Chapter 1

Ned - 38
Katie - 34
Asher - 9
Willow - 3
Scott - 29
Mackenzie - 24
Freya - 15 months

Imagine Person A of your OTP waiting for Person B to get home, and decide to surprise them by getting into lingerie or maybe even stripping to nothing at all. They wait like that near the door for Person B to walk in, only to realize once they do that Person B's decided to bring friends for dinner. OT3 bonus: Future Person C is one of the friends.

Katie straightened where she was leaning over the kitchen table, finishing the last edits on some school papers. She was tired, suppressed a yawn as she stretched, seeing the setting sun outside the window of her and Ned's home.

She didn't expect him home until late, and hadn't even changed out of her school clothes yet. Asher had a play date that, at Jake's house, usually segued into a sleepover, and Willow was at Melinda and Jim's; Jim had a late night and Melinda had said something about not liking the empty house.

And Katie knew how much Melinda had clung to her memories of her time with her grandmother and wanted the same thing for her children.

And she knew that she, Katie, clung to the alone time she got with Melinda, her busy mother. There was always enough but it was always precious no matter what.

So she had gladly driven WIllow over to the Clancy house after school, knowing that her daughter would have an evening filled with baking cookies, having hot cocoa, reading some bedtime stories instead of watching TV, and getting cuddled to sleep.

Katie loved being a mother but she had a very eager feeling about being a grandmother too. What could she say? She was her mother's child, after all.

And to think of Ned as a a father in law first...well, Asher would probably marry before Willow did, and daughter in laws usually got on fine with their father in laws, so it wouldn't be the father in law/son in law combativeness as soon, but she could picture him getting on very sweetly with a daughter in law.

She'd be sweet, Katie mused. Asher went for the nicest girls, not in a bad or bland way. He just liked genuineness. Even as young as, thank god, he still was, she could tell he had a type. And it wasn't a bad type, she had to admit.

She slipped out of her shoes, yawning a little as she walked up the stairs, feeling tired. Her phone in the pocket of her pencil skirt buzzed and she took a look at it, her face breaking into a smile.

I can make it home for dinner after all.

It was from Ned.

She broke into a full on grin, typing quickly. Good! I can't wait.

I have a surprise, he texted back. Be ready.

Willow is having a night with Grandma at my parents' house because Dad has a late night, and Mom was lonely, Katie hinted, feeling her blood already rising.

Sounds good. Be ready at seven?

Oh god. She was so ready for this.

Yes, Katie texted back and raced up the stairs, already beginning to shimmy out of her pencil skirt, tugging it over her hips and throwing her sweater over her head.

She had just the thing, a gift from Hannah on one of her many travels. It was partly a joke, something purchased at, no doubt, a raunchy store filled with sex toys off of a highway on the way to somewhere more interesting.

It was a corset, red with black leather and boning, off the shoulder, with the tiniest pair of panties possible to match; said panties connected to garters and stockings.

Katie pulled the whole thing on, unable to help the admiring slap she gave to her own ass; she'd always had a nice ass, just like her mother, but those squats added to her morning gym routine most definitely helped.

She slipped a robe on, not needing prying eyes through the windows, and hurried back downstairs, knowing that they had some very nice precooked dinners in the refrigerator. There was some baked chicken she only had to heat up, and then there was time for mashed potatoes…

Would they even be hungry…

Well, they should eat anyway.

Ned smiled at Scott, seeing how Scott grinned back.

He was almost a different person since he and Mackenzie had made their relationship official. More talkative, readier with a smile. And it wasn't like the odd thing where being in a relationship made someone an entirely different person; he was still Scott, still an introvert.

But it was like being with Mackenzie made being happy more easy to show , not like he hadn't been happy before. He still wasn't placing all of his eggs in one basket…

But what a basket to put them in, if he were.

Mackenzie strolled into the police station, turning heads as she went. She wore a delicate white and blue sundress, with thick white straps and a ribbon at the waist. Her blonde hair was in a long, fat braid, and Ned could almost feel how Scott just stopped breathing, his hands on the keyboard in front of him stilling quite suddenly, his posture straightening as he just morphed into a more alert man, attention all on the woman in front of him.

"Hey," Mack greeted, giving Ned a light hug, before turning to Scott, obviously a bit unsure how to greet him. Ned was sure that it wouldn't be awkward if he wasn't there, but as it was, he was Scott's colleague, superior and friend; and he was Mack's brother in law.

There was bound to be a little awkwardness; not every couple had he and katie's propensity for PDA and announcing one's relationship to the world at large.

He finally cleared his throat. "I'll just go drop these off with LeTrai and then we can go," he said, and Mack and Scott both nodded; Ned peeked over his shoulder to see Scott taking her hand, pressing what Ned was sure was a hot kiss to Mack's hand.

Ned stifled a grin at how different it was from his and Katie's relationship, and how damn good it was to see the two of them together after watching the dance of them not allowing themselves to let on just how deep their feelings were for the other.

Damn. They''d known each other so long now.

He shook his head, knocking on LeTrai's door and entering the office.

LeTrai stood at the window on the phone, a smile playing at his lips, his posture the most relaxed Ned had seen in awhile.

Aha. He must be talking to Alice.

"Just a second," LeTrai said, and covered the mouthpiece. "What's up?"

"I just want to drop this off," Ned said. "Some forms, nothing sensitive."

"Just leave it there, thanks, Ned," LeTrai said, waving him out and Ned grinned.

"Don't stay too late, I bet she'd like to see you before midnight," Ned teased and LeTrai colored a little before he remembered who he was talking to, rolling his eyes and walking over to firmly shut and then lock the door behind Ned.

