RIP Connery, Sir Sean Connery (1930-2020)

Welcome back

It's now the time when both teams now officially meet. Lets see if we can get some mysteries solved.


Lincoln's apartment.

Once everyone had calmed down, Lincoln still held the communication rod Henry was staring at him. "So," he began, "your alive."

"Again, I really didn't mean to fake my death twice." Lincoln restated. "That day in Antarctica, was that always your plan?" Asked John from off screen. "I really did thought I would die that day, even before I blew up ABE.

"Excuse me," Zoe spoke loudly, "um I think I speak for everyone when I ask, what the HELL is going on?!" Lincoln moved his hand to allow Henry and Zoe to see each other, awkward silence ensured. "Hey Zoe," Henry got started, "h-how are you doing?"

"How am I doing?" Replied Zoe, "Fine I guess, you know repressed memories are conman place now." The sarcasm in Zoe's voice was very evident. Despite that Henry continued "Ehh, same here on this end, we fended off another invasion. It was almost humorously quick."

"Scuse me," John Henry spoke up, "I can't be the only one thinking about the elephant in the room, well, aside from the obvious, how do you know that woman Henry?" Henry was a bit confused. "We met in, uhh mmmm, how to explain it? Zoe do think that place was ... I don't know, Heaven?" Zoe shook her head. "No, Heaven's a lot more cold and, to be frank, boring, erm, I've read." Zoe saying that last part a bit too quickly didn't go unnoticed to Henry but he pushed that aside for now. "Doesn't matter, I shouldn't have to explain where we were. I know you were spared John but Carter." Carter was bit surprised when Henry pointed to him. "I know you were gone when the Going happen. How would you describe the place we woke up in?"

"With all do respect sir, I have no recollection of what you are talking about?" This throw booth Zoe and Henry off.

"Remember? Between the time we turned to dust and got put back together? We were somewhere, I don't know about you but I certainly encountered a bunch of people in strange clothing." This did nothing to jog Carter's memory. "I'm sorry sir, but that day: when it happened the only thing I remember was seeing pieces of myself flaking away in the wind, next thing I comprehended was standing in the wreckage of my lab." Miskatonic University had the unfortunate luck of having a zeppelin crashed into the facility during the Going, you see.

Meanwhile Zoe tried something similar. "John what were you doing when the dusting hit?" John looked up then answered a bit reluctantly. "I was playing with my daughter, Mary was out, and ... then .." John obviously didn't what to go further. "Well, I think you know what happened next." Sherlock sent him a barely noticeable look of sympathy but Zoe pressed on. "Really? When you dusted? There wasn't any thing else?" John just stood there blankly.

"Dorthy, Queenqueg?" Back on his end Henry was having no change in his luck. "Sorry Henry." Dorthy apologized. "Perhaps it was a dream?" Queenqueg rationalized. Henry rubbed his forehead, thinking to himself. "Henry?" His best friend was concerned for him. Henry and Zoe looked at each other, knowing the same thing.

"They don't remember."

"Yeah, thank you Captain Obvious."

"There's something you wish to share with us." Sherlock, being the pretentious smart one of the group, made a fact, not a question. "Hey, is it just me or is that the floating man in the red cape? Didn't he have a goatee though?" Henry asked. "No, I'm pretty sure Sherlock's ego wouldn't allow that ability to stay hidden if he could fly." Sherlock ignored that rather odd statement. "Your conversation with Fleming, there's something about the dusting both you and your new old friend have remembered after forgetting for a long time."

"Right as always Sherlock." Zoe explained. "Before I try to explained what's happening let's focus on something that I personally find more fascinating." She pointed to Lincoln then Henry. "Is this what you mean by Multiverse?" Lincoln nodded. "M, Gentlemen and Lady, allow me to introduce you to the Strike Team Eliminating the Alien Menace or S.T.E.A.M. S.T.E.A.M., I'd like you to meet the League of Extraordinary Gentleman or simply the League."

"Now I believe it's finally time you all got the answers. Like I said before I really though I would that day would be my last ..."

