This will be the penultimate chapter, hold on to your seats, we're almost there!

The Last Trial

We had a moment of silence for the ones who had fallen, all because of him...whatever happens, I will avenge them all.

Mikado: Welcome one and all to the grand finale of the killing field trip. Let me explain to you the rules of this class trial. If you are able to defeat me with your evidence and your so-called hope, then you win the game, Yuki will be set free and you will get to live your lives in the real world in peace. But if you fail to defeat me, then I win the game and Utsuro will be revived, and to proof that I'm not bluffing, you will all be executed!

Dylan: Well, I should've expected to find myself in this situation once again. This is just like how it was when I was taking on Monokuma.

Mikado: Oho! Does this bring back memories of your fallen friends?

Dylan: You make it sound like I was the only one survived. The ones who didn't survive, were because of Akane, she was at fault for those lives.

Kokoro: And we know that you are at fault for the deaths of those you had killed by Monocrow.

Mikado: Well, it isn't my problem, since you were the one who allowed me to take part in the research with you.

Kokoro: Yes, and now I regret that decision.

Hibiki: So what are we supposed to do?

Setsuka: Do we begin with talking about what we found?

Emma: We could've had an ideal starting point, if Monocrow wasn't killed.

Mikado: What's this? You're starting to miss the bird already? How hypocritical of you.

Yoruko: You're one to talk, asshole!

Owen: Why not start by going back to where it all began?

Dylan: You mean like recap the events that happened, since the day you 'met' in this virtual reality?

Owen: Yeah, because it might give us something to go on.

Mikado: Fufufu! Then let us begin the marathon showdown!

'This asshole...I'll make sure he doesn't win in the end, I have to stop him!'


Dylan: So who was the first one you 'met'?

Yuki: Me and Owen were the first two to meet on the first day.

Kokoro: I found and met Sora on the first day.

Hibiki: My twin sister was right next to me when I woke up.

Yoruko: I'm not sure who it was, but I think Syobai was the first one I saw.

Setsuka: Does this mean that when we arrived, we were all in pairs?



Owen: Wait a second, that didn't apply to everyone.

Setsuka: Really, but why?

Owen: I looked at the confidential files on Void when we were in Iroha's room, it showed clear instructions on what to do when arriving into the virtual world.

Hibiki: What did it say?

Owen: One of the instructions stated that upon logging into the virtual world, they were to wake up first before everyone else did and meet up with the leader which we know, is Mikado. They were then to be given one rule, to keep their identities as Void members to themselves whilst obeying any orders their leader gives them. Once they had their orders, they were then ordered to go back where they first woke up and wait for the rest of us to wake up.

Setsuka: So the Void members were already awake, before the rest of us?

Mikado: Oho! It was a risky tactic, I will admit. But it was still effective, thanks to the memory wipe!

Emma: But I'm afraid it's true, we were indeed ordered to meet up with him when we woke up first.

Kokoro: To think Mikado would use the memory wipe on everyone, except the Void members.

Mikado: Do I sense an emotion of unbridled rage? That's not like you, Ms. Mitsume.

Kokoro: ...

Owen: Once we all first met, some of us found it strange, whilst others were more interested in having a good time.

Yuki: But it was short lived, because then Monocrow turned up.

Yoruko: He announced that the killing field trip had begun.

Setsuka: And the only way to leave was to kill someone.

Mikado: And then someone tried to do just that without giving Monocrow a chance to explain the rules.

'Yeah, someone did try to do that, because it happened in front of of our eyes...'


Owen: Yeah, the one who tried to kill first was Syobai.

Kokoro: And he tried to kill Yuki, didn't he?

Yuki: Yeah, but then Sora got in the way and she was stabbed by him.

Setsuka: Looking back on it, I wonder why Ra-Ra did that, unless of course, something happened.

'It wasn't something, it was someone who took control of her avatar to save Yuki...I CAN PROVE IT WITH THIS!'

Owen: It was actually a case of someone who made her body leap into danger to save Yuki, and it was Akane who did that.

Mikado: Hm?

Owen: Sora herself looked surprised when it happened, that means Sora is the reincarnated A.I form of Akane.

Hibiki: is she an A.I?

Dylan: And more importantly, how did her A.I get inside the simulation system?

Setsuka: Maybe she was part of Kado's memories.

Mikado: Of course you would assume that. But remember, Akane died years ago, so how could she be inside the simulation without using what you all used?

Emma: Using what we all used? That's quite the choice of words.

