Chapter 12 - Defense and Power

Day of the finals

It was a bright and loud day for Konoha, the various VIPs and daimyo including a couple of kage from foreign villages. Everyone was mostly chatting up a storm about who they mostly wish to see. Ranging from the second son of the yondaime, the last Uchiha (in terms of being an active shinobi), the children of the yondaime kazekage, the granddaughter of the sandaime tsuchikage and finally the mysterious first born son of the yondaime hokage who has been rumored to have been missing only to return. It was quite the spectacle, but it was also a chance for villages to flare their power as at least one shinobi of each main village minus Kiri is participating.

All the while the hokage was greeting A of Kumo and Onoki of Iwa. Although tensions were worse with the latter, Onoki thought it was best to make an appearance as it would show great strength to Iwa as well supporting his granddaughter who will be facing Sakura Haruno. Who has been said to be one of the strongest kunoichi in this year's batch and a civilian girl no less. It was rare for modern kunoichi genin to become capable ninja instead of going after cute boys.

Then there was the kazekage who for some reason wore blue instead of green and kept his face veiled as if he were hiding something. Almost as he acted like he's never met the other kage before. Hopefully he had a perfectly good reason to be wearing that veil and there's nothing suspicious about him. Regardless it was time for Minato to announce the chunin exams and for them to begin.

It was some long winded speech about it being friendly competition and for everyone to flaunt their might. There was nothing really special about it or anything else worth mentioning.

On the ground, 14 chunin hopefuls stood tall and by the end of the first round, only half of them would move on. That's right, only half, apparently due to unexplainable reasons that cannot be disclosed, Dosu Kinuta has been marked as missing when in reality, he was found brutally murdered. If there was a conspiracy, hopefully it was the one Orochimaru was plotting along with Suna and not something bigger and much worse. Konoha didn't need anymore issues to deal with aside from the potential attack.

On the ground Genma had to take over as proctor since Hayate Gecko was found injured and could not complete his assigned task.

"Ok, everyone except Neji Hyuga and Menma Uzumaki Namikaze please exit the grounds." Genma ordered.

As everyone left, Neji prepared his gentle fist stance while Menma used a random stance meant for kenjutsu users despite the boy declining learning the art.

"You ready to get your ass beat by a legend Neji?" Menma asked arrogantly.

"No, because it is not my destiny to lose to an arrogant fool. For those with a strong conviction and will, have the power to change their fate and their story. You will be losing before me Menma." Neji said in a cool demeanor.

"I'm so proud of my son." Hizashi said with a smile which freaked some people out since he looks to much like his twin who doesn't smile.

"And I'm just glad he isn't arrogant as Minato's child. Although for some reason I feel better knowing you and Hitomi are right next to me brother." Hiashi said as he felt like his heart should be hollow.

Hitomi Hyuga wrapped an arm around her youngest daughter, "Pay close attention Hanabi this is how a shinobi with conviction fights." she told her daughter.

"Yes mother." Hanabi said while Hinata was silently cheering for her cousin.

"Hanabi aren't you glad that we're sitting with our entire family." Hinata says emphasizing the word entirely.

"Why are you so happy elder sister?" Hanabi asked.

"I don't really know, I felt like there was supposed to be a reason where I should be depressed, but I am not." Hinata answered as she felt odd.

-Fight same as canon, minus the sob story since it didn't happen in this dimension-

Surprisingly, Menma managed to win by relying on his bijuu chakra and reopening his tenketsu points. Neji was knocked unconscious and Menma was declared the winner. Some people sighed knowing that he and his sister both relied on that chakra way too much. It was thanks to the fact that it increased their feral side and that the chakra was too potent, that Neji wouldn't be able to block those out as well.

"Zeref and Samui please meet me for the start of next match?" Genma announced.

Up in the stands Semiramis was clapping for son while Albedo was wearing a foam finger. Achilles and Robin can also be seen having to carry loads of food and drinks that would make Choji salivate. Sadly Albedo would only share with her close family and her dogs if they decide to behave. Kushina was probably the loudest as she cheered for her sons and grandson to make her proud. It probably helps that Zeref and Naruto are dealing with someone from Kumo and Kushina doesn't necessarily have good feelings about that village.

"KICK THAT BITCH'S ASS ZEREF! I WANT TO SEE BLOOD!" Kushina yelled making several people scoot away from her.

Minato looked sheepish and embarrassed by his wife's outburst, "I'm sure she didn't mean anything offensive Raikage." he said trying to sound apologetic.

"I'm surprised she didn't wipe out any kumo nin at a massive scale like you hokage." Onoki said believing Kushina had the motivation to do so.

"Yeah, I think that's where my granddaughter gets it from." Minato muttered.

Meanwhile Zeref had made his way to center shortly after Samui, "Ready? Begin!" Genma announced.

In a blink of an eye, Samui activated lightning armor similar to the raikage and disappeared. Zeref raised a brow and turned his head with a smile and a chuckle. The next thing anyone knows, Zeref is hit by a ninjato and sent skidding into the ground. The progeny of chaos continued to chuckle as he stood back up with no sign of damage at all.

"I expected much more from a dull kitchen knife." Zeref mocked.

"You'll regret those words." Samui said as she appeared right in front of him.

"I'm afraid not." Zeref said as he caught her wrist and channeled black flames into his other palm, "Dark Blast Inferno." he said before slamming his palm into her abdomen.

Samui was then sent flying several hundred feet away and into a wall. The curvaceous blond didn't have time to gasp for hair when Zeref suddenly appeared in front of her. The next thing Samui knew, she was slammed into the ground and hit with a powerful punch used from a demon enhanced fist.

"Proctor call the match, she can no longer stand." Zeref said.

After a few moments, Samui attempted to stand only to take a stomp keeping her down. As brutal as it was, it didn't take anymore force for her to stay down. Genma saw this and had to declare Zeref the victor of this fight.

"Winner Zeref!" Genma announced.

As the crowd applauded at the demonstration of strength, no one was more pleased than Semiramis who was grinning the whole time.

"My children never fail to make me proud." Semiramis stated.

"That big chested slut took too much time. I want to see someone knock uncle Arashi out." Albedo said as she stuffed a drink her mouth.


"What's her problem with the Kumo ninja again?" Robin dared to ask.

Albedo shrugged, but knew it was something about her grandmother's childhood. Whatever it was, if Kushina deserves retribution, she can have it in the form of her brother and father defeating those women from Kumo.

"That was brutal. I can see he is uncle's son." Shirou commented as Saber nodded.

With the kage

"I expected more from you're kunoichi Raikage." Onoki said with a laugh.

A sighed, "I did too, I guess Samui got distracted. I didn't think my niece would lose her focus like that." he said.

"It just means you need to prepare for the worst. Especially the unexpected and how it could destroy you." Onoki added as he secretly referenced the hiraishin.

Minato chuckled nervously as he noticed the reference. All the while they waited what felt like a century for the next match to start. Of course, Minato knew Kakashi would be late and had already sent for some ANBU to go look for him. To prevent the delay, he decided to move the match back. At least to further see what Orochimaru was up to.

For a genius, you would expect him to wear the proper colors. Of course the kanji and kage style robes are simple enough since those never change. But why the hell was he wearing blue? Blue is for the Mizukage! The Kazekage is green! With that, he just told Genma to push the match back despite making the other two kages feel annoyed.

