August 24th 1979

"You suck and you know it Nesbit!"

Coma shouted, standing with McReynolds, and Roper. Across the way Nesbit, Finnegan, and Dale shook their heads. They had set up horseshoe rings in front of the house, and were all currently enjoying a pretty good game just as dusk had settled. It had been a miserable hot day, but had just begun to cool down. The sky had taken off a hazy jet blue color, as the sun begun to set, looking blood red as it started to go down behind the houses. In the distance crickets chipped, and music blasted from inside where some of the other guys were drinking. It was a Friday night, and mostly everyone had moved into the two baseball houses before school started the following week. Most of the guys were down partying it up at the Fox, while the rest of the guys were planning on staying here for the night since Finnegan had scored a total of seven huge racks of beer after he won a pretty big card game from a senior the night before. Tonight the guys were celebrating, enjoying the chilled beers, and playing horseshoes with the two squares they had installed just last week when they all moved in. McReynolds was wearing his favorite black 88 crop top jersey and was standing back smirking holding his beer as Nesbit focused on their pole hammed into the wooden square surrounded by sand, and swung his arm. In typical fashion the guys all made noises to distract whoever was playing. Nesbit threw the heavy metal horseshoe as it flew into the air, before dinging the pole and bouncing off rolling into the grass. Instantly Nesbit made a face, before swearing and tossing off his baseball hat.


The men all broke out laughing before McReynolds happened to glance over towards the street.

Walking on the sidewalk were three girls. Instantly it was the blond one that grabbed his attention. She walked the closest towards the lawn, wearing short shorts, and a black halter top with huge gold hoop earrings. Her hair was tied up high, and even from this distance McReynolds saw she had a scatter of freckles across her cheeks. She happened to glance up towards him just as he was looking over. They locked eyes, and she smiled. It wasn't since grade school since McReynolds felt that strange nervous fluttering deep in his gut. Something he would never admit to anyone, but he had heard girls call it the "butterflies". He always thought it was bullshit, but this wasn't just feeling turned on, even though he had taken in her cute thin little body, and her long tanned legs, but something different. He suddenly felt extremely warm in the face as he smirked staring at her. She smiled, lighting up her all ready gorgeous face, before McReynolds began to stroll on over. Crossing the lawn, he raised his beer and the girls stopped, all smiling. The other girls were cute, but didn't even hold a candle to the blond. Reaching them, McReynolds noticed the girl was wearing black cowboy boots with a blueish green as the stitching which had stars on them. They looked worn and scuffed, nothing he usually saw most girls wearing.

"Evening ladies."

The girls all smiled, before the blond cocked her head to the side.

"Hot out huh?"

McReynolds smirked, raising an eyebrow seeing this little fox flirting. He stared at her, faintly smelling her perfume which was sweet, like peaches. Offering her his beer, he smiled.

"Cool ya down some?"

The girl smiled, and without even hesitating, took the bottle and brought it up to her full lips.


She took a pretty good swing, before handing it back to him. Glancing down at. her large swelled view of her breasts, he saw how perky and full they were. Meeting her eyes, he smiled seeing what a beautiful light shade of green they were.

"Glen McReynolds..."

He offered his free hand as the two other girls were now chatting with Gary from next door who was a senior. Enjoying he had her all to himself, he felt her tiny smooth hand slip into his and actually give a pretty firm handshake.

"Audrey Larsen. You're a baseball player right?"

McReynolds laughed.

"What gave it away?"

Audrey smiled before motioning behind him.

"Baseball houses. Jessie..."

She motioned again with her head to the girl with the straight hair standing beside her giggling at Gary before going on.

"Is a junior and told me all about the baseball houses. Plus I'm a big fan of the game and wanted to see these tightly Cherokees up close."

This surprised McReynolds instantly.

"Baseball fan huh?"

Audrey nodded.


"Favorite team?"

"Astros clearly."

"Of course. Favorite player?"

"Bob Waston, but I was super impressed with Jose Cruz last season."

