Set at the midsummers celebrations, but Sarah and Kiara have already made up and the boys just don't know about it yet. The scene after the celebrations is replaced with an afterparty thrown by the pogues. TW mention and action of rape, sexual scenes and adult language

PSA: I don't own the characters I'm just bored in quarantine

JJxKiara little bit of John B and Sarah

"Kiara can you quit complaining and hurry up we're going to be late" a voice bellowed from the bottom of the stairwell. Kiara born a kook raised a pogue, she tries to have the best of both worlds, but they clash more often than not. She couldn't believe she had to wear this ridiculous get up, and prance around with these socialites who honestly couldn't care less about her being there or not. She stood standing in front of her full-length mirror. Kiara never really saw herself as someone who dressed to the standards of the kooks. She wore shorts and basic t-shirts, with bracelets decorating her arms, most of them gifted to her by her three favourite boys. However, what she saw wore currently was completely different, she could hardly even recognise herself. She wore a full length, purple silk dress, which hugged her in all the right places. Some heels that were classy enough for her mom to let her wear them but were simple enough to enable she could still be in her comfort zone. She decorated her look with her staple layered silver necklace, some silver dangling earrings and the staple piece of the 'midsummers celebration' a purple flower crown sitting on her head around a messy hairdo that her mom actually hadn't seen yet. Unlike her new best-friend who is actually her ex best-friend, these events aren't her thing. If she had it her way she would be sitting around a bonfire with a beer in her hand, a pair of vans, shorts and a jumper. "Kiara hurry the hell up". With a final sigh Kiara grabbed the flask out of her top bedside table and hid it in her purse, knowing that if the spirit cabinet is secured, they will have something to get through the night.

Kiara walked into the party, following her parents as she dragged her feet knowing that the only thing getting her through this night was that the other pogues weren't going to be there to make fun of her. "Kiara", a girl squealed with excitement. Kiara glanced up as a petite blonde was heading her way. Of course, Sarah was dressed in the most elegant white dress with a simple flower crown. Sarah always looked like she had just walked out of a Vogue magazine shoot. Sarah embraced Kiara in a long hug, when the two separated a quiet chuckle could be heard from Kiara's father. "It's good to see you two are getting along". "Whatever dad were gonna go find some people whose age doesn't start with 4". Kiara said with a laugh, making Sarah breakout in an outburst of laughter too. The two ran off to behind the building still chuckling.

"Did you bring it?" "Sarah do you really think we should start smoking this early. Like your dad is fucking scary." Kiara said as she fiddled with her purse. Before Sarah could reply a large build created a shadow over the two girls hiding behind the building. "What are you doing here pogue?" The voice that spoke sent shivers down Kiara's spine and brought her back to that fateful evening.

It was the last day of last summer, and as island tradition no matter where you're from, everyone heads to the banks (on the rich side of town of course) to watch a film on a big screen with a projector. It's one of the only times when everyone somewhat gets along. Kiara, John B, JJ and Pope were altogether obviously watching the movie. Kiara dragged them along as she does every year. They had drinks and weed to last the movie, then as tradition they would all head back to John Bs to chat and crash. This night was no different, they were all together enjoying each other's company. Kiara resting against JJs shoulder and Pope and John B playing Uno. The sun finally rested, and darkness fell over the banks, the only light being brought was by the few lanterns set up and the projector on the screen, it was the last time Kiara felt true happiness and comfort. "Hey guys I'm just gonna go to the bathroom." Kiara said as she stood up and dusted her backside off, so it was free of any dirt or grass. John B gave her a silent nod and she head to the toilets. After Kiara had finished and left, she exited the toilet block and was stopped by a strong body that was much larger than her own. Kiara being a few drinks in, thought that she was just imagining this and proceeded to try and continue walking. That was when two arms gipped onto her shoulders lifting her off the ground with ease. "Do you really enjoy slumming it with those pogues? Why don't you come and get some kook" the voice that spoke was one that she absolutely despised, that of Sarah Cameron's older brother. "Put me down Rafe." Kiara said as she tried to squirm out of his grip. "Oh, sweetheart you aren't going anywhere." Rafe said with a smug look on his face. In that moment Kiara knew exactly what was happening, almost like she became completely sober and completely terrified. "HELP" Kiara screamed as loud as she could before Rafe covered her mouth with his hand, which was full of callouses. The rest of what happened is inevitable and not something Kiara really enjoys going into detail about. After what had happened Kiara managed to get out of the room Rafe had forced her into while he slept. When she left, so had everyone else, the movie must have finished two hours ago and no one was left to be seen. Kiara had never felt so alone, as she walked home with tears rolling down her cheeks. The only time Kiara had felt more alone was when she tried to tell Sarah what her brother had done, and Sarah had thought she was lying. The way Sarah reacted and accused her of lying and just doing this because Sarah's family had more money than Kiara's destroyed the girl and she never spoke out about it again. After several months of hate, Kiara needed a girl best friend back and decided to apologise to Sarah even though Kiara was never in the wrong. That was a month ago, and up until today Kiara had managed to avoid that creep until now.