Earth-1895 Flashback


"Goodbye my friends" Lincoln cut off the transmission and looked up directly at the Great Shoggoth. Sweat pored out of his brow, he shook of his iconic stovepipe hat, the heat was steadily becoming almost unendurable but it will be worth it for his home, for the lives of his men, for their families. He closed his eyes and thought about his legacy. Henry more than proved himself when he was out of commission and despite what some old fashioned people would say Katherine was more than an excellent second on command so S.T.E.A.M. was in good hands should anything else should happen. The world and humanity will be saved, the rebuilding will undoubtedly be difficult but this war has proved that humanity will endure on. His family ... He opened his eyes.

Mary. Robert. Tad. He ... He promised them he'd make it back, despite his wife's protests, he remembered comforting Tad and Robert after that fateful night in the theater telling them that he won't leave them for a very long time. "What am I doing?" When they lost Willie and Eddie, it was devastating, what kind of man he would be to put them through more of that pain when he had the possibility, however slight, to prevent that. Swiftly he reached into his pocket and got out the Emerald Key Queen Ozma entrusted him with. If he timed the spell just right there will be no necessary sacrifice.


The Liberty shouldn't be too far now. Teleport too early and the explosion that ABE will create might not be large enough to take out the monster. Wait until it was too late and he'll never see his family again. Christ, it was staring to feel like the sun was in here, he could hear the pipes bursting and at this point his head might as well be a faucet. "Its time." Lincoln decided, he then lifted the Key in the in air, but by some unlucky hand of fate it was at that moment ABE decided to explode. He teleported fine but the force of the explosion seemed to push him one dimension off from his target.


Instead of the Liberty Lincoln was in for a surprise as he found himself floating in a strange place. He touched his throat, despite the lack of gravity he could still breath just fine with out feeling any sense of suffocation or air poisoning. He clicked his wireless. "Henry? Captain? Do you read me?" Nothing answered him, just white noise. "Katherine? ... Milton? Can anyone hear me?" This was very worrying, he was receiving nothing but static. For miles and miles all he could see was dark purple clouds that went around and around forming a giant swirl with no other signs of life. Thankfully he still had his Emerald Key in his hand but where could he go? Wait, what was that? In the distance he could see a tiny little, almost invisible, spec but it looks like it slowly was getting bi-


In the blink of an eye the spec went from being far in the horizon to being right in Lincoln's face. Lincoln flapped his arms and legs to maneuver away form the space ship while the Irken pilot formerly named Tak looked at the lifeform on the scanner. Were this any other time and place Tak would vaporize the lifeform, especially if it was a human. Just looking the squirming, pink skinned malformed ape reminded her of that awful planet and of - no best not to think about him. Besides that green and metal object was generating a tremendous amount of energy and power that was unprecedented. She, no, the Empire needed it.

The Emerald Key started to shake in Lincoln's hand and he didn't notice until it flew away form him. The ship was now magnetic so the key was stuck to the hull. It became a bit more difficult for Lincoln to maintain his composer as his only means of escape was taken from him. Tak wanted to dispose of the human but both of her brains told her to push a button instead. A mechanical claw popped out of the ship and grabbed Lincoln by the torso. 'He might have some answers and besides its been a while since the lab has had a proper experiment .'

The cruiser zipped back to the Massive in hyper speed, taking Lincoln with it. Despite all laws of physics saying that Lincoln's clothes and flesh should be stripped from his bones, aside from feeling a tremendous wind pressure, Lincoln was completely fine. Weird. The ship finally stopped an Lincoln saw something truly MASSIVE (heh) and futuristic. It was the same mothership the candymakers would later encounter only it was in even worst condition than when Charlie and James would later see, it barely look like it was ever functional. Lincoln looked at it in slight aw, wondering what's going to happen with him

The ship soon came to a complete stop inside the Massive. Abruptly the ship dropped down to the docking bay really really hard, startling Lincoln and making him feel nauseous. The human looked around him, it was so dark he could hardly see anything around him and what's weirder he was still floating. The loud clanks of several footsteps got close to him then several bright lights shone in his face.