'What we all used...he's talking about that, the thing he used to log into the virtual world and have himself killed.'


Owen: You mean the simulation pod, don't you?

Mikado: Indeed I am! But do you know why I did that? Why don't we see if you all can have a good guess, hm?

'He seems too he trying to put on an act, because he's terrified underneath?'


Mikado: So come on, why don't you all guess.

Hibiki: Why not tell us?

Mikado: I'm not going to tell you!

Kokoro: But there's no need to guess, we already know what you really are.

Mikado: Ms. Mitsume, your level of bluffing is as terrible as you.

Yoruko: Will you just leave her alone?!

Dylan: Using a simulation pod wouldn't matter, if you weren't actually alive...



Owen: I believe Dylan is right. If you're not human, using a simulation pod wouldn't be relevant.

Dylan: I assume you found something, then?

Owen: Yeah, in the corner of the room where we saw Syobai's pod coffin, there was a photo of a dead person and it looked a little like Mikado.

Emma: A dead person..does that mean Mikado was killed inside the virtual world?

Kokoro: That would be when he created an A.I of himself, becoming an alter ego of sorts.

Dylan: Just like Inventor Ego all those years back then...I'm starting to see a resemblance here.

Mikado: I believe the word you're looking for, is sentimental, Mr. Richardson, not resemblance.

Dylan: Don't act like you know everything about me.

Mikado: Oh but I do, how else would I have known you would be on to me.

Dylan: So you always knew you were being watched.

Mikado: Right you are. Now as for the photo, that indeed looks like me. But I always hated my hair colour, I figured that light blonde would suit me better. I also wanted to be a wizard when I was very young. But as a child, I would always have extraordinary imaginations. So using the simulation to become a real wizard was a real treat!

Yoruko: So you also used the simulation system like you were on a playground?

Owen: That's right, Mikado here is an alter ego version of the real Mikado who died in the virtual world.



Yuki: Wait a minute, Owen, you're not thinking straight.

Owen: Not thinking straight? But I'm not stressed out right now.

Yuki: I can tell this is getting too much for you. So let me ask you why that can't be right.


Yuki: This isn't the time to start going off-track!

I'm still in trouble you know?

Why talk about something that doesn't make sense?

Mikado's the ultimate wizard!

So he wouldn't know how create an A.I of himself!



Owen: Actually, Mikado was taught on how to create one by someone who researches stuff like that.

Yuki: He did? But then who?

Owen: It was actually Kokoro herself.

Yuki: What?!

Kokoro: He's right, perhaps I should've refused if I knew what he was gonna do.

Mikado: Hindsight is a wonderful thing, Ms. Mitsume. You'd do well to remember that for next time.

Hibiki: Not that there will be a next time for you.

Owen: Moving right along, we were mad at Syobai for trying to stab Yuki.

Setsuka: Speaking of Sy-Sy, was there a reason why he acted like a sour man?

'I know the answer to that...cause I saw the file behind Kanade's pod coffin.'


Hibiki: So why was he always such a bad person?

Yoruko: Maybe he was one of those students who got bullied every day.

Mikado: A bullied student can't have the potential to be a broker.

Kokoro: They also don't have the potential to become masterminds.

Setsuka: Do you know something about him, Emma?

Emma: Well if I did, I would've said. But I didn't find anything new about him.



Owen: Actually, I found a file on Syobai that mentions what he was tasked to do.

Emma: Oh, you did?

Owen: According to a single file paper I found, Syobai was in fact...a double agent.

Yoruko: A double agent?

Emma: So he was sent in, working for both sides?

Owen: No, it says that he never worked for Void. Instead, Future Foundation asked him privately to carry out a secret task whilst acting like any other student.

Dylan: And Future Foundation did that without me or Kiyoka knowing? What were they thinking?

Setsuka: What was his task?

Owen: To keep tabs on Mikado, because he somehow knew that there was something suspicious about him.

Dylan: So he was sent to watch over the mastermind? But why didn't he do anything?

Owen: Actually, he tried to fight against Mikado, but it didn't work out, he got hurt badly.

Mikado: So he was a double agent? Well, at least I was able to get rid of him before he could get too nosy into my business.

Kokoro: You're lying, Mikado. You knew he was a double agent, didn't you?

Mikado: And how do you know that, no one else here was able to observe my real counterpart in secret.

'Actually, someone did keep an eye on you, even when you weren't noticing...I CAN PROVE IT WITH THIS!'

