Melinda lay on the bed, fingering a device in her hands, wondering if she wanted to use it. Jim wouldn't be home til late, and damn it, sometimes she just needed a release. She hadn't had to use a vibrator in all of her years of marriage to Jim, but Katie had bought it for her recently, purely as a joke. "Not that you'll ever need this," Katie had scoffed. "But you know, I won it at a bachelorette party and I don't want it either."

Melinda had asked, at the time, why Katie had picked her mother to regift it upon, but she'd accepted it anyway, and now she suddenly had a use for it. She and Jim had played around with toys but she'd never climaxed with one. It had been a few days since they'd fooled around, and she missed her husband. She always missed him when it had been a few days too long.

And it had definitely been a bit too long at this point. He'd been on the weirdest shifts, out cold when she was home in the mornings, and then he'd be free in the afternoons when she couldn't leave the shop because Delia was showing houses.

She finally bit the bullet, and turned the vibrator on. Ooh. This was...this was nice...oh...fuck.

Her body jerked, and she found herself gasping, tuning into the vibrator. Dear god. This was amazing. Jim was always good to her, but this...this was like turning on an orgasm button. Fuck. She bit her lips, trying to keep quiet. The last thing she needed was to wake Willow, but holy fuck. She'd just climaxed three times in three minutes, and she turned off the device, panting.

She was already sweating, already short of breath. She'd never imagined climaxes like this, and she loved the way her husband made her feel, nothing could replace that...but holy shit.

This device was going to be a lot of fun.

Jim wanted to go home. He sat in a staff meeting, his mind nowhere near the hospital matters. He'd been on the night shift for over a week now, and he was done. He was the chief of staff, for god's sake. He shouldn't be working these shifts, but they were down doctors and he'd had to take one for the team.

Jones was finally back though, and Newsome was coming in at 1.

"Clancy, you can go home," Jackie told him, and he jerked back to the moment. Everyone laughed lightly, seeing how tired he was.

"I'm sorry," he apologized. "What were we saying?"

"You've been burning the oil at both ends, chief," Jackie said. "Go home to your wife. We'll be fine."

He knew she was right, and that he should listen to his second in command. "I'll just make final rounds," he said, and she nodded.

His rounds didn't take long, and soon he was in the locker room, changing into jeans and a sweatshirt. He allowed himself to be more casual when he was doing night shifts; during the day, you'd never catch him out of a dress shirt if he wasn't in his scrubs. But the rules were different at night, and James Clancy dressed accordingly. God.

Jackie was right to send him home, in more ways than one. He couldn't wait to see his wife.

They'd been on opposite ends of the universe lately, it seemed, because no matter how he tried, he'd been passing out cold when he got home. Age was taking its toll on him, because young Jim Clancy had always woken her up after a night shift to say hello, and a little bit more than hello sometimes.

He hadn't been able to stay awake long enough to kiss her; he'd just pulled her into his arms and fallen asleep.

By the time he woke up in the mornings, and he'd barely woken up before noon lately, she was long gone, working at the shop; and then on Sunday, he'd worked the day, not even having time for church, and he hated missing church. The story was the same, however, with Melinda asleep when he got home, and Jim too tired to wake her up.

It was just past 10 now. He was wide awake, climbing into his truck, turning on the headlights and twisting his key in the ignition. Melinda may be asleep, but he knew she'd welcome him waking her up.

She always did.

He started thinking about his wife as he drove, his mind not on the road at all. Her body, touching her, feeling her soft skin, licking her nipples, kissing those lips, seeing her smile, hearing her laugh. That smile she gave him only when he woke her in the middle of the night, that sleepy, gorgeous smile that said she was glad he was home, that he was with her again, and that they'd fall asleep together.

He couldn't wait to get home.