Although no one noticed Orochimaru fidgeting through his disguise. Almost as he felt some very strange pain in his abdomen for reasons that he didn't understand.

Back in the arena

-Temari vs Shikamaru same as canon-

"Next match, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze vs Karui... no last name either?" Genma asked

"Surnames are for the weak!" A yelled as he didn't have one either.

Trying to ignore that, Naruto appeared in a swirl of black flames wearing a black dark green vest and cargo pants with a few keys attached to them. Karui jumped out of the competitor's area and landed with her sword drawn and pointed at him.

"Are both competitors ready? Begin!" Genma announced as Karui dashed at Naruto with her sword.

Naruto quickly summoned Truthguard and Oathseeker to his side and blocked the sword and attempted to go for the stab. Karui managed to moved out of the way only for Naruto to quickly slip out of the way and knee her. As she quickly recovered, Karui channeled lightning into her sword leading to several one sided clashes that lead to her downfall.

Naruto was in no patience to fight someone who was much weaker than him. Unlike Berserker, hell even Mordred and that pink haired Berserker were much stronger than this. Keeping that in mind, he increased his speed and blocked every attack before knocking her sword away. Having disarmed her, he didn't give the kumo kunoichi much time to breath as he dropped his sword and shield and proceeded to punch and kick every area that she didn't block before sending her into the wall.

Karui was stubborn and formed the seals for Electromagnetic Murder only for Naruto to absorb the attack. Channeling his arms around in rotating waves, he controlled the power and currents before extending his index and middle fingers towards her and electrocuted her. Karui was too mesmerized by the strange technique that she got hit head on.

"Ok... I know when I'm beat. I forf..." Karui was interrupted as Naruto ran up to her and started punching her head against a wall. "What are you doing!? I give up already!" she yelled.

"I don't know why but for some reason this is for vengeance!" Naruto yelled as he kept punching her face into the wall.

Meanwhile in canon Naruto Shippuden

Karui stopped hitting Naruto after her first punch and jumped back in fear. Sensing some strange power, she got on her knees and bowed her head.

"I'm sorry! Please don't hurt me!" Karui begged.

Naruto and Sai looked at each other in confusion as to why the foreign kunoichi just suddenly begged for her life.

Back to this dimension

"THAT'S RIGHT DON'T STOP!" Kushina yelled.

"Should someone stop him?" Achilles asked.

"I do not what the reason is, but I'm sure that woman deserves to be assaulted by my father." Albedo stated as if it were a matter of business.

"Ok that's enough. You can save it for the second round." Genma said as he tried pulling Naruto off Karui. "Winner! Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze!" he announced while A just slapped his forehead. "Will Sakura Haruno and Kurotsuchi please join me for the start of the next match." he said as the arene was cleared up.

Meanwhile outside the village

"Hey Oto! Is this yours?" asked a Suna ninja as he pointed at a green platypus.

"Grgrgrrgrrrrr." the platypus said.

Some Oto and Suna ninja gathered around it, "It's just some stupid animal. Ignore it." said one of them.

"What is a platypus doing here?" asked an Oto ninja.

"Maybe it got lost. Here little guy how about you..." the Suna ninja was interrupted by a punch to the face.

"The platypus!" they said in shock as all the invader pulled out their weapons.

The platypus proceeded to put on a brown fedora, "Perry the Platypus!" they all yelled as Perry proceeded to fight everyone.

Back at the exams a while later

"May Sakura Haruno and Kurotsuchi please join me for the next round." Genma requested as the two kunoichi arrived to meet him. "Are both fighters ready? Begin!" he announced.

Within time, Sakura managed to land a good few blows and provided good defense with her earth release. However, Kurotsuchi's lava release managed to put an end to that as she didn't have enough strength to smash through her defenses in the beginning. So while Sakura proved to have a decent amount of strength for a genin and proved proficient in taijutsu.

It was all over when it became a battle of ninjutsu. Although, no one can say Sakura's downfall was a lack of ninjutsu as she was still able to withstand the fight. While Sakura didn't have enough skills worth the promotion, it was enough to impress a certain slug sannin who only saw raw potential that was ripe for the picking.

"Shizune, I think see new student in the making." Tsunade said.

Shizune nodded, "Perhaps she's more equipped for your super strength and summoning Tsunade-sama." she said in agreement.

"The only real issue his her reserves. Control is good, but not enough when it came to professional bloodline user." Tsunade said seeing as Sakura still had some flaws, but nothing too serious.

"Winner, Kurotsuchi!" Genma announced as Sakura rubbed her injured abdomen while keeping her head high.

However Kurotsuchi's arrogant smirk never left her face. That didn't mean she kept the signs of pain hidden. As a few people could see that Sakura did leave some short term damage on her after all.

"Now Shino Aburame vs Kankuro!" Genma said.

"I forfeit!" Kankuro said which made the proctor nod.

"We will now take a twenty minute break before continuing to the next round." Genma said ignoring the many people demanding for Sasuke's fight.

The stands

Naruto disappeared in a fade of light and silently reappeared beside Semiramis. The Assyrian Queen sensed him and smiled right before lying her head on his shoulder. Naruto wrapped an arm around her and pulled her in for a kiss.

"Are you not entertained my dear queen?" Naruto asked.

Semiramis placed a hand over his chest, "Not entirely, I wouldn't mind seeing you crush a stronger opponent." she answered.

"Then you should have been there for when I battled Berserker. He was much more formidable than some of these ninja." Naruto said as he stroked her beautiful hair before looking up. "Although, perhaps I could convince the Raikage to fight me." he said making her chuckle.

"I would prefer it if uncle kept his PDA to himself." Shirou said as he covered his eyes.

"I would prefer it if he didn't stick his nose into our relationships." Arthur said as he remembered Jiraiya leaving him those Icha Icha books in his guest room with a note.

Learn to be a man. These babies will help you out kid.


Saber blushed as she still remembered the night she had with Shirou a couple weeks ago. The two kept things professional and wrote it off as a way of Saber gathering the necessary mana she needed to reach her true potential. At least now she was able to move faster and had greater reaction times with greater strength within her attacks.

Sadly as a servant, it was the most she could achieve as she wasn't able to properly train outside of keeping up her senses. While Arthur was still able to learn new skills as he awakened to a brand new power. All in all, it was kind of confusing to explain and make sense of it. However, that didn't mean that she felt any less strange around her master or anyone close to him that asked if something was going on.

To make matters worse, Naruto can detect emotions and lies from the truth which was his latest lesson. So that only made keeping their fling a secret only much more difficult.

"Do you think we really have to take those two servants with us?" Saber asked as she looked at Albedo.

"Fan me!" Albedo ordered as Robin grabbed a fan and started swinging hard.

"You're going to hit her you idiot!" Achilles said as the fan flew out of Robin's hands.

Albedo sighed, "Boys, you can be a bit much." she said before yawning. "Achilles, make room on your lap. I want to lie down. Tell me when a good fight is starting." she said as she lied down on him like a bed and rested her legs on Robin's lap.

Achilles sighed as he was glad that she was resting instead of being demanding. Meanwhile Robin started admiring Albedo's beauty. All the while internally hitting himself for his stupidity and only being reunited as a punishment.

'I guess I jumped in front of the arrow instead of away.' Robin thought.

'Mind your own business archer boy. Wait, what?' Achilles thought as he suddenly felt some jealousy for some odd reason.

"And now, for Zeref vs Menma Uzumaki Namikaze!" Genma announced which made Albedo sit up.