Owen: Because there was a detective in disguise who kept tabs on you. Right, Setsuka?

Setsuka: I had a feeling you were gonna bring that in at some point. But yeah, I was working as an undercover detective for the Future Foundation.

Emma: That was after the memory wipe, correct?

Setsuka: Yeah, I was given a role of my choosing and that my right eye was damaged. So they would give me a new eye with a spy camera inside if I agreed to work with them, so we made the deal. That's also a secret of mine, folks. My right eye is a spy camera, it's why I have this blue hair covering it so I can keep it hidden.

Mikado: Most impressive! To have been able to keep that secret for so long is quite a feat, Ms. Chiebukuro.

Hibiki: And how did we end up in all of this?

Owen: Because of Syobai, he must've also been the one who kidnapped each of us and brought us together, except for Sora.

Mikado: Yes, he did that as well, thanks to a video message 'Mikado' made from within the simulation.

Yoruko: So Future Foundation asked Syobai to watch over us, but he also kidnapped us because of Mikado's A.I? What the freakin hell?!

Setsuka: Then along came the first victim and culprit...then one by one, we started losing the others, and now only a few of us remain.

Yuki: Hey, you make it sound like I'm already dead!

Mikado: Fufu, only your freedom of will, will be dying, but your time as Utsuro will get to live once more!

Dylan: So then, are we close to freeing Yuki?

Mikado: Not quite! You still haven't worked out if I really am Mikado's A.I?

Owen: Hold up, maybe we've been thinking this wrongly.

Kokoro: What do you mean?

Owen: We know that Mikado was taught on how to create an A.I and that when dived into it himself, he got himself killed. But I have a new theory.

Hibiki: A new theory?

Owen: What if Mikado was actually killed by his own A.I?

Mikado: Huh?

Owen: When he dived into the simulation system, he must've used his A.I as a trial run after logging in for the first time. But in doing so, he ended up leaving himself vulnerable to his A.I who must've gained a conscience and chose to betray his own creator, before taking over the simulation system afterwards.

Dylan: Wait, so we really are talking to an A.I of Mikado who turned against his creator? What next? A cybernetic assassin from the future?

Mikado: Oho! Another movie reference! How much of a walking cliche are you, Mr. Richardson? But indeed, I may be an A.I, but it felt so good to roam in this virtual reality free and with no restrictions. I had no need to obey my creator, so when I had the chance, I appeared in front of him where the slums were on the fifth island...and killed him. This also means that I turned against you as well!

Kokoro: I hate to admit that, but you are right. You betrayed both me and Mikado.

Setsuka: Wait, so Kado himself isn't the mastermind?

Owen: No, the mastermind is A.I Mikado who betrayed Kokoro and his creator by killing Mikado and then rewrote the entire simulation program.

Dylan: But if that is true, why didn't we find his body when we got to the simulation room?

Kokoro: The Future Foundation found his body in the admin simulation pod, a janitor came by one day and saw the pod open and reported Mikado on being dead. So his body was taken away in a bag by the staff who were on night watch and Future Foundation did everything they could to keep it under wraps.

Dylan: What the hell?! If I survive this, I'm gonna need to have a word with them.

Setsuka: Koko, if you found out about it, why didn't you delete the A.I?

Kokoro: Because I was curious, I was fascinated by the realization of an A.I turning against its original. I wanted to see what would happen if I logged into the simulation and see if an A.I can behave like a normal person. But...I swear I had no idea that it was going to wipe our memories and start the killing field trip.

Yoruko: Why Kokoro, you should've just deleted it!

Kokoro: I know...I really wish I had now, but I didn't...I'm really sorry everyone!

Hibiki: Kokoro...

Owen: I understand now. Kokoro, after everything that's been said so far, you should be lucky that I'm a patient man.

Kokoro: ...

Owen: The fact that you allowed A.I Mikado to roam freely and not delete it, you indirectly made yourself responsible for the killing game to happen. But even so, you said that you didn't know it was going to erase our memories. And after getting to know you for a long while now, I believe you.

Kokoro: Owen...

Dylan: Unfortunately, now that I'm aware of this, I will have to report you to Future Foundation...if we're able to escape with Yuki.

Mikado: Fufufufu! And so, the climax of the trial is not far off now.

Emma: Are you...still fighting?

Yuki: He has to be, because I'm still stuck in here.

Mikado: No matter what cards you hold, I still have the upper hand. I control this reality!

