Chapter Six- Confessions Of Red & Purple!

Jake's POV

*Floor 60 Town, March 20th 2024, 1:45pm*

I was sat down on a bench in the centre of a busy town centre. It's been three months since I last saw Yuuki and we fought against the boss monster called Fanged Cerberus. Since then I've levelled up from 65 to level 80. Since then the assault team has grown in power since a new guild had gained power and status since the lower floors but five floors ago, they officially established their base- this guild is known as the Knights Of The Blood Oath, their leader is called Heathcliff. He is quite a strong player and quite an intense but qualified commander, I haven't seen a guy command as good as him since…. Diabel died during the floor 1 boss raid. My chest tightened as I remembered the way he died in Kirito's arms, I stopped myself, rose to my feet and walked through the busy town with my head held down kept away from the faces of nearby players to avoid making eye contact- I had no right to mourn for Diabel's death not since I recognised the weapon the boss used but did nothing to try and save him, I was the reason Diabel was dead and had no right to mourn him. I wondered how Yuuki was doing inside this death game, I wondered where she was and if she had levelled up as high as me. I smiled lightly to myself of course she had no way a girl as talented as her would be a lower level then me by now, in fact I had a strong feeling she was higher than level 80, she wasn't just talented but cute too I thought to myself. I stopped walking and blushed…. Did I just call Yuuki cute? Well she is quite attractive no denying that, but it doesn't mean anything it's just a compliment and nothing more I thought to myself while I walked through the busy town without any real direction or plan, but just to escape the ongoing thoughts in my head about my purple haired friend Yuuki Konno.

*Ichikaku's POV*

*Leeds General Infirmary, 2:15 pm*

I was stood inside the room where my older brother was being held inside the ICU. A moment later mum came into the room holding two coffee's one for her and one for dad who was sat by my brother's bedside with a sad distant look in his eyes. He looked the same way we all did when we first heard the news eighteen months ago that my brother as well as 10,000 other people had been trapped inside the game, I bought my brother for his birthday called Sword Art Online. I hated and blamed myself at first, because if I hadn't bought him the game then he wouldn't have became trapped inside that death game. But now after all this time I realised the person I should blame and hate with all my heart is the creator of that monstrous game Akihiko Kayaba!

Mum stood next to me and handed me a bottle of water she bought from the vending machine down the hall, I smiled as I took the bottle from my mother's free hand, I opened the bottle and drank from it slowly. I watched while my mum handed my dad his coffee which he too sipped from slowly.

Suddenly the door to my brothers room opened and three men walked inside, they all wore suits and two wore black tinted glasses and wore black suits, while the third person wore a dark green suit with a purple tie, he had black hair like the other man behind him but unlike them wore no glasses and smiled seemingly warmly at my mother, my father and lastly at me.

The three men walked further into the room before my dad suddenly snapped into action and darted in front of my big brothers hospital bed with a fierce look on his face with both a slight look of confusion and anger.

"I won't allow you to harm my son so whatever you plan to do to him you might as well forget it!" Dad yelled at the three men in anger and parental instinct.

The man who wore the green suit opened his mouth to speak but suddenly the man on his right pulled out a gun and pointed it directly at my dad's face, we all shrunk back in fear and terror. The man wearing the green suit sighed and waved his hand at the man who had drawn the gun, after a few seconds of hesitation he nodded his head and lowered his hand and we all relaxed slightly but my mother and father still kept their eyes pinned to the three strange men who had entered my brothers room.

"You misunderstand sir I am not here to harm your son; I am here to help you his family out by giving you what little information I have" The man who wore the green suit smiled warmly.

My father looked quite stunned by what the man wearing the green suit had just said, he raised his eyebrow and stared directly at the man "Who are you exactly?" Dad asked the man "And another thing, how can you tell us anything, information from inside that death game is impossible to get" he added with a sharp tone of distrust and confusion.

