Chapter 1 - Son of Chaos Returns


Many eons ago, I was born among the stars. My purpose unknown and actions created an entire world. I was disappointed with how the ones I created turned out. Although the humans often contradicted one another and attempted to learn. The biggest disappointments were the ones that called themselves a king and a deity. They feared my power and sealed me away leaving me with one option.

Your birth.

You were born with the face of a human and raised by the children of those of who sealed me away. You learned, you grew, you developed a conscience. While you learned to create, you also learned to destroy. Never once did the ones who raised you consider you anything less than a normal child.

Then the day came where you too were sealed away as the demigods feared your power and origin. Several millennia passed and you were released from confinement. You knew what had to be done and with all your might you had helped your parents defeat the ones known as the Demon King and the Supreme Deity forever ending their reign of power. No matter how much they begged and offered, you turned a blind eye and stripped them of everything.

Time passed and I returned, that is when you introduced me to the child known as King Arthur. Although the child did not believe in me, he did not fear me or believed I could create evil despite the name the humans gave me. I admired Arthur's will and sympathy and gave him my power. Thus the king of chaos was crowned.

For many years, peace had finally come. You made friends, forged bonds, even watched as your family grew with the addition of the one known as Tristan. So in time, you too realized your life is not infinite so you passed on. Although, your journey was far from over.

You were born again as a human with no recollection of your past life. You were given the name Armstrong, a family soldiers. Here you lived in Amestris as what the humans called an Alchemist, specifically a Strong Arm Alchemist. You helped your older brother and eldest sister defeat the ones known as homunculi and overthrew the corrupt government of Amestris. You watched as the one known as Fullmetal defeated the one known as father who attempted to absorb god.

Fullmetal defeated Father and restored the body of his brother. Once again peace was made and you watched as Amestris was rebuilt and the government repaired itself. It was no longer a warmongering nation and instead made peace with the nations known as Ishval and Xing. Yet once again, time had come to an end.

That is where the one known as Truth came to you at the our of your death. He told you the truth about myself and yourself. Your origin and existence, your job was far from over. As you helped Fullmetal, you are to help in another time. One where shinobi and other warriors dominated the nations. To a far away place known as konoha.

From here you were born amongst three other children to a leader known as the hokage. Your siblings were given the power of chakra, a source of energy along with the dark power that came from a large beast known as the kyuubi no yoko. Your siblings were praised as heroes yet you remain powerless.

It did not matter, as you did not have the power of chakra to attempt silly abilities known as jutsu. You instead came in contact with the power of mana. The ability to use magic which was dormant in your past life as a member of the Armstrong family. Although arrogant and supposedly talented, your siblings ignored you and believed themselves to be dominant. However this changed when you discovered your power and slowly awakened to your bloodline.

You were not only my child, but both a demon and goddess. Your parents loved you, your godparents couldn't always helped you, but would never leave your side when you needed it. Your life was relatively calm despite the arrogance of those in power of your village's government and it did not matter as you slowly regained your memory of your past lives.

With that, you remembered your purpose. As much as you enjoyed your life you had your purpose. The one known as Zelretch opened a gate for you and told you about the other worldly problems of other times. So taking so much as the clothes on your back you left.

Years turned into millennia and this time, your life did not end. When the time came, you questioned your beliefs and purpose. For a brief time you wallowed around wondering when someone would grant your wishes. Every time you would help someone or something and yet who would help you? Then you realized it was out of your hands and there was no way to return to the home of your current life.

Then one day, the old man led you to one more place. A nation that was known at the time as Assyria. From here you just sighed and wondered what purpose did the strange old man have him do this time. It was tedious description and little did you know, you would fall in love.

Yes, love... the manner of two people finding attraction in one another. It was the most difficult assignment for you and little did either of you know. This love would prosper and for one day, the two of you forget the troubles of a hard world. Then another day, the little ones came and sadly... all things came to an end.

The gift that was once used to symbolize your love was taken and used as a weapon to trap you once again...

Now time has passed and with that, I have rambled enough. It is now time for you to join the human and complete the next task ahead of you my child. It's time to awaken.

Fuyuki city

It all happened so quickly, Shirou Emiya was just too reckless and unpredictable. With that, he saved the life his saber class servant from near decapitation from a berserker and near destruction from Archer's blast. With that he was able to drag her away and save the life of his servant, but at a cost. Doing so he took a bad injury from Berserker's weapon.

As Shirou managed to get to safety, Saber began to berate him for his stupidity. Only to be interrupted by her master who started to cough up blood as well as clutching a wound on his arm. Most likely from the axe sword swipe from Berserker's part. Saber then realized that something else had happened. As the blood stains covered Shirou's shirt, there was a strange aura and bright light coming from under it.

Rin dashed towards them ready to berate Shirou as well until she noticed the injuries, "Did he get himself hurt?" she asked.

"Yes, but something is happening to him. What is that glow in his chest?" Saber asked.

Rin noticed the light, "Shirou what is that? What are you hiding?" she asked her injured classmate.

Shirou looked down and put his hand through his soaked shirt and pulled out a strange pendant. It was too bloody to describe its appearance, but had it been clean they would have noticed a a gold like outer shell with the glass on the middle being half blue and half brown. Only now the blood on it started to make it change colors creating a black purple mixed color over the glass.

"There's an unstable amount of mana in that thing. What is that thing?" Saber asked.

"It was a gift my adoptive father Kiritsugu left before he died. He said it was like a scale that determined morality. It also helped him whenever he felt like he had no purpose." Shirou explained while wincing through the pain.

"Well clearly Kiritsugu must have been a powerful mage thinking you wouldn't activate it. Because it looks like its ready to explode or something." Rin said while Saber looked down putting two and two together.

