Sword Art Online Fanfiction

The Red-Haired Beater and The Purple Maiden

Disclaimer: This is a Sword Art Online fanfiction; I do not own the rights of Sword Art Online in anyway shape or form.

This is a fanfiction based on Yuuki Konno (not suffering from AIDS) and my own created Sword Art Online character (largely based from the Sword Art Online mobile game integral Factor available for IOS and Android) and my own imagination. My character's name will be the same as my real name, Jake just to resolve any confusion you may have while reading this.

There are two other characters in this fanfiction which are created by my friend and my girlfriend their character names are Luke and Shannon.

Inspiration for this fanfiction came from Herosassin.

This fanfiction will be my own spin on Sword Art Online, therefore it will be set in the United Kingdom where I live, please do not give me hate for choosing to set it in the UK rather than Japan.

This is my first attempt at writing an anime fanfiction so if the writing or the wording sucks, I do apologise, hopefully the spelling should be okay at least lol!

Please feel free to leave any comment you want too, try not to be too hurtful if you can help it, and if you have any positive feedback or ways for me to improve my writing please feel free to let me know!

Now enough of my ramblings hope you enjoy my story!

Chapter One- Meeting of Destiny!

Jake's POV

*August 9th, 12:30PM*

"Jake can you come downstairs for a minute" Mum shouted up to me from the bottom of the stairs, I shot up from my bed and rushed down the stairs to the living room where my mum called Rachel and my little sister called Ichikaku are sat down on the sofa, in front of them is an intriguing small square box wrapped up in bright red wrapping paper with a card placed beside it.

"Seen as it's your birthday, and I know how much you wanted to have this I saved up some money each month to buy it for you especially for your birthday" Mum spoke in a cheerful tone with a sincere smile.

"I wonder what's inside mum" I said suspiciously as I eagerly eyed up the box.

"Why don't you open it up and have a look, I'm sure you'll like it" Mum said nicely, she stands up as I walked up to the present on the table. I picked up the box and slowly unwrapped the paper, once I tore off all the wrapping paper I grinned eagerly once I saw the floating castle on the cover of the box along with the words I was hoping to see.

"Sword Art Online!? Thank you soooo much mum!" I squealed happily, I hugged my mum hard and jumped up and down with joy.

"I'm glad you like it darling but it wasn't just me who bought it" Mum giggled happily, I stopped jumping and broke off the hug and looked at my mum with my eyebrow raised in suspicion as I tried to figure out what she meant, an idea came into my head and I grinned gleefully because I realised that meant someone else paid for it too and I had an idea who.

"Was it you little sister?" I exclaimed lovingly as I turned to look at Ichikaku who was stood next to mum, she smiled happily then she opens her arms and invited me in for an embrace.

"It was me big brother, I didn't have much but I put all I had towards it because I remember how much you said you loved playing that game during the beta test last month so I told mum even though she'd already come to the same conclusion so we put our money together and bought it for a surprise on your special day" Ichikaku smiled happily as I hugged her hard, she wheezed slightly as I squeezed her a little too hard from sheer excitement.

"Big brother… your squeezing a little too hard, I can barely breath ease up a little please…" Ichikaku begged pleadingly as she started to feel her arms ache under the pressure of my strong embrace.

"Oh, sorry sis I guess I got carried away there" I grinned sheepishly as I broke off the hug to allow my sister to get some air back into her lungs.

"The official launch starts at 1 o'clock sharp doesn't it big brother?" Ichikaku inquired after she had gotten some air back into her lungs and could breath properly, I nodded my head while wondering if she was hurt.

"You better get going then it's 12:45PM now" Ichikaku grinned at me and giggled happily, I quickly hugged her then I broke off the hug and ran upstairs to set up my nerve gear ready for the launch at 1pm.

I enter my room and quickly set up everything I needed too to dive in the world of Aincrad and Sword Art Online after a month, for the first time on the day of the official launch. I put the nerve gear on my head and laid down on my bed and check the clock on the built in screen of the nerve gear, when it turned to 1pm or 13:00 I closed my eyes and yelled the words to send me into Sword Art Online.

"Link Start!"

