A/N: Part 2 of the 'Officer Wolfe' series. I was originally going to make separate books for each segment but I feel like it's better to make it into one, so here's chapter two. Admittedly inspired by every time Ryan has chased a suspect. Something about his character noticed throughout the show is his running ability. It's noticeably faster than the others and he is usually the one doing the running if it isn't someone else. So yeah.

A/N ll: This is the next part of the experiences. Maybe I'll do shootout or car chase next, idk. I promise this story will get better over time. This one is Foot Pursuit.

Officer Wolfe: Hot on Your Heels (Bolt Acceleration)


Ryan didn't usually ride by himself but because of the currently crime wave going on Miami, it meant they needed more units in more areas. The patrol officer had got himself some coffee as it was unlikely he'd really have time to go home with so many things going on around the city. As he got back to his car, dispatch called with a request for all units in the area to assist the pursuit of a known criminal that had stolen a department-issued vehicle. Wolfe immediately got in and got back to work. Crime never rests, as they say.

His attention soon turned to the Hummer that zoomed past him. The sirens weren't on and through the rolled down window, he could see the reported suspect. Wolfe immediately radioed in as he restarted the pursuit after the stolen vehicle. He had no idea who's vehicle it was but he didn't feel alright doing this by himself. Surely they'd tracked the GPS location already.

They drove onto the freeway where the suspect began driving faster. Ryan slammed his foot on the gas and did his best to catch up with it. There was no way he was letting this guy get away. He'd gotten away last time on pure chance but this time it wasn't going to happen. Especially not with a department owned vehicle like a CSI's Hummer. In the mirror, he could see all the vehicles behind him. He was leading one of the most high profile chases he'd ever been in. And if he lost this vehicle, it was remotely on him.

"Will the young officer be able to catch him?" Horatio radioed to the nearest patrol car with Officer Thomas, who he knew quite well.

"Wolfe is one of the best. There's no doubt he'll cage this guy."

Ryan could feel the adrenaline pumping as he drifted around the sharp corner that probably would've made him crash if he hadn't spun the steering wheel at the speed he did. It reminded him to be glad that he was so professionally reckless at driving. He knew the suspect was wanted for assaulting a police officer, grand theft auto, grand larceny.. the rap sheet was not small. Being responsible for that much felt like quite a bit of pressure.

He decided to redirect himself as he knew where the driver was heading. The young officer spun his car around and disappeared down a different route. Everybody was confused but continued the chase. Horatio didn't want to doubt Ryan but he had no idea what was going on. They only had so many chances to get the Hummer back, as well as arrest the guy.

"What is Wolfe doing?!" One officer exclaimed.

"Maybe we should give it a second," The Sergeant said. "..I think I know what he's doing."

Suddenly a patrol car dashed in from an exit and blocked the Hummer, causing it to come to a forceful hault. Officer Wolfe immediately got out of his car. He drew his firearm and aimed it at the suspect as he walked towards the car. "Miami-Dade PD! Step out of the vehicle with your hands up!"

Defeated, the man stepped out of the Hummer. They had gotten to a public park. The man looked around with the hope of finding an exit somewhere. Ryan took one eye off the man to figure out what he was doing. It instantly clicked. He was going to run. As more units pulled up and the lieutenant arrived for his CSI's Hummer, the man made a run for it. He shoved quite a few people out of the way as he dodged Detective Tripp and tried to make it out of the park.

Ryan upholstered his firearm and made no intention to hesitate as he chased after the carjacker. If he wanted to do things right, he had to earn it. It was the only way he'd ever known things. Some people didn't respect him and he got that. He wasn't a people pleaser. Screams and squeals came from a number of people as the carjacker spared no sympathy shoving them all out of the way like that. Ryan did his best to apologize as he raced past. Detective Tripp and other officers joined in but none of them could keep up the way Wolfe was. The suspect glanced behind him, seeing the young officer still hot on his heels. Even through everything he'd jumped on and ran under.

"You're never gonna catch him, Officer!" A bystander shouted.

Wolfe rolled his eyes. He didn't go through police academy just to end up not even being able to catch one guy that thinks he's smart. Stole a police officer's vehicle, led police on a pursuit with stacked warrants for him and then attempted to make the officer look the fool. Wolfe timed his approach and sprinted right into the guy, tackling him to the ground. He pulled his handcuffs without hesitation and cuffed him. The young officer then hauled him up to his feet. "You're gonna have to explain yourself to the court, smartass."

Other officers took the man away while Ryan talked to his Sergeant. He knew it seemed a little off task to divert his way into cutting off a suspect but it'd paid off. "Newer officers tend not to put themselves out there like that."

"Yes sir, I understand."

Amidst the conversation, CSI Eric Delko and Lieutenant Horatio Caine approached the two officers. The sergeant told him that he could talk to the Lt. but would need to be back at the precinct straight after. Ryan agreed as he knew that they probably wanted to know a few different things. "You're Officer Wolfe?" "Unfortunately." Ryan answered wryly, his lips curving into a tight-lipped smile. Horatio liked his sense of humour. Ironic and sarcastic. Wasn't like most patrol officers he'd met. Eric couldn't help but chuckle. That was the last thing he'd expected of a kiss-ass, pragmatic guy like Wolfe. Humour didn't tend to be his thing.

"Well, Wolfe.. thanks for rescuing my Hummer."

"Anytime, but please.. I don't want that pressure again, CSI. Look after you car." Ryan said, winking at Eric and walking away.

Eric and Horatio glanced at one another. Both of them laughed, shaking their heads and heading back to the Hummer. Delko knew he was going to have his ass handed to him by IAB and Caine knew he'd need to investigate what happened to justify how a criminal got hold of a Department-Issued vehicle without the trained officer assigned to it able to stop him.

Ryan was happy he'd been able to save the Hummer, and not let the CSI take the heat when the car is used in robberies. He'd seen that happen before. It was havoc central.