A/N: This is part of my idea for a reboot.

"This is all your fault!"

Technically, the entire situation was BJ's fault. He was the one insistent on poking around in Lucia's spellbook. Lydia had suggested that they didn't do it on the basis of it was old and really fragile. (And probably had some Black Death lingering on it.) It had been hard enough to get her hands on it, she didn't need her "husband" to break it.

But he had messed around.

And now Lydia was crammed in Claire's bedroom with a few dozen clones of the blonde girl. Beetlejuice- probably to avoid Lydia's wrath- had gone to the Netherworld to try and figure out a cure. Lydia was stuck on this side helping the clones stay out of sight and try and figure out a cure in the spellbook.

"Look," she snapped, not bothering to look up. "I'm sorry that this happened, I really am. But blaming me isn't helping the situation."

She didn't notice that Original Claire, the spokeswoman for the clone, smirk. She exchanged glances with the clones, who gained the same smirk. She snapped her fingers. Lydia looked up in confusion.

"Get her."

Beetlejuice popped into the Living World tired.

He had exhausted every resource available to him- and a few that weren't- to try and figure out how to fix the blonde brat.

There weren't any.

At least to the spell that Lucia had written down. He hoped she hadn't created the spell. That would make this so much harder. And it would make Lydia angrier-

Loud giggling broke him out of his thoughts. He glanced down in confusion. The Claire clones were surrounding something. Lydia was nowhere to be found. "Hello?" It went dead silent. All the clones turned as one, revealing dark hair in the center. Bingo!

"Babes, the report-"

She turned.

And he was in the cell, staring at the young woman. She was pretty, dark hair curling around her shoulders and red lips pursued in a small frown as she considered him. Everything in him screamed that it was a bad idea, a Bad Idea to help her-

But he had his own reasons to kill them all.


He blinked, reality snapping back around him. The clones were gone. Claire was huddling behind Lydia, who stared at him with wide eyes.


Not Lucia.

Lucia was gone.