You see Saber was actually the same saber class servant summoned in the last holy grail war. Another thing worth noting was that her master's name was Kiritsugu Emiya. Only now she realized the connection seeing as Shirou has the same last name. Something she would want to talk to him about later.

"Shirou you need to get rid of it!" Saber ordered.

"Why?" Shirou asked.

"Because that thing is going to explode like a grenade! Look its already smoking!" Saber yelled out as the pendant began to create a black smoke.

Shirou looked up to see Berserker making his way towards them. The pendant meant everything to him ever since his adoptive father died, but he can't put himself or the girls at risk if it explodes. So maybe it's actually a weapon Kiritsugu used and gave to him to defend himself. So with that, he decided to think quickly and toss it at Berserker.

Iliya for her part looked amused thinking Shirou lost his marbles, "Stupid big brother." she said.

Berserker was going to ignore it when suddenly, the pendant exploded sending him flying back. The pressure of the mana escaping the pendant as a mixture of lights began to lighten the sky. When the light died down, the sky began to drop lots of black and white feathers around the pendant revealing someone under all the mess. The stranger wore a white coat with a hood covering his head and most of his face. His attire also revealed strange tools around his belt and pockets on his shirt.

"Who is that?" Shirou asked.

"Must be another servant. Although I'm not sure which one." Saber implied.

Rin looked at the "servant" with her eyes and tried to detect his magical energy. Only for her eyes dry up quickly making her close them to seize the pain.

"I think he is, but I couldn't figure anything else. It's like there's a barrier around him." Rin said.

"Well we've already met Lancer and Berserker is still recovering. So that must be either Caster or Assassin." Saber suggested.

Meanwhile the supposed servant kneeled and took off his hood revealing his long straight blond hair and sapphire blue eyes. As he looked he picked up the pendant and gave it a quick rub before putting it in one of his belt pockets. Then suddenly Berserker reappeared and was about to slam his axe sword down on him. The blond stranger turned quickly and manifested a sword and blocked the attack and surviving the weight of the attack.

"Your a big and strong bastard aren't you?" the stranger asked.

Berserker roared as he continued to slam his axe sword on him. The stranger for his part felt annoyed and dropped his sword to catch the axe sword with his bare hands. The blond then began to push all his strength into ripping the axe sword out of Berserker's hands and tossing it aside.

"Ok poster child for steroid abuse. If you want to fight then fight me like a man!" the stranger yelled cracking his hands.

Berserker was about to land the first punch when he saw the bright arrow coming from Archer heading towards them. Naruto just picked up his sword and smacked it away like a baseball only making it glow brighter and bigger as it went back the same direction it came from. Berserker just scratched his head wondering what just happened until they heard a loud explosion in the distance.

"Archer did you see that?" Rin asked.

"Rin I was hit by that. The roof where I'm standing is gone. I need to reposition myself, but I think arrows might not work on him." Archer said telepathically.

"He's got to be some kind of assassin." Saber said.

"Maybe, it would explain his attire. Only that it means his master must be nearby. No master would be this reckless to send their servant alone without a strategy like Lancer." Rin explained.

The two servants engaged in battle, the blonde took a bunch of hits that sent him hitting the ground before being lifted by his neck. The blond wouldn't give in and proceeded to rip off Berserker's fingers and then kicking him in the face. Quickly jumping up, Berserker and the blond proceeded to punch each other's fists until they stopping with the two trying to push each other with their fists.

"RAHH!" Berserker yelled as he turned red.

The blond deadpanned as his face started to get covered in black marks, *T-rex sound effect*. Berserker would soon find his face being blown by a large gust of wind at the sound of his opponent's roar. His hair started to blow back until it got ripped off leaving him bald and his face covered in saliva. Berserker briefly gestured for a timeout making everyone sweatdrop before he came back with his hair back on. Thus the fight continued until the blond landed a powerful earth shattering kick on Berserker's arm creating a small tremor as the ground beneath them sunk.

"That is not an assassin." Rin said.

"It's not a caster either. Both classes are too physically weak to give off that much power." Saber said agreeing with the analysis.

Meanwhile Iliya wasn't please and it didn't help that the new opponent jumped high in the air. Looking up the stranger started to take to the skies as wings came out from his back. The stranger in turn used his distance to fire a hundred beams of light at Berserker who wasn't fast enough to avoid them and took the damage. A few minutes of shelling later, the smoke cleared up revealing Berserker turning red again and healing his wounds.

"Either you have the greatest regeneration rate or... you aren't mortal. Either way, I had enough and my wife is likely ready to beat my ass if I don't get home." said the blond before summoning gold portals that shot chains out at Berserker.

The agile Berserker avoided them until one wrapped around his hand and then another grabbed his neck. Trying to rip his restraints off, Berserker found himself being turned in a cocoon made of chains as he was rendered immobile. Keeping his chains restraining his adversary, the blond landed in front of Berserker expecting answers.

"So tell me, who are you?" he asked only to receive a roar. The stranger turned his head to the other three, "You! You three tell me what's going on. Why did he attack me?" he demanded.

Shirou popped his head, "Shirou get back down! You don't know what he's capable of!" Saber said.

"It's ok, I don't think he's a threat. Better do what he says if we don't want another fight." Shirou responded slowly limping to the stranger.

The blond noticed his wounds, "Your hurt, do you need medical attention?" he asked.

"I would, but..." Shirou was interrupted as the man's eyes turned orange revealing yellow triskeles.

"Lift up your shirt, I can heal you." he said as his hands revealed green orbs.

Saber gasped and thought it was a trap and poured mana into her speed. As she got closer, she prepared to swing only to find herself bound to a chain.

"Saber!" Shirou cried out.