The man smiled back at my father "My name is Seijirou Kikuoka and I work for the Ministry of Internal Affair's Telecommunications Bureau and the specific division I work for in the bureau is called the Advanced Network Division, second office also known as Virtual Division" Kikuoka explained with a pleasant smile on his face.

We all looked at each other stunned and confused, a moment later my father turned back to the man called Seijirou Kikuoka and looked at him suspiciously "Why should we believe you people? You government types never do anything for us little people unless there's something in it for you" Dd growled in anger at the three men.

Kikuoka smiled and chuckled lightly for a moment, when he had finished chuckling he looked us all in the eyes one by one before he lowered his head slightly "I do indeed agree with you but the people in my office who work under me are different sire, it is true we do not know all the information from inside the Sword Art Online game and how we received that information is of course classified" Kikuoka smiled but still reinforced that last statement with deadly seriousness, my father scowled at that "However what information we will be able to tell you is 100 percent true you have my word" he vowed with a sincere smile.

"So what information have you been able to receive?" Mum asked with clear panic and worry in her voice. Kikuoka smiled and motioned with his hands for her to calm down, I patted my mums back, so she breathed lighter, once she had calmed down enough, I sat her down in a nearby chair and waited for Kikuoka to carry on.

"I was able to receive some information regarding your sons progress as well as the progress of the entire game" Kikuoka continued with a smile "I'm sure you may have some knowledge of this, but the game master known as Akihiko Kayaba told all the 10,000 players that in order to escape the game they had to clear all 100 floors by defeating the boss on each floor to advance to the next floor, I assume you've heard that?" He asked us all, we nodded our heads to show we had. "Well I was able to find out a few days ago that a large group of players who banded together to defeat the floor 1 boss called themselves the assault team, over time they grew and became bigger, and now they have reached floor sixty" he finished with a beaming smile of satisfaction and confidence.

"That's past halfway that's amazing!" Dad exclaimed with delight but then a moment later he frowned "But they've been inside that death game for a year and a half now and they still have forty floors left that has me worried" he added with a look of sadness on his face, mother placed her hand on his in an attempt to cheer him up, he smiled at her and squeezed her hand tightly.

"Don't worry, they've made great progress only three months ago they were only on floor 45 so in three months they cleared fifteen floors" Kikuoka grinned.

"That's true dad I'm sure he'll be out of that death game soon enough!" I exclaimed excitedly with a large smile on my face.

"That's not all we've been able to figure out" Kikuoka continued with a large grin on his face "Unfortunately we haven't been able to gain any information about him specifically like his current whereabouts or his current equipment we have been able to gather that he is the third strongest player in the whole game" he added.

"Who's above him?" I questioned in an alarmed tone, although I knew my brother wasn't the best at every game, I knew he was quite talented better than average players at most games he ever played, still I didn't expect him to be so close to the top. Whoever was stronger than him but the best of the best at virtual reality gaming.

"The player in second place is a fellow beta tester known as Kirito inside the game, we can't disclose his real name at this time of course, and the first ranked player well according the our findings is a girl player known as Yuuki Konno" Kikuoka replied simply with a smile on his face.

I raised my eyebrow in confusion "I thought you weren't able to give out real names?" I asked with a look of confusion on my face. Kikuoka smiled and laughed lightly for a moment. Once he had composed himself again, he looked at me and smiled.

"You are right of course, however that is the username the girl chose to log into the game with, so we have no choice in that case, the girl called Yuuki also has another name inside the game, a nickname called Zekken but she's also been called the purple maiden" Kikuoka replied "Another thing we've been able to recover is that Jake and this girl have spent quite a lot of time together since the start of the game, although they are both solo players officially they still meet up every so often and team up to form a party or just hang out" he added.

Mum and dad looked at each other sympathetically before mum looked directly at Kikuoka "You don't think our son has a crush on this Yuuki do you sir? Mum asked uncertain of his response but also of the implications that my brother had feelings for an in-game girl.

