Kyusai Red: "HAI Super Hero Time!"

Others: "With Kinkyu Sentai Kyusaiger!"

Kyusaigers: "Resukyu Sutāto!"

Narration: "The Bay 55 Rescue Center run by Matoi Tatsumi formerly known as Go Red teaches rescue personnel the ways of being the best in their line of work but the best of the best will take their place as the elites."

Announcer: "Rescue 1 Kinkyu Jitai Kyusai."

Takumi runs into the Rescue Center as Takumi Tatsumi appears on screen "Yosha!" He then runs upstairs as he runs past Mint "OHAYO Mint!"

Mint: "Ohayo Takumi." Mint's lights blinks and his grabbers open and close as Anylase Robo Mint appears on screen

Takumi walks into Matoi's office "Ohayo Otosan."

Matoi: "Ohayo Takumi." Matoi Tatsumi appears on screen

Kyouko: "Ohayo Takumi." Kyouko Hakase appears on screen

Takumi: "Ohayo Kā-San."

Matoi: "Where's your cousin's at?"

Takumi: "Oh they're with their families right now."

Matoi: "Oh that's fine just tell them that they need to come back for a briefing."

Takumi: "Rodger." Takumi salutes to his father

Matoi: "Alright move out."

Takumi: "Hai!" Takumi starts to walk out then turns "Um Tou-San?"

Matoi: "Yes Takumi."

Takumi: "Um nothing." Takumi walks out

Kyouko: "Don't forget to go grocery shopping."

Matoi: "I'll put that on my list then."

(The scene changes to a dark place as women in silver clothing walks as torches lights up as the sound of her heels echoes)

?: "AAaaah it's perfect Neesan Minna time to wake up." The name Horrible Twin Aya appears on the screen

Ayaka walks out as she stretches "Neesan is this necessary?" The name Horrible Twin Ayaka appears on the screen

Aya: "Because we need to get back in business as of now."

Slyger walks in "It's good to be back and better than ever."

Granox grunts as he cracks his neck "Ah finally awakened from a good nap it's so invigorating." The name Neo-Fear Bruiser Granox appears on screen

Aya walks over, crouches down and grabs some drawings and takes them to Slyger "Do what your predecessor did, Slyger bring these to life." Aya hands him the drawings to him

Slyger: "Hai." Slyger grabs the drawings from Aya and throws them into the portal "Darkness World, lend me the power, bring these drawings to life." Slyger waves his hands as The name Evil Wizard Slyger appears on screen and the portal flashes different colors as the Foxtrons jumps out of the portal and lands them

Twins: "Wow they're so excellent."

Granox: "They look tough."

Slyger laughs maniacally "Yes yes they are the perfect to cause havoc in the city."

Aya: "Me and Ayaka will lead the charge."

Slyger: "Yes Yes."

Granox: "I'll get things ready for our Master arrival."

The twins and the Foxtrons teleports out

(The scene changes to gym of the Rescue Center)

Takumi walks in to see some of the personnels spar and some jog as he walks over to Kazuma "Yo Kazuma."

Kazuma: "Oh Takumi." Kazuma Hamasaki appears on screen as Kazuma judo throws his sparring partner "What brings you here."

Takumi: "You know, do some scouting for the next elites."

Kazuma: "Well I'm an elite and we're gonna have the elite graduation in a few minutes."

Takumi: "Oh nice let's head up beforehand."

Kazuma: "Mm." Kazuma says as he nods then helps his sparring partner up

Takumi and Kazuma walks onto the stage as Matoi and Mint meets them on stage

Matoi holds up his hands

Everyone stops what their doing and walks over to the stage then stands at attention

Matoi: "Hai we are to knowledge three members Reiko Okada,Kyu Yamada, and Shotaro Kodama congratulations you have moved up to elite status will you come on stage

The other members clap and cheer as the three walk up on stage to stand with Takumi and Kazuma

Matoi: "Mint, show them what they get."

Mint: "Hai." Mint rolls over to the five as a compartment opens up revealing the Kyusai Changers "These are your Kyusai Changers."

Takumi: "Kyusai Changer?"