Owen: The only thing you can control is your insanity, because nothing else about you is sane.

Mikado: Calling an A.I that is nothing but insane? Then how about I turn you into an A.I and see how you like it?

Owen: No thanks, I like being a human.

Mikado: You can be quite irritating, you know?

Yuki: But we all know that you're irritating and a murderer too! What was Utsuro even like?!

Mikado: Master Utsuro was one of many leading figures from the remnants of despair. He approached those who lost thier way in life and guided them to eternal happiness. But because of his luck that is opposite of Mr. Maeda's, the ones he helped would either end up dead or survive and become members of Void. He is the exact embodiment of Junko Enoshima, the original queen of despair, who has been dead for fifteen years!

Emma: So it's just as I thought, you idolize Utsuro. Just like the remnants of despair who idolized Junko. A vicious cycle that has continued since then...

Mikado: And speaking of past people, there was one last component I needed to make all this possible.

Dylan: And what was that?

Mikado: Come on, Mr. Richardson, even you should know this!

Dylan: Well, I learnt that long ago, this simulation system was built to help cure the remnants of despair, but it needed the new world geofront program to...oh no!

Kokoro: Geo program?! Oh no, you didn't!

Mikado: And now that we have come this far, perhaps it is time to install the new feature.

Yoruko: What new feature?

Mikado: Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot that I had this all ready, the moment you chose to be foolish and return here.

Suddenly, a small screen showing two buttons appeared close to me.

Mikado: To determine the fate of the class trial, I have hacked your avatars to ensure that NO interference from outside can force you to safely log out. If you want to log out and live in peace, choose 'Graduate', but if you wish to remain here and with Yuki, then choose 'Remain' and you will spend the rest of your days here...forever!

Dylan: Graduate?! Seriously, you're trying to pull off what Junko Enoshima tried to do? You really think we're that stupid?

Mikado: SILENCE!

A bolt of lightening hit Dylan and he shook to the ground.

Owen: AH!

Kokoro: Dylan!

Emma: Wh-what did you just do to him?!

Mikado: Relax, humans, I merely paralyzed his conscience.

Hibiki: Paralyze? You just electrocuted him!

Mikado: So what will you do? Do you wish to graduate and live in peace? Or do you wish to remain here with Yuki?

Setsuka: There...there has to be a third option.

Mikado: There is no third option! Now which will you choose, save yourselves and let me revive Utsuro, or live here forever and be with Yuki?

Owen: I...refuse to vote!

Mikado: Fine then, I'll deal with you later, after I've heard everyone else's answers.

Kokoro: Don't listen to him, we can't choose graduate, this is part of A.I Mikado's trap!

Mikado: Ms. Mitsume, I really don't want to cast lightening on you. But you are tempting me right now...

Kokoro: If we choose graduate, he'll revive Utsuro and then use Yuki's body to create copies with the dead bodies that we saw in the pod coffins!

Setsuka: Wait...what?

Emma: Use the...dead create copies?

Mikado: One more word and I'll be forced to unleash true despair into your brains!

'He plans to use Utsuro and make clones of him by using the bodies of the others who've that what he's trying to say?'

Mikado: What's it gonna be? What's it gonna be?

Owen: Neither! Because no matter what you say, none of these girls will ever let you have your way!

The five girls nodded in agreement.

Mikado: FINE! Then your fates are sealed! Feel the power of the greatest depths of despair!

Suddenly, the whole trial went dark and then, the light of the room returned and something happened.

Owen: What...what just happened?

Mikado: Oh my, I guess it had no effect on you! Well, at least it worked on the others.

I looked at the five girls and the pupils in thier eyes were gone.

Owen: Huh?! Their's like they're...androids!

Mikado: Androids, you say? That is a good fit for them.


Mikado: Now then, Mr. Rogers...continue to defy me by refusing to choose, and I shall ensure these girls!

Owen: No...please, you wouldn't!

Mikado: I can, because I'm an A.I. No, I am a superior A.I, you could say that I'm the Ultimate A.I, fufufu!

'No...what the heck should I do? Dylan was taken out and now these girls have been rendered lifeless...'

Yuki: Wait, you still have me, don't you?

Mikado: Whoops, I almost forgot about you.

Yuki was then set to a similar state, leaving me all alone.

Mikado: This is your final chance, Mr. Rogers...make a choice or it's time to bid farewell to the girls who have fallen in love with you!

'So he's forcing me to choose to either graduate or can I choose?!'

Owen: Why...why are you forcing this onto me?