"Oooooo, its been awhile, hasn't it?"

"I think I'm gonna be sick."

Lincoln looked and saw little green creatures observing and commenting on him. They were dressed in identical purple garbs and walked around in giant metal boots and strangely they were all speaking English with american accents. He cleared his throat and remembered procedure on encountering other cultures for the first time. "Greetings, I am President Abraham Lincoln and on behalf of the United States of America, I extend our hands of friendship." The Irkens just looked at each other in confusion. "What was that gibberish he called a language?"

"How should I know? You know how the translators broke months ago."

"They did? What about the guy who was supposed to be around in case this happens?"

"He's busy eating beans and swallowing air, I heard he made a breakthrough on cracking the De Farti code."

Lincoln looked at the Irkens in concern. "Uhh, Not to be rude but I need to point out that we're clearly speaking the same language." One of the Irkens became alarmed and raised his gun. "Did it just threaten us?"

"Wha- no I-"

"Oh calm down. Its obviously basking in our glory so much it can't form coherent words."

"You know what I think?" One of the Irkens said in a lustful tone. "I think that was it's mating call." Lincoln slightly grew panicked. "What?! No! Listen to me I-"

"Hmm, I still think it's just making up on just to mock us." Lincoln took deep breaths, it was going to be difficult to maintain his calm. "Look, you're not understa-" Lincoln didn't get to finish as the claw that was still holding him electrocuted him into unconsciousness. Lincoln slumped and Tak floated out of her ship and put on her boots. "Hey what happened?" One of the Irkens asked. "I put him to sleep," Tak got down form the air and on to the ground, "I know his kind."

"Aww, why'd you do that Tak? I could have gotten to first base with him." Tak shot her fellow Irken non fatally in anger. "MY NAME'S NOT TAK!"

"What do we call you then? You're not being forthcoming on anything new."

"Forget it. This," she held up the Emerald Key, "will solve much of our problems."

Some time later

Lincoln woke up to the smell of smoke and the sound of coughing. He coughed a bit blowing away the smoke, he opened his eyes only to see large ruby red ones staring back (much to his own disappointment). "Good morning sunshine. Welcome to prison, not exactly an ideal spot but hey beats the storage closet they were keeping me in and we no longer have to were those itchy magnet boots." Lincoln crawled back to see another Irken, his shirt collar covered his mouth but the end of a cigar stuck out. "There used to be more here but we either left them behind to lighten the load or they ate each other." Looking down at himself he saw that he was stripped of chest plate, boots, and trench coat. He was in what was obviously a prison cell, with two small beds, a large metal bucket filled with dirty water, and a harmonica leaning on the back wall. The bars were not iron or steel but hard purple light beams. Also the gravity was back and the Massive was now eliminated with dark purple lights.

He got up and moved towards the bars. He could feel the small heat radiating off of them. Lincoln was about to lightly tap the bars when, "I wouldn't do that," his cellmate called out, *cough* *cough*"its quite shocking it you know what I mean." Lincoln stepped back, understanding the danger. "Thank you." The Irken lied into his bed. "Don't mention it, my name's Narn by the way, welcome to the Massive."

Narn sat himself up. "You wouldn't mind if I smoke these right?" He cough again and taped the cigar, letting some ashes fall down. "I saw some of your kind using these during one of Zim's many "reports" and I got curious." Lincoln paced around the cell, Narn seemed to be more reasonable than the other Irkens. "It's fine, they were a gift but I personally prefer a pipe." Lincoln then realized something. "Wait, you can understand me?"

"Why wouldn't I? We're both speaking the universal language aren't we?

"I suppose so, but they send that the translators broke and even though I could clearly understand them, they seemed to think I was saying "other things"." Narn rolled his eyes. "Oh, that's probably because of the Florpus. Transforming back and fourth between alternate versions of yourself with different biologies plus being trapped in this place might screw your perceptions a bit. Also you'll probably loose some brain cells along the way but considering I and, well, two other Irkens were the only ones that rose any objections to following the Tallest to cretin death that's not saying much."

