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My name is Liam Smith, I was born in Connecticut, Stamford with Chocolate brown hair and eyes like burnt wood. It was a nice little town, but I always had dreams of living in new york. Cause to be honest there isn't much to look at here. I've spent most of my life like any other kid growing up, like any other teen. Ok maybe not any other. I was pretty adept at anything academic. Calculus, CS, or World History, you name it I can most likely solve it. I decided I wanted to try architecture for my major because secretly in my free time what no one knew is that I love drawing and sketching designs for unique and beautiful skyscrapers. By the time I was a Junior in college, I was easily known by the campus as a genius with people asking if I could help them out with a problem they couldn't figure out.

I walked into my debate class and took my seat. I looked around lazily at my classmates at what they were doing. Bored. Nervous. Sleeping. I sighed and took out my drawing book and began to sketch without thinking much. By the time I was done someone was on my right examining my work. It felt as if it was my professor intrigued by whatever their student was doing but he hadn't arrived yet. I turned. My heart was caught by my throat.

A Woman. Straight butterscotch hair. Piercing steel eyes that could kill you in seconds. Features that screamed of royalty. It screamed of the unnatural, and I wanted to know more.

I looked back at my sketch. Heart beating I asked "what do you think?"

She kept looking at my sketch for a moment before gazing at me with an emotion untold. "I've seen better" She walked away taking her own seat. Just as the professor entered the room.

As class was finishing up our professor announced our final debate for the semester. "The topic will be on Whether the use of the Atomic bombs on the Japanese was justified or not. You will have three days to prepare. The left side of the room will represent if it was justified. The right will represent it wasn't. I will hand out the group sheets after you chose."

We all got up and moved. When everyone was in place, it was me and the Woman from before on the side that it was justified. And everyone else on the other.

"Well this is a problem. We can't have two against everyone else. Some of you on this side go-"

"Its okay professor we can handle an entire class." She spoke up interrupting him. She glanced at me "right?"

"Uhh, yeah… yeah I guess we can try to"

"Well ok but know that I won't be accepting any excuses if you flop during the debate. I'm expecting that confidence to hold up 3 days from now" he said we replied with a yes sir, while the blondie behind me muttered something under her breath. Class bell had rung and while I was packing up my books I saw her already walking out the door. I caught her at her locker putting some books away.

"Hello, my name is Liam. What's yours stormy" She looked at me incredulously, I grinned tapping just below my eyes referring to her eye color.

"Call me that again and I'll report you to the headmaster" She replied ice-cold with a piercing glare. I blinked my grin fading away 'ok so she's dealt with being hit on before.' I thought

"So then what should I call you? This is the first time I'm talking to you after all, plus I have to know my partner's name if we are having this uphill battle of a debate.". A second or two passed by as she thought it over.

"Athena" she replied with a tone I couldn't pick up.

I scrunch my eyebrows in concentration. "Isn't that the name of one of the twelve Olympians? Interesting name."

I thought I saw a ghost of a smile dancing on her lips, but as soon as I saw it her lips opened again. "Correct, what made you choose it was justified?"

"Well" I started "I recall reading about something that was called Operation Downfall In where the allies would've invaded the Japanese mainland. Casualties would number in the tens of millions on both sides with civilians being the ones dying the most. This would have been the plan if the atomic bombs weren't dropped but since they were and the Japanese surrendered afterward it was scrapped. The deaths from this Operation would've blown past the casualties from the bombs easily in the first month or so of conflict. So personally I feel it was the wiser of the two evils since it did stop death, potential racism, and the destruction of Japanese culture" I finished, Athena looked at me slightly surprised. Then a small smile graced her features. Maybe she liked my answer.

"I think I will enjoy your company," she said closing her locker, gesturing with her hand to follow her down the hall

"And why is that?" I asked

"I do not know yet. But I will let you know when I find out" She answered cryptically. I glanced at her again, her eyes forever startling. Her eyebrows furrowed in thought.

"Want to grab a cup of coffee?" I asked without thinking.

"What?" she asked snapping out of her thoughts.

"Coffee?" I asked again.

She narrowed her eyes for a moment. As if contemplating whether or not I'm worth the time but decided to take me up on her offer. I couldn't help but notice her beauty again. We walked out of the building and out onto the campus park on the way to the cafeteria. Guys jogging, chatting, or sitting would take notice of Athena. Then look at me before looking away thinking she was with me. Wait wait wait, why the hell am I thinking that she wants to even be with me?

