leaned over to James' ear.

"James, get up. The Slytherins are gonna win the match by default if you're late."

James groaned quietly, and shifted slightly. He made no move to wake up.

Well, Remus was wrong. If he doesn't show up to Quidditch matches on time, he's hardly gonna be punctual for dates, is he? He'd be a rubbish boyfriend .. wouldn't he?

Shaking herself of the thought, Lily sat back down on the bed and reached over, grabbing a glass of water someone must have set on the bedside table during the night.

Grinning, Lily drank most of the glass, so there was only a dribble remaining, and then proceeded to pour said dribble down the back of James Fleamont Potter's vulnerable neck.

"AHH!" He jumped up. He looked like he could have outrun the new Nimbus 1500, which had come out that spring.

Well, better tell Remus about that one. Can't believe he didn't think of it before ..

"Dude, what in the name of Mordred was that for?!"

James wheeled around to face the reason for his rude awakening.

"I'm hungry." Lily shrugged her cousin's shoulders, "Where's food?"

James paused, looking at Lily, pure disbelief written all over his face. He composed himself, and stated slowly,

"You were hungry, so you poured FREAKING WATER DOWN THE BACK OF MY NECK?!"

Lily nodded and leaned down to stare James in the eyes.

"So, food?"

Euphemia and Charlus Potter entered the dining room thirty minutes later to see their son and his guest sitting at the table, smiling and laughing.

The adults watched the teens for a moment. They hadn't seen James so happy since Sirius started planning on moving out.

Jacob turned to the doorway. He smiled, and bowed his head toward them.

"Mr and Mrs Potter. Thank you for your hospitality. I will be out of your hair soon."

"Nonsense, dear," Euphemia started. "You can stay here the day and return home later once you have fully recovered." Her voice left no room for argument, and seeing her statement was not being objected, she turned her gaze to her son.

"Son, I presume you have given Mr Evans his medication for the day?"

The boy looked at his mother and smiled a genuine smile. "Yes. It was hilarious to watch. Apparently it tasted awful."

Euphemia tried to stop a smile from sneaking onto her face. "James, that's an awful thing to say! Poor Mr Evans. Perhaps you shall show him the grounds? Go along. We'll see you both for lunch later."

Knowing he had just gotten out of heirly duties for the day, such as tending a business meeting with his father that promised to be dreadfully awkward, James' grin only grew as he stood. "Come on Jake. I'll show you the lake. It's really good for a swim at this time of year .. "

The young teens left the room, and Euphemia spoke to her husband, her smile falling off of her face. "We're going to have to Obliviate him."

Hearing this, Charlus frowned. "You know it is for the best, my dear. He knows we're not normal."

"I know, but I don't think young Jacob Evans fits in the 'normal' category either. There's something off about him, but I don't know what yet .. "

Charlus sighed. "Let's just eat," he said, "We can think about this later. Let the boys have their fun for now."

After giving Lily a guided tour of the Manor, James suggested they take a swim. There was a very conveniently placed lake near the edge of the Potter Estate. It was perfect for swimming all year long, no matter the weather.

"It's just like magic" James had claimed when Lily had asked how on Earth the water was warm all year round. Lily had snorted at that. She barely passed it off as a sneeze.

The cold air nipped at Lily's bare legs as she trudged down to the edge of the lake in only a borrowed pair of swim shorts and one of James Potter's old t-shirts.

"Come on Jake." The boy in question called from up ahead, clad in nothing but swim shorts.

He's so cute when he's excited, Lily thought as she followed after him. Where did that come from?! James - no, Potter, is NOT cute. He's annoying, self-absorbed and obnoxious. He's a first-class arse.

Lily reached the edge of the water, and stood next to James.

"Last in the water is a Blast-Ended Skrewt!" Lily shouted, and with that, she bound forward, running into the lake.

James followed her, shouting something that Lily didn't hear as she waded into the water.

Twenty minutes later the two carefree Gryffindors were playing in the lake, up to their chests in water. James turned around suddenly and splashed Lily, taking her by surprise. "James Potter I will get you for that," she shouted, laughing as she sent a wave of water towards the poor boy. James turned so quickly to avoid getting his face wet that his glasses flew off and plopped! into the water a few metres away.

With a "Stay there you blind wombat!" shouted over her shoulder toward James as she swam past him, Lily dove down into the lake to fetch the Marauder's glasses.

A weird feeling over-took Lily as she searched for James' glasses in the murky waters of the lake, but it passed quickly and she thought nothing of it.

Finally finding the spectacles, Lily kicked up towards the air. The lake wasn't that deep, and she broke through the surface of the water in a few short seconds. She was greeted by a gasp, then silence.

Lily turned to face James, confused by his uncharacteristic quiet.

James' face was as red as a tomato, as he spluttered at Lily.

"Shit! I .. Crap! Um .. Hi!" James' voice raised half an octave at the last part.

"Hi yourself. What's up?" Lily raised an arched eyebrow.


"Yes, Jacob Evans. My name. Yours is James Potter. Well done." Lily was starting to worry if James was alright, and reached out a hand to give him back his glasses.

A distinctly feminine hand.

A hand that belonged to Lily Evans, the brightest witch of her age, not Jacob Evans, a Muggle music store attendant.


James seemed to snap out of whatever daze he was in at the sound of Lily cursing.