The sound of metal doors could be herd as they slide open. In walked Tak followed by an assortment of armed guards. "Oh Hello Tak, we were just talking to you." Tak ignored his quip (otherwise she'd be angry) and focused on Lincoln. "Back against the wall Narn. Human, it's time for your mind probing." Narn stepped back as Tak deactivated the bars. She pulled out a gun and shot Lincoln. He went as stiff as a statue and fell to the floor with a clank. One of the guards grabbed him by the feet and pulled him away, the back of his head banged into a few bumps on the ground.

"If you can hear me," Narn called, "don't resist. You'll just make things more painful for yourself!"

Later, after the stiffing wore off, Lincoln was strapped down to a chair and a strange helmet was hanging above his head by a few wires. Tak used her spider limps to get to eye level with Lincoln. "Who exactly are you?" She asked. "If you'd could understand me back there then you already know who I am." Tak snorted. "You seriously expect me to believe that. I may have not been on Earth for long but I know that even if the human leader didn't call that actor's mustache ugly his life span wouldn't have let him live today."

She forcefully pulled down the helmet on Lincoln's head and strapped it in place. "Wait, what did you say about Earth?" Tak ignored Lincoln she walked behind a control panel. She pushed a few buttons and suddenly Lincoln felt a crushing pain on the sides of his head. It was small at first but then it steadily grew in intensity more and more. Lincoln started huffing and puffing as the pain became almost unendurable.

"If you're wondering, yes there is a more efficient and painless way to do this," on the control consul's monitor a series of images flashed, Lincoln's recent memories. Tak turned a dial and in spite of his best efforts Lincoln started to scream, "but this is much more fun."

Back in his cell with Narn the once strong world leader looked worse for were, but despite still feeling tremendous amounts of pain he looked at Tak with some contention and defiance. "So, you weren't lying, you really are Abraham Lincoln but from another universe," Tak paced around the other side of the bars, "another Earth, one that went through and invasion led by a Shoggoth. Hehehe. If the Emerald Key can bring you here then it should be able to lead us to your planet. Ohhoho. We really should thank you not only has the key you brought us helped bring back the power to the Massive but now we can finally leave this prison. When I take over your Earth, not only will I finally be recognized but, ooohhh, the look on Zim's stupid face when I,-I mean, we rub our victory in." Tak let out an insane laughter as she ran away.

"I wouldn't worry too much, the others barley let her do anything and with their current state of mind and lost of resources I doubt they could pull of a successful invasion." Lincoln appreciated the attempts at comfort but his feeling of guilt did not leave. "They said you fought a Shoggoth and lived." Narn got Lincoln's undivided attention now. "Usually when a being or civilization encounters creatures relating to the spawn of Azathoth, they either end up becoming sacrifices to cults or going completely mad, often at the same time. And yet not only you and presumably your planet are still here but you are showing no signs of madness. How'd you do it?"

"It wasn't easy I can tell you that but eventually the world leaders put aside our differences and together we drove back the invaders."

Narn whistled to himself. "Well, they're definitely safe."

Over the next few months Narn and Lincoln got to know each other better. Narn was interesting. He seemed like a nice enough chap but in his own words: "The rest of the universe is too stupid and idiotic to be left alone. That is why the Empire, the wars, and Operation: Impending Doom II is necessary. Don't worry it's just our universe, concurring the multiverse is not worth it so your planet is safe." Lincoln decided it was best to keep his distance.

On the bright side Narn turned out to be right about Tak's situation. Soon enough Tak came back to their cell in a bad mood. The look in her eyes was the angriest he had ever seen in person. She ranted and raved to the only people that had no choice but to listen for the longest time about how she was constantly denied honors, is treated badly, how they won't tell her any thing, how they won't give her back "her" key, and blaming it all on Zim. Zim, oh god Zim. She went on for THREE HOURS about how it was his fault, how he was undeserving of banishment of all things, how he would suffer a billion deaths and it all got mixed up and repetitive. Afterward Narn gave the helpful advise to never bring up this Invader Zim, not that it stopped Tak from making the occasional rant.

