A/N: This is my first story in my 'Officer Wolfe' series, a series of books that talk about Ryan's experience in patrol before CSI (with mentions of other characters), and how all those experiences taught him for the better. It also includes events outside of work that could be the reason for influenced his reactions later on. He's described as having shorter hair because it obviously grew to be as long it was in Season 3. :) All set around earlier seasons.

A/N ll: Each story starts with a different type of experience on patrol. Traffic stop is the first one.

Officer Wolfe: Crash Course In The Danger Zone


It was another early morning for Ryan. He was starting his shift early because after shift he had a practise exam for in preparation for the real thing next year. Wolfe was studying at Miami University to get his Masters degree in Genetics but worked full time as a patrol officer too. Some people worried that it diminished his focus, that being his older sister. He told her that he liked patrol and a wanted to continue his way up the rankings eventually. An early start was exactly what he needed to further his career from his early twenties. And it was nothing compared to the amount of jobs he worked to pay off his college tuition. But nobody said anything about that.

He got to the precinct around three, changed into his uniform and put on the rest of his gear. Cleaned his firearm with one of the many gun cleaning kits he had in his locker and went to find his T.O. so they could get out there. The Watch Commander wanted him there by four, that's where he was.

Sergeant Hernandez had been still finishing off his paperwork from last night when Ryan approached him. Wolfe always did all his paperwork thoroughly yet efficiently.. unlike the rest of the guys on patrol. They took ages to finish one damn report. "Hey Sgt, should I go clear the car?"

"Alright, suppose it'll keep you busy for a bit while I finish this."

Ryan nodded, leaving the building and heading to the garage to prepare the car for the beat. He made sure they had all the equipment. Spikes trail, rifle, tools for all circumstances.. it seemed a little pointless. But he had nothing better to do with Sgt. Hernandez sitting around complaining with a stack of paper. It wasn't going to write itself.

Then Officer Cisco walked towards him. Ryan hoped that he was finally not going to hear anymore complaining from his training officer that week. "Sgt is caught up, which means you've got me for today. I've heard you're a good one from the Commander." The young officer had quite the reputation already, not everyone really liked that though. Cisco didn't seem bothered by it - relieved by it.

Soon they were out patrolling their given area until told otherwise. Ryan was driving as Sam had apparently wanted to test out his driving skills. He passed the academy with flying colors but applying that knowledge in the real world wasn't going to be made easy. Wolfe wasn't afraid of any tests his colleagues wanted to do on him. He'd trained just like everybody else and could do everything they told him he couldn't.

"That car is going way too fast." Ryan pointed out the red Cadillac that had zoomed right past them and drove right through a red light.

Officer Cisco nodded. "We're going to stop them for speeding and running a red light." "Right." Wolfe turned the lights and sirens on as he drove after the speeding car. Sam examined their speed carefully. He'd not done a traffic stop in a while but heard Wolfe had his days full of them.

The car eventually pulled over and Ryan picked up his pad. He walked over to the driver's side of the vehicle, knocking on the window. The driver rolled it down and faced the officer. "Hello officer, can I help you?" "Ok, did you realize that you were doing 55 in a 35 zone and you ran a red light?" He asked, filling in the citation as he glanced at his watch for the time. "No, sir."

"Why do you think I pulled you over?"

"I don't know man," the man said. "I ain't have any warrants against me."

"I pulled you over for speeding, pal. Can I have your I.D.?" The driver handed him the I.D. and Ryan briefly read the name, before he attached it to his uniform and filled out the rest of the form with the person's name. Then he radioed in for a search done on the name given to him. He wanted to make sure that he was really talking to the man who'd given him his own way of identification.

As he waited for a response from Officer Cisco, he decided to find out a little bit more about the two people in the car. "Who's the girl next to you?"

"I'm Emma. What's your badge number?"

Ryan gave a sarcastic laugh. He'd already gotten the impression he was dealing with some con artists. Something about them didn't seem right. "How about I give you the name on my badge? Does Wolfe sound better than a number?" "Yeah. Right." His conversation was interrupted when they finally got back to him. No outstanding warrants, no previous offences, driver's license was not suspended and the license plate checked out.

He handed the guy back his I.D., followed by a ticket for the traffic violations. "You're lucky that it's just a violation because it could've been a lot worse."

"Mm, you're telling me. Thanks officer." As Ryan returned to the car, the other vehicle rolled up the window and drove away at that 35mph limit he'd been talking about. Wolfe got back into the car and finished off the paperwork before he began driving again. They still had another good rest of the shift left.

"Teenagers?" Cisco asked.

"Early twenties."

"How often do you pull over people older than you?" Sam couldn't hold back his laughter. It was quite funny that he just simply got lucky with the amount of people he pulled over that were either his age or above 29. Ryan did mention that he never took bribes, which would explain why the Watch Commander had taken such a liking to him. Some officers would pretend they didn't see anything just for the sake of person they know. "Often."