McReynolds blinked, actualy completely stunned. Laughing, Audrey cocked her head staring at him, her long lashes blinking.


McReynolds blinked again before laughing.

"Just...impressed. I usually don't meet many girls that like baseball let alone know what the Hell they are talking about."

Audrey laughed.

"Yeah well, I'm more than just a pretty face."

McReynolds felt his cock start to feel the first few tingles of getting hard. He continued staring at her breasts, seeing the tiny freckles nearly everywhere. Smiling, he nodded.

"You sure are sweetheart..."

"Hitter huh?"

McReynolds laughed.

"That's right."

"Yeah you look it..."

She reached over and gave his bicep a gentle squeeze over his sleeve. He closely watched her, highly amused as her green eyes lifted and locked with his. Smiling she gently ran her tongue over her lips for just a mere fraction of a second, just enough for McReynolds to see, and start feeling a tightening against his inner thigh. Smiling, he stared down at her before she released his arm and stared up at her. He was a good foot taller than her, and stared down, loving how the setting sun was bouncing against her blond hair, making some parts appear to look like copper set on fire.

"Yeah, you feel like it too."

Laughing, McReynolds tilted his head, staring down at her before their eyes locked and a strange sort of unspoken energy floated between the two of them.

"Do you and your friends wanna hang out? We're playing horseshoes and are planning on drinking some beers here and party a little?"

Audrey rocked on her boots before stepping on her tip toes for a few seconds. McReynolds watched her with high amusement as she rocked back down flat on her feet before shrugging.

"Sure why not?"

McReynolds smiled before offering his arm.

"This way ma'am."

Giggling, Audrey slipped her arm into his, locking it as they began to walk towards the horseshoes. As they walked, Gary had her two friends on each of his arms, as Glen glanced over smirking. Bringing her over, McReynolds introduced her to all of the guys. Roper looked her up and down, eyes lingering on the swell of her breasts a little too long which made McReynolds shoot him a look that he caught and quickly knew this meant... Hands off.

McReynolds got Audrey a beer, and was impressed by the large gulps she took in front of him before asking how far ahead were they? Coma filled her in, before asking if she had ever played? Laughing, Audrey said plenty of times and took the heavy horseshoe ring before standing, ready to take aim. On the porch Gary was chatting it up with Audrey's two friends, while across from them, Finnegan watched, arms crossed smiling cheering her on with Nesbit calling Audrey "Cowgirl". Laughing, Audrey swung her arm, and threw it clear across. It then landed perfectly around the metal pole, causing all of the guys to go wild. Audrey laughed as Dale and Finnegan teased telling them that they would give them Nesbit free and clear for Audrey since she had one Hell of an arm. Laughing, McReynolds watched as Audrey took her beer back from Coma who was holding it, laughing with the guys, and looking absolutely perfect. After the game, which went on for another twenty or so minutes, their team won by triple, even after Nesbit tried making it interesting by betting money.

In the end, Nesbit was out ten bucks each, and they all went onto the front porch where some of the bug candles were lit to get away from the mosquitoes. They all hung around as Glen returned with Audrey's friends, and they all leaned against the railings and stood around talking and drinking. For the last half an hour Audrey had blown away Roper, Finnegan, and Dale as she was able to hold her own durning a discussion about everyone's favorite major league teams. Not only did Audrey know the players, she also had a pretty good memory over the World Series and points. McReynolds watched as the guys became more comfortable with her, all impressed over her knowledge of baseball, and her funny dry wit. In no time they were all joking around and talking. Suddenly Jessie, Audrey's friend had an idea for a game after a few of the guys from inside who were playing a card game strolled out holding a deck of cards. Jessie asked if she could use one? The guys seemed confused, but gave her one, where she explained the rules. It was called suck. The guys all joked about it, but Jessie portioned herself between the guys, spreading them out.