"I can't say for certain miss, but what I can tell from the information I've been able to recover is that both Yuuki and your son have saved each other's lives both on more than one occasion, it isn't uncommon for people to gain feelings for someone once that happens" he answered with both confidence and reassurance.

"That's true I suppose" Mum agreed with a nod of her head "I just hope something bad doesn't happen" she added with a worried expression on her face.

"I'm sure it won't not with his amazing your son is, now if you excuse us we have to be somewhere but if you need me feel free to call this number anytime" Kikuoka replied before he handed my mum a card with his contact information before him and his companions left my brothers room and left us with not only my brother laid in hospital bed but our thoughts about what was going on inside that death game and when he would wake up again…. If he ever woke up at all!

*St James's Hospital, 30 Minutes Later*

*Aiko's POV*

I was sat in lobby outside my little sister's room to gather my thoughts together. It had been 18 months or a year and a half since my slightly younger sister had become trapped inside that game, I was worried about how my sister was coping inside that death game. I hated myself because I was the one who bought her that accursed game and now, she's trapped inside it and fighting for her life because of some nut job game creator.

Mum walked up to me and sat next to me, she cuddled me and held me tightly to comfort me, she felt the same guilt as me because her and dad both combined money to pay for the nerve gear so she knew how I felt all too well.

"She'll be okay you know Aiko!" Mum reassured me with as she tightly squeezed my shoulder "If anything would have happened, we would have been contacted right?" She asked me while she faced the door to Yuuki's room.

"Your right mum, let's go inside" I replied with a faint smile plastered on my face- it was mostly a false smile and I'm sure mum knew that but she must have pretended not to notice because she smiled, stood up and held my hand firmly.

We was about to enter my sisters room when we saw three men walking down the hallway towards her room. Two of them wore black suits with black tinted glasses covering their face with black slicked back hair, while the man in front wore a dark green suit with a purple tie, he also had black hair but it was short and spikey and not slicked back like his companions. The man wearing the green suited smiled warmly at mum and me before he approached the door to Yuuki's room, he stopped at the handle and nodded at us then motioned at the door.

"Shall we go in?" The man who wore the green suit asked us both politely. Mum and I looked at each other with confusion, we had no idea who these man were, but we did come here to see my little sister. We had no idea who these men were or what business they had with either us or my little sister, but I walked forward slowly, opened the door to Yuuki's room and slowly we both walked inside followed by the three strange men.

Once we entered my little sisters room my dad looked up from her bedside, he smiled warmly when he saw us, however he stopped and looked at the three men behind us with a look of uncertainty and puzzlement.

"Relax everybody, I'm here to give you all information about your daughter and sister from inside the game Sword Art Online" The man wearing the green suit exclaimed with a light smile in a simple and low volume tone of voice.

At the mention of that my dad jumped out of his seat in excitement. Before any of us could say anything, the man who wore the green suit smiled thinly "Of course I haven't been able to gather everything from inside the game, but there are quite a few things I can tell you" The man continued.

"Well why don't you start with your name and who you work for" Dad asked with a clear presence of distrust and suspicion present in his voice.

"Of course, my name is Kikuoka and I work for the Ministry of Internal Affair's Telecommunications Bureau and the specific division I work for in the bureau is called the Advanced Network Division, second office also known as Virtual Division" Replied the man wearing the green suit with a warming smile on his face.

"So what information have you been able to find out about my little sister?" I cried out in suspense being on the verge of tears out of worry for how my sister is doing trapped in that death game.

"We've been able to find out that 18 months ago when Akihiko Kayaba trapped 10,000 players inside Sword Art Online, two months later a group of players came together to fight and defeat the floor 1 boss known as Illfang the Kobolt Lord, once that group of players defeated that floor boss they became known as the assault team and became the main players to clear floors from that floor on" Kikuoka continued.

