Where Lightning Strikes is probably my proudest work to date. I had a great time creating Sky and working him into and around the story. Overall, I'm proud of my presentation here. I took my time with this one, let it get long and detailed, kept the snark in it, and a lot more. Really, I think a lot of my pride comes from the similarity to another story I have uploaded on here, A Flickering Light. I can see the improvement from that one to this one. Honestly, I had such a great time writing this story. This was fun. I don't know if I'm going to return to Sky, or the FFVII Remake. I do have half of another bonus I'm working on, but that might not make it online.

I want to thank a few people. First, the greatest big sister the_oxfordcomma over on AO3 for some advice on the story. Gamer's Little Playground for the cutscene movies that I based this in. And AzraelGames for the reviews that encouraged me to keep this going. People have been reading this story a lot, and it means so much to me to see their responses. Any other thoughts on this story obviously can't be shouted out in future chapters, but feel free to PM me with questions or criticism.

As for other projects, I have no idea what's coming next. Feel free to stay tuned.