Yuuki's POV


I was sleeping soundly in bed when suddenly, my big sister Aiko burst into my room, grabbed my arm and yanked me out of bed; then she shook me away and dragged me out of my room and headed downstairs.

"Come on Yuuki we need you downstairs right now" Aiko squealed cheerfully as she rushed me downstairs while I rubbed sleep out my eyes as best I could to grasp what she was talking about.

We got and Aiko rushed me into the kitchen where I found my mum and dad stood side by side smiling happily but then suddenly my mum looked at me and wagged her index finger at me in a scolding motion.

"Yuuki what are you doing sleeping at this time on this day of all days" Mum scolded my playfully but with a slight hint of seriousness too which confused me, I did not know what she could be mad at me for.

"What's wrong with sleeping in on a weekday, I mean I finished school now, so I don't have to get up early on a morning anymore" I responded shakily.

"That's not what I meant silly, mind you I suspect you of all people haven't forgotten what today is have you?" mum inquired with a look of suspicion on her face.

"Of course I have not forgotten what today is mum, it's the launch of Sword Art Online, but unfortunately I will not be able to play as I don't have the nerve gear or the game" I proclaimed with a sad pout on my face.

Mum's face glowed as she snickered "Well darling, we have a surprise for you, we have all chipped in some money to get you this, as you have been a good girl and for doing well at school with your exams" They giggled.

My face lit up as I saw mum place a huge box on the kitchen table, which was wrapped in my favourite colour purple with a bright purple box with a bow on top, next to it was a slightly smaller square box yet again wrapped in my favourite purple and the same colour bow on top.

I rushed towards the table with a huge smile on my face, and then I sat in front of the two boxes. I then tore the wrapping paper off the big box, then before my eyes the picture on the box caught my eye, it was the nerve gear for Sword Art Online!


"Yuuki darling why don't you open the small box and see what's inside" Dad said with a smile.

I stopped jumping up and down and rubbed the back of my head while grinning sheepishly from embarrassment, I then tore open the wrapping of the smaller box.

"OH, MY IT'S THE GAME FOR SWORD ART ONLINE, I'M SO HAPPY" I ventured towards my mum, dad and older sister, I threw my arms around them and gave them a big hug.

"Your very welcome little sister... but you haven't forgotten that it's also my birthday, have you?" Aiko pouted sadly while hiding her disappointment.

I released my family from the hug and rubbed the back of my head chuckling weakly "Oh sorry big sis, no I didn't honest I just got carried away there, I'll be go get it now" I proclaimed as I ran upstairs, I walked into my room and kneeled down on my hands and knees, I placed my hands underneath my bed and pulled out a small rectangular box wrapped in light green sparkly wrapping paper. I ran downstairs and handed the present to Aiko.

"Here you go big sis, hope you enjoy!" I grinned eagerly as I placed my hands on the back of my head and waited for her to open her present.

Aiko slowly unwrapped the present, she looked at the present with surprise and shock.

"OH MY GOD YUUKI! YOU GOT ME ANIMAL CROSSING NEW HORIZONS THAT'S THE GAME IV'E WANTED FOR AGES!" Aiko squealed in pure happiness as she gave me a firm hug, threatening to squeeze the life out of me.

"Um big sis… your crushing me I can't breathe" I gasped under the pressure of my big sister's crushing embrace of excitement.

Aiko realised how hard she hugged me and released me instantly, she looked at me apologetically "Oops… I'm really sorry Yuuki I suppose I got carried away myself hehe, hope you're okay" Aiko regrettably declared.

"What time is the official launch Yuuki dear?" Mum asked as she raised her eyebrow curiously.

"It starts at 1PM mum, I should take these upstairs and get it ready, again thank you sooo much" I squealed in happiness while I grinned happily which put a smile on my mum and dads face…. Aiko was busy reading the blurb and information about her new game.

"It's no trouble at all sweetheart honest, but you get going and set it all up quickly, it's 12:50PM so you have ten minutes later" Mum said cheerfully.

I quickly grabbed both boxes and headed upstairs to my room, a moment later Aiko followed me upstairs as she went to her room… no doubt to try her new game, although I suppose I couldn't really say anything.