It went her, Finnegan, their other friend who's name was Marcy, McReynolds, then Audrey who would pass it back to Jessie. You had to suck on the card with your mouth and go into the person next to you before letting them suck the card, and pass it to the next person like they were kissing them. First person to drop it lost. They decided on taking turns with the teams since there were only three girls, and one too many guys who all joked, refusing to even risk passing the card to each other. Nesbit called the game stupid, but drank his beer with Dale watching, clearly interested. So it began, Jessie placed the card on her lips, sucking in to keep it pressed there, before tilting in towards Finnegan who took the card with ease. Coma laughed watching as Finnegan tilted his head towards Marcy, who sucked onto it and turned towards McReynolds who sucked it, feeling it press against his mustache, before turning and leaning down to press it against Audrey's mouth. He looked in her eye, before he knew all ready what was going to happen, just as he leaned down, ready to pass it, the card let go, falling between them as McReynolds firmly pressed his lips against hers. He felt his facial hair press against her soft skin, and instantly he tasted a sweet mixture of her fruity gum, and the beer she was drinking. Everyone went wild, laughing, cheering, and hooting.

McReynolds closed his eyes after he saw her smiling through the kiss, and instead pressed up against his lips, opening and closing them, her tongue flickering against his as the kiss continued. Everyone went


Joking around them, when finally the kiss broke, both staring at each other, their faces flushed.


McReynolds said, staring deeply down into her eyes. Smiling, running her tongue over her lips again, she shrugged.

"Happy little accident huh McReynolds?"

Laughing, he continued staring at her, somehow in the back of his mind knowing he was falling and falling fast for this pretty girl.


It was nearly two in the morning, and McReynolds had brought Audrey upstairs. So far all the two had done was make out, and do some serious heavy petting. Roper had taken Marcy downstairs, and Gary had the other friend Jessie in his room. Tonight had been fun. They had gone inside once the bugs got too bad, and had danced in the lwvingroom, as well as drinking beers. Audrey was able to hold her own, and at one point Finnegan offered them shots in the kitchen. Soon McReynolds found himself with his arms around Audrey's tiny little waist, pressing her cute firm little butt pressing against the crotch of his jeans as he sat on the counter while the shots were being poured. Next thing McReynolds knew, they had grabbed a few more beers and headed upstairs. Audrey allowed for him to reach up her halter top and cup her large plump breasts, besides that she simply shook her head when he went to pull down her shorts. Instead the two of them continued to make out hot and heavy on his bed. McReynolds curled up beside her, one of his large hands up underneath her shirt, cupping her breasts, kneading it, his thumb brushing over her hard nipples, his mouth devouring hers, moaning with her between kisses, his mustache tickling against her skin, his erection throbbing, his balls tightening and pulsing as they strained against his thigh, forming a huge bulge between his legs. He felt himself getting worked up, pressing her into the mattress and pillows.

At one point, her hand went down between his legs, cupping his bulge, making him moan out, unable to control himself. When he tried again to pull down her shorts, she pulled back, her blond hair a mess as she smiled staring up at him.


She shook her head. Breathless, McReynolds sighed. Usually when a girl was giving him blue balls like this he would simply give up, get annoyed with being led on, and tell whoever it was to get lost. Instead, he sat back, propped up on his elbow as he sighed staring down at her. Looking a little embarrassed, Audrey sighed, her cheeks flickering with color.

"Sorry, I'm not a tease. I swear."

McReynolds raised an eyebrow smirking, staring at her, his free hand slipping out from under her top, and lightly tickling against her arm.

"I's okay."

Audrey sighed staring up at the ceiling before shutting her eyes for a second. Finally she opened her eyes and stared at him.

"I shouldn't be wasting your time, you seem nice...but...I've never..."

McReynolds stared down, and suddenly it hit him. He understood, and secretly felt his heartbreak for her, knowing how embarrassing this must be for her. The last few hours had flown by, dancing, laughing, talking sports, playing horseshoes, and making out with her. She was cute, one Hell of a kisser, and out of the countless chicks he had kissed and felt up, she had the sweetest tasting lips, and softest breasts. Now he knew. Staring down, his eyes became serious.