"I'll let her go when I'm done. Clearly someone such as herself believe in attacking while my guard is down. No honor." the stranger spat. "Might as well grab the other ones." he said as he raised his hand grabbing Illya and Rin with his chains and dragging them towards him. "I can't do anything about the man with arrows, but I'm hoping one of you can draw him out." he said looking at the girls.

Rin sighed as she looked down, "Archer stand down."

"Rin I can..."

"Now Archer." Rin said.

"Fine." Archer said as he made his way to Rin and everyone else.

Shirou just stood there as the man healed him. He could only hope someone clears this thing up.

A few minutes later

The stranger looked at everyone who was lined up keeping the restraints on everyone except Shirou and Archer.

"Ok, I think we got on the wrong foot here. So let me introduce myself, I am Naruto Armstrong Uzumaki Namikaze. Liones would also be one of my last names had my mother allowed it." he said.

"I'm Shirou Emiya, this Rin Tohsaka, her servant Archer, and my servant Saber." Shirou said.

"Illya von Einzbern and this is my servant Berserker." Illya said trying to look cute.

"Don't give me that look loli bait." Naruto deadpanned making her scowl "Oh god you look ugly now." he said.

"You don't need to be rude about it!" Illya barked.

"Ok, I have questions and you have questions." Naruto said as he pointed at both sides. "So this how we're going to do it. You four are going to stay tied up so you don't run."

"Are you seriously going to leave me tied up like this Archer?" Rin asked looking at her servant.

"Rin that man is clearly stronger than Berserker... that and he's a lot faster." Archer admitted feeling killing intent coming from Naruto.

Rin pouted, "Now I'm going to divide you into two groups. Petulance answer questions and dummies ask questions. Obviously some of you have anger issues so I'm expecting you to have some knowledge and dummies don't know shit." Naruto explained.

"Well that's oddly disrespectful of you." Saber said.

"Quiet, I didn't ask for no lip. If your going to give anyone lip, give both of them to your boyfriend right there." Naruto said pointing to Shirou making them blush.

"He's my master!" Saber argued with a pink tint on her cheeks.

"Ooh kinky." Naruto said.

"I didn't agree to it in the first place!" Shirou said.

"Shirou don't encourage him!" Saber said.

"That is just messed up! You don't force a guy to do dirty things to you! What are you some kind of pervert?" Saber turned redder than a tomato at the question. "Anyways, we're getting off topic so this is how we're doing it. You a dummy (Berserker), you're definitely a dummy (Shirou), Petulant (Illya), petulant (Archer) and very petulant (Saber). So to be fair, your definitely a dummy (Rin)." Naruto finished.

"Why am I dummy?" Rin asked.

"Because your asking questions. Why else?" Naruto asked.

"So where did you come from?" Illya asked.

"I didn't call you a dummy, you dummy! So don't ask questions!" Naruto said. "Anyways, it's my turn. Why did that big bastard, Joan of Arc and the old man attack me?" he asked.

"Because your a servant in the war." Saber answered.

"Hey I am no one's slave. Why... nevermind, I'll wait my turn." Naruto said.

"Ok, where did you come from and what did you do to my pendant?" Shirou asked somewhat nervously.

"Wait you were holding that pendant?" Shirou nodded, "Damn I wasted my question. Anyways, this..." Naruto pulled out the pendant. " a gift I gave to my wife on the day of our wedding when we exchanged gifts. It has a magic ability to summon me when the blood of my spouse or children is sprayed on it. I won't go into details, but apparently someone sealed me inside my wife's gift." he finished.

That left Shirou wonder, he said only the blood of his relative could affect it. So why did his own trigger his summoning? Maybe he would wait his turn and ask.

"Ok, what servant class are you? And who's your master?" Rin asked.

"I serve no one, not even my wife. She may be the queen of Assyria, but she respects me enough as an equal... even though she did try to kill me when we met... and a few times after. Besides, what is it with you people and your slavery? Is this some kind of gladiator match?" Naruto asked.

"It's the Holy Grail war. Seven servants are summoned and participate to win the Holy Grail where your wish along with your master's is granted. Your master will also bare a command seal. Shirou, if you may show him." Saber suggested.

Shirou revealed his hand showing the command seal, "Let me see that, I need an idea of what I'm looking at." Naruto said reaching for Shirou's hand. Giving it a good look Naruto activated a power that created grids around his hand. "Oh my, this thing is some kind of leash or restraint. I can easily destroy, but not with seals and its near impossible to break the command without some kind of loophole. It's also binding the prisoner to the user." Naruto explained as he finished his scans.

"Prisoner?" Shirou asked looking at Saber with worry in his eyes,

"Its that or slave from the looks of it. What kind of sick game are you people playing? Forcing someone to fight for you for a magical item that might not even exist. Let alone actually grant a wish. How do you your not opening pandora's box or playing just to kill each other?" Naruto asked.

"It doesn't matter, we're heroic spirits. We're just spirits projected into physical bodies to fight for the grail." Archer said without a hint of remorse.

"Of course, it doesn't matter because your already dead, but what about the rest of you? Are you just going to just throw away your lives?" Naruto asked with anger in his voice.

Shirou just looked down, Saber may be a ghost in some kind of prosthetic or projection of a body, but doesn't she feel pain too? What about him or better yet Rin or that little girl Illya? Are they just going to waste their lives for a grail that may just be a lie? That priest guy Kotomine was already pretty shady and he said the last grail war only lasted a decade versus the original 60 years. Who's to say it won't cut down to 5 years? A single year? A month? A week?

"I don't know." Shirou admitted already questioning this war.

"And you two?" Naruto asked.

Illya and Rin both looked at each other before growling and yelling about honor of families and whatnot. Practically yelling about why they don't care who gets in the way. Naruto shook his head and proceeded to punch both of them upside the head.

