Chapter 1 'Unchained Birds'

I've decided to start yet another story. Holy shit, why do I do this?! This story will be quite depressing, so I'd recommend having tissues nearby. Nasal spray will also come in handy to unblock your nostrils.

This story will only be a few chapters long, and again, will be sad. Scenes inspired by 'The Crossfade', by bievwer. I'd recommend reading it, and it is quite a shame its unfinished, as it is actually really good and well written. Hopefully, I can put pen to paper, or keys to word document… It doesn't roll of the tongue as well as pen to paper. Oh well.

I don't know if anyone has done a story like this before, they probably have, but I'll incorporate an element which I doubt anyone has done before.

REMASTERED ON 13/07/2020.

Anyways, let's get on with it! Enjoy or suffer.

The door starts to open with the scores of freed birds behind it, waiting for the order to fly away back to their friends, families, mates or their hollows. Wherever they were going, it was better than the plane.

Cages were piled against the door which led to the cargo bay, this stopped the smugglers from entering – or at least temporarily. The cargo door was opening, revealing the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro. It was a lovely sight, but they weren't focusing on that. They needed to get out.

''Go, go, go!'', Blu shouted when the plane door opened fully. The birds began to fly out like paratroopers dropping from a plane.

''Freedom!'', shouted Pedro, a red crested cardinal, as they all flew out. Except two Spix's macaws; Blu and Jewel.

''Come on, we need to get out!'', Jewel shouted as she grabbed Blu and bolted to the exit, completely forgetting Blu's inability to fly.

''Hey, wait, wait!'', Blu frantically shouted before Jewel would drag him off. They parted wings, and Jewel remembered Blu being unable to fly. Freedom was right there, but rather than leave him behind and be free – like how they agreed. Blu will go to Linda and Jewel would be free. She wouldn't leave him, not with those smugglers. She may be able to be free when she escapes with him… Or maybe their friendship could blossom into something more… For now, she had to comfort him. Her expression softened to that of understanding,

''Um, it's okay… Hey, it's okay! ...We'll figure this out together… Right?'', Jewel soothed Blu like a mother would if she was trying to encourage or make her child feel better. Not only did she speak softly, but she looked at him directly in the eyes, with a sympathetic face and had her wing on his shoulder. For the first time since they've known each other, Jewel didn't mock his inability to fly or at least make him feel ashamed of his inability to fly. This made him feel calm… understood. Even though she could fly, Blu felt accepted and as if he was no longer alone… Blu was feeling a little less scared with her words. She had done what she intended to do.

However, this would soon end when a Sulphur crested cockatoo named Nigel, who was owned by the smugglers that captured them. He had a bitter hatred for all 'pretty birds', that included Blu and Jewel.

Jewel let out a shriek of terror when she saw him lung forward at Blu, pushing Jewel to the side, and pinned him down and choked him. He gazed at Blu for a moment with a look of mockery and malice.

Jewel rushed to Blu's aid, and attacked Nigel. She went on his back and tried to make him let go of Blu.

''Let go of him!'', she shouted at Nigel. But it was all in vain, for Nigel was far stronger than she was. Nigel simply thrusted and threw her off and she crashed against the side of the plane with such force that it knocked a cage off, which landed on her wing, crushing it. She yelped in pain.

''Jewel!'', Blu cried out.

''Ow… My wing…'', she said in a low, sad voice. She looked at Blu with a face of defeat.

''Oh pity, now we have two useless, flightless birds!'', Nigel mocked them as he held Blu down, and promptly laughed at his joke.

But Blu had a trick up his sleeve and tried to hook the fire extinguisher he had used previously to break his cage open. He extended his talon out as far as he could and he grabbed it and attached it to Nigel's leg.

''Oh?'', Nigel muttered when he felt it. Blu decided not to spout out a cheesy one liner before pulling the pin – instead, he'd say one as he pulled it.

''Goodbye, rocketman!'', Blu pulled the pin and Nigel was sent off. He crashed through the door's window and out the cockpit windows… Right in the path of the propellers, which shredded him. They saw a bunch of white feathers fly past. Nigel colliding with the propeller caused the plane to start to tilt and dive a bit. The cages started flying off, and the one that trapped Jewel did too. Jewel was falling off the plane. She tried desperately to stop herself, but the force of gravity was stronger than her wing.