"You're a virgin aren't you?"

Audrey tilted her head up sighing before turning slightly towards him. His fingers were mindlessly stroking the palm of her hand. She wiggles her fingers against his, before they became laced together. His thick much larger ones, and her slender smooth ones. He smiled faintly feeling this, yet never took his eyes off hers, Audrey nodded.

"Yeah. I know. Typical, freshmen virgin. You seem pretty awesome Glen, but I just met you. Sorry."

McReynolds' brow wrinkled, and suddenly his usual macho better than everyone attitude melted as he shook his head.

"Why are you apologizing?"

Audrey sighed dropping her eyes.

"For leading you on, coming upstairs..."

McReynolds then reached down, gently cupping the side of her face, turning her head towards him before he stared down at her and suddenly he smirked, causing her to crack a smile. Both softly laughed before McReynolds locked eyes with her again and shook his head.

"No, never. You're not like most girls're different...I like that."

"Sorry Glen, I just...I can't...not yet."

McReynolds smiled before he leaned down and softly kissed her lips, when he drew back his head he was still smiling.

"Wanna get some air?"


McReynolds and Audrey were both sitting on the roof which was directly outside of his bedroom window. Both were sipping beers, staring out into the darkness of the side yard, and neighborhood. It was still hot out, but at the moment there wasn't any bugs. For the last hour the two were laying back, McReynolds' arm around Audrey. The two were laying back, looking up at the stars, tipping back their drinks. For the last hour the two had just talked. Both had gotten to know each other as they talked about their families, childhood, high school college now, and sports. Audrey's parents had died when she was just four. Her mother had gotten cancer shortly after having her, and fought like Hell for the next few years, before finally passing away in the hospital. Her father, who was in the air force took it extremely hard, and was shot out less than eight months after her mother had passed away. During this time Audrey had been living with her Aunt Lucy, who she had called "Ma". She was the one who raised her, and officially adopted her after her father died. She told McReynolds she couldn't remember her mother at all, and vaguely her father. She had photos of them, but she was so young when they both died it was hard to remember her old house with them.

She grew up in Arizona with her aunt, and her uncle Todd. He owned a car garage, and coached little league, her aunt owned a small hair dressing business that she ran out of her basement and she spent most summers down there, watching her aunt cut hair, and leaning how to do it. She was a tomboy, grew up in a small town, had a blast in high school, and baseball was her favorite sport. She was planning on studying business, so after college she could take two years of beauty school, get a loan and open a beauty shop of her own maybe in Dallas where she hoped to live. McReynolds talked about growing up in Austin. His dad was actually a pro-ball player for the Blue Jays, and had only played two years before he suffered a heart attack during practice. His mother never remarried, but the life insurance paid big, and she worked part time as a nurse at the hospital from their town and helped women deliver babies. He had only been eight when his old man died, but his mom kept him playing sports all through school. He talked about the different teams he played on, and college ball, including his recent stats, and training. He didn't want to come across as sounding too full of himself or that he was bragging, so he mostly just talked sports with her. She was fascinated, but in an actual real way unlike all the girls he had gotten into bed why talking about how scouts were eager to draft him next year once he graduated. They talked the World Series, and in no time both had started kissing again. McReynolds was sucking on her neck, listening to her moan as her hands went through his thick hair. Slowly the sun had started to rise, casting light against them as they continued kissing on the roof. Finally as they pulled apart, breathless, and still wired despite being up all night, both stared at each other before McReynolds smiled staring at her.

"When can I see you again?"

Audrey smiled.


"Yeah, we got a party later on tomorrow...well, actually tonight. You wanna come?"



"Yeah, why not."

Smiling, McReynolds closely studied her face, before leaning in and continuing kissing her as the sun continued to rise just as the early morning birds had begun to chirp.


