An Endless Night Chapter 1 – Prologue

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"How long is your walk gonna be tonight sis?"

"hmmm, I don't know Alan….. I've got a lot on my mind; I just want to take a load off. I'll be home before you know it." A young modest looking woman replied, turning to face the gate while waving at her young brother.

"Be quick about it! I want you to help me with the familiar spell I learned today!" He shouted at her before rushing back in the front door.

"Yea yea you little brat." She muttered as she walked along her usual path through the woods to her own little oasis.

It was a small clearing with a little pond about a mile away from her home. A bench sat nestled underneath a blossoming wisteria tree. Lotus blossoms floating serenely on the pond. She walked to the edge of the water and looked down at the flowers. Her long black hair cascading around her while she stared at her reflection. Her eyes were a bright brown color with a hint of gold in the center.

She stood and made her way to the bench and sat glancing up at the wisteria blossoms above her. Without realizing it she dozed off while deep in her thoughts. She had only been asleep for an hour when a bright flash startled her. Confused she looked around until her eyes locked on a glimmer of light above the trees in the direction of her home. She stood quickly and rushed to the path. Running as fast as she could. She had just started to catch a glimpse of the house when a flash of searing heat rushed past her face and impacted a tree behind her. She flew forward landing in a heap on the ground, scrapes littered her face and hands. She pushed herself up onto her knees glancing above her at a creature straight out of a horror story. Its round body covered in cannons pointed directly at her. Suddenly a rush of wind behind her pushed her back onto her stomach as an explosion rocked above her.

"Stay Down!" a man's voice hollered at her.

Once again, another rush of wind flew above her as another round of explosions sounded. Finally, the night went quiet. Slowly inching her way into a sitting position, the young woman looked at the man behind her. He was a lean fellow with dark hair and a weird brace on his hand a noticeable grimace on his face as he glared at her.

"What was that thing?" she stuttered

The man walked past her and toward the house. That is when the young woman realized where she was and stood on shaky legs rushing toward the gate.

"Mom! Dad! Alan! Are you okay? Say something?" She yelled

She had just made it to the gate when another creature burst from a window on the second-floor firing inside the house. The house was immediately enveloped in flames as the young woman was thrown back a few feet. Her back skidding on the gravel walkway as the man appeared behind her again once again a rush of wind flew past her and she watched as the monster blew up.

She stared at the house in front of her as the second floor collapsed into the first floor. The young woman was frozen in terror as she watched her home slowly disappear. She then rushed for the house again.

"Alan!? Mom!? Dad!?" She shrieked in terror. She had once again gotten to the gate when the man from before grabbed her around the waist and dragged her away from the crumbling home.

"Stop! There's nothing left! They're gone!" he yelled at her as she thrashed in his arms. She sank down onto her knees staring in disbelief at her life burning away before her. The man stood behind her ready to grab her if she tried to run for the burning house again. They stayed there until dawn the man shifting his gaze to the rising sun while the girl sat staring at the smolder pile of remains that marked where her home used to stand.

"What's your name?" the man asked suddenly glancing down at the girl sitting crumpled at his feet.

She didn't react. "Look, I'm sorry about what happened but there was nothing you could have done." He said. The girl stared unresponsive ahead of her. The man scoffed glancing around the area, He began to walk away when he felt a tug on his pants. Startled he glanced down at the blank eyes of the young girl. She began to stand and open her mouth to ask him a question when the unthinkable happened. A level 2 akuma broke from the remains of the house cackling in the early morning lights.

"An exorcist! Well what are we gonna do about this?" It screeched. The man shifted to raising his arm to fire at the akuma when the sound of a cannon forced him to jump to the right. Rolling quickly onto his side he aimed for the akuma and fired. Standing suddenly, he immediately jolted to look at where he once stood.

"Shit!" He yelled as he rushed to the girl who stood frozen staring at him. A gaping hole in her chest spilling her life blood on the ground.

"Dammit!" He yelled. She began to fall forward when a flash of green soared past him and hit her chest. She fell onto her back as the man reached her. A voice from behind him had him turning in disbelief.

"Ah. An exorcist? What a pleasant surprise." A gentle looking old man with wire rimmed glasses stared at him. "You're Suman correct?" He asked

The younger man stared at him and could only stare at him. "I though so. I'm General Tiedoll."

"I... I know who you are sir. It's an honor to meet you." The man named Suman responded.

"I believe I have a new apprentice around here. Do I not?" Tiedoll asked as he looked at the prone form behind Suman.

Suman twirled around to look at the body of the young woman. "Damn! She was hit by an akuma bullet!" He dropped to his knees and pulled the girl up to inspect her body. Expecting her to be dead he was frozen in shock to find her sleeping in one piece.

"Wha…. That's not possible! I saw her chest. The akuma hit her! I swear!" Suman gaped

"hmm…I believe you boy. The innocence most likely spared her life. She is god's chosen warrior now." Tiedoll muttered.

"Now why don't you pick my new student and carry her to town for this old man." Tiedoll glances back at Suman with a small smile on his face as he turns to the path to town.

"ah…sure." Suman mutters as he bends to pick the girl up and follow Tiedoll to town.

Noticing the early risers in the town glancing at him carrying a young native in his arms. Suman picks up his pace and catches up with Tiedoll as he walks into a small clinic off the main street.

"Hello? Is anyone here? We have a young woman who needs some help." Tiedoll calls out

"Yes?" a middle-aged man asks as he walks out of a back store room

"Ah that's the young Middleton girl! Quickly bring her over here." The man rushes into a room to the right.

"What happened?" He quickly asks as he grabs his equipment from a cabinet.

"There was a fire, we were passing by when we noticed the blaze. She was the only one that we found alive." Tiedoll answered without hesitation.

Suman stared at him as the doctor check over the young woman.

"That's terrible! There was no sign of her brother or their parents?" The doctors gaze rose to Tiedoll in question.

"I'm afraid not." Tiedoll answered solemnly

"This poor girl." The doctor looks back down at the sleeping woman's face. "She is relatively uninjured; she has some scrapes and bruises but nothing life threatening." The doctor announces

"Her physical injuries may be minor, but she is going to have a long and hard road in front of her when she wakes up." The doctor continues as he walks to the door. "I need to notify the police about the blaze. I'll return shortly." He walks out and closes the door behind him.

"Sir? What do you plan to do with her?" Suman asks once the doctor closed the door

"hm, well I will explain everything first and then train her a little before sending her off to the order." Tiedoll answers as he sits and grabs his canvas to begin drawing.

"Now, knowing how busy the order is. I am sure you have another mission you should be getting to, don't you? Don't worry about the young woman I will look after her." Tiedoll smiles at Suman

"Ah, yes sir. Will you tell her I am sorry about her family?" Suman asks as he walks towards the door.

"of course. Now quickly be on your way. There are others out there that could use your help." Tiedoll answers while brushing his hand over the canvas.

Suman opens the door and glances at the unconscious woman on the bed. 'I guess I will probably see you at the order eventually' He thought. He turns back around and walks out the door without another word. Tiedoll watching his retreating form through a window.

Without realizing it Suman would never see the woman again.

A/N: Suman may seem alittle OOC in this chapter, but I like to think he thought of his own daughter when he saved our young female protagonist.