Mikado: Because I realize that you are the greatest threat to my plans. Even if reviving master Utsuro is my ultimate goal, perhaps I can drown you in despair too.

Owen: Despair...

Mikado: Oh my, I see that it's taken effect by now. Then give up...accept the despair and I'll let these girls go.

Owen: ...

Mikado: Despair, or death? Your choice!

'I...I can't...decide...should I...give up...fall into despair...despair...despair...'

Mikado: What's the matter, can't you find your hope?


Everytime I repeated the word in my head, my vision darkened deeper and deeper until I could see nothing total blackness.

'So this is what despair feels feels empty...but I...I from having to choose. Am from hope?'

Owen: Is it over? Am from hope?


Suddenly, an unfamiliar girl appeared in front of me, she had long light brown hair and she was dressed as a maid.

?: Owen, you can't let it end like this!

Owen: Who are you? Not that it matters!

?: No, I can't be too late! I am Akane Tiara...the Ultimate Maid and the mastermind of the previous killing game.

Owen: Akane Tiara? That sounds familiar...

Akane: I know this may be a shock to you, but I am the A.I who's been roaming around in the simulation system. A.I Mikado took over the system and reprogrammed the entire virtual reality, but it was never able to get rid of me. I exist because of Mikado's conscience remembering me before he was killed.

Owen: Oh, I see...

Akane: Listen to me, Owen. I know that what I did was horrifying and that I ended up killing a lot of the students from Dylan's group. But even I have to agree that this has gone too far, A.I Mikado has taken this killing game much too far. I had Utsuro killed, because I was worried that Dylan was going to find out about me being the mastermind. So I scarified Utsuro, I did it for my own selfishness, and I knew that Mikado would never forgive me for what I did.

Owen: ...

Akane: Please, you cannot give up! I'll prove it to you!


Who Am I?

Owen = Remnant Of Despair

Akane = Symbol Of Hope

Owen: How do you know my name? We've never met before!

Akane: No, we have met before, don't you recognize me?

Owen: I can't do the things that A.I Mikado can, I'm just a human!

Akane: Just because you're a human, doesn't mean you can't overcome this.

Owen: I'm nothing but a shadow, what can I really do?

Akane: A lot more than you believe, I know that you're better than a shadow.

Owen: In the end, I failed to keep the promise I made!

Akane: You can still keep the promise you made, if you let me help you.

Owen: It's all over, my life is worthless, I don't deserve to live!

Akane: Stop it! You have a reason to live and you need to move forward with it!



Akane: Owen, don't you recognize me now?

Owen: Sora? Is that really you, Sora?

A flash of brightness passed and there she was, but with her long hair down.

Sora: Yes, both me and Akane are one and the same.

Owen: Huh...hic...

Sora: It's been a long time, Owen. I guess I should explain how I'm able to talk to you like this.

Owen: Sora...

Sora: After I was 'executed', I thought that it was the end for me. But then Akane showed up and explained everything to me, about who I was and what I was. At first, I found it all a shock, but once I calmed down and accepted it, we ended up becoming one.

A flash of brightness passed again, I suppose this is how they switch.

Akane: So we can switch at anytime...just like this.

Sora: I can see that you're in a dark place now. But that's where you can rely on those who believe in you. I may be 'dead', but I'll always believe in you.

Akane: In other words, she wants to help you, bring you out of despair and re-find the hope that you lost.

Sora: So please, let me help you Owen, let's have the class trial we've always wanted...together!

My eyes filled up and I held my hands out, I felt Sora's hands touch mine and we held them close.

Owen: Sora...what was I thinking?! Letting myself fall into despair just like that! I won't lose my way again!

I could see the darkness fading away and the light coming back...and a very familiar voice that wouldn't stop talking.

Mikado: ...and so in the end, I reign supreme! Now, Master Utsuro, your time has come!

Owen/Sora: NO, THAT'S WRONG!

Mikado: What?! Mr. Rogers? You came back? Wait...AHHHHHH!

Sora: Long time, no see, Mikado! Do you recognize me?

Mikado: Impossible! You should be dead!

Sora: Which one? Me...

Akane: ...or is it me you're talking about?

Mikado: Ms. Tiara?! So, you were still alive after all?

Akane: Yes, I'm alive for the same reasons that you have.

Owen: Your games have gone on for too long, Mikado!

Akane: And we'll start by doing this!

A huge light covered the room and then, I saw everyone's eyes back to normal.