McReynolds walked with Audrey towards the direction of her dorm. The sun was now up, but it was still early enough that barley anyone was out. Sprinklers were going off on lawns, and it was still cool enough before the temperatures climbed. The power lines hummed, as both walked side by side, sipping on slushes McReynolds had bought for them at the mini-mart down the street. Glen had blueberry, Audrey had cherry. Both had been talking non-stop, laughing and carrying their drinks as the faint sound of their sneakers and boots hitting the payment where heard. Finally they reached her dorm. Stopping, she turned and smiled.

"Well this is me."

McReynolds carefully looked up and down at the dorms.

"Which one?"

"Two seventeen."

He nodded before Audrey smiled, tilting her head to the side, still holding her cup of slush.

"So I'll see you tonight?"

McReynolds smiled and nodded.

"Sounds great."

Both stared at each other for another second before McReynolds smiled and leaned down, tilting his own head before he gently kissed her lips. There was a faint sucking sound, as both smiled and lightly laughed through the kiss, their mouths continuing to open and close, both tasting like sugar from their drinks. Once the kiss broke, both stared at each other before Audrey smiled, winking before turning and hurrying up the steps towards the direction of her room. Standing back, he watched her, still holding his drink. She waved once more before going inside, before McReynolds found himself waving back with his free hand and smiling like a love struck stupid puppy. Once she was inside, Glen stood back before smiling. Turning, he began waking back. He knew the guys would be busting his balls, but if they got too annoying he was sure to tell them where to go and stick it. Alone with his thoughts as he walked back, he licked his lips still tasting Audrey. Usually he never had the patience for virgins. There was too much teaching involved, one too many blue balls, and plenty of unwanted frustration. Still, Audrey was different. She was beautiful, downright gorgeous. She loved baseball and actually knew her shit. She could drink, and was really funny. Nothing like these dumb bitches that were constantly hanging off him. He was never the type to just focus in one one girl, but she was certainly different. As he kept walking back, he smiled as he sipped his slush, all ready thinking on how he would impress her at the party, and wondering what she would be wearing. Chuckling to himself, he continued walking, all ready feeling that today was going to be hot and miserable.


Roper had driven Jake's car all the way to the baseball field and parked in the empty lot, allowing McReynolds to calm down. He had killed the engine, as McReynolds drank from the whiskey bottle Roper had grabbed before he put him into the car and dove away. Now a little less than an hour later, both sat in the front seat, the engine silent and cooling, the windows rolled down, and both sitting in the dark, looking out over the field that held so many great memories, Sighing, Roper turned towards McReynolds who silently stared ahead.

"You okay?"

McReynolds glared over at Roper.

"If that fuck ever so much as looks at me again I swear to fucking God I'll kill me. I mean it."

Roper sighed, knowing the scary thing was...Glen was telling the truth.

"I know. Listen, that guy is an asshole, not worth you getting in trouble, or arrested, or Hell even worse kicked off the team because of a little punk like Anderson. He just wanted to start shit..."

McReynolds made a face before tilting back the bottle of whiskey. He took three huge gulps, before sitting back against the seat. Roper had been McReynolds' best friend ever since they stared school almost four years ago. Roper thought of him as a brother, and was usually one of the few guys that could calm Glen down during one of his famous freak outs. He had known Audrey, and actually loved her like a little sister. He had been helping Glen plan the surprise of him proposing, and had been there that evening when Audrey died, watching her die in his arms, the side of her head crushed in. He knew as long as he would remember, that image of her bloodshot eyes blankly staring up at Glen as he held her, brain and blood oozing out of the side of her skull. It honestly turned his stomach. Since then McReynolds was waking a very tightrope since the accident. Now he had picked up the pieces, partying it up with girl after girl each night, almost playing the role of the popular jock. He had seen some of the really and freak outs, and had stuck by his friend trying his absolute hardest to be a good friend and prevent him for doing something stupid. He wondered if with a temper like Glen's if playing for a major league team was even possible? McReynolds sighed, taking another hard gulp from the bottle before handing it back to Roper, as he did so he locked eyes with him. Roper saw something different in Glen's eyes. They didn't just look sad, but he honestly looked defeated as well as downright exhausted.

