Chapter Two


At least forty thousand volts of electricity shot through each and every vein in her body. Of course, her outward appearance gave no indication that an electrical fire was happening beneath her skin, so she fixed her eyes on the woman now known as Maura Isles. Jane can barely remember sticking her hand out for a shake, which may have been the cause of this crazy reaction she was having.

Now that the security professional in Jane began to remember her place, she pulled herself together and exchanged pleasantries. It was hard to maintain eye contact with someone as beautiful as this woman in front of her, but she managed the best of her weakened ability.

Maura Isles with her warm golden hair and the most intriguing hazel color irises. She had a very calming presence about her and Jane couldn't fathom what the hell she saw in Joey.

"So, how did you two meet?"

"Oh, I am a Senior Criminologist at the BPD. We first met when he was a beat cop, and to be honest I did not care for his attitude at first but his persistence grew on me over time and he truly is charming when he wants to be."

Jane tried to keep the vomit in her throat from coming up. Luckily, the man in question had a hard time staying in the conversation as he kept looking over the tops of their heads in search of something.

"Hey Maura, I see a couple of the guys. Later Frog Face."

He squeezed his arm around Maura's waste in distasteful fashion and shuffled away shouting to a group of people in the back of the gymnasium leaving Jane and Maura by themselves.

"Who are 'the guys' he is referring to?" Her voice brought my attention back in her direction. She pronounced everything so clearly and so perfectly, and her voice felt like a soft hum against Jane's ears.

The burnette shook her head and acknowledged the question. "Oh, Rory Graham and company. Just some douchebags from the football team who believed at once they ran the school."

Maura seemed to really consider this as a ruckus of "bro talk" broke out from where Joey had just retreated to. "Interesting," she murmured.

"Is it?" Jane found herself asking.

"Well, I went to an all girls boarding school in France so this experience is all very fascinating and quite a bit to take in. I did not realize they made tissue paper in so many colors…"

The brunette threw her head back with laughter in response. Before she could manage any words, the criminologist continued speaking.

"So, what do you do, Jane Rizzoli?"

It was difficult to ignore the sensation of hearing this gorgeous woman say her full name. Standing upright and squaring her shoulders, she gave a smirk. "I am a Lieutenant at Cavanaugh Security, we are based…"

"In New York, yes! My family owns the Isles Foundation and have contracted your company on numerous occasions."

"Oh, wow, I would have never made that association," Jane crossed her arms and stood a little more comfortably.

"That must be why you seem so familiar."

"Pardon me?" Jane's eyebrow quirked nervously.

Maura licked her lips before giving her explanation. "You seem so familiar, something about you, I was so unsure, but now it makes sense."

Jane bit back a chuckle, she should just tell her, right? She let her argument roll around momentarily before clearing her throat. "I have actually never worked at one of those events…" she watched the shoulders of the woman across from her drop heavily. "But… Yesterday evening, you were at the Dirty Robber, right?"

"I was, yes." She let the memory wash over her. She placed an impossibly soft hand on Jane's folded arm. "You were seated at the bar a few stools away. That's it." It seemed as if the woman with the golden blonde hair shook an emotion off before changing the subject. "Were you and Joey friends in high school?"

She tried not to snort. "God no. He has tried to terrorize me my entire life. We have been in school together since we were five… He called me Frog Face and it stuck with me forever I guess."

"That is an unfortunate moniker, however, you do not have a 'frog face'." She used air quotes over the nickname. "In fact you have a beautifully symmetrical face and attractively high cheekbones that give you an exotic and Italian look."

Jane felt her entire body blush a deep shade of crimson. "Well I am Italian," she choked out.

"I rest my case," Maura seemed entirely pleased with herself, having not a clue that she had caused such a reaction in the burnette.

"How about you? Any awful nicknames?"

She bit her lips back hard as if a nerve had been struck. "Some of the girls at my school called me Maura-the-bore-a."

After a lull of silence they both broke out into laughter.

"I don't know how anyone could call you that," Jane continued to chuckle. "Nothing about you could ever have a chance of being boring."

Before they knew it, they had fallen into an easy conversation - discussing the blonde's history at the French boarding school and what she missed by not going to a public school. Jane carefully crafted a pros and cons list for each and the amount of laughter shared back and forth wound the clock away. Maura made a comment saying it had been almost an hour since she had seen her date.

Not seeing the Italian roll her eyes dramatically, Maura peered around the gym and caught sight of him. Joey came bounding back in their direction as soon as they made eye contact. It didn't take a bloodhound to sniff out the fresh whiskey on his breath as he walked right in between the two women.

"She ain't hittin' on you is she?"

The criminologist squinted her eyes, "No, we were having a very nice conversation, in fact."

"Okay, just making sure, 'cause she's sick like that, ya know."

Jane wasn't going to stand here and take this, she was too old for it all. "Maura Isles, it was a pleasure to meet you," she peeked around Joeys' form with a wave in the blonde's direction.

The look in her eyes gave an apology, along with something else Jane would surely think about the rest of the evening. One more nod to the captivating woman and she was pushing through the exit door.

Tangling her messy raven colored waves into a ponytail and tossing on some yoga pants and a heather grey cotton pullover, Jane hopped down the stairs and peeked out to the sun room to see her mother reading in the early morning light.

"Good morning, Ma."

"Oh morning Janie, I didn't think I would ever see you up this early!" Her mother whisper-shouted with her voice still waking from a night of sleep.

She laughed and agreed, "Well let's take advantage of that then, c'mon. Let's go grab some coffee and breakfast from someplace. We can walk!"