Matoi: "Hai Takumi you don't have to give up your Go-Go Brace."

Takumi nods as he takes off his Go-Go Brace

The five each grabs a changer and puts on their left wrists

The compartment closes "Emergency Alert Emergency Alert Unknown threat has arrived."

Matoi: "Yosh Kyusaiger Hikko!"

The five salute "RYOKAI!" They run to the briefing room as Matoi follows behind them

(As the gym doors closes the scene change to city as Foxtrons causing havoc and the Twins attacking civilians)

Ayaka: "It's nice to be out causing havoc, Neesan." Ayaka punches a civilian

Aya: "Yea very nice."

The Twins holds their hands out as a beams shoot out as civilians starts to flee the scene screaming and holding their hands over their heads

(As the Twins laughs maniacally the scene changes to the briefing room of the Rescue Bay Area)

Matoi runs over to the monitor and sees the threat "It can't be."

Takumi: "What is it Tou-San?"

Matoi: "Our worst nightmare, get down there quickly. I've prepared the Kyusai Hauler and your new Kyusai Machines for launch, get down there and stop that threat."

Kyusaigers: "RYOKAI!" They all salute then runs launch bay

Takumi gets into the Kyusai Hauler's cockpit

The others gets into their Zords

Takumi: "Kyusai Hauler Hashin!" Takumi push the control stick down

The Hauler rolls out as the bay door opens

Takumi: "What does dad mean by a new threat?" Takumi pushes a few buttons on the control panel and looks at the damage "Shotaro, Kyuu, Reiko take care of all the civilians Kazuma you're coming with me."

Others: "RYOKAI!" The others com in

Takumi: "YOSHA!"

The Hauler goes down the street driving over the cars

Kyu gets in the PA system "Citizen please remain out of the Kyusai Hauler sumimasen." The name Kyu Yamada appears on the screen as she tilts her head

Reiko grips her control stick and level as Reiko Okada appears on scene

Shotaro looks focus as Shotaro Kodama appears on screen

The Hauler arrives on scene and Takumi gets out of the cockpit of the hauler then into Kyusai Armor as the doors of the Kyusai Hauler opens and the ramps pulls down

Kazuma: "Kyusai Armor Hashin!" Kazuma pulls the lever down and moves the control forward as the Kyusai Armor rolls down the ramp

Reiko: "Kyusai Siren Hashin!" Reiko pulls the lever down and moves the control stick forward as the Kyusai Siren rolls down the ramp

Shotaro: "Kyusai Aero Hashin!" Shotaro pushes the lever up and moves the control back as the Kyusai Aero flies out of the hauler

Kyu: "Kyusai Aider Hashi!" Kyuu pulls the lever down and moves the control stick forward as the Kyusai Aider rolls down the ramp

Kyusai Armor rolls over to the building as the three go help or find civilians in their Mecha

Reiko: "Shotaro scout the area for anyone injured."

Shotaro: "Hai." Shotaro looks at his monitor "No one with major or minor injuries but someone stuck in rubble." Shotaro hovers over the rubble as a cable winches down and hooks onto the rubble "Yukō!" Shotaro presses a button and winch coils up as the rubble is lifted

The mother gets up holding her baby closely as she flees the scene with her baby

Shotaro and Reiko: "YOSHA!"

Kyu helps some of the paramedics put people in some ambulances then closes the doors then salutes to one of the paramedics as he saluted back

All the paramedics close the doors at the ambulances then drive off as Kyu presses the button on the side of her Kyusai Changer as a panel opens up "Everyone is on their way to the hospital."

Takumi: "Yoshi Kazuma Hayaku!"

Kazuma: "Ryokai!" Kazuma moves the control stick forward as the Kyusai Armor rams into a burning building then stops

Takumi: "Ikuzo!"

Kazuma: "Un!"

Takumi and Kazuma runs into the building as they help everyone out of the building as the people flees the scene

The Kyusaigers regroup with each other

Takumi: "Everyone good on your parts?"

Others: "Hai!"

Takumi: "YOSH!"

Aya laughs evilly "You guys are very cute but you can't get past us." Aya snaps her fingers "Yukō Foxtrons!"