"Have fun with your new game big sis, hope you enjoy it!" I called out to Aiko as I entered my room and laid the nerve gear box down on my bed and begun to open it to set it up for the official launch of Sword Art Online.

Aiko entered her room directly across the landing from mine, she opened up her game case and inserted the cartridge into her Nintendo Switch, she stopped and turned her head and grinned at me gleefully "Thanks little sis, same for you but don't be too long in there tea will be at 6!" Aiko announced playfully.

I rolled my eyes in a jokingly manner "Of course I won't sis quit nagging! I'll be out by quarter to six at the latest" I promised, I then closed my door to get the nerve gear ready.

I plugged the cable connected to the nerve gear into the back of my PC, across the other side of my room, which meant that all my data from Sword Art Online would be backed up to my computer in the event something happened to damage or corrupt the nerve gear my character data would not be lost.

I laid down on my bed and placed the nerve gear on my head and begun the calibration process, once I had finished that process the nerve gear asked me to create an account, using the virtual keyboard I entered my username, "Yuuki" then I created a password, once that was done I yelled the words to send me into Sword Art Online and my very first VRMMO experience.

"Link Start!"

The nerve gear activated, and I was logged into the world of Sword Art Online, I looked down at myself, I looked down at my outfit, I was wearing a violet overcoat with a purple chest plate and a red skirt which reached halfway down my legs, I was joyful and relieved as the armour I wore was surprisingly light even though it had a heavy look appearance. I looked down at the sword hanging by my left-hand side, it was a small, short purple sword. In the process of getting used to the appearance of my in-game avatar, a message appeared in front of me, it said:

[Player Yuuki Konno you have successfully logged into Sword Art Online]

I dismissed the alert notification and looked around the area I had logged into, there were loads of players stood around either talking to other players, checking out their appearance or wandering around checking out the sights.

Jake's POV

My nerve gear started up and I was logged back into the world of Sword Art Online, I was lucky enough to be one of the 1000 people picked to beta test this game before the official launch today. During the beta test I only made it up to floor 5, but I was determined to get to that floor within a week or two at least, I opened my window to check if my stats and items were still there, just as I expected they weren't which made sense, I looked at my body to see if my outfit was the same as when I first logged into the beta, I was wearing a light brown top with a dark brown chest plate, I had brown gloves around my hands and dark brown almost black coloured pants with light brown boot like shoes, I grinned my appearance was the same too, "Time to head out then" I ecstatically exclaimed before I headed off in the direction of the exit of this town.

Yuuki's POV

While I was looking around the Town of Beginnings, I spotted a boy who seemed to run with sense of direction, I ran after him, hoping he could teach me somethings about this world.

"Hey you up ahead, stop!" I called out to the boy with long red hair.

The boy with red hair stopped running and turned around rapidly "Are you talking to me?" He mumbled in a suspicious tone.

"Yes, I am, you seem like you know your way around here… I was wondering if you could teach me somethings about this world" I stuttered nervously.

"Yeah sure, I'd love too" He said courageously with a smile on his face "Let's go the nearest field"

"Thank you so much! Oh, by the way, my name is Yuuki, nice to meet you" I cheerfully replied.

"Nice to meet you Yuuki, my name is Jake" Jake replied with a smile on his face, we headed towards the exit of the town, and the entrance to the Meadows of Beginnings.

We both went through the entrance to the Meadows of Beginnings, when we got there, we look out at the large open field filled with dark grey monsters known as Frenzy Boars" a pig like boar with long curved tusks, as well as other players killing them to gain Exp and Col.

Jake's POV

"Oh, just a question Yuuki, what type of weapon do you prefer to use?" I curiously asked with a look of genuine wonder on my face.

"Well in other RPG games I played on my PC I used one handed swords, but I want it to be light because I like being quick on my feet when fighting" Yuuki beamed cheerfully.

"Oh really, no way I use one a one-handed sword too" I chuckled.

"That's awesome! Maybe one day we can see who's better with a sword!" Yuuki smirked jokingly as she ran ahead of me into the field, she turned around and winked at me playfully.