"Rafe she has just as much right to be here as you do". Sarah said, Kiara had a weird look on her face as she was confused as to why Sarah would stand up for her. "She has no rights here. At least you dressed well enough for me too look at so thanks kie." Her nickname coming from his mouth almost made her vomit in her own. Rafe strutted away with his head held high knowing that he had gotten under her skin once again.

Later on, in the evening the sun had set over the water and the drinks had been flowing nicely. The music was pumping, and the noise was vibrant. Kiara and Sarah were dancing on the dance floor, feeling the music and in that moment, Kiara finally felt free. She could forget about Rafe and forget about Sarah not being her friend. "I'm just going to go get some more drinks" Kiara said as she tried to catch her breath. "Get me a vodka" Sarah yelled out as Kiara walked off the dance floor and into the building. Sarah was on the dance floor, still dancing while Kiara retreated when a strong body bumped into her back. Before she could speak the words "Put your right hand behind you" were spoken by a blonde gentlemen Sarah knew by the name of JJ. Sarah reciprocated his words as she was handed a piece of paper. Before JJ walked away from the girl standing there. Sarah let out a chuckle when she saw JJ walking into the building dressed in the same attire as the waiters that were working the event. Of course, pogues weren't allowed at the event, but the mischievous blonde managed to sneak in unnoticed in order to give his best friends girl a note. Even though JJ thought that writing a handwritten note was a little bit whipped for him, he just enjoyed seeing his best friend happy.

