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Chapter 32 - Resurrection of the Sith

Darth Sidious, once Chancellor Palpatine, had found the tracker Anakin had placed on his ship.

The little ungrateful traitor.

What was more, Sidious had also learned to install spy cams in Dex's Diner at the start of the war, mainly to monitor Kenobi as well as what Anakin shared with his Jedi Master in a relaxed setting.

Those cams had availed him nothing, until now.

Darth Plagueis had always told him that the will of the Dark Side was dominant, the true desire of the Force at large.

These developments would indicate otherwise.

Memories of his old Master 'plagued' him as he searched through the Muun's old library in his old base.

Darth Sidious's choices were running dry and he would be damned before he let half-trained knock-off Jedi apprentice of Dooku who had slipped into the Dark take all the fruit that was the lineage of Bane.

And he would have his revenge against Kenobi and the Skywalkers.

Sidious had long planned to take Padme from Anakin, the final push, so to speak, but now…

The initial adjustments were not likely to be comfortable for him, but then Leia Skywalker, if he did this right, would still be very much alive.

Only, imprisoned, for the rest of eternity.

His personal prisoner who he would keep with him, always.

She wouldn't even know the shackles he would wrap around her soul, little changes seeping into her being through the Darkness she had accepted into herself.

His perfect little slave.

Anakin had betrayed him, so Sidious would enslave his daughter who had somehow survived drinking in the Dark at a nexus of the Force.

Sidious poured over the old data and physical books in Plagueis's hide away base.

Before he took the girl, however, he would have to kill Chancellor Vosa.

Which would be an easy step as well as practice.

Sidious sighed, looking down at his own hands.

When next he opened his eyes, it would no longer be his own.

Death of the Mother

Rex had drifted to sleep, a cut string floating in the space beyond the lights of stars.

Until the darkness solidified, and he was a weighted being, his feet finding purchase in the night, gravity holding him in place.

The Darkness had eyes, was Rex's first thought, before a woman, with long blonde hair stepped into the light.

For a moment, she looked like the new Chancellor, Chancellor Komari Vosa.

But then his eyes focused on her and he knew that whatever this thing was she wasn't human. Her eyes were a bright silver, her skin was the artificial white of his armour and her hair wasn't just blonde, it was spun gold.

How could such a bright thing come from the Dark?

"Who are you?" Rex asked.

The creature smiled at him with pointed teeth and answered in a musical voice, "I'm your mother."

"I'm a clone, you witch," Rex huffed, "I don't have a mother."

He wasn't quite sure why he was provoking her, but though he couldn't feel the Force like the Jedi in his life, that didn't mean he didn't recognize space magic when it flaunted itself in front of him.

She smiled at him condescendingly, or maybe warmly, but he didn't much appreciate anyone poking at his lineage, "I birthed the idea of you. I picked Jango Fett, I was the one who saw him for what he could be. I put the idea in that Sith's head. You are mine, Rex, you and your brothers are mine. Born from the Light that is me."

Rex levelled his blaster at her, "Jango's dead, would like to join him?"

He didn't know if he could kill something in a dream.

But it wasn't too much trouble for him to do a little experimentation.

"Rex, my son," she crooned, "Don't you want to be loved? Don't you want to be a family?"

"I have a family," he said, thinking of Anakin and Ahsoka, Cody and Fives, and all the people they loved, the families they were starting.

A flash image came to him of Cody holding Obi-Wan's newborn. Another image came to him of Cody holding his own babes.


Rex's first nephew and niece he would get the chance to meet.

He wasn't sure why those visions struck him so hard, or why they felt like fact to him.

But he knew it to be true. They were real, and he didn't need some crazy to be his mother because he had objections about the way he came into this galaxy.

It was his life now, no else's. Everything else that had come before them was immaterial to the lives they lived now.

"You would kill me if you could, why?" she asked, staring at the blaster not in fear but as if he had hurt her feelings.

Good, he thought.

This thing was trying to be his mommy but he could read her intent, the Darkness seething around her, a thousand times worse then what General Leia Organa had displayed on Mortis.

His blaster was steady as he said, "Because you're threatening everyone that I love, and that makes you just another enemy."

"I'm your mother," she said again, her tone petulant.

He would have rolled his eyes if he wasn't waiting for her slightest step forward, "What do you care? I don't know you, you don't me."

She smiled as the Darkness pressed around him, "Because I do know you, Rex, I am your mother, and I have cherished you and your brothers, always."

For a moment that thought took hold of him like an unexpected, yet welcomed, breeze on a scorching battlefield; his mother.

His mother.

But even the sweetest smelling breeze couldn't mask the smell of char and death.

He shook his head, "I don't care."

She frowned at him, as if she didn't understand why he wasn't worshipping the ground she walked on, "I made you."

"Thanks," he said drily, "Now, if you don't leave, I promise, I will shoot you."

She didn't appear to have lightsabre to stop him.

"You should, without me you wouldn't exist," she insisted, the Darkness writhing her and the glare of her brightness, from her overly perfect face growing near blinding like flying to close to a star.