"I guess my younger brother's fight will have to do for now." Albedo said.

The arena

Zeref dusted his black robe and white sash as he arrived. Menma looked arrogant as he was tossing a ninjato around in his hands like a party trick before almost cutting himself when the blade opened and embedded itself into the ground. Zeref chuckled as he knew that such arrogance would be a simple victory.

"Are both fighters ready? Fight!" Genma announced as Menma quickly created ten clones and made nine of them go after Zeref.

Zeref chuckled some more as he expertly defeated each clone with a single blow. The progeny of Chaos was well aware of his uncle's intentions. So he stood there as he saw Menma running at him with a rasengan that was being supported by a clone.

"Foolish uncle." Zeref said as he took the attack and fell on his back.

"Proctor it's..." Menma was interrupted by another chuckle.

"Arrogance is all I see. You can't even perfect grandfather's technique. How would you achieve victory so easily?" Zeref asked as Menma fumed.

"Why don't you stay down?" Menma asked as he made several more clones and made them fire several fireballs at Zeref.

Zeref chuckled as he countered them with a wall of fire, "Father said he cared about you aunt Nori. Where did the love go?" he asked as he avoided several punches.

"There's no more love to give." Menma said as he tried to slam a Rasengan on him.

"I can tell there's more to it. Don't be shy." Zeref taunted as he landed his foot down on Menma's head.

"Bastard!" Menma yelled before forming some hand seals. "Wind Style: Air Bullets!" he called out.

Zeref extended his palm and created a wall of fire to stop the attack. When it calmed down, he was barraged by various clones who were in some strange synchronized attack. While Zeref did crash into the ground, he quickly got up and destroyed each clone before jabbing his uncle in the face a few times before kicking him in the gut.

"Your are blind uncle. Perhaps this will open your eyes." Zeref said before hitting Menma in the back of the head with his elbow.

Menma tried to stand up only to collapse, "...crap." he muttered.

"The winner is Zeref!" Genma announced as Menma was moved away by the medics.

"Pity, I thought I would be able to break through to him." Zeref said before turning back to the competitors.

Semiramis narrowed her eyes as she studied the remaining contestants, 'My father in law better stop these exams before my son faces my husband. No doubt Zeref is powerful and even greater if Albedo ever decided to cooperate with him in a battle. However Naruto has never been one to hold back in a serious fight. They would likely destroy this little village if they went out.' she analyzed as she watched the battles continue.

Before the next battle continued, a swirl of leaves picked up in the middle of the arena and revealed Kakashi and Sasuke back to back with their arms crossed. Minato rolled his eyes at the lame act and it's only thanks to Naruto's intel that he didn't disqualify his student. Although you would think someone who made jounin at age 13 would have the decency to be on time.

"Are we late?" Kakashi asked.

"YES!" everyone in the arena yelled.

"You're lucky the hokage decided to be lenient just once. I guess that means you can have your match with Gaara now brat." Genma said as Sasuke smirked.

"See, even the hokage knows better than to deny an Uchiha his right." Sasuke said arrogantly.

'I wonder what Obito is thinking when he sees his clansmen this way.' Kakashi thought with a sigh as he shunshened to the other jounin.

Gaara soon appeared in a whirl of sand, "Are both competitors ready?" Genma asked. Both of them nodded, "Begin!" he yelled.

A while later

Sasuke was up on the wall and made several hand seals. Soon a ball of lightning appeared in his hands followed by a sound of birds chirping. Kakashi looked up with a wide eye as he dropped his book.

"That little brat stole my jutsu." Kakashi said as he sounded appalled.

"You know I feel like I would be shocked if you taught him it to him anyways, but know you Kakashi, I kind of expected you to teach him something reckless. Similar to Guy teaching Lee the gates." Kurenai said.

"Lee needs to reach his potential and has a isn't swayed by power Kurenai. Sasuke is... a lot of things and most of them aren't good." Kakashi said as his idiot student ran down to attack Gaara.

Sasuke ran down at an impressive speed, yet it was still behind the level Rock Lee was at. However it was beyond what most genin and the civilians would keep up with. However they could still see his arrogant smug face as he ran the technique into Gaara's impenetrable dome.

"I win loser! Chidori!" Sasuke yelled as he tried to slam his hand into the dome.

Only Gaara saw this technique ahead of time with his floating sand eye technique. So the ichibi jinchuuriki prevented any harm onto his body with a wall of sand to stop Sasuke. Sadly for Sasuke, this technique wasn't necessarily easy for his skill level or easy to control. Sasuke didn't bother registering these facts as he found his arm stuck in a giant wall of sand. With Gaara working towards squeezing it off.

Sasuke did managed to save himself with a more basic lightning jutsu that Kakashi taught him. That's right, the greatest jounin in the village decided to go easy and use the basics for teaching elemental manipulation. Clearly the student was at fault here as Sasuke copied Chidori back in Wave when he awakened to his Sharingan. So using his basics to good use, Sasuke survived potential amputation but still got his butt kicked after being smacked around by the sand.

"Mother is unamused Sasuke Uchiha. Your blood would be an offense to her." Gaara said before making a giant fist of sand and smashing it onto Sasuke's torso.

Genma checked Sasuke's body and declared him unconscious, "Sasuke Uchiha is unable to continue, the winner is Gaara!" Genma announced as many civilians booed. "Now will Temari come down and meet Gaara for the next match?" he requested.

"Proctor I also forfeit!" Temari said in fear of her brother killing her.

Genma sighed, "Winner Gaara by default." he announced as Gaara returned to the stands.

In the stands Albedo was yawning, "Mm, very disappointing to say the least. If I'm not entertained in the next few minutes I want the two of you to battle it out." she said to her two men.

Both Robin and Achilles started to sweat at the idea of being forced into a gladiatorial battle. Neither wanted to deal with the progeny of Chaos in a fight. Especially since she has them wearing slave collars where they have to complete every little task she gives them.

"Now, will Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze and Kurotsuchi please meet me for the start of the next round?" Genma asked as Albedo quickly got up.

"Yes!" Albedo said excitedly as she sat up and accidentally punched the pair.

Semiramis giggled at her daughter's excitement. All while wondering how much potential the fight has in being exciting. That girl from Iwa seemed to hold her own. So that left the Assyrian queen wondering how fair her husband would play during this match. That lava look dangerous and probably the only thing that can harm him unless he manages to outdo her in speed or come up with a layer to stop the damage.

Looking down, she could see baby Shirou sleeping in his bundle with special earmuffs to cancel the loud noises. Semiramis was happy to know that her adopted child would remain peaceful despite the rowdiness. As well as ignoring the disgusted glances coming from the villagers. She could hear the insults coming from them as well.

She sneered at the sounds, has this been Assyria or this wasn't Naruto's home. Semiramis would have ripped them apart with her chains and left them to suffer with her least deadly but most excruciatingly painful poisons. Or at least watch Naruto rip them apart to shreds like he did to those barbarians that tried taking Assyria for themselves all those years ago.

"Are both fighters ready? Begin!" Genma announced as Kurotsuchi made several hand seals in quick succession.

"Lava Style: Ash Stone Seal Jutsu!" Kurotsuchi called out as she spat out some ash that wrapped around Naruto. "You're finished Namikaze! Begone!" she said as she focused her chakra to squeeze the life out of him.

