June 11, 1509

It was finally the day of Catherine of Aragon's wedding. She isn't particularly excited. Happy? Yes, of course! It's her own wedding! But she knew the only reason Henry married her is for an alliance with Spain. She couldn't care less.

At least she has someone to love. Catherine looked at her soon-to-be husband's eyes. They said their wedding vows and lips meet. There was a bright flash after that.

January 25, 1533

It was Anne Boleyn's wedding. It was quite suprising, really. The fact that King Henry VIII, himself divorced Catherine of Aragon. A woman whom he married for 24 years!

Anne smiled lightly. Now that ol' Catherine's gone, she can have the king all to her self! Being queen is gonna be so much fun! She thinks of all the wonderful things in the castle. She quickly snapped to reality as both said they're 'i do's.

They kissed and crowds cheered. There was a bright flash.

May 30, 1536

Jane Seymour looked at Henry. She truly loved him and she know he does too. She knows what happened to Aragon and Boleyn. She will do whatever it takes to make him happy. That includes to try and give birth to a son as the king wants a male heir.

Their lips meet and there was a bright flash.

January 6, 1540

The king got married to another wife by the name of Anne of Cleves. He was promised a beautiful young, woman. Anne however, was the 'opposite' of what he demanded.

Anne knows the marriage wouldn't really last long. It was worth a try, though. Both kissed and there was a bright flash.

July 28, 1540

The same year when Henry got married to Cleves. She was right, the marriage would'nt last long. Katherine Howard sighed. She was only 16 years old, for goodness sake!

But what the king wants, he gets it. And he wants her to be his bride. Just for her body. Katherine gritted her teeth but then sighed.

She kissed him and there was a bright flash.

July 12, 1543Catherine Parr looked at her husband's face. This was the man that had multiple wives and treated them quite unfair. Parr dosen't want to get married to such a cruel man.

She has no choice anyways. There isn't much equality for women. She sighed as both of them kissed and crowds cheered. There was a bright flash afterwards.

Catherine Parr woke up, feeling a bit dazed. She groaned. Parr looked down and she is still in her wedding dress. She looked around and realized there were 5 women with her... and Henry..? What was he doing there?

"What... what is this place?", Parr asked no one in particular. Then, she heard several groans and turned around. "Wha... what is this?", the woman in green asked. It looked like she wore a wedding dress.

Actually, all of them wore wedding clothes! Another woman opened her eyes. "Who are you all?", She asked, a little bit too fierced. She wore a yellow wedding dress.

Soon, more people started to wake up. "State your names!", Aragon demanded. "Hey! Who gives you the right to talk to me like that, Aragon!", Boleyn yelled back. Aragon looked very offended.

"Excuse, me?! You dare talk to me like that?! I am the queen of England!", Aragon shot back. "What?! I am!", Katherine Howard chimed in. "No! I am!", Anne shouted back.

Parr shook her head and noticed Seymour and Cleves. She held out her hand to shake. "My name's Catherine Parr. What's yours?", Parr asked politely while the others fought. "Jane Seymour", she replied meekly. "I'm Anne of Cleves!", Cleves replied enthusiastically.

They all seem to forget Henry watching his deceased wives with shock. He had beheaded two of them, one died of natural causes.

"Enough!", Henry shouted angrily, though he was still shocked. "Henry..?", Aragon asked. "You look... older?", she asked confused.

"All of you are... my wives. I married all of you in seperate years...", Henry confessed. There were a bunch of 'o's. "B-but then, if you married six of us... does that mean you divorced some?", Jane asked, worried.

Henry nodded, earning gasps. " Who did you divorced with?!", Katherine asked, almost child-like.

"Before we get into this, let's introduce ourselves. I am Catherine Parr, from the year 1543", Parr said calmly.

"My name's Katherine Howard! From the year 1540!", Howard continued.

"Anne of Cleves, here! Same year!", the woman with the red dress said.

"My name is Jane Seymour. I am from the year 1536", Seymour said shyly.

"Name's Anne Boleyn! You can call me Anne! From the year 1533!", Boleyn said, with a bright smile on her face.

"Anne Boleyn..?", Katherine asked, looking like she's remembering something. "Yeah, that's me! What's the matter, Katherine?", Anne asked, dumbfounded.

"You... you're my cousin! Anne Boleyn!", Katherine suddenly shouted. "C-cousin?!", all was confused except Howard. "Are you sure?", Parr asked. Katherine nodded.

"Oh my goodness! We're cousins!", Anne suddenly got excited. Both high-fived. "I think we should contunue introducing, Katherine, Anne", Jane interupted them.

"Oops! Sorry!", both apologised sheepishly. They turned to Catherine of Aragon.

"I am Catherine of Aragon, from the year 1509", she said, calmly. "Now that we know everyone, why are we here?", she asked everyone. Suddenly a paper flew by.

Henry caught it. All eyes are on him. He read it out loud.

To the six wives of King Henry VIII and himself,

I have got you all here today to watch a certain musical about six wives.

Yes, the musical is about Catherine Of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne Of Cleves, Katherine Howard and lastly, Catherine Parr.

There are seats where you can relax and if you need any necessities like food or drinks, you may press the red button at the table.

Enjoy the musical!

After Henry finished, he looks infuriated. The wives worried. He is known for his short temper.

"THIS IS RIDICULOUS!", Henry shouted. Katherine cowered behind Anne. Parr looked uncomfortable like Aragon. Jane cowered behind Cleves.

"MY WIVES GET A WHOLE MUSICAL ABOUT THEM AND I AM ENGLAND'S RULER!", he shouted, ripping the paper. Aragon, as the oldest wife stepped up.

"Henry, my dearest, please stay calm. This is a silly musical while I'm sure you have thousands of books and movies about you..", Aragon cringed a little.

He finally calmed down. He took a seat on one of the couches and gestured his wives to do the same.

Just as they sat down, the television in front of the room turned on.

Left sofa : Anne Boleyn, Katherine Howard

Middle sofa : Jane Seymour, Henry VIII, Catherine Parr

Right sofa : Catherine of Aragon, Anne of Cleves