"Was my little sister part of that team of players?" I asked in excitement, pleased that my sister must have defeated the first important step to clearing that death game.

Kikuoka smiled widely and nodded his head "She was indeed she was in a team of four players who were quite experienced too"

"Who were those other players?" I asked curiously with a slight raised eyebrow. "As long as I can remember my little sister has always preferred playing solo" I added.

"Well to be correct, one of them was a red haired player called Jake, ordinarily even if we found out players real names we wouldn't be able to give them out but because that is his player name it can't be helped, this player actually taught Yuuki the basics of the game before the opening ceremony which obviously resulted in all the players and even the news outlets becoming aware that all 10,000 players were trapped inside the game, over the last 18 months they've met up occasionally and they spend time together and they've both saved each other's lives on more than one occasion" Kikuoka replied.

"Are they…. a couple?" I asked quietly with a light blush on my face, not that I wasn't happy for her if they were in some sort of relationship, but I didn't expect it so soon and to come from being trapped inside a game of life or death.

Kikuoka chuckled lightly "I couldn't say that little one, but I can gather that Jake doesn't intend to hurt Yuuki because he saved her life at least once, so it seems he is at least a little fond of her"

"Have you possibly received any information regarding the floor the players have reached now?" Mum begged desperately with a clear sign of panic and stress in her voice as she voice threatened to break from worry and fear of the worst.

"Actually I have yes" Kikuoka answered with a comforting smile "The assault team reached floor sixty a week or so ago" he added cheerfully to try and boost our spirits.

"That's amazing, I'm sure they'll clear the remaining forty floors soon enough then she'll be out of that death game mum and dad!" I exclaimed loudly with excitement and happiness. I ran over to my sisters bed and grasped her hand tightly. "You do your best inside there Yuuki but come back to us soon please we miss you and we want you to come home" I whispered quietly as I held my little sisters hand tightly, tears began to fall down my face which my mum wiped away with her hand before she hugged my tightly.

"I hope you three have a wonderful day we must be going now, if we receive any more information we'll be in touch, and if you have any questions for me you can ring this number anytime" Kikuoka said, he handed my dad a small card with his contact information on it before him and his companions left my sisters room and left us alone as we all stood around my little sisters bed and wondered how much longer we would have to wait until she beat that death game and returned to us!

*Floor 60 Fields, 3:45pm*

Yuuki's POV

I walked through the meadows of floor sixty after I had finished a recent quest. The quest was to enter a nearby dungeon, defeat the boss of that dungeon and retrieve a ring for the NPC who I had accepted the quest from, I had to return the ring to the NPC inside the town on this floor. While I walked through the field on my way back to town, I heard the sound of a sword skill being activated. I quickly ran in the direction of the sound and when I reached the location my mouth turned into a big grin at who I saw who had activated the sword skill. The person was a short girl with light purple hair and eyes- it was the girl called Shannon I formed a four-man party with to fight the floor 1 boss. She wore new armour now, this new outfit had white sleeves, the chest area is bright blue from the shoulder to her waist, there is a green strap around her shoulder which goes from her shoulder to her waist, she wore a light brown skirt with blue armour in the middle.

"Long time no see Shannon, how've you been?" I yelled out to Shannon at the top of my lungs to make sure she heard me.

Shannon stopped swinging her sword around suddenly, she turned around and saw me at the other side of the area she must have been training or grinding in, which is a rocky area similar to the canyon me and Jake fought the boss monster Fanged Cerberus during the quest I accepted on floor 45 which led to me gaining the sword skill I somehow created and named myself Mother's Rosario.

Shannon ran over to me, wrapped her arms around me and hugged me hard. It had been over a year since I last saw her at the floor 30 boss strategy meeting which was a long time after we first met on floor 1.