"I miss her so Goddamn much..."

He said, barley above a whisper. Roper felt his own chest ache hearing this, knowing how hard it was for Glen to actually say this aloud. Feeling awkward and slightly out of place. Staring at him, he cleared his throat, not exactly sure what he should say next.

"Hey man..."

McReynolds sighed staring at him, suddenly his eyes stone set and serious.

"If this keeps happening, if I keep feeling like this...I swear to God I'm going to kill myself."

These words hung in the air as Roper blinked stunned.


McReynolds closed his eyes for a second, sitting back against the seat before he shook this head.

"Just take me back man, I wanna just go to sleep and forget about everything for a few hours, besides my head is killing me."

Roper wasn't sure if he should press the subject anymore. He knew what McReynolds said was serious, not just stupid expression that someone would say if they flunked a test, or lost game. No, the scary thing was...he knew there was some truth behind what Glen said. Still, he knew it might just be better to get him back home and let him sleep it off. It had been a good hour since they left, and he was certain Finnegan probably broke the party up, kicking everyone out as the guys took girls to their rooms to enjoy the rest of the evening. If he brought him back and the place was still jumping, he would simply keep an eye out as Glen went straight upstairs and to his room. He knew tonight had been bad, and if he ever saw that Anderson did again, he wanted to seriously kick his ass for being such an idiot. Nodding, Roper started up Jake's car, turning and backing out, riding together as the radio was flipped on to fill the silence.

As they drove, Roper kept nervously glancing over at Glen who sat back, eyes closed. Once they reached the house, he saw the party had been broken up and silent. Both parked and climbed out, McReynolds carrying the bottle of booze as they made it inside. A few of the guys were making out with their dates on the couches downstairs and didn't happen to even look up as they came inside. Roper was ready to say something when Glen simply hurried his way upstairs and out of sight. Watching him, Roper had been now bunking with Plummer ever since Willoughby had been busted. He didn't press the issue even though it had been a pain. He knew McReynolds needed the space. He figured tomorrow he might grab Finnegan and Dale and talk to them about what happened. He really didn't want to make a big deal about things, but this was the first time he truly seemed concerned for his friend. Sighing, he decided to grab a beer in the kitchen before turning in for the night. McReynolds meanwhile took a leak, before heading to his room. He kicked the door shut behind him, before he took another swing of the whiskey bottle and placed it on his desk. Looking around his bedroom, he glanced down at his waterbed smirking to himself over the three support beams they had installed shortly after class began underneath the floorboards to prevent the now filled waterbed from crashing through the kitchen ceiling. Stripping off his shirt, he tossed it to the floor, before laying down on the moving bed.

The waterbed had originally been Audrey's idea who had begged him to order one. They had been on backorder, and finally got delivered in late August right before class started. At first the sight of it depressed him. He had ordered it as a surprise for Audrey, thinking of all the crazy marathons of non-stop sex the two could have been having.. Instead, he played it off as another tool the ladies would love, when the weight of the water nearly made it crash through. Roper, himself, and Coma installed the beams, and by the following weekend it had been filled, and had seen it's share of plenty of ladies, Tonight as his body jiggled as the mattress beneath him moved, he felt depressed. The booze had started taking its hold, and he closed his eyes thinking back of Audrey, remembering when he ordered it he had laughed thinking that his plan was to propose on the 4th of July. He had everything planned, how after graduation he dreamed of being drafted and playing pro-ball for a big team. He saw himself signing contracts for nearly a cool million, convincing Audrey to take a break from school and following him. He would win the World Series, and buy her a mansion in Northern Texas. He could see it now, both drinking champagne, and on a massive waterbed much like this one. Here he would have impregnated her with twin boys who much like their old man would be killer ball players.

Instead, Glen found himself all alone. Fighting back tears as he laid on his waterbed alone, wishing more than ever that Audrey the love of his life was with him.