The Foxtrons jumps in front of Aya and Ayaka as they ready their shortswords

Takumi holds up his wrist "This is what we have been training for this is the threat Taichou was talking about MINNA IKUZO!"

Kazuma and Reiko hold up their wrist "HAI!"

Shotaro and Kyu hold up their wrists "OKAY!"

They holds their arm in front of them as they push a button and the panel open up then turns the dial as the Change appears in the indent


They hold their arms back sideways at a 90 degree angle "KYUSAI CHANGE!" They press the button with their pointer and middle fingers

The members each stands in a grid like background as they hold out their arms in front as holographic picture of suits appears in from of them then the boots and the suits forms on their feet and bodies then gloves forms on their hands then the their helmet materialize on their heads as their visors shine as they salute

The Kyusaigers salutes as the camera does close ups of their suits


Kyusaigers: "KYUSAIJA!" They day as they pose like the Go-Go Five

Takumi: "Resukyu Sutato!"

The Foxtrons charges at the Kyusaigers

Takumi takes out his Kyusai Juu "Kyusai Juu Gun Modo!" Takumi folds the body up at a 90 degree angle then slides the panel back exposing the barrel and starts to shoot some Foxtrons then sweeps the legs of another one then does a gainer flash kick to another one as he lands on his feet "Blizzard Break!" Takumi shoots a powerful blast at the group of Foxtrons "Yattai!" Takumi turns around holds his Kyusai Juu diagonally across his chest as they explode

Kazuma strikes one of the Foxtrons with a cross palm strike to the stomach then hits another one with an exploder suplex, kips up and hits one with a punch "What I've just got fired up." Kazuma says as he bounces up and down like Bruce Lee then runs through the Foxtrons as his shoulder forms a shield knocking them all down "YOSHA!" Kazuma gives a thumbs up with his other arm his is close to chest as they explodes

Reiko ducks and dodges punches and kicks from the Foxtrons then does a headscissor takedown to one then sweep the leg of another one then does a does a backflip then does a butterfly kick to three of them then judo throws another then takes out her Kyusai Juu "Kyusai Juu!" Reiko shoots one as she falls to her back then twirls it on her finger then shoots the remaining Foxtrons then turns around and tilts her head giving a peace sign holding up Kyusai Juu as they explodes

Shotaro kicks off one of the Foxtrons then does a sidekick another one on the side of its face then takes out his Kyusai Juu "Kyusai Juu Surasshā Modo!" Shotaro pulls the pin-like handle, raises the barrel upright then pulls down the panel as the blade forms out "Ikuzo!" Shotaro starts slashes the Foxtrons then kicks one then "Blizzard Break!" Shotaro does an x slash to the Foxtrons of snow as the Foxtrons gets hits and explodes as Shotaro turns with his Kyusai Slasher dragged over his shoulder then holds his fist and nods

Kyu walks from shoulder to shoulder of the Foxtrons as they fall to the ground then kicks the last one as she kicks it in the back then does a shoulder rolls then does a sweep kick as she does a gainer flash up then does a butterfly kick to two of them then does out her Kyusai Slasher then starts slashes some of the Foxtrons then blocks some the attacks from them as then twirls as she slashes them then takes a knee as they explodes with her slasher dragged over her shoulder as they explodes around her

The Kyusaigers regroups with each other as they stares down Aya and Ayaka

Aya: "Just because you beat them doesn't mean you can beat us that easily baka!"

Ayaka: "Baka!"

Takumi: "We'll see about that, Kyusai Juu!" Takumi takes out his Kyusai Juu

Kyusaigers: "SHŪTO!" Each of them shoots at both twins

As the dust settle the twins stands their unfazed

The Kyusaigers stands their in shook "

Takumi: "Nande kore wa?"

Aya and Ayaka giggled softly "Ja ne!" Ayaka and Aya then teleports away

Takumi: "Chotto matte!" Takumi says as the Kyusaigers try to chase Aya and Ayaka as teleports away but come fingertip short "UGGGH!"