I hugged Shannon back firmly. Once we had finished our embrace Shannon pulled away and looked at me with a huge smile on her face "It's been ages Yuuki, you didn't reply to my message a few weeks ago what was that about, so rude?!" Shannon exclaimed loudly with a pretend hurt face reaction but with a genuine pout.

I rubbed the back of my head sheepishly with an embarrassed look on my face "Hehe, sorry Shannon I must have entered a dungeon, or something then forgot to reply afterwards I'm sorry" I grinned sheepishly.

"That better be all it is!" Shannon exclaimed with a pout once again, she placed one hand on her hip while she sheathed her sword in her scabbard using her other hand. Once her sword had been put away, she giggled then smiled at me "I'm only kidding Yuuki, so what level are you now?" She asked with a warm and cheerful smile.

I grinned smugly and chuckled lightly "I'm level 82!" I looked at Shannon to see her reaction to my current level. Shannon's eyes opened wide and she seemed quite shocked.

"What that's not fair!" Shannon cried out in complaint, she lowered her head and crossed her arms in annoyance.

"What level are you?" I laughed playfully.

Shannon pouted cutely "I'm only level 77, your way higher than me!"

"That's still high though Shannon, higher than the average player" I tried to comfort her with a genuine smile. We continued our conversation after that. Shannon explained about the dungeons she'd gone too and the bosses she had defeated inside them dungeons. I listened with full attention, I was surprised she had been too tough dungeons and become so strong. After she had finished her stories, I told her some of mine to return the favour.

*30 Minutes Later*

Jake's POV

I walked through the town of floor 60, I had thought about messaging Yuuki but couldn't work up the nerve too. I was hesitant for some reason…. No actually I knew the reason why I just pretended not to realise it. For at least a few months now I'd mostly been pretending not to realise it or admit it to myself in case the feelings weren't reciprocated…. I had feeling for Yuuki Konno…

While I walked through the town with my head down so as to attract as little attention as possible due to my beater status since the first floor. I bumped into somebody accidentally. I turned to apologise but was stunned momentarily once I looked up and saw who this person was. He had familiar long black spiky stuck up hair and green eyes that gleamed like gems, he also wore the same antisocial smile since the last time I saw him on floor 1, but not only inside this death game but in real life too… it was my best friend Luke Lawton.

"Long time no see huh best friend?" Luke chuckled playfully with a serious tone in his voice. He had a way of getting to the point of any argument or situation quite easily without much difficulty.

"Yeah it has been, how've you been Luke?" I grinned once the initial shock wore off.

"Yeah not too bad I suppose, I've been doing some grinding on this floor for a few days without much sleep and I've raised my level to 79" Luke replied smugly with slightly smile.

"That's not too bad Luke, I'm only one level ahead of you" I replied.

"Of course you would be well I'll get above you yet" Luke groaned slightly.

"Good I'll have to keep going so you don't get ahead of me!" I exclaimed proudly. I offered my fist to Luke, a moment later Luke bumped his fist against mine in a fist bump as a sign of both friendship and respect. We continued our conversation on and explained all that we've been up too since we last saw each other all those months ago.

*1 Hour Later, 5:15pm*

I walked through the town after I finished my conversation with Luke. I walked past a grass patch with a large tree in the centre inside a small circular stone wall, I wondered how Yuuki was doing when an alert popped up on my screen, it read:

You have received a message.

From Player: Yuuki Konno.

I tapped the circular message icon that appeared on my screen once the alert disappeared. The message appeared in my display, it read:

"Hey Jake, long time no speak huh, I think this is one of the first time I've ever messaged you, it might actually be the first time lol! Anyways hope you've been okay! I was wondering if you wanted to meet up, I assume you're on floor 60 like me, I'm near the fountain near the grass patch with the tree inside the stone wall, come see me and we can have a chat! See you soon :)

Love Yuuki.

My heartbeat raised when I read the words love Yuuki. That officially settles it, I am in love with Yuuki! One way or another I had to tell her how I felt because I had to get my feelings out to her, even if she rejects me because at least I've told her how I feel honestly and openly. I walked past the grass patch and headed towards the fountain she said she was waiting at.