Because of Tak's focus on self pity and how awful Zim is, Lincoln and Narn had no idea what was going on with the other Irkens. This was greatly troubling to Lincoln as he had no idea if the invasion of Earth was already underway or not, hell for all he knew his planet and his people were enslaved. So it was for many months just sitting and waiting (he would have tried the harmonica but for some it was always covered in fresh saliva and for some reason his hair stopped growing which saved him from grooming) until one day things started to change. Lincoln and Narn were just sitting in their cell when suddenly a feeling of dread washed over their bodies. "Did you just ... feel that?" Lincoln asked. "Yeah, ... it-it might be ... It's nothing, lets not worry about that." Despite Narn's statement that awful uncomfortable feeling didn't leave them for several hours.

Ever seance that day Tak's demeanor changed. She was still angry, they could still see that in her eyes, and when pressed she still ranted about Zim (that was something Lincoln quickly came to regret) but other than that she was now quieter, a bit more rushed in her actions, and even barley acknowledged them in the rare times she walked past their cell. This greatly confused the pair but in time this didn't matter, their escape was upon them.

Lincoln was sleeping soundly one night when suddenly he woke up with feeling of wind rushing past his face and the sounds of laser blasts. "Wha- Wha?" He was speeding through the Massive, constantly dodging the fire of Irken weaponry. It must have been late in the night because Lincoln still felt a bit sleepy but now was not the time. "What in Sam Hill is going on!?" Lincoln half shouted half questioned. "Oh good you're awake!" Narn had his arms and legs wrapped around Lincoln's torso, flying with his jet PAK. "Hold on!" Narn maneuvered down to the floor. "Grab the body!"

"What body?" Narn stopped on the ground and the sounds of a energy cannon firing next to Lincoln was head followed by a SPLAT. Lincoln jumped slightly as the body of an Irken with a chuck of his forehead missing landed on top of him. "That body." Despite Lincoln's surprise (his experiences hunting vampires and fighting the Civil War ensured he wouldn't be that disgusted by it) he held on the the body real tight as Narn flew them away.

"Where are we going?!"

"To the armory!"

"The armory, why?!"

"For our escape you fool! I would have woken you up and explained earlier but you looked too cute!"

"Oh, ... I'll pretend I know what you mean by that last thing."

Eventually they made it the the entrance of the armory. Lincoln kept watch while Narn used the hand of the dead Irken (who's missing forehead chuck was slowly growing back) the open the entrance with the palm reading lock. "I'm going to help you escape," Narn called out, "but before we go on I want you to promise me one thing."

"What exactly is that?" Lincoln asked. "You bring the fight to the Massive, and when your forces take it, do everything in your power to send me and my people home. If you can't do it then go to this Queen Ozma woman, force her to help us if possible!" Lincoln was a bit conflicted. "Look, I'll be honest wi-"

"No, let me tell you something darling." Narn stopped the process of the door opening and got up to Lincoln's level.

"I actually don't need you, at least to escape our cell. When I finally cut the power to our bars I could have left you sleeping on your bed, but I didn't because I need someone with a lot of power, resources, influence, and military strength to get us out of this hell. The others might be content waiting for a rescue that won't ever come but not me. I know that if we ever get out of here someone would have to work for it and right now you're our best bet." One of Narn's spider legs then transformed into a canon and put it right against Lincolns head. "If you won't help me because of something petty like morality then I can just pop your head, I waited for a century, I think, so I can easily wait for a few more for my next opportunity."

Lincoln stared back in to Narn's eyes not letting any conformity show. The alternate president thought about what Narn claimed, was this just a bluff? "Ughhh, where I'm I?" A voice asked from behind. The same Irken that Narn had shot earlier got up feeling a rather painful head ache. *BOOM* *SPLAT* In one cannon shot, his forehead was once missing and he fell to the ground, dead again. Narn, without looking away from the human, had turned his canon to his victim and swiftly killed him before turning the canon back to Lincoln.

