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Okay. So I meant to tell Rosie that I knew when we were in the car—really I did—but I was worried the car might crash. I meant to tell her again when we pulled into the driveway at her house, but she was talking about something that was probably important, so I didn't. Then, I was driving away, promising myself that I'd tell her tomorrow at school.

Needless to say that didn't happen.

I spent the next week convincing myself that I couldn't actually be sure that Rosie was the new superhero. I mean: sure, Rosie got bitten by that weird spider and the superhero had spider-like abilities; sure, they both had blonde hair; sure, Rosie swerved the car when I brought the superhero up. But that was hardly conclusive proof.

Let me guess: it sounds pretty weak to you. It sounded weak to me too. But I thought that if I just got a little more evidence, I would be brave enough to bring it up. I'm not sure I really believed that either.

About a week later, my chance to poke out more evidence finally came. We were sitting in my friend Dawn's basement getting ready to start binge watching High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. The tenth episode had just come out. (We did end up watching the whole thing, though that wasn't the plan. But, that's not the point.)

Rosie. Evidence. Right.

We were playing ping pong at the time. Keylin was coming late, so we were waiting to start the show until she got here. We're all tennis players—except Kay—so you might expect that we were also really good at ping pong.

Well, you would be really, really wrong. Okay, maybe not that wrong. Emma and Dawn were pretty good. And if Keylin and Elizabeth were here they're good too. And I guess Rosie is also good. Okay, so maybe it's just me who sucks at ping pong, but it's not my fault I try to put topspin on every ball I hit and they fly off the table. Not the point. Focus, Lanie.

Eventually, we landed on the topic of our new superhero.

"Yesterday's paper called him Spider-man," Dawn said.

Rosie was looking away, distracting herself by taking a drink of her coffee.

Here was my chance. "I think Spider-woman would be a better name."

Rosie covered her mouth to keep from spitting out the coffee she was now choking on.

"No way," Emma stage-whispered. "Our new superhero's a girl. Awesome!"

"I know right," I said. "It's amazing."

Emma served the ping-pong ball. "I can't wait to see her kick the Phantom's ass."

Everyone laughed at that, but I was staring at Rosie out of the corner of my eye. Her lips were moving—twitching—almost as though she wanted to say something but wasn't sure what. Right. Rosie rendered speechless. If that didn't prove that something was up, nothing would.

-Wraith :)