"Whos this hot piece of ass?" a boastful voice rang through the calm sunny day. I turn around to see Johnson. Slick with sweat from practice, he is a Center on our college basketball team. A dangerous six-foot-four black-haired and light blue-eyed playboy. His good looks, and disarming personality had led many girls into heartbreak as he played with girls hearts on and off. Including my crush from the sophomore year we were good friends sharing everything with each other. He told her that I talked behind her back to another girl that I was "hooking up with". Obviously it was a lie but she believed him and never left me with a chance to explain after she told me to never text or talk to her again.

"My names Johnson, what's your's pretty thing," he said grinning like he won the lottery, as if we hadn't heard him seconds ago say Hot piece of ass. Her eyes looked like a violent storm that could destroy islands with ease. She opened her mouth to answer but I beat her to it.

"Athena is her name, need anything else?" I questioned.

"Did I ask you dip shit? No, I didn't in case if you're too stupid to think of the answer" he responded lazily looking at me with a threat. I internally scoffed. The nerve of this fucking asshole is insufferable I thought scathingly.

If people weren't looking when he first announced his presence in the park, they were now. The tension around me and him, it looked like a fight was about to break out

"Hey isn't that the guy who was slapped last year at lunch?" one said

"Yeah it is, rumor was that Mr. Playboy over there was the reason why" Another answered

Johnson overheard them and grinned, "ah you look familiar Craig was it? which girl of your dreams did I take huh? Sammy was it?" his eyes like poison. He knew he couldn't be touched because of how important he was to the team. With the coach in his back pocket he would get anyone in deeper trouble.

"My name is Liam, no surprise you couldn't remember since that brain of yours is filled with Balls. You must've mistaken my name for one of your friends from last night" I replied smoothly without a beat. He glared with a force that would leave most people scared. Most.

Back down his eyes said.

Make me mine replied.

Before anything else could've happened, Athena placed her cool hand on my arm. I glanced at her, with how she reacted when I called her stormy I would have expected her to react the same way instantly. Or say something at the very least. Her touch calmed me down surprisingly and I relaxed again.

"Jonhson you said your name was right" She finally spoke. My stomach dropped. There is no way she is actually considering being with this guy.

Johnson turned away from me looking at Athena. "That's right sweetheart, let's go talk somewhere else" He glanced at me "I'd prefer that the uh, Surrounding people near us don't listen in."

"Sure" she replied. My stomach dropped even lower than Hell. "How does the headmasters office sound for sexual harassment" My heart flew higher than the Heavens. Relief flooded through my body when she said that. After that she turned around and walked away in the direction of the administration building.

"Hey wait! I'm not done talking yet" Johnson shouted. He grabbed her arm with a tight clasp. Before anybody could think, say, do, or react Athena flipped Johnson over her shoulder and into the pavement. A resounding crack flooded the air as his arm broke when he landed badly.

"Add self-defense to that growing list," she said scathingly. In that moment alone, I considered Athena to be one of the greatest persons I've met.

"AAHHHHHHHHHHHH" Johnson screamed out. Holding his badly bent arm "MY ARM. MY FUCKING ARM IS BROKEN" he shouted the obvious. "IM GONNA KILL YOU, YOU FUCKING WHORE, YOU JUST RUINED MY CAREER. I WAS SLATED FOR THE NBA YOU BITCH" he shouted in hysteria. I would have been sympathetic, but for what he was known for he could rot like the love he through in the trash.

"Threating with murder now Johnny boy? I think you should go get that arm checked out. Not that it matters of course." I said mocking him, he glared at me and Athena.

"Watch your backs" he huffed trying to manage the pain "cause I'm gonna get you back. Just you wait fuckers." After that Johnson walked away to the infirmary. I looked to Athena. She looked at me.

"Still want to get that coffee?" she asked walking back to the cafeteria.

After getting our coffees and reporting what happened to the headmaster, Athena and I went off campus grounds throwing away our cups. We walked in a comfortable silence for a bit till she asked

"Why did you try to defend me? I can handle my own" she looked to me with that unreadable emotion again.

"I just did what I thought was right at the time, I don't know if you know but he's a playboy. I just didn't want the same to happen to you" I replied honestly. She hummed as if she accepted the answer and we fell back into silence.