"Are you two that self centered?" Naruto asked.

"YES!" the two heiresses answered.

Naruto pinched the bridge of his nose, "Ok here's how we're going to do this. I'm going to untie all of you and then we're going to play a game. You two are both children so you'll have fun trying." he said.

Both pouted as they struggled to break free of the chains. Even Saber looked at her master who kind of looks sad.

"So here's how it works. I noticed that your connection to your servants require mana and I can only assume some need more than others. So here's the game, all of you have 10 minutes to land a single hit on me. If you win, you can use me as a battery for your mana. Otherwise, we're doing things my way." Naruto explained.

"DEAL!" both girls agreed seeing as he was able to beat Berserker and only relied on magic due to his lack of motivation.

With that, Naruto snapped his fingers releasing the chains.

"Shirou, are you going to participate? You could use the mana." Saber suggested.

"I'm not a fighter Saber. You know that already. If you want you can join in." Shirou replied sitting down on the ground to think about everything he heard.

Saber felt strange seeing her master just give up all of a sudden, "Alright, I will join in on the fight." she said.

"Ok, when this timer goes off. Your 10 minutes are up, understood?" Naruto asked getting several nods. "3, 2, 1, GO!"

9 minutes 45 seconds later

What was believed to be an easy battle was determined to be rather difficult to near impossible with a quarter of a minute left. Everyone was panting as they used a large chunk of their mana reserves to chase Naruto around. Only he was mocking them by avoiding every attack and not doing anything to harm or counter their attacks.

"What is he made of?" Archer asked having run out of energy to fire another arrow.

"He can't be a regular servant with this level of energy and agility." Saber said.

Berserker for his part was resting on his axe sword as his body was drenched in sweat. Meanwhile Illya's birds all managed to collapse on themselves trying to restrain Naruto. Rin for her part was just speaking gibberish as she ran out of spells to throw at the blond. That only left Shirou who was still contemplated the idea of the holy grail war and what he was doing being a part of it now along with everyone else.

"Shirou *pant* why aren't you *pant* trying to *pant* I'm too tired to say anything." Rin said almost falling.

"I thought you didn't want me to participate in the war." Shirou said.

"You could at least give the free mana to me!" Rin yelled.

"Fine, I'll give it a try." Shirou said with a sigh making Rin smile.

Naruto for his part just sat on some rubble like a chair while looking at Archer who pulling on his bow a few times missing every shot. Illya was also on Berserker's shoulder working out a strategy only for the brute to collapse. That left Naruto shaking his head at the sight. That's when the bell went off and he felt a blow to the head knocking him off his pseudo chair.

"Shirou you won!" Saber cheered.

"No I didn't, I landed my hit after the bell." Shirou replied.

"Are you serious?" Rin asked.

"I'm impressed, I didn't even notice you the whole time. How did you hide your mana signature?" Naruto asked rubbing the back of his head.

"I just learned about it and Saber says their pretty low. So it's pretty easy to hide something barely noticeable." Shirou answered.

"I should have noticed, oh well. I guess I'll follow you for now." Naruto said as he got up.

"What, but Shirou hit you after the bell." Illya whined.

"Yeah, but I already planned on following him the moment I realized who he was. After all, his blood was what got me unsealed and like I said my wife and children are the only ones who can free me." Naruto explained.

"But he's not your son." Saber said.

"That's right and since my wife's DNA matches my children's as well as mine. Only someone related to them would be equivalent to activate it." Naruto added.

"So that means..." Rin trailed off.

Shirou was wrapping his head around the idea as Naruto approached him revealing the pendant again.

"During the game, I noticed my mind retrieving information like a book. Everything about the holy grail war and so forth passed on to me. I also have a compendium of rules and descriptions now. That leaves me learning one thing." Naruto said as rubbed his face. "My wife and children are gone along with my home. I'm all alone now, this pendant was a sign of love and the bonds of family. All that is gone now." he said as his voice lowered.

Everyone couldn't help, but to feel some remorse. Whether he's just another human who was trapped for an eternity or the projection of someone else. He was still human to some extent. Awakening in a world he doesn't recognize only to realize everything he knew is gone.

"With that, this is just an heirloom." Naruto gestured to the pendant. "I Naruto Armstrong Uzumaki Namikaze, officially pass this heirloom to my grandson, Shirou Emiya." he finished getting gasps as he put the pendant over Shirou's neck.


"Actually no, we still have a lot to cover this chapter." Naruto said.


"Well this was a waste of time. You'll all get yours on a later date. Especially you Tohsaka, Emiya and... really long surname." Illya said as she sat on Berserker's shoulder who was running slowly due to the lack of energy.

"Should we go after them?" Archer asked.

"Not for now." Rin said as Archer dropped his bow. "What about you Emiya? What are you going to do about your ancestor?" she asked knowing Shirou can barely handle the responsibility of Saber so where would that leave the depressed man?

Shirou looked at his pendant before looking at his "ancestor" who looked like tired.

"Like he said, he's sticking with me. So I guess I'll take him home." Shirou answered getting odd looks.

"Shirou I would advise against that. Even if what he says is true, there's no telling if someone already claimed him as a servant the moment he came out of your pendant." Saber argued.

"Well what am I supposed to do? He's just alone in the world and from the sound of things he's not just some clone with the mind of the real Naruto like you Saber. I never knew my parents and looked up to Kiritsugu until his death. So this is a chance for me to get to know my... grandfather?" Shirou asked.

"I'm something, then again my kids looked more like their mother." Naruto admitted remembering those having black hair and pale skins while they only had his... bloodline if you could call it that.

"Anyways, I guess I'm taking grandpa home with me." Shirou said.

"You can't be serious!" Rin yelled.