This action reminded Lincoln of what Narn said about enslaving and concurring and then he remembered what made him decide to live in the first place. "Alright, but we do it on my terms so as soon as try something less then ethical behind my back you're going back in this place." Lincoln proposed a compromise, witch Narn seem to agree on as he went back to opening the door. "You should really to loosen up your morals, they often get in the way of progress and achievement."

The doors finally opened and Lincoln and Narn went inside. "Your stuff should be inside a cardboard box somewhere, they don't really care these days." Narn pointed to a direction for Lincoln to follow. "I have to go get some things on my own. See you soon." Lincoln went off to search and in no time at all found the cardboard box Narn was talking about. All of his stuff was there and soon he was back in his normal attire now he needed a weapon. A bit more searching and he found his preferred weapon of choice: an Axe. He took it off the rack to inspect it, he gave it a few twirls and flips, remembering the fighting lessons of his teachers: Henry Sturges and Orlando. It was a bit heaver than he would have liked as it was completely metal and it has indeed been a while since he had to use one but he could still put up a fight.

Still the axe obviously did not have a hidden gun in side so he took what the thought was a gun and ran back to Narn. Narn saw Lincoln's "arsenal" and was unimpressed. "An axe? We have the most advanced weaponry in the cosmos and posses enough firearms for a small army and all you took was something as primitive as a battle axe. That thing shouldn't even be here, we must have forgotten to melt it for spare metal."

"Well in my younger days I fought creatures far stronger than me with nothing more than an Axe, granted its been a while, but I also took this," he showed Narn the gun, "I can handle myself." Narn wacked the gun out of Lincoln's hand, letting it slide on the floor. "That's not a gun, do not ask what it really is." Narn flew away and came back in a snap carrying three objects. "There's your gun." The gun Narn gave to Lincoln was absolutely tiny. "Um, isn't there anything-" "GAH" When Lincoln accidentally pointed it to Narn, he slightly panicked and pushed the human's arm away.

"Be careful with that!" Narn then got our a small purple orb and a small ear piece which he gave to Lincoln. "Put that in your ear." Lincoln did so while Narn flew away. Suddenly a buzzing noise could be herd in the ear that Lincoln put the piece in. "Can you her me?" Lincoln looked up amazed at the fact that even though Narn was quite a distance away from him it sounded like he was right next to him with out any interference to the quality whatsoever. "I uh, I hear you loud and clear." 'Emphases on clear.'

"Good, this communicator orb should ensure our continued contact cross the barrier between your Earth and wherever the Massive is."

"It's that strong."

"Of course this is Irken technology, now hold still," he took aim with something that looked like a gun, "I will teleport you one of the ship holds, the're usually empty. Don't worry the teleportation process is completely painless."

"That's good to kno-AHHHHHHHHH." It looked like Lincoln was struck by lightning before being disintegrated. A smoking scorch mark was in the place where the great emancipator once stood, Narn continued to float in place as he got out the last cigar. "I lied."

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Lincoln suddenly materialized in one of the Massive's ship holds, still screaming. The pain faded and Lincoln was left feeling resentful. 'Bastard.' He turned around and as if the universe was against him five Irkens were starring at him in astonishment, it looked like they were in the middle of some sort of card game. They slowly dropped the cards and powered their guns while Lincoln reached behind his back for his axe. "Narn," he contacted his ally. "Yes, Abraham." One of the aliens pushed a button and that activated a loud siren.

Lincoln ducked behind a metal crate as the Irkens started shooting. "You got to be kidding me. What happened?"

"Don't blame me, you made me teleport in front of them while screaming!" One Irken attempted to get the jump on Lincoln by landing behind him, his head was swiftly chopped off. More Irkens entered to pursue and Lincoln had to make a run for it. "Just choose a ship and follow my instructions and you'll be back on your planet in no time." The former USA President was on the run, doing everything he can to doge the constant blaster fire. (jumping ducking, even occasionally twirling) At first they tried to get close to Lincoln only to find out that getting hacked into pieces before they could harm him was no fun at all, so they were forced to keep their distance. Lincoln was getting close to the ship docking aria, however THEY were waiting for him.