Ned whistled as he walked back into the desk area of the police station, seeing Mack now sitting on Scott's lap; if it were he and Katie, they would be making out right now, but Scott and Mack were ever conscious of the other officers and people still lingering around and, though they were talking in intense, low voices, their lips were most definitely not attached.


Ned could tell that Scott and Mackenzie had done it , to put a high school spin on the word, and that they had a healthy relationship but he could also tell that they were still holding back, that there were times it just didn't happen for one reason or the other.

And considering that for him and Katie sex only didn't happen if someone died, and sometimes when they did, if one was talking about acquaintances only met when already dead, Ned found that to be a pity. He didn't believe in restraint as long as one was responsible, and Mack and Scott were nothing but responsible.

Too responsible, Ned thought a little grimly, whacking a hand on his desk. "TIme to go, I told katie we'd be there at seven," he said, watching Mack jump off of Scott's lap; Ned wanted to examine the situation there but skirted his gaze away out of decency, letting the stiffness of Scott's movements tell him the story.

Oh god.

Scott needed some.

Ned knew that Mack wasn't holding back to punish Scott, but he knew that Mack was too hesitant about these things, shy about letting her truest feelings out.

And he also knew that it certainly seemed like every member of the Clancy family had a sexual appetite above others; some of them just didn't show it as much.

Did Mack want it too?

He played detective, seeing her eyes, the dilated pupils, and how she was biting her lip, reaching to tuck her hand very firmly into Scott's, bringing her narrow hips to brush against his.

Oh yeah, she did.

Ned wasn't usually the matchmaker; that title most definitely went to Katie,

But maybe he could cut the evening short to let Scott and Mack off early.

"Where's Freya tonight?" He asked casually. "At the Clancy household?"

"No," Mack replied, worrying her lip a little; he saw Scott squeeze her hand in reassurance. "I've been letting Lori and Alyssa babysit her more often, for longer periods each time. Only when Preston isn't there, of course."

"Alyssa kicked him out," Scott said. "She still won't ask for a divorce; very Evangelical, but she won't let him in the house anymore and she's looking at other options. She knows it isn't a healthy relationship anymore."

"Lori's really good with her," Mack said quietly. "Growing up she always wanted a sibling."

Ned felt a twist in his gut at the reminder, at how oddly Mack fit into the Jennings family, and he smiled a little, leading them outside.

Scott and Mack got into Scott's car and Ned got into his own, pulling out his phone. Be there in five, he texted Katie.

I'm ready and waiting, she texted back and Ned pulled out of the parking spot.

Katie would be so glad to see her sister, and especially glad to see her with Scott, Ned reflected. It was the perfect end to a busy week for them; a quiet evening with her sister and then some fun later in the evening after the food was gone and so was the family.

Willow was having a sleepover at Melinda's.

Ned groaned a little, knowing that Asher was at Jake's house and would probably sleep over; the boys pretty much called the other's' house home, sleeping over almost as frequently as they didn't.

Ned pulled into the driveway, regretting, just a little, the impromptu dinner invitation; he could have taken Katie right here and now, texted her to come out to the car...pulled her underneath him…made her come, three times.

He got out of the car, feeling a little dazed just at the thoughts.

Scott and Mack pulled up, getting out, heading up the walk.

Ned pulled ahead, and could hear the rush of footsteps; Katie was getting the door for them.

Did Mack know how very lovely she looked right now? Scott reflected as they left the station, words fading as he held open the passenger door so she could get into his truck.

She was so pretty, in a very traditional way, but not boring at all. Never boring. Her hair in a braid was his fucking kryptonite, and he wanted to take the fat tail into his hand, lift it up, press a hungry kiss to the neck that would then be revealed.


"Are you and Lori managing to talk when you drop off Freya?" Scott finally asked and Mack nodded.

"A bit, not as much as we used to," Mack said, her gaze shooting around the car. "But I'm just so happy to have my friend back."

"So am I," Scott said.

He could feel her gaze on him, intense and quiet. She asked something about cutting the night with Ned and Katie short, and he bit back a sigh.

As usual. She wanted to pick up Freya early, she was worried and didn't want to be out too long. His gaze shot briefly to the exposed knee and inch of thigh after her dress, before shooting back to the road.

He didn't only love Mack for her body.

Even if he pretty much worshipped that.

If she didn't want to have sex tonight, he wasn't going to be a jerk.

Mack could feel Scott's eyes on her on the way over; who was she kidding, she was staring right back. He had the faint shadow of five o'clock shadow and she just wanted to run her hands over it; hell, she wanted razor burn all over her lips and neck.

He looked so good in his uniform. He always did.

He drove with both hands on the steering wheel; ever a cop, ever conscientious. Which she found so attractive in a man, but there were times when she wished he was more like her father, more prone to let his hand wander up her thigh.

She reached over, placing a hand on his knee. "Maybe we could have an early night," she said, voice low.

Scott met her gaze in the mirror. "Okay," he agreed, and for some reason she thought she saw disappointment in his eyes. Which didn't make sense.

But they were already at Katie's house and Mack got out of the car, not waiting for Scott to get her door; it may have been the gentlemanly thing but honestly, she didn't have the thirty seconds to wait for him to come around, not when this meant meeting him halfway and slipping her hand into his again; Ned was in white shirt and slacks, tie loosened, but Scott was in his uniform, only sans gun belt.

She wanted to unbutton his blue shirt, see if he was wearing a white undershirt.

And she wanted to then subsequently remove his undershirt.

She could feel his arm flex near hers, as if in reaction to her racing thoughts, and she breathed in a little, inhaling his musky cologne.

This was going to be a long evening.

She could see activity behind the curtains and knew that Katie was getting the door; Ned was opening his mouth to say something and Scott was already starting to reply—they had just a little telepathy after working together for this long—and then the door opened and everyone's voice froze in their throat.

Because Katie was not dressed for conversation.