"What are you jealous I'll make him strong while your stuck with this crappy guy?" Naruto asked with a smirk,

"Oh a crappy archer am I?" Archer asked.

"Yeah, you couldn't land a hit on me even when I fought that behemoth." Naruto taunted.

"Settle down you two. Regardless, I guess I can't make you change your mind." Rin said with a sigh. "And also, when we see each other again. We're enemies Emiya." Rin said before Archer picked her up and jumped away.

"Tsundere." Naruto muttered as he followed Shirou all the way back. "You know if you guys want I can fly us back. Just point me where." he suggested.

"Yeah... I'll stay close to the ground." Shirou answered as Saber nodded in agreement.

"Suit yourselves, at least I have some legacy even though I won't see my little ones again." Naruto said as he put his hands behind his head.

"Hey grandpa, can you tell me about yourself on the way there? I wouldn't mind getting to know you." Shirou suggested.

"I would not mind hearing as well." Saber said hoping to find Naruto's weakness should he prove to be an enemy.

"Oh god, where do I start? I can tell you was reborn twice so you might want buckle up if you want me to start from being born the first time. Which reminds me, I wonder if King Arthur is still alive out there. I wouldn't doubt if the brat was aware of this grail war if he was alive. Then again he could be a heroic spirit too. I always sparred with him ever since he learned to control Excalibur's power. That and the lady of the lake would scold me everytime I would be too rough on the boy and the sword. If she didn't want Excalibur to get hurt, then he should have used Clarent." Naruto explained as he rambled on leaving Saber confused as to the supposed King Arthur Naruto knows.

The next day

Shirou woke up to find himself with phantom pains from the fight last night. As he got up he found his ancestor up and early making breakfast while Saber sat on her legs waiting.

"Morning Shirou, I took the time to learn Japanese recipes so don't hate me if the food looks weird." Naruto said lying down plates at their table.

Shirou looked over the rice, curry and other delicacies, "You look like you did a good job." he said before taking a bite. "And the results are true." he added.

"Your lucky I have the cooking skills of my uncle Ban and not of my father Meliodas." Naruto said remembering throwing up his father's cooking while begging his uncle to teach him.

"I bet you have a lot of memories of them." Shirou said digging into his meal.

"Yeah, for some reason with the whole memory system inside my head or whatever, I can remember every detail of my past lives." Naruto replied. "Is this how it feels Saber?" he asked.

"Yes, the first few seconds feels foreign, but after that you adjust to the new world and develop knowledge quickly. That is why I do feel confusion towards modern Japanese standards." Saber answered.

"Hm, Japan is the name of this place? So much different from ancient Iraq, but for some reason this looks like an upper class home in my current life before I left and met my wife." Naruto explained looking around.

"Your current life?" Shirou asked.

"Yeah, I was from a time similar to the warring states era. Ironically it was from an era that came after something called the warring states period. Honestly nothing's changed other than the life expectancy increased from 9 to 25." Naruto explained.

"Only a decade and a half?" both asked with sweat drops.

"Pretty much, honestly as much as I loved my parents and thought everyone else was a dick. Some creepy vampire guy named Zelretch said I had a job to do and needed me to do a few jobs. So the next thing I knew, I'm depressed and lonely." Naruto continued.

"Wow that's depressing." they both said.

"Regardless, I met my wife that day since creepy vampire guy didn't give me details. So the next thing I knew I'm hitched and had two little rugrats." Naruto finished.

"I'm sorry for your loss ancestor." Shirou said lowering his head.

"It's ok Shirou, just call me pop, grandpa or whatever, but I doubt people will buy or understand that story. So for now, it would be best if you referred to me as uncle." Naruto explained.

"He's right Shirou, people outside the grail war such as civilians are not allowed to interfere in the war." Saber said.

"Ok..." Shirou was interrupted by the ring of a phone. "Hold on a minute." he said as he answered the call.

That left the two servants alone, "So Saber... would you like to talk about yourself." Naruto asked.

"No thank you, my life is not very interesting." Saber said dodging the question.

"But you're a heroic spirit. You must have done something in your past life worth catching the grail's attention." Naruto stated making her nervous.

"Nope, just got lucky!" Saber said with a confidant smile.

"Oh well, by the way. Anyways, seeing as these outfits would draw too much attention. I might need a change." Naruto said as he got up and pulled out several tools revealing several strange shaped keys.

Getting up, he revealed several locking mechanisms, "Is that your noble phantasm?" Saber asked reaching for her sword.

"What? No, this is the portal to my instant closet. A man such as myself often needs to dress to impress." Naruto said as the swordswoman sweatdropped.

The portal opened revealing a small doorway with a large room inside, "A reality marble only for clothes?" Saber asked.

"I guess you could call it that. Anyways, if you want I can loan you something from my wife's closet. Not like she changes outside of her royal attire during her reign." Naruto explained already inside of the closet.

Saber nodded and followed her temporary ally inside his reality marble. A few minutes later Shirou came back with a shocked face looking at the doorway to another realm in the middle of his living room. That left him wondering what he had to put in the way to make it look less for Naruto coming out dressed in an orange buttoned up shirt and black dress pants with his shoes on hand.

"Uncle, why is there a tear in the fabric of time in the middle of my living room?" Shirou asked.

"First of all that is not the middle of your living room. Second that is not a tear in the fabric of time. I would be in so much trouble if I did that again." Naruto explained remembering the time Merlin smacked him over the head for doing such a thing.

"Then what is it?" Shirou asked.

"It's an instant closet." Naruto answered bluntly as Saber came out in a white shirt and blue skirt with shoes on hand. "Saber calls it a reality marble, most likely from the fact it's a pocket dimension. Don't worry I'll close it right away." he said reaching for his keys.

"That won't destroy my house will it?" Shirou asked.