As JJ walked into the building he glanced over and saw a literal goddess. She was dressed in a silky purple dress, had a messy up do, light makeup because she didn't really need it and some comfortable shoes. Just from the back of the girl JJ knew who it was. It was the girl that JJ had been crushing on since he could remember. To be fair all the boys had had a crush Kiara at some point in their time. Pope's phase was in grade 9 when they both took an excursion to a marine conservation to help with getting the sea turtles from their nest to the ocean safely. The love the two shared for saving the marine life is unmatched. That crush only lasted a few months as Kiara found herself flirting with a boy that goes by the name of David Ross. A kook of course. Once she started seeing David, she began to grow distance from the pogues. About a year later when David cheated on her. She realised that the pogues were more her family and was welcomed back with open arms. When she came back, she seemed different. Like she had something to prove, and god it was hot to the boys. That was when John B realised, he liked her. Kiara however did not reciprocate those feelings so when John B kissed her, and she pulled away it made for an awkward few weeks. JJ however had never fallen out of love with her. She was the beautiful rich girl who would rather slum it with them than live the life of luxury. She had an amazing body, a driven personality unlike any other, a smile that was infectious and the girl could bait her own line. JJ never acted on his feelings however, as after the whole Pope incident, Kiara made a rule that there is no pogue on pogue macking. Abiding by the rule however didn't mean he couldn't look. And he could look for days. Before Kiara could turn around and catch a glimpse of JJ he was taken in by a strong hand over his mouth and was dragged into a room. When he turned around, he was greeted by the likes of Rafe, Topper, Kelce and a bunch of other rich assholes who live off of there daddy's money. "Nice lip". Rafe said, arms crossed as he tried his best to intimidate the blond who was clearly outnumbered. "Oh, you like the colour, it's actually the same colour your sister has" JJ said knowing that this would get a bite out of him. At the comment Kelce and Topper had a hold of him within seconds, the two dragged him into the next connecting room while he shook and fidgeted trying to get the grip on him released. When Rafe came around the corner, he was holding a metal crowbar, at this moment JJ knew he was in some shit. "Did your dad stop drinking long enough to give you that?" gesturing the crowbar at JJ's split lip, which of course was given to him by his father after he took the full for Pope and ended up at the station. "Nah your sisters a biter" JJ came back with, knowing that if he was about to be beaten by these kooks, he was going to go out by hitting some nerves. At JJ's comment, Rafe raised the crowbar bracing for the impact. Before the crowbar can make contact the doors fly open and a gentlemen worker walks in. "Do we have a problem here boys?" the gentlemen spoke. Rafe spun around startled at the entrance of someone else. "No nothing going on we were just asking for more oysters." JJ had managed to shake out of the grip of the two boys and began to walk towards the strange gentlemen who might have just saved his life. "Yeah was that natural oysters" JJ said, trying to catch his breath. The two began to leave, JJ thanking his lucky stars under his breath that this stranger walked in. "Oh and tell Kiara that a pogues never looked so hot." JJ stopped in his tracks at this comment made by Rafe. "I can't wait to see that purple dress on the floor." With that comment JJ raced towards Rafe laying a punch directly to his nose. The stranger that had saved him before, now had him in a firm grip and was dragging him out of the party. "You're fired tough guy." That comment made JJ laugh hysterically. What an idiot this guy was. As JJ was dragged out the party, he knew he had to go out in style. The stranger dragged him past a bar where he knocked over a plate of oysters which had been freshly plated up for service. As JJ was dragged outside everyone began to observe what was happening. Kiara was standing with her parents when she heard a ruckus and began to observe what was happening. "Don't mind if I do" JJ said as he stole two glasses of whiskey off a tray and threw them back, launching the glass over his head, closely followed by a breaking sound. Kiara looked shocked. One of his friends, the crazy blond was being forced out of the building with blood coming down his face. "Stop it. You can't do that to him. Let him go" Kiara yelled, the strain on her voice easily heard. "Kiara just let it go", her mother said as she placed her hand on Kiara's shoulder. "He's my guest. I'm a member here you can't treat a guest like that" Kiara yelled out again, shrugging off her mothers touch. JJ glanced up to see Kiara looking on in distraught, he gave her a look to ensure that he was okay, but she wasn't buying it. Kiara took her shoes off and placed them in her hands. "Don't you even think about it Kiara. You are going to embarrass us" her father said. At this comment she turned around with tears running down her face. "No dad, you've done all the embarrassing possible" Kiara said as she looked at her father in disgust. "This place is a fucking joke." Kiara said as she proceeded to run after JJ. "Get those pogues out of here, they're bringing down the wealth" a voice rang out through the party, which had now stopped entirely so they could view the drama that was occurring. JJ was on the outskirts of the party and was shoved one last time by the stranger before stumbling over. The music had restarted, and the party went back to like nothing had happened. JJ struggled to get back to his feet, after being beaten by his father, and almost being beaten by Rafe it had taken a toll on him. "Good way to treat a kid sir" Kiara said to the stranger who had just shoved the blond over as she walked past him to help her friend. "Here," Kiara said as she reached out her hand, to assist him in rising to his feet. JJ took the gesture and stood to his feet. With her free hand she brushed away his hair from his face and then his lip to see the damage on his face. "Holy shit JJ, who the fuck did this to you?" Kiara said, as she fought back another wave of tears coming on. Kiara wasn't one to show her feelings, especially around the boys. "Pogue princess are those tears I see?" JJ said with a smug look on his face. Kiara blushed as she sniffed back her tears. JJ released her hand and wiped away the tears that began to fall. Kiara shook him off and looked away, embarrassed at the fact that she had just cried in front of the boys, and not just any of the boys, but in front of JJ. JJ had been through hell and back, his dad is a raging alcoholic and we all know he beats him regularly and have tried many times to get him out of that house. It felt wrong that she was crying, and he had the split lip. JJ's two hands grabbed Kiara's face and straightened it back, so it was facing his. "Don't be shy Kie. Tears or not you are still the baddest bitch I have ever met. You didn't have to run out of the party like that you know. You should have sta-." before JJ could finish his ranting, Kiara lent into him and kissed him. JJ was caught by surprise and released her face, stepping back. Kiara looked shocked when he stepped away from her, a red flush came across her face. "JJ I'm so sorry I mis read that whole thing." "You kissed me Kie." Kiara stood there scratching her arms, as her usual bracelets that she played with when she was anxious were not in place. "I am so sorry, I just I." Kiara stuttered. JJ stepped forward, closing the gap between the two. "You have no idea how long I have waited for this Kie." JJ said, as he grabbed hips pulling her in close and reconnecting their lips. This kiss wasn't like the first, it was passionate and had meaning behind it. Kiara ran her hands throw his messy blond hair, as JJ's hands danced around Kiara's back and hips. The two moved in sync with each other, like he was the yin to her yang. "JJ where the hell are you" a voice rang out over the dunes. Kiara was startled by the voice knowing who it belonged to. At the voice, Kiara accidently bit down on JJ's lip hard. "Jesus." JJ said as the two broke away for the first time in a while, both out of breath. "JJ I am so sorry. Oh my god you're bleeding again" Kiara said, annoyed that she had to stop and upset that she had injured the only guy she would ever let touch her, especially after all the Rafe stuff. JJ stepped towards Kiara again and smiled. "If we're going to be doing that, you can do as much biting as you like." Trust JJ to make a dirty comment out of a romantic moment. Kiara rolled her eyes and lifted her hand, to wipe away the blood on his lip. JJ smiled; he then saw a figure approaching them. "JJ, dude Sarah left the party ages ago where have you been? Oh, shit Kiara hey." The familiar voice was from John B. "Dude what the hell happened to you?" John B said as walked closer to the two, who had now put distance between themselves, embarrassed at what they had just been doing. "Kiara you're coming too right?" Kiara lifted and eyebrow and crossed her arms over her chest. "To the beach bonfire? Its alight and we're just waiting for the party animal and the supervisor" glancing at the two when he spoke their respective titles. Kiara just rolled her eyes as John B headed for his van, where Sarah and Pope were both waiting for the two. Kiara and JJ started walking to the van. "Hey, did I tell you that you look incredibly hot tonight?" JJ said, quiet enough so John B couldn't hear as he was a few feet in front of the two. "And you looked viewable for a bust boy." Kiara rebutted with. As they kept walking, JJ gently grasp Kiara's backside and then releasing it before Kiara could even realise what had happened. JJ left off in a skip towards his best friend and draped his arm over his friend as Kiara was left to walk alone with a goofy smile plastered across her face.