Yoruko: Huh? What just happened?

Yuki: What's going on here?!

Hibiki: Wait? Who's that girl?!

Kokoro: Ah! can't be!

Setsuka: Can someone explain, I'm so confused right now.

Emma: Akane?! How can you be alive?

Akane: I know you all have a lot of questions, but right now, I need you all to help Owen. He was very close to falling into despair, so we must help him, help him regain the hope so he can defeat A.I Mikado!

Mikado: So that's how far you've fallen since you 'died' conniving bitch!


Mikado: How did you survive falling into despair?

Mikado: You need to accept the despair from within you.

Mikado: Despair is the only way you get to live.

Mikado: Hope cannot live if there is no despair to counter it.

Mikado: And as long as despair exists...

Mikado: will never be able to conquer the darkness of true despair!



Owen: Stop acting like a child! You saying despair over and over will not change anything. I'm fighting against despair, because I want to move forward!

Mikado: Move forward? Such inferior nonsense! What are you now, a symbol of hope?!

Kokoro: Symbol of hope?

Emma: Owen as the symbol of hope? You know, I quite like the sound of that.

Yoruko: Yeah, it does have a good ring to it.

Yuki: How about...the Ultimate Hope?

Hibiki: Yeah, that sounds amazing!

Setsuka: Only Ro-Ro could pull off such a title.

Owen: You girls...and you, Yuki...thank you.

Akane: Well said, everyone, now let's keep the pressure on him!

Mikado: Why? Why can I not break you?!

Owen: Because I'm not giving up. If my future is at stake, then I'm gonna fight for it!

Mikado: ARGH! Then I shall come at you with all my might!

Owen: Bring it on, I won't lose to you!


Stop fighting against despair!

You future will never be filled with hope!

What a weak human mind!

Your light will never shine!

The darkness is your true home!

Give yourself up!

Hope can never be the way forward!

As long as I exist, this despair will never die!




Owen: Your way of despair will never win, because you are so wrong.

Mikado: GRRRRR!

Akane: What a twist of fate, to see the leader of Void on the brink of collapse!

Mikado: No...I will never...submit!

Owen: Then why don't we prove that? Let's put an end to this trial!



Let us go back to when things happened before it all began. Kokoro and Mikado were working together one night and the idea to put a selection of students through a refresh course was put in place. She taught Mikado how to create an A.I with thier own profile and that was how the A.I version of Mikado came to existence. However, when Mikado dived into the simulation and created the virtual reality with a resort island setting, the A.I grew a conscience and turned on its creator, killing him in the process. After that, the A.I began hacking the entire simulation system and used the files to turn the refresher course into a killing game for the sake of one revive Utsuro.

Once the plan was in effect, Kokoro and the other thirteen of us were brought in, because we were all part of the remnants of despair long ago, and among them was Syobai who was ordered to capture us due to his role a as a double agent. Why the Future Foundation thought that would work, we may never know. Once we were logged into the virtual world with the simulation pods, the A.I hacked the system and as a result, we lost all of our memories of meeting each other and what we looked like before. We all then met each other as if we were meeting for the first time. Then after we grouped together, Monocrow arrived and then Mikado revealed himself as the mastermind.

After those two announcements, the killing field trip had begun, and the only way to end it was by killing someone and surviving the class trial. That was when I came up with the idea that if the mastermind was killed, the killing game would end immediately. But that failed because Mikado sent Syobai a message to meet him at the bell tower which was what resulted in Syobai getting killed by Sora, who we now know, was the reincarnated A.I form of Akane Tiara, the mastermind of the previous game. Ever since then, we lost several other students as victims and culprits alike until now, only seven of us remain.

But there's no need to go over who did it, because we know who it is...the one person...or should I say, the one A.I who not only had Monocrow blown up, but tried to make me fall into despair and threatened to kill the girls, so that he could have Yuki all to himself and turn him into Utsuro... can only be you, the A.I form of Mikado Sannoji, The Ultimate Wizard!


Owen: This is it for you, A.I Mikado, there's nowhere left for you to escape!

Mikado: Fufufufufufu...very win.

Owen: So, at the very end, even an A.I knows when it's best to call it quits before they disgrace themselves further.

Mikado: That may be true...perhaps we are not so different to humans after all.

Owen: Maybe...but for now, there's no need to vote. Because right's over!


WHEW! Now that was a class trial, possibly the most interesting one I've done!

Next time! The final chapter arrives as the story reaches its conclusion...