"Shirou what do you think I am? Some old idiot foreigner?" Naruto asked closing his closet and putting his keys away.

Shirou shook his head, "Anyways I need to pack a lunch for Taiga. So I'll be out for a bit." he said.

"Shirou I think it would be best if I stayed close. I need to make sure of your safety while you are out." Saber said.

Naruto spoke up before Shirou could object, "Don't argue with her boy. Saber is too loyal and will refuse to any order that will risk your safety" he said making the redhead sigh.

"He's right Shirou, I cannot leave you alone risking an imminent attack on you." Saber said in agreement.

"Seriously? Oh well come on Saber." Shirou said only to turn around quickly. "Please don't destroy anything while I'm gone." he pleaded.

"I won't!" Naruto argued refusing to believe his own descendant had no faith in him.

Naruto just watched as the servant and master left the house. Not before Shirou kept his eyes on him as he slowly left.

"What's wrong with that boy? Does he really lack faith in me?" Naruto asked when suddenly a light bulb went out. "He's going to blame me for that isn't he?" he asked himself before looking around for a spare light bulb.

A few minutes later

The room living room was immediately trashed as Naruto finally fixed the light bulb. He smiled as the light went on... then suddenly it whole wiring fell out from the ceiling and smashed itself against the ground. Growling he quickly charged up his energy summoning a rune.

"Reset!" Naruto called out as the room immediately repaired itself including the light bulb. "Good, now hopefully..." the light bulb just popped at this point.

Workshop unit (that room where Shirou practices Trace on)

Naruto came in grumbling about a stupid lightbulb as he looked around the workshop he found.

"I swear I hate being the maintenance guy. Maybe Shirou has one that won't explode." he said to himself as he rummaged around.

Looking around he saw the mess and signs of small explosions. Maybe Shirou was an inventor of sorts. Although hopefully he wasn't creating his own lightbulbs, because Naruto was not going to take the blame for his lousy experiments. Looking and moving things around he came across some kind of sealing circle.

"I guess this is how Shirou summoned Saber." he told himself looking at it closely.

For some reason it reminded him of the transmutation circles. Although instead of triangles they were six pointed stars. The drawings were different and the seals were likely used for a similar purpose. While transmutation created and combined, all this could do was summon. Putting his hands over it, his grids appeared scanning over the contents. As he was right, this was meant to summon only it needed some kind catalyst to perform the summon.

"What if..." Naruto trailed off as he clapped his hands together. "Ok I think this is how Fullmetal did it." he said before slamming his hands down creating sparks of electricity around the seal.

Luckily no one was around the see the light show that occured as lighting sparked up the sky and created a small explosion. Back with Naruto he lied on his back clutching the stump that was once his left arm.

"Oh god! My arm! I lost my arm! The pain!" Naruto cried out as he clutched it.

Then suddenly a note fell on his face, "What the? What is this?"

Dear Naruto,

Truth told me you were experimenting with alchemy like Fullmetal did. You should know this is how he lost his limbs. Luckily for you, you can just grow them back do your healing factor after making a temporary prosthetic with your powers. So please don't attempt Alchemy again or else I will summon Olivier and tell her you were flexing like Alex.

Naruto started to whimper at the thought of his big sister hurting him. Not once in his life did he do anything to warranting a beating from her. Except that time he challenged her as head of the Armstrong family after Father was defeated. It was a draw to say the least. For some reason Olivier was proud that he stood up to her instead of being a brown nose or sparkling like Alex.

Regardless if you want to summon someone be my guest. Just use something as an offering, for example King Arthur (not your Arthur) was summoned 10 years ago with his scabbard. A stone from his time was also used to summon his son Mordred. So if you wish to summon anyone, the grail shouldn't deny you so long as you have a command seal. There was a group that attempted a larger war using 14 masters so it wouldn't be so bad to have one more master even if you did become a servant yourself.

Yes you are a servant now, but knowing you, the grail can't restrain you. Do to your power and origin, you fall under the category of "Foreigner".

"Oh you racist ass xenophobic old codger! When I get my hands on you..." Naruto stopped himself before finishing his threat.

Hopefully you finished your rant of me being a creepy vampire man or what not, I hope you don't cause any more trouble for your descendant. Also somethings wrong with the grail and hopefully you can stop whatever insanity happens. I can only tell you this, a lot trouble will be coming and this won't be a normal grail war. So with that, I leave you to whatever you want.

Best regards,

Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg (creepy vampire man)

P.S. Shirou Emiya is not the only living person in this timeline related to you by blood. If you wish to seek them, then you know what to do.

Naruto waved the last message off, he didn't want to risk using his killing intent amplified by his powers of both clans. That was the only way his children were able to find him when they got lost in the woods and that was easier due to him being relatively close to them. Trying to call Shirou alone could create an earthquake and the only way the redhead would notice his heavenly intent from the Goddess clan would be only if they're in a state of fear which can only be done with his Demon clan powers.

Sighing he remembered that Zelretch gave him the green light to go for the summoning. He doesn't really condone or agree with the idea of forcing some poor fool's spirit. Maybe he should give it a go to get a more clear understanding of what drives these lost souls to fight. So with that, he created his prosthetic and searched his pockets for random items only to find more keys, junk and... his gift.

Looking at his hands he saw a mini glass bottle with a symbol revealing intertwined hands. Naruto just rubbed his thumb over the symbol thinking back to its origin.

"And to you my husband, this bottle. Although seemingly empty, I wish for you to fill it with whatever pleases your heart. Although I fill my bottle that end lives. I give you this as a symbol of the beginning of our lives."

Naruto felt a single teardrop as he remembered her words. Then it hit him, could this catalyst bring her back to him? If so then, would his wife be trapped in the war too? It may seem impossible, but the old man said it only works with a command seal and a catalyst of some kind. Maybe it's worth the risk.