A few minutes later I arrived at the fountain where Yuuki said she would be waiting for me in her message. I saw her leaning against the fountain looking up at the sky. I walked up to her and tapped her lightly on the shoulder, she jerked her head back to the ground and looked at me with a look of slight confusion.

"Hey Yuuki, sorry if I scared you, have you been waiting long?" I questioned worriedly.

"No only a few minutes so your fine" Yuuki replied with her signature grin.

"So what did you want to talk about? I'm guessing that's why you messaged me?" I questioned with my signature smile which made Yuuki's face turn a light shade of red.

"Well so it seems that your more than just a pretty face" Yuuki replied quietly while her face turned a darker shade of red.

I stopped and tried to wrap my head around what she said to me as my face turned a shade of red. Did she just call me pretty? Maybe she does feel the same way I do after all….

"D…did you just call me pretty Yuuki?" I stuttered slowly.

Yuuki looked at me and giggled lightly as the redness on her face faded slightly "Yeah I did why don't you get called that often?" Yuuki asked teasingly with a grin on her face.

I smirked playfully at Yuuki who had a teasing grin plastered on her face. I had to tell her how I felt and today was going to be the day. I tried of where the best scenery would be to tell her, and how I was going to tell her. Then a few seconds later I had an idea, I would take her to the grassy bank and tell her underneath the large tree.

"Actually Yuuki I don't, especially not inside this game anyway" I grinned playfully, I walked towards us until I was centimetres away from her face. Yuuki's face turned a crimson shade of red.

"W…what are y…you doing?" Yuuki managed to stutter out while her face turned even redder by the second until she looked as red as a tomato.

"Yuuki come with me I have something to tell you, but this place isn't it!" I exclaimed with excitement and before Yuuki could ask any questions I grabbed her hand and ran back up the road towards the stone wall where the giant tree was where I would confess my feelings to the purple haired girl I was in love with!

A few minutes later we arrived at the small circular stone wall where the grassy bank with the tree in the centre was, the place where I was going to confess my feelings to Yuuki and regardless of what her answer was it didn't matter just as long as she knew how I felt about her that's all what mattered.

"Slow down Jake what's gotten into you?" Yuuki asked in a flustered and out of breath state.

I remembered that Yuuki had been dragged her at top speed without an explanation or without being able to ask questions…. Then I remembered that I was still holding her hand. I released her hand and she walked beside me and looked at the tree with a look of curiosity and confusion plastered on her face.

"Sorry Yuuki, I brought you here because I have something to tell you, but we can get comfortable first" I replied slowly with a happy smile on my face. A few moments later we walked towards the stone wall, we stepped over the stone wall and walked up the grass patch until we were underneath the tree. Once we reached the giant tree Yuuki laid down on her back and sprawled out her arms and legs and stretched her body.

"This is quite relaxing actually" Yuuki sighed as she finished her stretch, she looked at me and raised an eyebrow "Come on then lie down with me after all you are the one who had something to say in the first place" Yuuki chuckled lightly as she slightly closed her eyes.

I chuckled too and sat down crossed legged next to Yuuki. "Your right but there's no rush if you want to relax first" I replied with a smile. Yuuki's faced turned red and she sat up and moved closer to me, so we were sat right next to me.

"Sure if you say so hehe" Yuuki replied with her signature giggle which turned my face red, that and how close she was to me.

*2 Hours Later, 7:30pm*

We laid there together side by side. Our backs pressed up against the tree and our shoulders touching as we both sat there looking at the red sky as it became evening time. A moment later Yuuki stood up and stretched her arms and her legs before she sat down again. Our hands were touching slightly, I'm not sure if she noticed however I did, and I couldn't stop my face from turning a shade of red.