A giant monster appears behind the Kyusaigers

The Kyusaigers turns around as they takes a step back then runs to their Kyusai machines

The red Kyusai Hauler door opens up and the ramp folds down

Takumi: "Kyusai Ladder Hashin!" Takumi moves the lever down and moves the control stick forward as the Kyusai Ladder rolls down the ramp and the Kyusai machine rolls together as they face the giant monster

The monster shoots a fireball from its mouth

The Kyusai machines takes some of the blow but Kyusai Armor puts up a shield to block it

The Kyusai Aero grabs the monster with the winch "Yūko!" The copter picks it up and holds him in the air

Reiko: "Siren Beam!" Reiko pushes a button and a beam from the siren shoots at the monster

Kyu: "Injector Cannon!" Kyu pushes a button as an injector like Cannon deploys and shoots at the monster

Matoi comes over the Comms "Takumi Gattai da!"

Takumi: "Gattai?"

Matoi: "Hai!"

Takumi: "Ryokai! Minna Gattai Standby!"

Others: "Hai!" They day as they salute

Takumi: "Yūko Kinkyu Gattai!"

The rescue aider and police cruiser gets into their positions as the ladder truck follows as the ladder folds up and connects with the rescue aider and police cruiser

Takumi: "Linkup complete!" Takumi presses a button as the whole stands up and the aider and police cruiser lifts up creating the feet and legs and the ladder truck creating the body

Kazuma: "Ikuzo Shotaro."

Shotaro: "Hai!"

The armored truck and helicopter comes in folding up creating the arms and hands as they slot onto the ladder truck and the cab folds back revealing the head

Kyusaigers: "Kansei Kyusai-Oh!"

The monster grunts then shoots fireballs at Kyusai-Oh

Kyusai-Oh walks through the fireball then punches the monster then shoulder check the monster then the monster stumbles back from the shoulder block

Matoi comms in "Summon the Braver Sword."

Takumi: "Ryokai Braver Sword."

The Braver Sword appears in front of Kyusai-Oh then grips the handle then slashes the monster

The monster grunts as it stumbles back as smokes

Takumi: "Ignite."

The Braver Sword lights up

Kyusaigers: "Hai Victory Prominence!"

Kyusai Oh makes a circle with the Braver Sword then slashes monster

The monster falls back and explodes

Takumi: "Resukyu."

Others: "Kanryō!"

Takumi sits back in his seat "Wow, our first rescue."

(Matoi gives a thumbs up then scene changes to the Neofear Base)

Aya stomps her feet like a little kid "AAAWWWWWW I wanna those those Kyusaigers ruin our precious moment."

Ayaka: "Don't worry we got them next time."

Granox: "But next time is going to be different."

Aya: "Shut up horned face."

Granox: "Hey you take that back."

Aya groans

(The scene changes to the Tatsumi's residence near the base)

The five rescuers plops onto the chairs and sighs loudly

Matoi: "Great job all of you did great and son I see me in you."

Kyoko: "I can see that the way you fight and the way you can Takumi."

Takumi: "Thank you mother father."

Shotaro: "Uuuuuuu I'm so hot."

Reiko: "That's not only that's hot."

Shotaro: "Eh?"

Reiko points to the Kyu making some food for the team

Kazuma: "Great because I'm hungry."

Kyu: "Calm down it will be done in a second."

The other Kyusaigers sits at the table

Kyu puts a small bowl of rice in front of them then finishes cooking "I've made obento."

Shotaro: "Obento?"

Kazuma: "Remember back in school."

Shotaro: "Oh."

Others: "Itadakimasu." They say bring their palms together then digs into the bento boxes

Reiko: "Mmmmmm Oishii."

Shotaro: "Mmm this is very good."

Matoi and Kyoko smiles as the Kyusaigers eats

(The screen pauses as the words Rescue Complete appears on the right corner of the screen)

Announcer: "Jikai Kinkyu sentai Kyusaiger the Kyusaigers embark on a test to be a better team but will Neofear knock them down."

Takumi: "Minna Ikuzo."

Others: "Hai!"

The Kyusai-Oh slashes a monster

Announcer: "Rescue 2 Teamwork is Key."