Rex was not cowed by the light show, "And without you, the war all my brothers who died in wouldn't have suffered. Without you, we would never have been sold as slaves!"

"Slavery?" she asked, as if she didn't know, "No, my son, you were never a slave. You were a messenger of chaos. My message to the galaxy that you either love me or die before me."

Rex smiled, "You want a message? Then receive this-"

He pulled the trigger.

The Darkness receded, her Light dimmed, she put a hand to heart as she bled starlight.

She looked up at him, so entirely betrayed, "You shot me?"

Her words were innocent, shocked, as if she couldn't comprehend what had just happened.

Rex decided to help her out, and he shot another red bolt through her chest.

The Mother wept, "I loved you."

Rex was almost a hundred percent certain this was just a really weird dream, and he really didn't know who or what this thing was, however, as he did believe it was his dream, then this thing was in his head.

And he didn't want it there, or anywhere near him or his family.

So he shot the thing through the head, five other blaster shots of energy, that were not his, tore through her chest.

Her silver eyes bled to black, a void of all light and her last words moved him, just a bit, as she reached out to him with a pale, despite hand. A silent plea for help-

Then she shattered into stardust.

Leaving Rex alone in his own head.

A slow clap echoed into the heavy moment of silence.

Rex spun, blaster already shooting.

The sound of a lightsabre echoed into the dream and the red bolts were easily deflected by a crimson blade.

Chancellor Palpatine stepped into the light, his eyes yellow and red.

Darth Sidious was clocked in Darkness, his smile maniac.

A chill went down Rex's spine, he was alone in this unknown realm with no one at his side.

"Truly impressive, that mere blaster fire from a unit of clones could destroy such an elemental power. You should be proud of yourselves," his voice was sticky oil.

Rex had never dreamed of dying like this.

But in the space of time it took him to remember that he was actually dreaming, Cody, Wolfe, Dogma, Fives, and Appo appeared at his side, weapons pointed.

Appo asked in a bored tone, "Did you shoot the witch too, vode?"

"Focus," Cody instructed, as cool and level headed as ever.

Darth Sidious chuckled, "Easy, I am just as surprised as you to be in your dreams of all people. I'm not here for you."

Rex and his brothers went back to back as another lightsabre cut the night.

The second humming crimson blade was held by a much taller figure, a Muun, long-headed with long fingers, "Oh, and what did you come for, Apprentice?"

The Muun used the word Apprentice as a curse.

"Darth Plagueis the Wise," Darth Sidious in mock politeness, laughter in his twisted expression, "How is the afterlife treating you?"

"You will learn soon enough, traitor, as you are soon to join me. Or take my spot here, as I have every intention to return to the realm of the living."

Darth Sidious laughed at the Muun, "Have you had a bit too much to drink, Master?"

Darth Plagueis raised his hand out to the side as if holding a ball, "I have mastered death, and you ever remain the apprentice, held to your short sighted desires of the mundane, thinking you know the Force, as ignorant as any Jedi."

Darth Sidious hissed, "I killed you."

Darth Plagueis chuckled as silver dust that sparkled in the distant starlight gathered between his long fingers. "But you did not defeat me. Your deceit will never be forgotten, Sheev."

"I merely followed the Rule of Two," the ex-Chancellor drawled.

"The Rule of Two was designed to find a being equal within the Force in the pursuit of exponential power, we could have had everything, but your greed and human pettiness crippled you. But remember this, Apprentice, Bane is dead, I am not."

Sidious hissed at him as he walked around Rex and his brothers as if they weren't there, "Death in this plan is final."

Darth Plagueis finally looked at them, catching Cody's gaze.

Rex had not the slightest idea of what was going on.

Plagueis bowed to them, "My thanks, Descendants of Mandalore, I never imagined that my meeting with the Kaminoins would lead to this." He held out the ball of sparkles to them as if raising a glass in their honour.

And then Darth Plagueis drank the stars.

"No!" Darth Sidious cried out, lunging at the other Sith in a streak of crimson light.

But the dream broke. Rex, Dogma, Fives, and Appo rolled off their bunks, stunned and breathing hard at a nightmare that was fast becoming dim.

Wolffe and Cody barged into the room a minute or so later.

Wolffe all but cried, "Do you remember!?"

Cody was shaking his head, "The Sith… I remember their faces…"

"Darth Plagueis," Appo stated numbly, staring up at the ceiling.

Dogma swallowed loudly before saying, "Darth Sidious."

Fives laughed, curling on his side in a hysterical fit, "We killed our mom."

There was a beat of silence and Hawk asked, "What the Kriff?"

But soon the group of them that had lived, dreamed, were all laughing as well.

Anakin had killed the Father, Leia and Luke had killed the Sister and the Brother, and they, mere clones with absolutely no Force abilities whatsoever.

Had killed the Mother.

Rex did not understand all the ramifications of that, but keeping up with Space Wizard bullshit was not his speciality.

His speciality was in serving it. Just then, he was exuberant to be breathing in the mundane of their ship's barracks.

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