As he got closer Lincoln saw hundreds of not thousands of Irkens were waiting for him, obviously they had an ambush prepared. Lincoln looked back and fourth between the ambush and his current pursuers. They're too many of them, no matter how skilled he was, the axe won't be enough. Lucky for him he still had his gun, his tiny small gun that probably didn't hold that much ammo but it might just give him a chance. He slowed to a stop, hiding the gun in his sleeve, and raised his arms, the axe still in his hand.

"Human, put down your weapon and come with us back to your cell." What looked like to be their sergeant spoke up from the ambush, a fleet of parked cruisers and a open launch bay was right behind the ambushing group. 'So close.' Lincoln thought to himself, he'd come too far not to give up now. "Alright I'll comply shortly." In one flash move he threw the axe at his pursuers and fired his gun at the sergeant. He ducked as the axe logged itself between the eyes of an Irken and a small dart that turned out to be what the gun was loaded with, fired. The Irken screamed in pain at his splitting headache, firing wildly at both friend and foe meanwhile the sergeant look down at his chest horrified at the dart. "WHA- WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!"

Rather than get the jump on the human the ambushers ran away, wanting to get away from their sergeant who at this point dropped to the floor holding his twitching sides and in a lot of pain, impressively he did not scream. Lincoln for his part did not think why he wasn't being shot at or being jumped on as he was busy heading towards the nearest ship. As Lincoln crawled into the cockpit, from the shadows and unseen to anyone, what looked like to be a dark pitch black wisp of smoke emerged.

The wisp slithered past the Irken with the axe, glancing to admire his pain and then came to the sergeant. He was still in pain and not screaming but now glowing cracks in his skin started to appear. All it look one one whip from the shadow's tail and the sergeant finally started to scream, with the cracks growing more rapidly around his body, a quicker but more painful death.

"Uh, what do I do?" Lincoln was in the ship looking at the controlls which were completely different to that of a zeppelin and he didn't even know how to fly that. "Its just like your people's "airplanes", simple stuff." Narn siad with a hint of impatience. "What's an airplane?" Lincoln banged the consul and suddenly the ship stated and hovered in the air. "What the?" After a moment Lincoln grabbed the throttle and the ship moved forward and out of the Massive. "What did you do?" Asked Narn.

"I-I don't know. I think I activated some auto pilot"

Unbeknownst to either of them the black tendril snuck inside the ship's inner workings and stated it, it was now driving it to a cretin point in the vortex. Meanwhile, back in the ship hold the sergeant was screaming louder than ever. Finally the cracks became to much and he exploded. The explosion was so large it took out the entire ship hold and destroyed any unfortunate Irkens that didn't get out in time.

Lincoln herd the loud boom and looked back to see the resulting smoke cloud and flames. 'So that's what it does.' He had no more time to reflect on this however as from the other holds more ships flew out and started to converge on Lincoln. Lincoln turned back to the consul and pushed the throttle forward, entering light speed. "You just entered light speed! You sure you've never flown one before?"

"I just pushed the thing forward and it went fast!" Suddenly it stopped and Lincoln slammed against the dashboard because he wasn't wearing any seatbelts. In his ear he could hear sizzling and crackling before the line went completely dead. "Narn?" He brought his hand up to his ear, but there was nothing but silence. "Narn?!" He put his hand in his pocket to feel for the orb but he was soon to encounter bad news. Instead of something smooth and round he felt two somethings jagged and sharp. He got the two things out of the pocket and saw that the orb was crushed into two, now worthless, pieces. "No," he whispered to himself, he just lost his contact.

To make matters worse he heard multiple warping sounds and behind him he saw all of the ships that were perusing him come out of lightspeed. "This is bad." He refocused on the various buttons and lights with symbols that no matter how hard, he couldn't understand. As the ships surrounded him he found he had no choice but to close his eyes and push any button in blind faith. Whatever button Lincoln pressed caused the ship to eliminate red and beep, loudly and repeatably. Lincoln looked around him, wondering what went wrong. "Self destruct activated," a recording said. I was at this moment Lincoln wondered if the universe hated him, "you have 30 min- wait, hold on." What sounded like paper flipping played. "Sorry, that's 30 seconds, have a nice day."

