Set at the midsummers celebrations, but Sarah and Kiara have already made up and the boys just don't know about it yet. The scene after the celebrations is replaced with an afterparty thrown by the pogues. TW mention and action of rape, sexual scenes and adult language

PSA: I don't own the characters I'm just bored in quarantine

JJxKiara little bit of John B and Sarah

'Now this is a party I can get behind' Kiara thought to herself. The group had been down on the beach for a few hours now. The music was blasting, more than enough drinks were flowing. Kiara was sitting next to the fire, with a beer in hand telling a bunch of pogues about all the little ways they can help to increase the amount of sea turtles that actually make it to the ocean. Kiara stood up, feeling that she had, had one to many beers and began to feel anxious. She glanced around and could see Pope trying his luck with some tourists, he was normally pretty good at bagging them but never really followed through. He was a bit of an old soul and never wanted just a fling. He was much more an all-in kind of guy. As Kiara walked away from the burning flame, and the main source of light she ran into John B who was rubbing a comforting hand over Sarah's back, while the other hand holding her hair back. "Glass before grass" Kiara said with a smile. "She's still learning" John B managed to say through his chuckles. Kiara continued walking to where the water was kept, knowing she needed to keep herself in check and not completely out of it. When Kiara walked to the side of the toilet where the water fountain was located, she was relieved. Kiara took a few sips from the fountain, finally feeling like herself. She wiped her mouth, removing any excess water lingering. Before she could fully comprehend what was happening two hands pushed against her right side forcing her to stumble over, hitting her shoulder on the fountain on the way down. Kiara placed her hands behind her, perching herself up, and there stood her worst nightmare. "Miss me poguey?" Rafe said with the smuggest voice she has ever heard. "Fuck off Rafe, you've had your fun, I kept it a secret, just leave me alone" Kiara said, with obvious strain in her voice as she was considerably nervous. "You know I was going to leave you alone. Even though I have never seen someone look that good in a dress before" Rafe said as he advanced towards the petite girl on the ground. "But then your good friend JJ gave my nose some adjusting, so I gave my decision on ripping that dress off some adjusting" Rafe said while breathing on her neck. Kiara wriggled underneath him, trying to rid herself of the body above her. "Rafe no" Kiara managed to get out before having his hand placed over her mouth to ensure that she didn't make a sound and that he didn't get caught. Rafe lifted her dress so that it was bunched up just under her bra. "You were expecting this?" Rafe said in a questioning tone, not really wanting an answer, but intrigued by why the girl would be wearing a black lacey g string. Kiara displayed a disgusted look on her face. "Holy shit was this for JJ. God that makes what I'm about to do even better" Rafe said with a chuckle, as he slid his fingers under the garment and inserted them inside her with a push. Kiara squirmed in pain, Rafe didn't care if he hurt the girl or not, he just wanted his fix. Rafe released the hand from her mouth, not thinking and ripped her underwear off. At the first moment Kiara got, she screamed for help. "JJ anyone HELP ME." Kiara screamed at the top of her lungs. This startled Rafe as he kneeled over the girl. "Oh you dumb bitch." Rafe said, and proceeded to punch Kiara over the face, leaving a bruise to quickly begin to surface to her left eye. Kiara rolled to her side gripping her face in agony. Rafe straightened her up again to lay another blow with his left fist, he swung back but his hand was caught. JJ had come running at the sound of his name being called. He pushed Rafe off of the girl. Rafe rolled off a little disorientated. JJ saw that the girl was in fact Kiara, lying there, her dress ripped and ruffled around her torso, tears streaming down her face and fear in her eyes. "Kiara." JJ said, in a voice of confusion. That was enough to send JJ over the edge. JJ left Kiara and walked over to Rafe who had just managed to get to his feet. "You think your real tough don't you Cameron" JJ said, in a voice that was brand new to Kiara. Don't get me wrong, he had been pissed before, but this was a brand-new side to him that the girl had seen. "Oh, please she was asking for it" Rafe said, he was clearly inebriated. "I think you're the one asking for it." JJ said, and before Rafe could even reply JJ had thrown a right hook hitting Rafe in nearly the same spot as at the midsummer's celebrations. Rafe fell to the ground at the force of JJ's fist, but this didn't stop JJ. Once on the ground, JJ situated himself over the top of him and repeatedly kept hitting Rafe, at this point blood was everywhere. Kiara had managed to pull herself to a standing position. "JJ stop", Kiara said in a broken voice. JJ ignored her comments and kept pounding on Rafe. "JJ you're going to kill him" Kiara yelled out, finally getting JJs attention. JJ got off him and spat on the ground next to Rafes near unconscious body. "Touch her again and you won't wake up" JJ said as he walked away from Rafe. Kiara brought JJ into a strong hug; she could feel his heavy breathing ease. "Can we go to Johns?" Kiara said over JJ's shoulder. The two released one another. JJ intertwined his hand with Kiara's, and they proceeded to walk back to John Bs.