After that day they met up all the time after class for those three days and slowly learned more about Athena. How her parents were government contractors and she lived alone. What she liked, what she didn't. I told her about my life, how at an early age my parents both died in a 4 car accident. I was in daycare at the time when the police entered the building asking for my name. The told me that my parents were in an accident and if I have any other family. I didn't. So I was put into an orphanage until I was finally adopted by a nice family of four.

It was the day of the debate and we had absolutely crushed it. With a majority of the other team bringing up points that were irrelevant or too weak to stand up to the information me and Athena-mostly Athena, that girl is a workhorse-had. We hadn't seen Johnson at all after his accident, supposedly he dropped out after learning he couldn't play anymore basketball due to his arm being broken at the elbow. And he said he'd get revenge I scoffed. After the debate Athena came up to me.

"I'm glad you memorized what I sent you. I like taking charge when the odds are against me," she said "the last three days were nice." she added shortly after. I couldn't agree more, its been a while since I've had a friend due to the bullying of not having parents in previous grades.

"Yeah it was...if you don't mind… I'd uh like to keep staying as friends with you?" when I said it as a question she looked to me with an eyebrow raised. "I-I mean you don't h-have to y'know? I-I'd get it if you want do spit paths and go on and do your own thing an-" My nervous rambling was cut off by a laugh that warmed me to my soul. I looked at Athena with wide eyes. Even her laugh is beautiful. She looked at me with a soft smile and that indescribable look again.

"Yes we can stay as friends. I said before didn't I, I enjoy your company. Liam." We did stay as friends, through senior year and graduating after when I worked for a company designing the new modern skyscrapers for the world. Athena and I met up almost daily talking about anything.

Soon however our relationship accelerated. I was in my new house, I finally moved out from my foster family thanking them for taking care of me. I heard a knock on my door. Knowing it could only be Athena I opened the door and sure enough, she was there with a smile.

"Hey come on in" She entered and I closed the door behind us. "There isn't much to look at just yet. But now that you're here we can get to unpacking these damn boxes." I had been too lazy after moving in and never unpacked just yet. Deciding that I would rather do it with Athena and not alone.

"It doesn't look like you have much to unpack," she said observing the various boxes in the living room.

"That's cause you haven't seen the big ones in the basement. But that can be dealt with another day" There was an ulterior motive I had today. After spending years with Athena my love for her slowly grew. I would finally confess the feelings I had for her today. I looked at her. She had changed her hairstyle from college but it didn't matter, anything she decided would make her look naturally beautiful. She turned to look at me. I quickly looked away ignoring the heat in my face. Your thirty years old damn it not some preteen boy with a crush I battered my brain. I shook my head and got to work on my plan. "Hey can you bring up that box to my room?" I say pointing to a small box while I picked up a box labeled Books.

"Sure" she replied. We walk upstairs into the spacious master bedroom only furnished with a queen-sized bed.

I turned this is it I thought "ok so put i-" I was cut off as I purposely tripped myself towards Athena dropping my box, She reacted by dropping her box and we tumbled to the ground. I slowly got up to realize I was straddling Athena. She looked up at me glaring, I was completely lost in her eyes again. Until she spoke.

"Mind getting off me already," she said unimpressed. Did she figure it out? Of course she did, she's smarter than me. Nothing to lose now anyway.

"I love you" I blurted out. Athena widened her eyes before closing them. Fuck fuck fuck did I say the wrong thing? Does she hate me now? Oh god. She opened her eyes again and they had softened. She raised a hand to my face and I shivered as she touch me. Good god above why does she have this effect on me. Then she said something I didn't believe at first.

"I do too. But we can't take it any farther than this," she said softly. What did she mean? We can't be together? I slowly got off her and sat down on the bed.

"I-I don't understand" I choked out "can we not be together?"

"We can idiot, but we can't have any intercourse" she said rolling her eyes. oh. My face felt hot.

"O-oh. o-ok. But why? Is there a reason?" her eyes grew a distant look. As if she had seen decades of suffering.

"I swore to keep my chastity to my Father, I can't nor will give it up, marriage is not an option either," she explained glancing at my expression as I took that in. So I can't have her for the rest of my life then I thought sadly.

"It's okay Liam," she said as if sensing my sudden sadness she sat next to me in silence.

"Yeah… yeah, then ill respect your decisions. Athena." I say with a heavy heart knowing one day she may leave me. We spent the next three years in love. It was a wonderful thing. Knowing that someone constantly has your back and you having theirs. When 1993 had rolled around Athena was acting differently. She seemed worried. Something tugging at her. We were in our favorite Cafe when she was acting the same way again. How long has this been going on for? Two- Three months? I'll ask her about it since it seems she can't shake whatever shes been feeling.