"That's fine I don't mind that… but first you should probably learn how to use that sword and fight properly don't you think?" I retorted smugly as I placed my hand lightly on her shoulder and grinned at her.

"Yeah your probably right about that, hehe guess I got ahead of myself there" Yuuki replied sheepishly as she rubbed the back of her neck and her face became slightly flustered with embarrassment.

I smiled at her and shook my head "No you didn't, well I'll teach you about how to use sword skills and anything else you have questions about, sound good?" I questioned her with a smile on her face.

Yuuki replied with a cute smile on her face "Yeah that sounds good!"

I walked over to a relatively secluded area where there was four boars roaming around the field, Yuuki followed me until I stopped in front of the boars and pulled out my sword.

"One thing you need to know about sword skills are that different ones can be activated by certain movements; in your menu you can even choose which movement activates which sword skill, and also there's something that's important to remember, as long as you go towards your target the system helps you aim and land your attacks" I declared. I raised my hand and held it behind my head, a few seconds later my sword begun to glow white, I waited until a nearby boar noticed me, roared and charged at me. I waited until the right moment until the boar was close enough then I thrust my sword down onto the boar's head, the blade connected and the boar squealed in pain, before it had time to retreat I followed up with a slash to it's eye, the boar cried out in pain while it's health bar dropped, once it's health bar hit zero it disappeared into a million tiny blue shards.

Yuuki questioned "I think I understand what you mean Jake, is it like this?" she pulled her sword from its scabbard, she took a stance, she pulled her right arm back, a few seconds later her sword glowed bright purple, she composed herself and took a deep breath, then she charged toward the boar, the boar tried to move out the way of her sword, however Yuuki was too fast for the creature and slashed it on the left side of it's stomach which caused it's health bar to drop down into the yellow sector, she stepped back to observe what the boar would do next, the monster lunged at her again, she quickly and easily jumped back well out of range of it's tusks, then she took the same stance again and pulled her right arm back, she waited until her sword glowed bright purple then she lunged forward and activated her sword skill which slashed the boars face, it's health bar dropped to zero and it disintegrated into tiny blue shards before disappearing, an alert popped up in front of Yuuki.

Yuuki sheathed her sword, then turned and faced me with a questioning look on her face "How did I do Jake?" Yuuki curiously asked, she pleaded silently for a positive answer.

"Well done Yuuki! You did pretty well for your first time, I'm surprised you only needed to be shown once, you did amazing!" I exclaimed proudly with a big smile on my face.

Yuuki blushed as she heard what feedback I had given her, "Oh wow do you really think so Jake?" Yuuki proudly and happily asked.

" You did great, I promise Yuuki!" I responded cheerfully; "she really did amazing for a beginner I thought to myself".

5 Hours Later

I was impressed and astounded at how quickly Yuuki had picked up how to use the sword skills, as well as how fast she'd adjusted to the system's assist mode to help her land her attacks. I watched while sat perched on a nearby rock as she slashed a boar before knocking it to the ground and stabbed it multiple times which finished it off, the boar broke into tint shards and Yuuki whooped with joy, that was her 10th boar in a row now. We had briefly taken a break to have a bite to eat an hour ago as I had quickly gone back to the Town of Beginnings to get some bread for us to eat.

"You've done really well today Yuuki, you've really gotten the hang of how to fight in this world, I'm sure you'll be able to become super strong soon I guarantee it" I said appreciatively.

Yuuki jumped up and down with excitement, she punched the air with happiness before she twirled around and made a v shape with her index and middle finger, "Thank you so much Jake that means a lot to me, I should get going now though, it's almost time for tea and my big sister will chew me out if I'm late" Yuuki declared with sincere tone, she waved goodbye, turned her back to me and opened her menu to press the log out button, "Jake something's happened…. there's no logout button" Yuuki questioned with a slight hint of panic in her voice.

I opened my menu and scrolled to the systems section, I questioned with confusion "I see what you mean Yuuki, I've just checked mine too and my logout button isn't there either" I replied with concern.

"Is there any other way for us to log out? Could we take the nerve gear off or something?" Yuuki asked, her voice became increased with panic and concern.