"Are you serious? You're not even burning me, you're squishing me." Naruto said as he was surrounded by black flames from his Hellblaze to burn away the restraint. "That's better." he said as he shook off the bindings.

Kurotsuchi snarled as she made more hand seals, "Earth Style: Fist Rock Jutsu!" she said as both her arms were surrounded by stone as she charged at him.

Naruto chuckled as he stood there and waited for her to hit him. Semiramis rolled her eyes as she watched her husband being punched around. However he didn't collapse, but eventually caught one of the fists before crushing the stone hand until her real flesh was exposed. It didn't end there as Naruto started to squeeze Kurotsuchi's hand making her howl in pain.

Kurotsuchi aimed her other stone covered hand and aimed to punch his head. Unfortunately she was too slow as her opponent shot lightning from his finger tip and blew up her rock fist. Many civilians gasped at the site of Kurotsuchi's bloody hand caused by the lightning's damage. Kurotsuchi applied all the strength and pressure she had to kick Naruto away and jump into the air.

"Fire Style: Fire Dragon Missile!" Kurotsuchi yelled hoping to burn the Namikaze brat for humiliating her.

Naruto smirked as he summoned one of his many fine blades, "Full Counter." he said making the fire disperse.

"Earth Clone Jutsu!" Kurotsuchi made a few doppelgangers as she was hoping to rely on tactics and numbers.

Naruto looked around, "I always wished I could make copies of myself." he said before laughing like a madman. "But I doubt Shirou and Semi could handle more than one of me!" he said as he used his enhanced speed to go after each clone before they could attack him.

"Where is he? URGH!" Kurotsuchi collapsed onto her knees while holding her abdomen and looked up to see Naruto's feral grin.

"I win Kuro-chan! Better luck next time!" Naruto said before knocking her out

"Winner, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze!" Genma announced as most of the crowd cheered for Naruto who was leaving the arena. "And now a short intermission before we begin the semi finals." he added.

"Break time, I need to stretch my legs." Albedo said as she got up and went inside to seek out a concession stand.

Shirou also decided to get up, "I'm going to grab some snacks. Do you guys want anything?" he asks Saber and Arthur.

"No thank you Shirou." Saber answered as Arthur nodded in agreement.

"Hey I want to come too." little Gil said as he followed Shirou.

Just as they were left the main bleachers. The whole arena shook for ten seconds before it felt as cold as the badlands of yuki no kuni. Shirou and Gil were both able to shake it off and warm their bodies but wondered what it was that caused the literal ice age. To some surprise, Kushina was looking around curiously.

"Was someone fanning me?" Kushina asked ignorantly.

And in the stands, "Hokage what the hell was that!? Why did it get cold all of a sudden!?" A demanded to know as did Onoki.

Minato started to scratch his head sheepishly, 'If it is what I think it is. Then something provoked Naruto or one of the other two. I haven't sensed this much energy since the kyuubi sealing.' he thought nervously.

Semiramis also felt a bit unnerved, 'It has been a while since I've sensed such malice. However it feels weaker.' she thought.

Even with the jinchuriki, things felt off, "BEE WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?" the hachibi demanded to know.

"You 8-0 how is this player suppose to know?" Killer Bee rapped rather lamely.

"Kitten whatever caused that cold wave. I want you to STAY AWAY from it." the nibi said in Yugito's mind.

"Nibi I can handle whatever comes at me. Besides, no haughty stooge can handle a fully realized jinchuriki." Yugito said rather arrogantly.

"Kitten, this is beyond the power of a jinchuriki or me in general. Not even Shukaku or Kurama are that stupid." Nibi stated.

"What are you worked up about?" Yugito asked.

"I'm worked up about the one damn thing that could wipe my species from existence. WHY SHOULDN'T I BE WORKED UP!?" Nibi yelled.

"Bee whatever the hell it is. You need to leave NOW." hachibi said.

"Why?" Killer Bee asked only to feel a bigger blast of power.

"That's why!" Hachibi yelled.

And back to the kages, "The issue is global warming." Minato stated.

"Global warming? There is no such thing." Onoki said before feeling his back break.

"That's also part of global warming." Minato said hoping his excuse would work.

With the source of the issue

Inside, Naruto could be seen crushing a man's head with his arm that had taken talon like features. Behind him was Albedo who's cheeks were puffed.

"I'll ask you once? What gave you the right to lay a finger on my child?" Naruto asked the man as his associates were cowering in fear.

"I apologize, please let me live." the man pleaded.

"You did not answer my question." Naruto said threateningly.

Albedo's cheeks were still puffed as she pointed at the men, "He was groping and saying I was easy if mother fell in love with you before calling her big breasted whore." she said as the man laughed nervously while Naruto's eyes turned completely black.

"Heed my words carefully you parasites. Should I hear any of you or any of your fellow common man badmouth or even lay a finger on my child or spouse. Then the kyuubi attack will look like a minor firework incident." Naruto said as he dropped the man harshly as they started running. "I know where you all live! Your head will roll down the streets!" he added.

"Like a turd... in the wind." Albedo spoke up.

"That's right, like a... turd in the wind?" Naruto asked his daughter as if she was an idiot. "Who says turd in the wind?" he asked her.

"Haven't you seen monkeys fling their poop?" Albedo asked only to see his rare face of disappointment towards her. "Father don't make this difficult. This isn't rocket surgery." she said only to make things worse.

"Albedo-chan, you are only making it worse. Now let's go." Naruto said as he lead her to the concessions where Shirou and little Gil were ordering.

Shirou felt unnerved as he heard all that commotion in the distance, "Hey uncle." he greeted.

"Hey dad." Gil greeted.

"Hey you two. Enjoying the fights so far?" Naruto asked as he started ordering.

"I can tell a lot of you guys seem to try really hard to get strong. I bet if Tohsaka was here, she would probably lose her mind seeing so much power that isn't related to magic." Shirou answered.

"I thought the pineapple haired guy was lame. He took to long to plan and quit because he got too tired. In real life that would probably get him killed." little Gil explained.

"You're right with that statement little Gil. I remember a few generals and warriors hoping to create a ceasefire when in reality, they were too tired to keep going." Naruto replied. "I bet he's going to get promoted for using a lot of strategy. However Shikamaru's clan is probably the worst to have around since their shadow's can't function at night. Whereas as I'm completely attuned to light and darkness." he added.

"Hey uncle, can I ask you something?" Shirou asked.

"Go right ahead Shirou." Naruto said as he started picking up the orders.

"Basically this was on my mind in the past month. Since you were born in this dimension, it's different from mine. Yet there's baby me that you pretty much adopted." Shirou started.

"Where are you going with this nephew?" Albedo asked as she didn't like the concept of separate timelines even though her father is from one.

"What I want to know, is there another you out there?" Shirou asked nervously.

Naruto turned his head back with a calm face, "Yeah, but he's an idiot. Who I don't want to mention or his failure of a child." he said with the last part sounding rather mean.

"What?" Gil asked.

"Now that I think about... nah I'll get in trouble if I mention those guys. But I wonder if any of them have their own Shirou's. I know that one blonde girl did." Naruto muttered.

However before Naruto was pestered with the concept of infinite singularities with different events. The whole arena started shaking as several debris started to fall. Naruto narrowed his eyes as he knew this was actual trouble.

"Kids, follow me. Something isn't right." Naruto said before they heard several explosions coming from the outside.