With that cheerful note the recording ended and Lincoln banged his head, hating himself at the moment. He would have been happy to know then that the self destruction wasn't his fault. The dark wisp was still in the controls and continued to manipulate the ship. It was the one that cancelled whatever function Lincoln activated and made it look like the human was destroying his own ship. When Lincoln almost smashed the controls it activated the escape ejector seat. Lincoln was automatically strapped in his seat and before he knew it he was shot in the void just as the ship exploded. A few Irkens ejected after Lincoln but by then it was mostly too late.

For such a small ship the explosion a very large, destroying pretty much all of the other surrounding ships, if any Irkens were still in their ships they would have not necessarily perished, but grievously harmed. The force of the explosion pushed Lincoln and the escaping Irkens further away. Lincoln gripped the sides of his chair, grimising at the force of the wind pushing against him. The black tendril pushed the chair to it where it needed it to be. The chair slowly came to a stop and Lincoln just floated in slight shock. 'Wow,' Lincoln faced up to the "sky" with his eyes closed, fatigue starting to consume him. ' ... How do I get home?" It was that thought that made him realize that he and very much likely Narn never came up with an idea on how he would get back to Earth after he left the Massive.

He opened his eyes and saw something strange. All across the vortex there was the these strange swirls of clouds of various colors, they weren't there when he first arrived in this place. He brought his head down and he saw that one of the swirls were not too far from him. Out of curiosity he unbuckled himself from the chair and swam closer to the swirl. There was an almost watery center in the swirl and through it he started to make out some details. Some grass, strange machinery, what looked like some cars with strange designs, and most of all a clear sunny blue sky with a few clouds. 'Home?' Hesitantly, he reached his hand out, he didn't want to raise his hopes but at the same time he needed to touch the swirl. To his surprise, his hand went threw and he saw it was now on the other side of the swirl. Through his glove he felt a slight coolness in the atmosphere and he almost smiled at what this means. "It's a doorway. A doorway to home."

He was just about to go through when suddenly he felt a tug on his coat tails. "FOUND IT!" A voice called out from behind and before Lincoln knew it he was suddenly grabbed by many tiny hands and being forced back. "We'll have to remove bits of it's brain when we get back! No one escapes the Irkens!" Lincoln was being dragged further and further away from his salvation, his chances of escape were dwindling. The black tendril continued to watch from a close but discrete distance, debating with itself if they should directly help again.

Didn't have to wait for long, as the hoop of a lasso emerge from the portal and towards the prisoner and the party of aliens. Frantically Lincoln struggled and managed to free his right arm and just barley got a tight hold of it. A few Irkens let go of the man to take hold of several different parts of the rope, figuring seance the're already here they might as well take more prisoners. For the briefest of seconds it looked like the Irkens would pull more at least one more person as more of the rope came into the vortex. Then, luck was finally on Lincoln's side, more force was added on the other side as Lincoln was pulled to safety, he slipped out of the Irken's grasp except for one who stubbornly clung to his legs.

The black tendril watched the whole thing, what was it thinking no one could tell as it had no visible face but it seemed to take note of the Irken's visible reluctance to enter the portal. It looked back at the portal and just floated there, it's agent within the Finders acted satisfactory and with Lincoln and one of their own on the other side the aliens will be bound to come to this new reality.

Yes I know for the like, I don't know, 8? 5? 3? of you that have played Codename: STEAM in the post credits scene we could clearly see that if Lincoln survived at the end, he left his Emerald Key behind. I took some liberties because Lincoln's Key in particular plays into my plans, if not now then for a potential sequel.

The floating man in the red cape Henry mentioned is Dr Strange from the original Infinity Crisis story.

Literary references:

Azathoth is an entity from the Cthulhu Mythos.

Henry Sturges another character from Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter while Orlando is meant to be the character from the Virginia Wolf novel of the same name.

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