JJ walked into his house only to be startled by the fact that pope had brought someone back, and much to JJs disgust was with her on his bed. JJ told Kiara to wait outside, which she did. He snuck in grabbed his jumper, a pair of sweatpants and a blanket and went back to where Kiara was leaning against the house still not having said a word.

The two walked to the hammock where JJ handed Kiara his sweats and jumper to put on. "Thanks" Kiara said in a quiet voice. JJ turned away and jumped into the hammock allowing Kiara to get changed and out of her dress. She kept the dress in her hand and sat next to where JJ was set up. JJ threw the blanket on top of the two. "Are you okay Kie?" JJ said in a sincere voice, he could sense she was still shaken up as she played with the dress which was so very beautiful on her. Kiara kept quiet. JJ grabbed the dress out of her and launched it as far as he could. "What was that for?" Kiara said, obviously annoyed by the fact that JJ had just thrown her dress. "You are more than that dress and more than him" JJ said, smiling at her while he handed her a hair tie, knowing that she would want to tie her hair up. Kiara threw her hair up in a messy bun and gave JJ a kiss on the cheek, Kiara then found herself nestled into his side, his arm around her caressing her hip and her head resting on his chest.

The two sat in silence, JJ constantly keeping Kie assured with his soft touch. "JJ" Kiara spoke, with a nervous tinge in her voice, JJ stayed in his position, not want Kiara's touch to ever leave him. "Thank you for being there this time" Kiara said as a tear fell on to JJ's top. This comment made JJ shoot up. The two now not touching, Kiara had retreated to the other side of the hammock as JJ now faced her, his arms crossed over his chest. "What do you mean this time?" Kiara took a deepbreath, "I just mean he was going to rape me again and I might be strong but I'm not strong enough to get a full-grown man off me." The whole comment had JJ fuming, but most specifically the word 'again'. "What the fuck are you saying Kiara? Wai, Wait, that prick raped you?" JJ nearly yelled, his fist clenching, in the mesh hammock. "Please calm down." Kiara tried to plead with the blond. "It's in the past". JJ was about to blow at this comment. "Those fucking kooks. I'm going to kill every single one of them. When did it happen?" "It was the movie night at the end of last summer" Kiara said in a near whisper. "I, I, I told Sarah and she didn't believe me, and, and I just, I told Sarah and she thought I was lying, and who, who would believe me, like look at me" Kiara now had tears streaming down her face. JJ brought Kiara in for a big hug, she sniffled back her tears and nestled back into the blond, the blanket covering both of them. "Kiara you have to listen to me. Tomorrow we go to the station." "No JJ I can't" Kiara lifted off JJ and turned towards him, her body half dangling over his. "Kiara what if he's doing this to other girls, what if I'm not their next time?" "JJ they're not going to believe me," "Oh trust me beautiful they will believe you and that prick will pay for what he's done to my princess". Kiara lent down and placed a kiss on JJ's lips. When they parted, JJ had a big smile on his face. "I love you JJ." Kiara said as she placed another kiss on his lips, this one lasting longer than the first. The two came up for air, and JJ laid another quick kiss onto Kiara's lips. "You're all mine baby" JJ said as Kiara returned to the previous nestled position.