"So what did you want to talk about, is this enough time?" Yuuki chuckled playfully as she rested her head against my shoulder which made my face turn even redder, I looked at her while she looked at the sky, I smiled faintly and nodded my head slowly. Now was the time.

"Yes, it is sorry Yuuki I was partly stalling for time in case I couldn't work up the nerve" I replied slowly as I began to feel nervous once again. I tightly gripped my legs as my nervousness increased.

Yuuki looked me with a mixture of confusion and curiosity "Nervous? What would an amazing player like you have to be nervous about?" She replied with a hint of concern in her voice. Suddenly grabbed her hand and raised my head and looked her straight in the eyes.

"I'm nervous about what your answer will be to this…. Yuuki…. I am in love with you!" I managed to exclaim through the stutter, before she could respond I threw my head down and continued "I've been in love with you for a while now, for at least a year, your such an amazing girl, so calm and cool under pressure, so strong and talented even more than me, your so cute too especially when you smile, your smile shines like the sun to me and it picks me up whenever I feel down, I always worry about you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you both in here and in the real world, but I know you probably won't feel the same but Yuuki Konno…. I'm in love with you!" I shouted with all my remaining courage. Luckily, there was nobody else around to hear.

Yuuki's POV

I laid there speechless for what seemed like an eternity when in reality it had only been a minute or two. I was trying to process and absorb what Jake had just blurted out to me. While I tried to make sense of all he had said my face became redder by the second until it was as red as a rose. Once my mind had taken in what he had said the blush intensified ten-fold and I covered my face with my hands. Did Jake really just say he loved me? This had come out of nowhere, but why was my heart beating so fast? Did I feel the same? Now that I thought I did always wonder where he was and I always worried about whether he had gotten himself into trouble or not every time we parted ways, I also really enjoyed being with him, every time I saw him again my heart seems like it's about to burst from happiness and excitement. Not only that but I do think he's incredibly attractive and super strong and talented and cool in every way. I think I've had feelings for a long time myself but either wasn't sure or was trying to deny it to myself because we are such great friends…. But maybe it's time we become more than just friends.

I gathered my courage to admit it to myself…. I had feelings for Jake too. I was in love with a beater named Jake Nicholls. I looked at Jake who was looking at the ground in disappointment and disgrace. I touched his hand slightly and his head shot up filled with tears and with a look of distress.

"I'm sorry Yuuki… I knew you wouldn't feel the same way about me and I don't blame you, I mean I did hurt you and I abandoned you on floor 1 and ever since then I haven't done much to truly make up for that!" Jake exclaimed in tears with a cry of upset and distress.

Before he could continue any further I grasped his hand tightly which made him look at me through his tears, I touched his cheek with my hand and wiped away some of the tears falling down his face, I looked at him with a kind and gentle smile "Now that's enough Jake you hear me? That's not true okay yes what you said after the floor 1 boss fight did hurt my feelings, but like I told you when we reunited I had a feeling you didn't fully mean it back then and you didn't, you explained why you said it and I forgave you and it made sense so I didn't hate you for it I never did, and as for not doing anything to make up for it, you've saved my life during that quest to defeat Fanged Cerberus, without you I wouldn't have been able to beat him I know that… and don't forget you made this necklace for my birthday all that time ago… so don't you dare say you never did anything to make up for that and don't forget you saved my life before too you carried me to town from the floor 1 field when I passed out two months into this game and you taught me how to fight and survive in this game when we first met when you didn't have too and so much more" I calmly said to Jake while I rubbed away his tears using my hand. When all the tears were gone, I hugged Jake hard which made him blush, but he hugged me back tightly as he buried his head in my chest.

After a few moments of silent hugging we separated, and I blushed bright red. I still hadn't confessed my feelings. It was only fair I confess mine now… it was time to tell the boy I loved how I felt about him. Before I could say anything, else Jake reached up and did something, I didn't expect him to do. He placed his lips against mine and kissed me. The kiss only lasted a few seconds before he pulled away, he instantly looked away again blushing bright red. He probably thought I was furious with him, but in actuality I was surprised but happy, my face was red and flustered from the surprise kiss. That was my kiss, and for a quick one it wasn't too bad.