Blu rushed over to her, as she cried out for him. He almost got her but was too late – She fell off the edge and to her doom.

''No!'', she screamed in terror as she fell to a watery grave.

''Jewel!'', Blu cried out. He watched helplessly as she tried in vain to fly. Blu wanted to jump, Blu wanted to go after her and spend his last moments with her. But he just couldn't… Cowardice took hold of him.

''Come on!'', Blu cried out to himself, trying in vain to get his feet unstuck and jump off. But it was too late… He collapsed in fear and looked over the edge – Jewel was nowhere to be seen. Blu's heart sank, and his very soul was flooded with remorse and regret.

''I'm so sorry…'', Blu muttered in a cracked voice. He could've saved her, he could've made her last moments be better, he could've spent his last moments with the macaw he loved… But he didn't.

Blu's eyes grew humid. He stood up and walked back into the plane and sat down in utter defeat, accepting his fate. He began to cry…

The plane was falling at a shallow angle, mostly thanks to an autopilot feature that was installed on it years ago.

''I could've died with her… But now I'll die alone… Because I'm a coward…'', Blu bitterly thought out loud, his voice filled with regret and hatred towards himself.

A few minutes pass as the plane hits the water, but it doesn't really crash – more so float… and it begins to sink.

''I'm coming Jewel… In a few minutes…'', he muttered with an odd sense of happiness. He was smiling a bit and accepted his fate. Sure, he would've preferred the quick falling-to-your-doom-with-the-one-you-love death, but beggars can't be choosers. He began to contemplate what to say to Jewel if there was an afterlife. He imagined her being a bit angry, but he hoped she would forgive him.

Little did Blu know, the plane landed near a beach, and canoeists saw the plane land. They rushed over to rescue anyone on board. They arrived at the back door, only to see a lone blue macaw. They paddled over,

''Hey buddy, come on, quick!'', one of them called out. Blu stood up and began to walk to them. One of them got out and grabbed Blu.

Blu was taken to a vet, and they began contacting other vets, and pet shops trying to find his owner.

They did eventually, and Linda was notified.

Blu sat in a cage, softly crying to himself. The apparent death of Jewel was still fresh in his mind. But he was glad that he got to save the others, but he just wished he had saved Jewel. He was lost in his sad, bitter thoughts when he heard Linda.

''Blu!'', she exclaimed happily when she saw her blue, feathered friend. Blu sprung up and squawked happily when he saw his big, hairless friend.

Now with only one Spix's macaw left, there was no point on keeping him at the aviary. With no other macaws to repopulate his species, Blu was sent back to Moose Lake…

Blu sat in his cage; it just wasn't the same without her. Regret had plagued him the last couple of days. If he could, he would change his actions and go after Jewel. But he can't… So, all he can do is live with the consequences of being a coward, and making her die alone…

Blu began to cry… He would do anything to bring her back. Sure, she hated him initially, but Blu felt like Jewel really liked and cared for him in the end. Maybe she even loved him. But he would never know for sure, nor would she. Blu exited his cage and sat by the window, sorrowfully looking out into the snowy streets. He could faintly see his reflection in the glass – A pathetic, cowardly, flightless pet. He scorned himself with his thoughts and continued to softly cry.

He looked again and pressed his beak against the glass. He let out a sigh,

''Jewel… I'm so sorry…'', he said with remorse, ''I wish you were here.'', he sighed…

''Will no one lay the laurel wreath, when silence drowns the screams?''

-'Epitaph', by King Crimson.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter, and this may be the first story I finish due to the fact it'll probably be 4 or 5 chapters long. Don't worry, I probably won't desert my other stories in favour of this. I need to try and stop creating so many stories that I don't finish.

I based the scenes in the plane off of the depiction in 'Sinking Together', by Alexriolover95. In the end, I also watched the scene on Youtube, so I guess it was unnecessary to use Sinking Together. Oh well. Next chapter will cover his depressed state, and it will be longer than this chapter. It should be out shortly.

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