Naruto snarled at the sight, from the looks of it, Suna was teaming up with Orochimaru by giving them a hand in the invasion. In the distance, he could see smoke from where the kage were sitting. No doubt Orochimaru was being arrogant and would likely try to create some incentive for A and Onoki to team up with him.

Naruto knew that those two would need to be absolutely desperate to give in. However A was too prideful and wouldn't side with some he deemed weak and likely hurt his village's reputation. Onoki would probably be more indecisive until he sees which side is much stronger along with what's at stake. So overall, it was three kage versus some wannabe who ran away from his problems.

"Albedo, take Gil and look for your mother. Shirou, you and I will try to find Arthur and Saber." Naruto ordered as they went their separate ways.

With Semiramis

The Assyrian Queen was displeased with her situation. She was surrounded by a combination of Suna and Oto ninja and to make matters worse. Baby Shirou was awake and crying in fear of what was happening around him. It didn't help that these barbarians were leering at her like she was a piece of meat. It almost reminded her of that pig she had to call a husband years before Naruto entered her life.

"Come on lady, you can't take us all down." one taunted.

"Yeah, maybe when this is over. You can show us everything." another taunted as he licked his lips followed by a bunch of cat calls.

Semiramis merely raised her arms in separate directions. Both groups were surrounded by purple magic runes. Before they could form hand seals, they were pierced by various poison tipped chains. However the worst wasn't over as Semiramis made sure that the blades did not kill her foes. Instead, it was the special poison laced on the tips.

One of them soon noticed it as his hand start to bloat, "What the hell? Why does this hurt? What the hell did you do to my hand you bitch!?" he yelled.

Semiramis smirked as all of them started to bloat up. Boyles started to pop up along with polyps as their skin started to rapidly turn green before the edges turned black. To a medical professional, the best thing to do would be to amputate, but this poison works too fast to let that be a long term cure.

"Oh kami! Stop this pain!" another yelled as he was reckless enough to cut off part of his hand with his tanto.

Only his screams became music to Semiramis's ears, "It's too late to amputate. I hope you find pleasure in the underworld. May you plead redemption before Anu." she said before picking up baby Shirou and walking to a less dangerous area as the shinobi cursed her and pleaded for the pain to go away.

A few more Oto shinobi jumped in front of her before Albedo arrived in her black armor and decapitated them. Removing her helmet, Albedo quickly embraced her mother as both disappeared in swirl of black flames before reappearing at the mansion.

"Mother, how are you and the baby?" Albedo asked as Semiramis was trying to calm baby Shirou down.

"I am fine and baby Shirou is only a bit frightened." Semiramis answered as baby Shirou started to calm down.

"Will you be fine here?" Albedo asked.

Semiramis sighed, "I'm not some weak woman hiding behind her regal title Albedo. Besides, your father did finish with his side project." he said as Albedo's eyes went wide.

Back to the fighting

After reuniting with Arthur and Saber, Naruto immediately realized that his son was nowhere to be seen. That is until he saw a giant wave of sand in the distance. That's when he noticed a pair of large black wings flying high in the air and was unleashing a wave of flames at the sand.

"Gil stay close to Shirou and the rest." Naruto said as he extended his wings and followed Zeref.

Shirou looked around as he pulled out his sword, "So what's the plan?" he asked.

"I guess try to help out as best we can." Gil said as he was hiding behind Artoria.

"We could ask Kakashi-san if he needs assistance." Saber suggested as she pointed to Kakashi and Asuma who were heavily surrounded.

"Right!" the boys said as they helped cut down the various enemy ninja around them.

"Thanks for the help, now..." Asuma was interrupted by Kakashi.

"Ah shit." Kakashi said.

"Language my youthful rival!" Guy yelled as he kicked some Oto ninja in the face.

"What happened?" Saber asked.

Kakashi sighed, "I think my other little genin decided to be reckless and follow Gaara and Zeref." he said.

"You think or you know?" Saber asked critically.

"It doesn't matter, could one of you two go after them and make sure they don't get themselves killed?" Kakashi asked.

Saber was about to answer when Shirou spoke up first, "I can go." he said.

"Out of the question!" Saber said.

"I'll be fine Saber. It's just a quick retrieval. I'll be back soon." Shirou said as he extended his dark wings and followed the genin.

"Hey no fair! Shirou can fly already?" Gil whined.

Saber ignored her counterpart as she went after her master, "Kids, they never listen do they?" Asuma asked.

"You should have seen Naruto. He was listening to basic commands when he learned to walk." Kakashi said remembering his surrogate brother's adolescence.

With Gaara and Zeref

Gaara was already in his partial jinchuriki form and was just a hair away from letting the ichibi take over. It didn't help that he was infuriated by an opponent he had no means to reach. That damn Zeref was flying high in the sky and trying to burn him alive.

"Come down here Zeref and prove my existence!" Gaara ordered.

"Am I not acknowledging now Gaara-san? Perhaps I need to turn up the heat." Zeref said as he started using hellblaze.

"Come down here!" Gaara demanded as he continued firing sand shurikens only for them to be burned into shards of glass.

"Piercing Bullets!" Zeref said as a barrage of bullets were hailed at Gaara who sealed himself in a dome.

"Sand Shuriken!" Gaara called out as he failed to counter the bullets. "Wind Style: Air Bullets!" he said almost hitting the black haired young man.

"Dark Blast Inferno!" the fire pushed out the fire and hit Gaara who started to look more like his tailed beast.

"Fire Style: Great Fireball Jutsu!" Zeref turned to see that idiotic Uchiha and along with those stupid people he calls uncle and aunt.

'Why can't I have an aunt like the Merlin woman that father speaks so highly of? Even a thief and drunk like that Ban man sounds like a preferably alternative.' Zeref thought as he could see the idiot twins forming a giant rasengan together.

"That puny orb is just a bad rip off of the lightning one!" Gaara yelled as the twins smacked into a wall made of several layers of sand.

"Damn it! Let's go again Menma!" Nori said as they tried to form the rasengan again only to be pushed away by an air bullet.

Once again, Sasuke started spamming his latest technique which he was gifted with (according to him it's not stealing if you're an Uchiha) and grabbed Gaara's attention. Using his enhanced speed, he dashed at Gaara in a straight with the intent to pierce his heart.

"You are very annoying Uchiha." Gaara commented.

"Chidori!" Sasuke yelled out.

The idiot got his hand stuck in a wall and needed Zeref to use his own lightning to shatter the sand wall. Luckily he was able to drag the Uchiha away despite the emo kicking and screaming that he needed to beat Gaara.

"Let me go dobe jr!" Sasuke ordered as he was completely unaware of the fact that he was almost a kilometer high into the air.

"Ok." Zeref said nonchalantly as he dropped Sasuke.

"AHHHHHHH!" Sasuke screamed only to be caught by Zeref again and hanged over a tree by his pants.

"I'll pick you up later, but only if I remember." Zeref said as he left Sasuke hanging.

"Hey! I demand you to let me down!" Sasuke ordered once more only to be ignored. Not realizing that his demands and orders mean absolutely nothing.

Before Zeref could continue his fight, he spotted two more flying projectiles heading his way. Zeref smiled at the sight of his father and Shirou arriving.

"Shirou, are you ready to use what you've learned?" Naruto asked.

Shirou gulped, "I think so uncle." he said.

"Don't worry Shirou, we'll get through this together. It's a three against one fight after all." Naruto said as they got into range.