"Semiramis please forgive me." he told himself as he scanned the summoning circle once more.

(Fate/Zero OST - Point Zero)

A few minutes later, Naruto created the summoning seal down to the last detail. Carefully placing the glass bottle in the center he stepped back again. All he needed now was the seal and thanks to Shirou he can at least recreate the formula and place it in his hand. So grabbing his free arm, he forced a lot of energy into his grid to draw up a command seal on his hand. Gritting his teeth through the pain, he felt as the lines burned into his hand staying printed on.

By the time it was over, he could feel the heat against his flesh as if he were branded like cattle. Looking at the seal, he could see it was in the shape of dragons in a yin yang circle. It was an amazing work of art, but there was no time to admire that type of beauty. Instead he focused his mana into his sealed hand and faced it towards the summoning circle making it glow brightly.

Naruto focused solely on the contents as he watched the bottle shake. Having a good understanding, he activated both of his bloodlines as he began his own chant.

Even if the morrow

Is barren of promises

Nothing shall stall

My return

The circle began to shake as black and white lightning strikes started to hit the skies.

With Shirou

As Shirou made his way back home, he was explaining to Taiga about Saber being a friend of Kiritsugu prior to his death. Then explaining how she would have to stay with him for a few days. That and he remembered that Naruto was with them so he might leave the same time Saber does, but before he could mention his blond ancestor, he noticed lightning in the sky both black and white over where his house was. Leaving him to run hoping that his grandfather or whatever he is isn't destroying his home.

"Shirou wait up!" Saber yelled after him.

"I didn't hear anything about thunderstorms in the forecast." Sakura said.

"It wasn't raining to begin with." Taiga replied worried about the weather and Shirou's actions.

Back with Naruto

The blond reverted back to his normal form as the lightning strikes finished. Naruto soon noticed the circle's light died down, but wasn't sure of its success. There was a heavy amount of smoke covering the area reducing his eye sight.

"Is anyone in there?" Naruto called out.

"None other than myself my master." said a female voice.

"Did the ritual work? What's your name?" Naruto asked the servant.

"Assassin." she answered.

"That's an occupation, not a name." Naruto answered before realizing something. "Hold still, I need to clear the smoke." he said.

Before the voice could object, Naruto revealed his wings and made them flap rapidly creating a gust of wind blowing away the smoke revealing his servant. Before him stood a pale woman with pointy ears, dark green eyes (?), a dress as black as midnight and hair so long it touched the ground she stepped on. What Naruto noticed was her peerless beauty.

"Naruto is that you?" asked the woman.

Naruto didn't answer and instead ran up to woman hugging her tight.

"Semiramis, my love how I missed you!" Naruto said before kissing the side of her head.

"Naruto are you... my master?" she asked with confusion.

"I guess I am." he answered letting go revealing his command seal. "You wouldn't believe what I've learned since last night. So many years passed, Assyria is just called northern Iraq, there's this grail war and and and..." Semiramis put a finger on his lips.

"I know Naruto, as a servant all this information is already sent to me. However, what happened to you? You went missing after the incident and after so many years we declared you dead." Semiramis asked.

"About that, I don't remember much, but I was sealed into the pendant for who knows how long. Until the blood of my relative freed me and long story short, the creepy vampire man told me I'm a servant called, Foreigner." Naruto explained.

"Ok that explains where you were and... somewhat confused as to what you are now. But... did you say a relative freed you?" Naruto nodded. "I thought you said your family couldn't follow you." Semiramis said only to get a foxy smile.

"I can also make family." Semiramis was still confused. "Semi, last night I learned about our descendant. From thinking things over and realizing the connection. This person, Shirou Emiya master of Saber, is our distant grandchild, but I'm not sure if he comes from Zeref or Albedo since I can only assume... I'm sorry." Naruto said as he looked down.

Semiramis covered her mouth at the realization, "Naruto are you saying my children are...?" her eyes began to water as she already had an answer to that question.

"Semi, we can mourn them later, but for now I should prepare you when Shirou arrives..."

"Uncle what did you do?!" Shirou yelled.

"And he's home." Naruto said.

"Why did he call you uncle?" Semiramis asked.

"You know the rules of the grail war honey, so I needed to stay incognito and other people can't process the thought of our origin." he explained.

"Ok, is he aware of my arrival?" she asked.

"I kind of may have just been trying to experiment." this earned him a glare. "It worked didn't it? Sure this might piss off the other assassin, but to be fair... I might need you to look less... royal." Naruto said getting a sigh.

"I'll get dressed while you deal with our, grandson is it?" Semiramis asked.

Naruto quickly opened the closet and left to go check on Shirou.

With Shirou

Shirou was looking around making sure nothing was destroyed in the lightning storm. Looking he saw one lightbulb, but put it aside learning that it went out. Looks like his relative was trying to be helpful. So far so good and...

"Shirou since when do you have relatives?" Taiga asked.

Shirou stopped realizing he hasn't explained his other blond guest, "You see Taiga, apparently I had a relative who's been trying to find me, but couldn't make it to Japan. So instead he met Kiritsugu through mail and they talked back and forth. The letters got less frequent since his death, but it turns out it was because he was working on moving over here." he explained quickly having already thought of an excuse.

"Oh, I don't remember Kiritsugu or you mentioning him." Taiga said feeling suspicious.

"Well I never thought about bringing it up because I thought he didn't care." Shirou lied.

"Then you should introduce him to..."

"Sorry Shirou, I had some issues looking for a lightbulb please don't be mad!" Naruto yelled running in with bandages around his arm where his prosthetic made of darkness was.