"How are you here? Why didn't you tell me? Why are you here? Are you okay? Who the hell is Jacob Evans? What on Earth are the lads gonna say about this?! Sirius will have my head!"

James started rambling, questions tumbling out of his mouth like a fountain. A very annoying, persistent, loud fountain.

"I think we should go to shore." Lily managed to say in the short pause James took to breathe.

"Yeah .. Good idea."

After explaining what happened, and how she found herself in the home of the prat she claimed she detested, the teens were silent. Lily and James just sat there, at the edge of the lake, enjoying the peace and tranquillity the outdoors provided. James spoke.

"This makes so much sense! You made magical references, and stuff. Things a Muggle wouldn't ever have known!" he paused before continuing. "I'm sorry I was a prat to you in school."

Lily turned slightly to face him, only to find him gazing at the sun setting over the lake. "I was a real arse."

"Don't worry about it, Potter. We can just forget it. Start over. Clean slate."

James looked at Lily with a puzzled expression

"Let me introduce myself. I'm Lily Evans."

"Hi Lily Evans, I'm James Potter."

"You can call me Lily, if I can call you James," Lily said with a grin on her face as she looked at the boy sitting next to her. The water droplets in James' still wet hair caught the dying light, and his skin seemed to glow.

Since when was he so pretty? I really should notice these things more ..

He turned to her and smiled. That smile made Lily's stomach do flips.

"Okay Lily."

The two Gryffindors sat at the edge of the lake until it grew too cold, and Lily's bluebell flames were not enough to keep them warm anymore.

When James and Lily entered the house, they found Mr and Mrs Potter in the drawing room. James' parents were not as surprised at the revelation Lily was there as the kids thought they would be, and just told them to behave and sent them upstairs to prepare for dinner. Little did the kids know, Euphemia and Charlus were just glad that they didn't have to Obliviate a friend of their son's. James and Lily did what the were told, and everybody enjoyed the rest of the evening playing board games in the drawing room. After food, of course.

Lily and James learnt a lot about each other that night. James learnt there was more to Lily than being the perfect witch, and Lily learnt that James wasn't a complete prat all of the time .. just most of it. Sirius was noticeably absent again, looking for apartments and staying with Remus for convenience.

Five o'clock the next evening found James Potter escorting Lily Evans to her house in Cokeworth.

Both stood at the end of her drive, in a comfortable silence. James began to speak.

"I guess this is where I leave you."

"Yeah," Lily trailed off, looking kind of nervous.

"Well, um, I guess I'll see you back at school .. "

James turned around, intending to walk back to the corner where they had Apparated to, when he stopped and turned to face Lily again.

"Lily, what are we?"

He had seemed nervous, like the question had been on the tip of his tongue for hours.

Lily rolled her eyes and closed the distance between them. She wrapped her arms around him in a hug. She let him go, and kissed him. Just a small peck on the cheek, but it was enough to shock James to the point of silence. Over the last few days they had hugged, but James had never tried to kiss the witch.

Lily smiled a secret smile and stepped toward her family home. "See ya 'round, Potter," she called over her shoulder before closing the door behind her.

James stood there, stunned for a few seconds by Lily's forward behaviour. Suddenly he turned around and walked briskly back to their Apparition point. He turned on his heel and with a Pop!, Disapparated to where he was to meet Sirius.

Inside the Evans' household, the matriarch of the family approached her youngest daughter. She peered out the curtains to see what had her little girl so curious. She saw the back of a male figure twist and disappear into thin air.

"Oh Lily, did he just drop you off? That's so sweet of him! You really must invite him in for tea sometime. We never meet any of your friends."

Mrs Evan's continued talking, but Lily was not listening. She was thinking.

"Yeah .. maybe one day, Mum," Lily murmured absent-mindedly before climbing up the stairs to her bedroom. Alice, Marlene and Mary were going to hear about this right away ..

Much later that night, within the cozy walls of Potter Manor, the heir of said House was re-counting his last roughly 58 hours to his best friend, one Sirius Orion Black.

They had just gotten back from viewing yet another potential apartment for Sirius.

".. And then she kissed me on the cheek, and ran inside! It was a dream, Pads! She really is as amazing as I -"

"Prongsie, wait a minute," Sirius interrupted his mate's story just after James had taken off his cloak in the entrance hall.

"What's that on the back of your jacket, mate?"

James turned to Sirius. "What?"

The practically adopted Potter turned his friend around and peeled a sticky note off of the back of his jacket.

The sticky note was bright pink, and had been written hastily. On it was written one sentence. When Sirius saw what it said, he squawked in indignation.

"You went out and got yourself a chick without me? Mate, I'm meant to be your wingman!"

James looked at the note and smiled, delighted at what the note said. It was handwriting he was familiar with. Hogwarts was going to be the better than ever this term.

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Please Note: The Nimbus 1500 was a racing broom made by the Nimbus Racing Broom Company. It was the fastest broom before the Nimbus 2000. There are 3 known brooms that came out in the gap between the companies launch in 1967 and 1990, but we don't know when each came out. In this story, Lily and James are in their seventh year at Hogwarts, just before Christmas, which makes the year 1977. I decided to assume the Nimbus 1500 came out near that time, as there was a broom before it and a broom after it, that all came before 1990. Just incase anyone was wondering ..

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