Gaara noticed all three in range and instead of taking the time to aim and hit them individually. He started to gather up all his sand and started to take the form of a giant sand demon. Zeref frowned as did the other two.

"Damn, Shirou change of plan. Fly higher and avoid the sand and any other wind based attacks." Naruto said making the red head nod.

Gaara resurfaced on the top of the sand giant, "Playing Possum Jutsu." he said before passing out as the sand completed it's form.

"Woohoo! I'm free baby! Time to die!" Shukaku said as he continued firing sand shurikens at the family.

"Damn, the last thing we need is a bijuu. Shirou stay close to Zeref. This is beyond your level." Naruto warned as they avoided heavy waves of sand.

"So what's the plan uncle?" Shirou asked.

"I doubt the ichibi is willing to reveal his weakness. So I'm going to need you and Zeref to use a heavy amount of fire to grab his attention." Naruto answered.

Zeref felt concerned about this reckless plan, "But what about you father?" he asked.

Naruto smirked, "Zeref, Shirou, I think after our long training I rekindled with a couple of things. One being the dragons and other... my noble phantasm." he said before going high into the air.

"The one time I need him around to cause destruction and he leaves." Shirou deadpans.

Zeref gave a weak laugh, "At one point mother considered divorcing him when she assumed he was running away to be a coward. It turned out he was recklessly charging the enemy invaders by ramming them like a wild bull." he said which made Shirou sweat drop. "Don't worry, all you need is a little faith. You want to be a hero don't you? This is the only chance you have Shirou." he added as Shirou nodded.

Back in Konoha

Things were becoming quite hectic outside of the arena. Luckily Jiraiya and Tsunade managed to summon their respective animals to help combat the summons. For some odd reason the battalions of ANBU and jounin that were defending the gate did nothing but throw explosive shurikens at the damn things. Then were met with the threat of Tsunade hounding them for such stupid tactics since they continued their assault despite the summons being to tough for their kunai and explosives to pierce.

With the kage, as Naruto had predicted, Orochimaru was trying to kill Minato and tried to sway the other two to his side. A was too prideful and focused on the repercussions his village would face as he assumed Oto and Suna would fail while Onoki sided with the stronger side leaving Orochimaru on his own. Except he had a little trump card up his sleeve.

The bastard sannin managed to steal a jutsu from the forbidden scroll. The Edo Tensei, a technique created by the nidaime hokage to resurrect the dead and force them into combat. Aside from the civilian council, it was safe to say that Tobirama was probably the real idiot among the Senju clan when he made these decisions. Along with Kimimaro by his side, Orochimaru was at a slight advantage in a four on three fight.

Then suddenly a black armored figure managed to penetrate the barrier. Removing her helmet, Albedo revealed herself in front of her grandfather and took a fighting stance.

"Albedo-chan? What are you doing here?" Minato asked.

"I'm here to fight beside my grandfather since papa is fighting his own battle with Shirou and Zeref." Albedo answered as she pulled out her father's scythe.

"How is this little girl in armor supposed to help?" Onoki asked.

"She seems pretty hot headed like that wife of your hokage." A pointed out.

Albedo turned back in annoyance, "First, don't speak as if you a geriatric would be a better fighter big nose. Second, is there really anything wrong with being like granny Kushina?" she asked.

A looked gobsmacked, "You're an Uzumaki? And related to the red hot habanero? The most dangerous woman in existence?" he asked.

A fly soon went through Albedo's left ear and came out through right one, "Yeah can't you tell the difference?" she asked.

*Audience laughter*

"Ok where did that come from?" Albedo asked as she looked around.

"Enough games! Kill them now!" Orochimaru ordered as the two deceased hokage charged at them.

Minato pulled out his hiraishin kunai as he prepared for the fight, "Albedo-chan watch out, these are two of our deceased hokage. They were very powerful in their time and with the way they are, they can't be defeated by normal means." he warned.

"Wait, so they're basically the undead?" Albedo asked.

"That summarizes what he said little girl." A answered as he prepared his lightning armor.

"I can handle the undead grandfather. The only downside is I have to be up close and personal." Albedo said as she went after Tobirama at a powerful speed.

"Albedo-chan watch out!" Minato yelled as Albedo avoided the nidaime's own hiraishin.

"Too slow old man!" Albedo managed to grab Tobirama by his throat as she opened her mouth wide as her sclera turned black.

"What is this? What kind of woman are you?" Tobirama asked before some strange essence exited his body and entered her mouth.

"What the hell?" A asked as Tobirama's body dissolved into dust.

"Impossible! My puppets should be invincible!" Orochimaru yelled in outrage.

"Brother! What have you done to my younger brother!?" Hashirama demanded as he tried to pierce Albedo with his mokuton.

"I devoured his soul. Don't worry, I'll spit it out later." Albedo answered as she tried to burn the wood away just as Onoki started using his jinton at Orochimaru while Minato fought off Kimimaro only to be tossed around by A who grabbed his head and smashed into the ground.

The fight continued and things eventually turned one sided as Minato managed left an opening for A to restrain the shodaime. Much to his horror (along with everyone else) Albedo swallowed his soul. Which left the three kage to fight off Orochimaru who was hiding his nervousness. It didn't help that Albedo was fighting Kimimaro who was already in his second curse mark form.

"I... will defeat... you!" Kimimaro declared as he spinned around like a top at Albedo who avoided the attack.

"Piercing Tornado!" Albedo called out as the last Kaguya was trapped inside a tornado that started cutting through his flesh with it's wind.

"This is... not enough! I will... kill for Orochimaru... sama!" Kimimaro proclaimed as he went to stab Albedo from high up.

"I don't feel like dying today." Albedo said as she used her scythe to stab him in the gut and before bringing it up and slamming it onto the floor as hard as possible. "Goodbye fool, be glad you fell by my hand and not my father's." she said before decapitating him.

She then turned to see Orochimaru being beaten silly by each kage who took a turn. Onoki bashed him with his earth rock fist before A uppercutted him into the sky followed by a flurry of punches and ending the attack with Minato teleporting into the sky to slash at Orochimaru several times before the sannin crashed back into the rooftop.

However before they could finish him off, they noticed that the sky started to go dark. Orochimaru was trying to slip away only to feel a bad dose of pain in his stomach. Causing him to remain immobilized while the kage felt a strange sensation. That's when a dark voice could be heard high in the sky.

"There is no good without evil, but evil must not flourish. There is no light without darkness, but never allow darkness to blind you. Umbra Sidus!"

(Avatar TLA OST - Ocean Spirit)

Soon the sun that lit the ever bright sky and gifted the village with light. Was soon succumbed by darkness as a shadow blocked it's sight in the form of an eclipse. The entire village was cursed with what seemed to be everlasting and cold darkness. However it only seemed that way to most people.

On the ground below, many Oto and Suna ninja stopped in their tracks as they they felt their vision had been impaired. However it didn't help that Konoha's forces continued the fight as if they had been excited to begin with. To the surprise of the Suna ninja, their wind ninjutsu was nothing more than just the air coming from their breath.

That didn't stop the Konoha ninja from firing rather large balls of fire at them. Oto shinobi jumped in trying to use their gauntlets and other techniques only to face a similar issues as they started to crumble before vasts amounts of heavy ninjutsu. A few even tried to utilize taijutsu only to feel sluggish and heavy before being defeated quickly and killed by quick timed kunai and sword attacks. Within minutes, the invasion force was being trapped into several corners of the village.