"What's wrong Athena? Something bothering you?"I asked, whatever it was we could handle it. Athena and I were in the hardest escape room in the world and we got out after 5 minutes of solving the riddles, locks, and puzzles I thought smugly when I saw the shocked look of the owner of the place.

She looked at me apprehensively, as if afraid to say the words on her mind. Before looking away and saying the words I dreaded since I started to date her "We can't be together anymore." she finally said. I looked at her. Waiting for her to look back to me. When she did I saw her eyes. Her grey eyes looking like a sky covered with clouds. Gentle, yet deep with emotion.

I set down my coffee cup "why?" I asked softly. I've already come to terms if me and Athena ever split. She must have her reasons I had thought way back when she first told me the only way how we could be together.

She took a deep breath and continued "I can't tell you Liam, but I can do something that will tell you." I looked at her in confusion.

"I don't understand but okay? Show me then." she grabbed my hand, nothing happened at first.

"This will be painful" she muttered. I was about to ask what do you mean till a searing pain emitted in my brain like a red hot nail was being pounded into my brain. I screamed out. But nobody in the Cafe reacted. They were dazed. Staring off into space. Athena had a look of concentration as she kept doing whatever she was doing. Eventually I blacked out and came to in my room. I was slick with sweat when I got up

"Athena?" I called out. Hoping for a response. I didn't receive one. I looked around my room. It looked much better than it was before with its plain vanilla walls. Now paintings from Athena and Sketches of approved building designs were on my walls. I looked to my nightstand and saw a golden letter. I picked it up, it felt heavy in my hands. As if it was made with actual solid gold. I looked it over, the back had designs that depicted different battles. Men in armor swinging swords. Stabbing with spears. Aiming with bows. It was beautiful and felt as if it could come to life. The front was plain with a red stamped A. Athena I thought depressed. She finally left. I opened the letter to see what her final words to me were.

Come outside

I blinked once. Twice. Thrice. Then I ran down my stairs, and out into the front porch of the cloudy spring day. "Athena!" I shouted fully expecting to see her. Instead I came face to face with the postman the screamed and jumped back before throwing me my mail shouting weirdo as he walked back to his truck. Embarrassed I waited till he left and looked around. Sure enough no Athena. Then a ray of sunlight began to break through the clouds. It struck me directly as I looked at the gap. Somethings...off I thought, why would she tell me to come outside if she isn't he- is that somebody flying!?. In that gap of clouds, I saw a growing black dot getting closer and closer until eventually, I recognized it as a golden cradle and...Athena.

She came down in front of me wearing a flowing white chiton and armor and handed me the cradle saying nothing. I looked inside tentatively, and saw a pink bundle and a tiny head with dirty blond hair. The baby was fast asleep blissfully unaware of her current handlers inner turmoil. What the fuck did I just witness? I looked back to Athena the question in my eyes clear What's going on?

"Remember in college when you said my name is like the Olympian Athena? I said you were correct, but I never said how correct. My name is Pallas Athena Goddess of wisdom, civilization, mathematics, strategy, defensive warfare. This is our child" What? Goddess? Pallas? CHILD?!.

"Athena we never had sex, how could this be our child if we never conceived one? And what do you mean Goddess? Aren't the Greek Gods a myth?" I rapid fired my questions. Who wouldn't when you're faced with the unbelievable and unknown.

"My children are born from my thoughts and aspects from their fathers. The Greek Pantheon is very much still an active part of the world. Moving with the western flame of civilization. I cannot stay long Liam. I'm sorry. Take care of her." With that, she disappeared as if she was never there in the first place like a hallucination. What the fuck? I asked again.

I looked back to the pink bundle. She had open her eyes. It was a beautiful combination of grey and black that resembled ash and burnt wood. She babbled happily and raised her arms. I put my pinky in her hand and she clamped down on it. Instantly I knew just how special this little girl was. The perfect name-dropped in my head.

"Katerina" Pure. The baby babbled happily as if happy with the choice. "Let's bring you Inside then yeah? Daddy has to figure out how he's gonna take care of you." I glanced one last time to where that ray of sunshine opened up. I don't know yet how to process this Athena, but I can tell you with certainty that I will take care of our daughter. Even if my life is at stake. With that I went back inside to study up on ancient Greek history and how to take care of a child.

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