"Naruto there you are and why... why is your arm bandaged up?" Shirou asked with concern in his voice.

Naruto looked at the mummified hand, "I kind of injured myself after I fell onto some parts in your storage room. Shirou you really need to clean that place up. You guests for god sake." he said berating the teen with the last part.

"Hey don't give me that! I'm not the one who got reckless!" Shirou argued.

"Well I wouldn't have hurt myself if you cleaned up every now and then. I couldn't even find a spare bulb to replace the broken one." Naruto argued back.

"Can you two stop fighting? You have guests." Saber spoke up making them look sheepish.

"How rude of me, I'm Naruto Namikaze." Naruto said ignoring his rant with Shirou.

Sakura smiled at the kind looking older man, "Sakura Matou."

"I'm Taiga Fujimura!" Taiga said with much enthusiasm in her voice. "What brings you to Japan?" she asked.

"Well ever since I learned about Kiritsugu's death, I worked towards moving over here to take care of Shirou, but I see I was a few years late. At least it didn't strain the marriage with the mrs." Naruto explained.

"Oh your married?" Taiga asked with some internal disappointment, she could see how handsome the young man was. He looked a bit taller and appeared to be her age, but felt a bit a older for some reason. Oh well, better luck next time.

"Yeah, she's been hesitant about moving countries, but she's getting used to it." Naruto answered hoping for them to buy the story. "Oh that reminds me, Shirou I think your aunt needs some help moving in. Saber if you may, we could use the help seeing as my arm is mummified." he chuckled getting the nods.

"Right." Saber said as she grabbed Shirou's hand and followed Naruto.

"They seem nice." Sakura said.

"I wouldn't mind learning more about that Namikaze man." Taiga said wondering who he really is.

With the three, "Ok guys, I may have summoned my deceased wife as a servant." he whispered.

"What!?" they both asked.

"Yeah, I didn't expect it to work so what do you know. She's a heroic spirit and I told her everything." Naruto answered.

"So she's going to be my "aunt"?" Shirou asked.

"Pretty much, that and she's changing already knowing the rules of being hidden because of the war." Naruto answered.

"Shirou she could be a threat." Saber suggested.

"Saber, we're not doing that here!" Shirou warned.

"Anyways, with my son and daughter gone. Your pretty much all we have left." 'Not according Zelretch' Naruto thought thinking back to the letter.

Saber didn't want to buy anything, but decided to keep her opinions to herself. She didn't want to argue with her master and would have to trust in his judgement. As they continued walking, they saw the sight of the ground having been destroyed by the lightning and what appeared to be a summoning circle. Shirou deadpanned at Naruto who looked away pretending he was distracted.

Turning away from that, the group saw the doorway to the closet. To Shirou, he still saw it as a tear in the fabric of reality. Something that he would continue to argue about when asked about it. Although putting his thoughts away as he can see Semiramis stepping out in a conservative grey dress with low black heels.

"Naruto's wife I presume?" Saber asked.

"Yes and you must be Violet Evergarden." Semiramis teased.

"I'm not Violet Evergarden! Why does everyone ask me that!?" Saber asked acting childishly for some reason making the Assyrian queen laugh.

"So this boy must be Shirou." Semiramis said.

Shirou nodded as he went up to his ancestor with a gesture of a handshake only for Semiramis to do a hugging gesture. Both chuckled nervously as Shirou went for a hug while Semiramis tried to give him a handshake. Then for a couple minutes it was just an awkward exchange as the two were rather nervous about physical contact.

"Are they ok?" Saber asked.

"Did you have this much issue with your relatives?" Naruto asked.

Saber immediately went into some painful and awkward flashbacks about Mordred, Morgan and Guinevere.

"Trouble with women to be more specific." Saber answered.

"Oh I didn't know you swung that way Saber. I guess I was in the wrong for assuming you had feelings for Shirou." Naruto said as he didn't see Saber's blush.

Eventually Shirou and Semiramis hugged it out making Saber and Naruto sigh in relief.

"Let me get a good look at you." Semiramis said as she looked at the boy who was the same height (both are 167 cm, not sure if the heels count) as her. "Hm, I guess it has been too long. I can't tell if your related to Zeref or Albedo." she said.

"Who?" Shirou asked nervously.

"My son and daughter." Semiramis answered. "Regardless, I hear you have guests over. Its best we don't keep them waiting." she said.

"Yeah, they wouldn't be waiting so long had you two hugged it out the first time." Naruto said as he reached for his wife's hand.

Shirou sighed as he tried feeling optimistic about his new life. One day a stranger saves him from burning debris. Another day he meets a member of his real family even if he's from far away in the past.

"Come on Saber." Shirou said as he reached for his servant's hand as well and lead her back inside. Not noticing the blonde swordswoman blushing at the gesture.

In another part of Fuyuki city

As the lightning went on, no one noticed the site of the destruction of the city from about a decade ago. The very same place where the Holy Grail manifested, was the sight of something moving in the distance. Where there was once rubble was the clean ground. Only at that moment, the black and white lightning struck it unintentionally covering the area in mana.

If there were any witnesses, one would see a hand sticking out from the ground. Then a small body digging itself out revealing blond hair and bright red eyes. As the person got out, they looked around their surroundings finding themselves in a foreign land they didn't understand.

But for some reason, they felt a familiar signature. That was all they could feel and all they desired. So then a search began.


Note: The sword Naruto used against Berserker is Felo'melorn with the Star Shape customization skin.

Also only the first five parts will be released. I'm hoping to have the rest by September since a certain someone wanted me to make this story. Before this is remotely done, Persona and a few other stories will be finished since Supreme Demon Son will be a lot longer than I expected.

Now here are the pairings:

Naruto x Semiramis (no harems here)

Shirou x (you have a good idea who will be here)

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