As for the summons, they weren't feeling the same ailment but faced an even greater threat. Just as Jiraiya and Tsunade were pushing the snakes back. They ducked in cover before a giant blast caused one of the snakes to explode like a firework.

"Jiraiya what the hell was that?" Gamabunta asked as the toad sage looked up.

"Tsunade-hime? I think someone stole technology from Soragakure." Jiraiya said as the slug princess looked up as well to see a flying structure over the village.

"Holy..." Tsunade was lost for words as the structure continued to fire at the snakes.

Soon a booming voice could be heard coming the structure, "Let me show you the castle in heaven that no human touches. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon fufufu hahahahaha!"

"Is that Semiramis?" Tsunade asked as she saw more lasers firing from the hanging gardens.

"Become ashes like ants!" Semiramis said as she continued to obliterate the enemy.

"I think it's safe to say that there's a woman more dangerous than Kushina." Jiraiya said as he feared his godson's wife.

Back to the fight with Shukaku

The sand spirit watched in fear as he started to feel drained from the sight of the eclipse. It was completely unnatural and felt very powerful. It was too much for him to go in blindly and start attacking. However things only got worse for the bijuu as he sensed something smaller than him, but full of powerful foreign energy.

(Bleach OST - Stand Up Be Strong)

From the sky came down a large black winged beast started flying towards him. It wasn't any ordinary creature as it was black with green patches and designs around it's body along with strange looking limbs and other accessories with spike around them. Along with two bright blue eyes that could pierce into someone's soul if you looked into them.

(A/N: Supreme Dragon King Zarc, but with blue eyes)

"What is that thing?" Shirou asked.

"Father." Zeref answered with a calm demeanor as the beast flew past them. "He's become like his teachers." he added.

With that in mind, Naruto screeched as a dark orb appeared from his mouth. If Shukaku could, he would be sweating at the sight of something possibly beyond his father. Shaking his head, he started blowing a barrage of air drills and sand buckshots hoping to shoot him out of the sky. However Naruto wasn't phased as lightning came from his wings and blasted through the sand before he landed his attack.

Shukaku was too slow to move out of the way of the dark blast and took the blast to the face. With that, he started to stumble as Naruto shot another dark blast and hit the bijuu in the shoulders as the sand started to shatter into glass. Shukaku continued to wail around as he tried to stab the massive dragon with spikes made from his sand body.

Naruto however, continued to send blasts of lightning and fire at Shukaku which managed to counter his sand for now. However while he may seem confident and powerful for now. This was the first time he's transformed in this lifetime and it was already straining his body. Which didn't help as the eclipse was taking up a lot of his energy. While this doesn't always matter, Shukaku was still massive and pretty much dwarfed his dragon form.

'And I feel like I'm giant refrigerator with wings.' Naruto thought as he looked at the sand spirit which continued to attack him.

"Uncle can't hold him off on his own forever." Shirou pointed out as he could see Naruto looking a bit sluggish as Shukaku managed to smack him with a mace made from sand.

Zeref shook his head, "You're right, maybe if he overuses his energy but I doubt he could handle it. Besides, that eclipse is his doing and is likely taking too much mana to keep it there." he said despite feeling invigorated by it's presence.

"Zeref, Shirou, I can distract the ichibi and keep him from attacking you. You need to find Gaara and awaken him. I believe that might be the only way to reseal the beast." Naruto said in a booming voice.

"Well it looks like we have out instructions." Zeref said as he lead the way to Shukaku's head.

"I got you now! Wind Style: Sand Scattering Bullets!" Shukaku called out.

Naruto attempted to counter by firing another blast of lightning, but was only able to take out most of the sand projectiles only to get hit in the wing. After taking the hit, he crashed into several trees before landing onto the ground. As he looked up, he could see a wave of sand heading towards him with the intent to crush him. Luckily, he had enough energy to blast it away with another dark orb.

"Just die and leave me alone already!" Shukaku demanded as he fired hundred of sand shuriken at Naruto.

Naruto managed to recover and avoided the attack in time, 'Damn, Shirou and Zeref better find that brat already.' he thought as he took to the sky.

"I'll get you for good with this one!" Shukaku said as he started pouring all his chakra into one more attack. In front of his mouth, a dark orb started to appear but it was different from Naruto's, "Bijuudama!" he yelled out as the ball grew ever bigger.

Naruto took a deep breath as he used his reserve energy to counter it. As the bijuudama started to reach him. Several beams came out from his wings and pointed into a single point coming from his mouth. Soon a large white barrier appeared in front of him and caught the attack which started to push him back as the barrier started to shatter.

'Come on. Come on. Just a little further.' Naruto thought as he struggled to maintain the attack.

"Shirou take cover." Zeref said as he saw what was going to happen.

Shukaku started to laugh as he saw a the explosion from his jutsu go off, "Hehe... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I GOT 'EM REAL GOOD! CHAOS MY ASS! I BEAT THAT THING SO THAT MAKES ME THE STRONGEST AND... hey what the hell!?" he asked asked as the dust from the explosion started to shrink down.

As the dust settled down, Naruto's dragon form started to shrink down until he was human again. Or sub human in his case as it took a lot out of him. However it was worth it now that he was able to absorb the attack and shrunk it down into a single vibrant orb that would fit into the palm of his hand.

"With this, I call checkmate sand spirit. Revenge Counter!" Naruto said as he tossed the orb at a speed that could break the sound barrier.

In a mere blink of an eye, Shukaku looked down to see the orb impacting him. Only things felt very slow as all he could see was something which was the size of an ant compared to him. Just touch his belly... then things got blurry due to the massive explosion it caused. Most of Shukaku's body was completely obliterated as what was left was a mere skeleton like body that was held together by threads.

"I ain't... done... just... yet..." Shukaku tried to say as he tried to reform his sand.

That's when Shirou saw Gaara hanging out from the side Shukaku's head, "There he is!" he said as he dashed after the red head.

"Oh no you don't!" Shukaku said as he tossed a few weak sand shuriken at the aspiring hero.

"I'll end your evil today ichibi!" Shirou said as he avoided the attack and struck Gaara who woke up and fell off of the head.

"Aw man! I just got out! I don't deserve this much of a whooping!" Shukaku cried out as his body collapsed.

(End of Song)

As Shirou went to save Gaara, Naruto fell and started to plummet only to be caught by his son, "I have you father. Don't worry." he said.

"Zeref... my child... thank you..." Naruto said in between gasps of his breath.

"Father, what has happened to your appearance?" Zeref asked as he just noticed his father's transformation.

Naruto's physicality and facial structure was the same as his true form. Only now he was much more pale, his hair still spiky but black and his eyes were a lighter blue but almost white as the sclera had turned pitch black like his wife's hair. Along with that, his wings were still there but had taken on a reptilian form similar to his dragon form.

"This? Something similar happened in the past life. I overexerted myself with a new ability. I will regenerate into my true form once I remove that eclipse in the next hour or so." Naruto explained as Zeref helped him reach the ground.

Back with Shirou, the red head lifted up the other red head by his shirt, "Why would you do it? Why would you give into something so dangerous that you could kill so many people at once!?" Shirou practically yelled into Gaara's fearful face.

"I need to prove my existence!" Gaara defended himself only to get punched in the stomach as he fell.

"Why would that justify what you've done? If there's no one left then you'll be alone? Do you really think you can make the world better by killing everyone?" Shirou asked as he started to give into his hate.