"Unfortunately no, the nerve gear intercepts all the commands you give from inside the game using an interface built into the rig" I responded with a slight inkling of worry in my voice, I didn't know why the log out button wasn't at the bottom of the main menu, without it I had no idea how Yuuki or I would be able to log out of Sword Art Online.

Suddenly I surrounded in a blue light and felt a tingly sensation throughout my body "Erm Yuuki do you feel something?" I asked nervously, I looked over at her and saw that she had begun to get enveloped in the blue light too.

"Yeah, I do, Jake what's happening?" Yuuki cried out in concern, before I even got the chance to answer my vision was briefly blinded by a sudden white light, by the time it had cleared and my vision had returned again, I found myself back at the Town of Beginnings, a moment later Yuuki appeared beside me.

"Jake what's going on how did we end up back here?" Yuuki asked in confusion.

"It seems like someone force teleported every player in the game here" I replied with confusion in my voice, I looked up in the sky "Look Yuuki, the sky is turning red" I called out in panic unsure what was happening.

Yuuki looked up at the sky and covered her mouth in surprise at what she saw, she saw the sky lit up red and suddenly a giant hooded figure was towering over us in the centre of town.

"Greetings players, welcome to Sword Art Online" Boomed the giant figure.

"Jake… who's that figure?" Yuuki questioned in a worried tone of voice.

"It's the creator of Sword Art Online, Akihiko Kayaba" I replied with a look of comfort on my face "Don't worry Yuuki this must be the opening ceremony" I added.

Yuuki sighed happily and looked up at the hooded figure who was beginning to speak once again.

"I am the creator of this world, Akihiko Kayaba, and as of now I am in control of this world" Akihiko continued "I'm sure by now most of you have noticed that the logout button is missing from your main menu, let me assure you, this is not a bug or glitch, this is how Sword Art Online was programmed to be, you cannot log yourselves out of this game, and no one from the outside will be able to shut down or remove the nerve gear from your head, if anyone attempts to do so, a transmitter inside the nerve gear will discharge a microwave signal into your skull, destroying your brain and ending your life" Akihiko boomed throughout the town square. Players around the square begun to yell loudly at the giant floating figure calling himself Akihiko Kayaba, players around Yuuki and I begun talking rapidly not sure what to make of his claims that we were trapped inside the game.

"What do you think Jake?" Yuuki questioned me with a look of uncertainty on her face "Do you really think we're trapped inside Sword Art Online?"

"Well put it this way Yuuki, there's no logout button in our menu's so I'd say it is true" I responded grimly while I looked at Yuuki's face for a reaction.

"Despite my warnings, the family and friends of some of the players have attempted to remove the nerve gear, as a result the game now has 230 less players then when it launched, so now I'd say the chances of a nerve gear being removed are slim at best, I hope this brings you all some comfort as you all try to clear the game, if your HP drops to zero your avatar will deleted from the system forever, and the nerve gear will destroy your brain" Akihiko boomed. Most of the players stood still dazed by what he had just said.

"There is only one way to clear the game, defeat the boss on floor one and advance to floor 2, defeat the boss on floor 100 and the game will be cleared" Akihiko continued "Lastly, I have given you all a gift, please check your inventory's" Akihiko added.

I opened my menu and click on inventory, inside was an item named "Mirror" I clicked on the item and it materialized in my hand, a second later I was surrounded by another bright light, a few seconds later I was free, but there was something different, I looked like my real life self. I looked beside me and saw a girl with purple hair and red eyes, I knew right away who it was. "Yuuki… Yuuki is that you?" I asked the girl stood next to me.

"It is, you look better this way Jake, you look cooler" Yuuki grinned cheerfully, "Way more attractive too" she thought to herself.

"Thanks Yuuki, now come on we have to get to the next town" I declared quickly, Yuuki smiled at me and shook her head.

"I want to look around on my own first, but we will meet again" Yuuki vowed before she opened her menu and sent me a friend request, I quickly accepted, and she grinned.

"If you ever need me, just message me and I'll come running I promise" I vowed.

Yuuki blushed slightly red, "I will same goes for you, good luck, and stay alive" Yuuki cried out before running off on her own.

"Same goes for you" I called out to her before I ran towards to next town to begin grinding.