The drive home was about eight minutes at night, and Jim was pulling into the driveway soon, gently closing his door and slipping inside. He remembered something vague about Willow staying over, and kept quiet, not wanting to wake the child as he dropped his keys and wallet in the kitchen and checked on Luffy's food, making sure the cat had enough to get him through the night. Truth be told, Jim was a big reason as to why the cat had gained so much weight, since the two shared a lot of midnight snacks.

Luffy was purring at his legs, and Jim bent to pick him up, scratching behind his ears until the cat's purr was as loud as a lawn mower. Bringing that kitten home last year was one of the best decisions he'd made in his life.

He grabbed a banana, knowing he hadn't eaten in a few hours and needed to replenish somewhat, eating it quickly and taking his vitamins along with it, washing them down with water.

And now…

Upstairs his wife was waiting, fast asleep.

He crept up the stairs, peeking in on Willow and smiling to see that his grandchild was fast asleep. Good.

He closed the door softly behind him, and proceeded on to the bedroom, hearing an odd noise as he got closer. Maybe Melinda had turned the fan on, but no, he now heard the distinct sounds of her gasping.

He crept closer, standing just outside, staring through the partially opened door.

Melinda lay on the bed, nude, her body pulsing up and down, a vibrator between her legs. She was whimpering, and he knew her climax was coming. Dear god. His dick was suddenly rockhard, and he inhaled sharply, unable to process how sexy his wife was.

He just wanted to watch, but he knew he should let her know he was here, so he pushed the door open.

Melinda froze, jerking to sitting up. "Willow?" She asked, and then saw who it was standing there.

"Not Willow," he whispered, a smile curving his lips, and he didn't speak as he pulled his sweatshirt over his head.

Melinda slowly sat up, and he could see that she was still short of breath from her climax. She slowly pulled the coverlet over herself. "What the fuck are you doing home?"

"Why are you being shy?" He asked, walking towards her, and she moved off the bed to greet him. "Is that any way to greet me?"

"You snuck up on me," she protested, but when he kissed her, she had zero objections. He reached down to grab her ass, making her gasp, lifting her so that her legs had to wrap tightly around his waist.

"I think the better question is, what are you getting up to without me?" He murmured, kissing her neck, and falling onto the bed with her. She was pulling his t-shirt off, and he was shimmying out of his jeans, til he was just as naked as her.

"Sometimes these nights get a little long without you," she said. "I thought we said no more night shifts once you were chief."

"I wish," he murmured, carefully nudging her legs apart, keeping them separated with his big shoulders. He was perched in between her legs, and oh, what a view. He reached for the toy she'd been using, and he could see her following his movements.

"Jim," she whispered, and he turned it on, carefully using it to stimulate her. She moaned, her body jerking hard at its touch.

"What do you like better?" He asked. "The toy or me?"

"Both are good," she gasped.

"Don't get me wrong, I'm glad you have something to keep you company on late nights without me," he said, turning the toy off, and sliding a finger inside her. "Use it, and use it well. I just need to know that you aren't forgetting about me."

He pumped his hand in and out, hard, just like she liked it, feeling her wet heat around his fingers. She was already panting, halfway there, whimpering his name.

"Jim, that toy is good," she whispered, one hand coming to clutch at his hair as he continued to move his fingers in and out. "But it is nothing compared to how you make me feel."

"You better believe it," he said, moving quicker and faster until she was utterly incoherent, except for his name.

She shattered, calling his name, and Jim settled beside her, kissing her shoulder. "I missed you," he whispered, tracing his fingers over her chest, admiring her body. "I always do when it's been this long."

She turned towards him, her breath still coming in pants, and she just looked at him. He leaned in and kissed her, knowing that words were failing her right they usually did when he made her come like that. She moved away, kissing up to his ear.

"I want you inside me," she murmured, tugging at his lobe with her teeth. "I really need your dick inside me."

"I think we can make that happen," Jim whispered, moaning as her hands wrapped around his member. Sometimes, a long night was worth it...if he was spending it with her.

A/N: And so closes a very sexy adventure! Hope you all enjoyed :) ~Meowser