"What else is there? I have no one. My siblings fear me as do the other villagers. My father saw me as nothing more than a weapon." Gaara said as he pulled Shirou back towards his humanity.

"Well it doesn't have to be that way. You don't have to become the monster they define you to be." Shirou said as he offered Gaara a hand.

Gaara took the time to register the offer before taking his hand. That's when his siblings arrived and jumped beside him.

"Temari, Kankuro, we're done. We've lost." Gaara said shocking them.

That's when Zeref arrived to restrain them with black chains, "And before you think about it. No, you can't go home after everything your village pulled." he said.

"Oh crap, they'll eat me alive in prison. They always go for the chubby guy and make up boy!" Kankuro said crying anime tears.

"Now you admit to wearing makeup?" Temari asked.

"Well it's not like they'll believe it's war paint anyways." Kankuro said as he continued to cry.

Gaara merely sighed as he lowered his head before being sealed into a scroll meant for prisoners, "I think that will be enough of them." Zeref said as he put the scroll away.

"Hey where's uncle?" Shirou asked as he didn't see the man anywhere.

"It's a strange story, my father said he sensed something strange and stumbled around to look for it." Zeref answered as he wondered what was so interesting that his exhausted father went out to look on his own.

With Naruto

As the now pale black haired man went to seek out the strange energy. He stumbled around the forest as he carefully avoided getting hurt. It would take a while for him to recover once all the fighting was over. As he made his way deeper into the forest, he felt the mysterious energy grow ever stronger. In a matter of minutes, he found himself in a clearing where the trees left an open path to the sun had the eclipse not been there.

And before Naruto stood something he never thought he would see again. In front of him was a beautiful treasure, a sacred weapon from the era of his first incarnation. The single hand held tool used to shine as bright as the most prideful and powerful man he had ever known.

"Escanor?" Naruto asked as he slowly approached the axe and touched it. "It can't be... the axe... the old man... creator." Naruto looked up at the dark sky. "Did you save Escanor? I couldn't summon him like I did the others. Does this mean that he's actually alive? Was his soul trapped in the Elemental Nations all this time?" he continued to ask as if Chaos itself was listening to his questions.

With one mighty grasp, Naruto used all his strength to pull out the axe from the ground. He could still feel the heat of the sun coming from the sacred treasure Rhitta itself along with something else inside of it. Before he could further question the presence of the heavy blade. Naruto felt himself being surrounded by energy before noticing the Hanging Gardens floating above him.

"Semiramis..." Naruto muttered as he was transported to the top of the gardens by the courtyard.

Naruto gave into his exhaustion and lied down on a bench as he placed Rhitta down on the ground. As he turned his head, he saw Semiramis walking towards him with baby Shirou in his hand.

"Naruto? What happened to you?" she asked with concern in her voice.

"I used to much of my power and became reckless. I'm cancelling my noble phantasm so I can take the time to recover Semi." Naruto answered as his wife sat down and let him rest his head on her lap. "So warm." he muttered.

Semiramis smiled, "You worry me sometimes. While you seem invincible, you are still like any ordinary human. You have your limit." she said.

Naruto chuckled weakly, "I thought you were going to say that the Foreigner class is full of foreigners." he said.

"That does not make sense husband. By the way, what is this axe? Is it one of your treasures?" she asked.

"Ooh?" baby Shirou asked as he looked around.

"No sweetheart, it's an old friend. Someone who I haven't seen in a long time. However I lack the mana and the strength to restore him." Naruto answered as he grabbed baby Shirou.

"Papa?" baby Shirou asked looking a bit afraid.

"Yes my dear child, I am your father. Although I suppose I look more like daughter and son now." Naruto said as Semiramis stroked his hair.

"I suppose you do. I'm afraid Albedo will throw a fit as well Kushina when she wonders what happened to her own son." Semiramis added.

Naruto sighed as he held the infant closer to his chest, "Then please wake me up when this is all over. I should also stop blocking out the sun." he said as he raised his hand towards the eclipse. "Sol Caecorum Oculos Aperire." he said as the sun started to wash over the village again.

"Sun, give sight to the blind. It makes sense." Semiramis said in an attempt to translate the noble phantasm.

"Those who can still see when surrounded by darkness. Are the ones who are strongest." Naruto added.

Back with the kage and Albedo

Orochimaru started to scream as he tossed and turned on the ground, "WHAT IS THIS!? KABUTO YOU BASTARD! WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!?" Orochimaru yelled as he remembered a similar pain.

It was during the preliminaries when Orochimaru expected his spy, Kabuto Yakushi, to approach him with information on Sasuke Uchiha. Only to be stabbed in shoulder with a strange syringe filled with blood. Orochimaru quickly executed Kabuto believing him to have been manipulated into attacking him. Having been set back, the sannin had to slightly alter his plans.

Which was an important reason why Kimimaro was here in order to take over the medic's duties in starting the invasion. Now both were dead and Orochimaru was running out of tools. Even worse he felt as if something was trying to kill him from the inside.

"What the hell is wrong with him?" Minato asked.

"The fool looks like he's giving birth." Onoki said as Orochimaru clutched his stomach and chest.

"I wouldn't be surprised, he's done a lot of messed up experiments from what I heard." A said as he hated this sannin the most.

"Kami... why have you forsaken me!?" Orochimaru asked not seeing the irony.

That's when the most disgusting thing happened.

"AAAAHHH!" Orochimaru screamed at the top of his lungs as something exploded from his stomach and came crawling out.

"OH KAMI!" A yelled as he threw up.

"OUCH MY EYES!" Onoki said covering his vision.

"WHA..." Minato stopped functioning as he watched this unfold.

Albedo just stood there in shock as a pale, yellow eyed, blue haired infant or adolescent crawled out of the sannin like a parasite. The infant or whatever it was also started to tear through any flesh and bone that was in the way as it tried to escape Orochimaru's body. The little creature stared back at Orochimaru before making it's way out of the barely living sannin.

Even the sound four were ready to escape with them. Sadly the three kage recovered and were able to quickly dispatch Kidomaru, Jirobo and Sakon/Ukon. Which left Albedo to deal with Tayuya who had her flute smashed before being knocked out by a powerful demon punch. Eventually some ANBU and jounin from the separate villages arrived to assist their respective kage only to see the event unfold.

Orochimaru was gasping for air as he tried to reach out of the sky as if he was asking permission to enter paradise. Then they turned their head to see the child crawling to Anko and pulling on her shin guard.

"What are you?" Anko asked as she took off her trench coat to pick the child up with.

"Mama?" the infant asked.

"Well it came from the snake and ripped him open." Minato said surprising Anko.

Sarutobi also arrived to see his fallen student, "How far have you fallen my former student?" he asked.

"Mercy... please..." Orochimaru pleaded before Albedo burned him alive with her black flames.

"I think this world would be much better without him." Albedo said as everyone agreed with him.

Meanwhile Anko was mesmerized by the bloody baby, "Hokage-sama, I request to adopt this baby!" she said.

"Anko, you do realize that thing bursted through Orochimaru's chest right?" Minato asked.

"I'll hold all responsibilities for him and take good care of him." Anko said while saluting him.

"Alright, we'll talk about this later." Minato said as everyone started to plan things out seeing as Suna and Oto had retreated. Minato also looked up to see the Hanging Gardens making it's way back to the arena, "You have a very strange family my son." he said.


NEXT TIME: Goodbye Konoha and Caster attacks

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