"I'm so sorry Yuuki!" Jake exclaimed loudly with fear in his voice "I have no idea what got into me I just wanted to kiss you so bad and when you said all that sweet stuff I must have got carried away but I'm sorry" he finished with a sad look on his face.

"There's nothing to be sorry about Jake silly!" I replied with a light giggle "I said all that stuff because that's how I feel about you…. And I love you too Jake, that's what I was going to say before you interrupted me" I replied with a playful smug look on my face as my face turned bright red from having confessed my feelings.

"What… did you…. just say Yuuki?" Jake stuttered with a blush on his face.

"You should make sure listen when a girl confesses her feelings for you Jake, I said I love you just like you love me" I replied with a cute smile as my face turned red again from having to repeat my confession.

"So…. would you like to be my girlfriend Yuuki?" Jake asked while his face turned a shade of crimson, I've never seen it go before.

"Hmmm well I thought we already was because we both confessed, not to mention that you kissed me just a moment ago… but this time it's an official answer, yes I would love to be your girlfriend Jake nothing would make me happier!" I exclaimed happily as tears fell down my face, I flung myself into his arms and hugged him tight as he did to me too and we sat there in each other's arms as we enjoyed our first official cuddle as a couple.

*Jake's POV*

A few moments later I released Yuuki and she released me from her arms too. We looked at each other and smiled happily, we had just gotten together but there was no denying that we had been through a whole lot before this point, so being together just seemed right to me and I was sure Yuuki felt the same. A moment later as I looked at my purple haired princess an idea came to into my head. I smiled at it and wondered how Yuuki would feel about, I guess there was only way to found out.

"Yuuki I just had an idea" I said with a large smile on my face. She looked at me with an curious look on her face.

"What idea's that then baby?" Yuuki replied as she blushed from calling me that word for the first time.

"Why don't we use our combined Col, or I'll pay for it all I don't mind but why don't we buy a house somewhere and live together?" I questioned with a blush on my face when I released what I might have been implying.

Yuuki looked at me and blushed bright red before she smiled and nodded her head "That sounds like a great idea, but where would we live?" She asked with a curious look on her face.

"Hmmm, how about floor 55? I noticed a nice cabin type house on the grassland not that far from the teleport gate about a thirty-minute walk" I replied with genuine smile.

"Oh yeah I remember that place, and as far as I know no one has bought it yet let's go!" Yuuki exclaimed happily as she punched the air before she grabbed my hand and dragged me to the teleport gate.

*Floor 55 Field, 35 Minutes Later*

We arrived at the house we mentioned before on the outskirts of the field of this floor, it was quite a big wooden house. We walked up to door, I pressed my hand against the blue panel that was in front of me, when I did an alert popped up on both in front of us both, it red:

Would you like to pay the required amount of 7,00,000 Col now?

[Yes] [No]

I tapped the yes button, once the button was pressed the barrier that was around the house disappeared and we were allowed to enter our new house. I sighed at the amount of Col in my account now, it was almost empty. Suddenly a moment later it had 3500,000 transferred back into it. I turned and looked at Yuuki who had an innocent look on her face.

"You obviously did that didn't you, why? I asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Well we're a couple now so why wouldn't I?" Yuuki replied with shy look on her face as she blushed bright red.

"That's right we are, and I don't know what I would do without you Yuuki Konno I honestly mean that" I responded with an honest and caring smile on my face. Before she could respond I pulled her head close to mine and for the second time in one day kissed her on the lips, however this time it was different because the kiss wasn't as much of a surprise and it lasted a lot longer as we both embraced the loving kiss and our new relationship inside this game of uncertainty and death!