Her excitement only aided in the affirmative response her mother gave. Moments later they were in their walking shoes en route to Honeybee, a little cafe about a mile away.

Jane was surprised to find out that her mother didn't try to shower her with questions the entire way. It was only day three and had quite a bit of time left to unpack all of those emotional boxes. Angela chose to keep it a little more on the surface for the time being.

"Are you still seeing that Rachel girl?"

"God no!" Jane shoved her hands in her pockets as they crossed the street.

"What, why? She was really pretty in the pictures you sent to me…"

A grumble fell from Jane's lips. "She was attractive but I don't know Ma, it got a little too serious too quickly and I just wasn't ready for everything she was looking for. Plus… she was a little crazy."

She knew what response to anticipate from her mother. "You need to settle down, Jane."

"Well what about Tommy and Frankie? You picking on them too?"

Her mother laughed, "Tommy has dated every girl in a ten mile radius and Frankie is just plain old picky."

They both shared in an understanding laughter of how her brothers were. "Well, I do plan on settling down one day, Ma, just not now."

Long fingers wrapped around the door to the cafe and Jane pulled it open motioning for her mother to enter.

"It always smells so good in here," she mumbled behind herself to her daughter.

"My treat, Ma, anything you want."

"Well, in that case…" She chuckled and made her way to the counter.

They placed their orders and said they would be taking their seats in the back patio. It was seven thirty on a Sunday morning and both knew there would be hardly anyone back there while they enjoyed their meal together in peace. Being the middle of August, there was a perfect crisp in the air that accompanied a slow and building heat.

The two women take a seat under a red umbrella and relax into the wood chairs. Just as Jane leans back with a relaxed sigh, she takes note of the two other patrons also occupying the space this early morning. One is a middle aged man reading a paper with glasses on the bridge of his nose and cup of coffee to his mouth. The other is a woman who has a small stack of paperwork on the wooden table drinking a kettle of tea. Jane jerked forward in her chair and froze. Her mother questioned the abrupt action but the brunette was already out of her seat and making her way across the patio.

"Hello." She smiled at the woman with her belongings perfectly organized on the table.

"Jane? Hello! How are you?" Maura exclaimed in pleasant surprise.

"I'm great, just walked over here this morning with my mother to grab some breakfast and coffee…" She motioned to her mother who waved from her seat with a very questionable look on her face.

"Oh, how lovely." Maura gave a wave back.

"If you're not too busy, would you maybe want to join us?"

They both brought their attention back to the paperwork in front of them and the blonde nodded confidently. "Yes, just let me put this all away."

Jane retreated back to the table to make sure it was okay with her mom, which the more the merrier was Angela's motto.

"She's gorgeous Jane, where do you know her from?"

Quickly, the brunette cleared her throat and mumbled, "She was Joey Grant's date to the reunion last night and we talked for like an hour. Just a friend, Ma. She's super smart and really cool."

It would have been impossible to wipe the smirk away from her mother's face.

Before Jane could try to defend herself, Maura approached the table. "Hey Maura, this is my mother Angela. Angela, this is Maura Isles. She is a Senior Criminologist at the police department."

"Oh wow, so you do what they do in all those tv shows like NCIS and everything?"

Maura tilted her head back and forth, "I suppose that is a good way to put it."

Conversation had flowed easily between the women, almost as if they had been here in this moment before. Jane had made mention that Maura went to school in France and immediately her mother wanted a lesson in speaking French, which the well traveled blonde was quick to teach.

It was the worst thing to ever happen. Her accent was perfect and the way she spoke so fluently caused Jane to nearly capsize. It was so beautiful she is pretty sure she also caught her mother blushing. They spent another hour or so conversing and enjoying a light breakfast before Maura indicated she needed to be getting to the lab so she could submit some results and give herself a smooth transition into tomorrow.

Angela suggested she and Jane leave at the same time and excused herself to the restroom just as they made it back to the front of the restaurant. Jane said she was going to walk with Maura out front and her mother said she would be out shortly.

"That was a lot of fun, thank you for joining us, Maura."
"Well thank you for inviting me to join." Her smile toward the brunette was quick before it dropped. "I am glad I have the opportunity to apologize to you, I honestly didn't think I ever would have."

Jane tilted her head, curious. "Apologize for what?"
"For yesterday evening, with Joey. I have noticed on the few times we have gone out that he seems to have a more aggressive reaction when he drinks certain spirits, and well, he was out of line in my opinion and I wanted to express my condolences for his behavior."

A dismissing hand from Jane waved in the air. "Maura, you have nothing to apologize for…"

"Well, I had been enjoying my conversation with you and felt it was cut shorter than I would have wanted by my date's rude behavior. I feel responsible in extending my apology to you."

Jane's ears perked at this admission. "Though it is unnecessary, thank you." They smiled at each other and avoided one another's gazes. Seconds later, the elder Rizzoli stepped outside and told the younger women how much fun she had this morning.

"Even if I can't do it again because I am an old married woman, you two should come back here for another early morning breakfast. Janie you're in town the next couple of weeks… Plenty of time. You girls exchange numbers yet?"

She had no idea her mother could be such a good wingman. The two blushed and awkwardly gave each other their cell phone numbers.

"It was such a pleasure to meet you, Maura. We'll be seeing you soon, dear!"

And with that, Jane and her mother retreated home at a quicker pace they had when they first started. When they came up to their first traffic crossing, Angela looked to her daughter and nudged her shoulder with a grin.