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"Harry!" Hermione called from the foyer. "It's time to go."

"FILTHY MUDBLOODS!" Mrs. Black screeched next to Hermione. "YOU DEFILE MY HOME WITH YOUR VERY PRE-"

"Silencio," Sirius said with a twitch of his wand and his deceased mother ceased her hateful slurs. "Again I apologize for my mother Hermione."

The girl shrugged. It had been a little surprising at first, but she had been called a Mudblood for years now. It didn't bother her, but it was still it just reminded her that people like that had been around for hundreds of years. "It's fine. Malfoy has been calling me that for years now."

"Doesn't make it alright," Sirius said shaking his head. "I'm going to invite Bill Weasley over for a cup of tea one of these days and have him take a look at it. He's a curse breaker for Gringotts. One of their better ones in fact."

Bill's surname made Hermione flinch just a bit. It had been three days since the incident at her home but seeing Ron with the Death Eaters still had been disconcerting. It was one thing to beat a helpless girl to the brink of death. That act was deplorable in itself. But to join an organization that espoused blood purity and called for the genocide of people like her? That she couldn't forgive. Why? Why had he joined the Death Eaters? Was it because he hated Harry? She knew that Ron didn't actually believe all of that stuff. They had been close at one time even if Harry had been the glue that kept them together.

She put that thought out of her head. The Ron Weasley that she had known was gone. He had died the second that he had helped Draco Malfoy and Viktor Krum hurt her parents. She didn't care that he was only meant to be the lookout. He had still been there, stood by and let her parents be tortured. That she could not forgive.

John hadn't been the same since that day. He had smiled and joked but it didn't reach his eyes. And whenever they were together, he didn't have that same life about him. She knew it must've been horrible. Krum had been a Death Eater and had attempted to kill them but taking a life couldn't have been easy. It was something that wasn't sure that she could do but knew that she would be given a choice: the enemies life or her life. She wasn't happy about it, but she would choose the second option every single time. She wasn't happy about it. She noticed her dad had been gravitating towards her boyfriend more recently as well. She knew Daddy had been in the military before he met Mum, but he never liked to talk about it. Now after seeing Krum's lifeless eyes behind their telly she didn't feel inclined to ask him. Ever again.

"Really Sirius," Matthew shook his head as he walked in from the kitchen. "I don't care if your mother insults me but if she keeps insulting my daughter and my wife, I'll burn that portrait off the wall myself."

Sirius gave the man an apologetic look. "If you can get that portrait off this wall, I'll give you all the money in my vaults. Every single last knut. That'd be a good payment I think for a little peace and quiet."

"It's not what you signed up for I know when we asked you to live here." Sirius continued.

Matthew had been hesitant about just picking up and leaving like they did but after his girls pushed him, he knew it was the only choice. He knew that if they stayed where they were then this Voldemort character would try again. Matthew had done the best he could at defending his wife. He even knocked that foreign bastard on his ass. But their magic had overwhelmed him. He didn't have a chance in hell.

"But I do appreciate it nonetheless." Matthew nodded at Sirius. When they finished moving their items in, he had supervised his daughter's choosing of a room…mainly to make sure it was as far away from John's as possible. The floorboards also creaked in the night so that was a plus.

"Think nothing of it," Sirius responded. "We have more than enough room here and you're welcome to stay as long as you like."

"I can't let my son's future in-laws be put in danger." That's what he really wanted to say. He thought that he was doing a good job of getting closer to John. Sirius had broached the subject to Hannah about sitting their son down and telling him the truth. Every time she had told him "by the end of the summer he would know". Sirius knew this couldn't have been easy on her. John's entire life had been spent living a lie. He wasn't a Duffy, an old Irish family that went as far back as the Kingdom of Mide. John was a Black. He was Sirius's heir. Not that Sirius put a lot of stock into that, but it was nice to know that his name would go on and his son would do his best to change his family's reputation.

"Is Harry almost ready Daphne?" Hermione asked her friend as Daphne and John both came down the stairs. All three of them were wearing black attire with the girls wearing dresses and John wearing a suit.

"He was just wrapping up." Daphne nodded and resisted the urge to sigh. Ever since Weasley had been recaptured, Harry had been distant. Call Ronald what you wanted but at one point he had been Harry's best friend. According to Daphne's father the boy was now in Ministry custody but hadn't said where. They couldn't put him back in Azkaban of course. The Dementors had already shown that they were on the side of Voldemort. Any Death Eater placed there would just be taken again. All her father had told her was that Ron would be questioned and that was it. Not that they would get a lot out of him. He didn't even have the Mark which meant he was little more than a goon. He would tell them very little but what he did know might lead them to a bigger fish.

"I'll be right back. I'll see if he's almost ready." John said before walking back up the stairs. He knocked on Harry's door.

Harry straightened his tie one last time and looked in the mirror. It was a simple outfit he had rented it from a shop down the street although he really should look into getting one permanently. Something told him that this wasn't the last funeral he would ever go to.

Today was the day. Susan's funeral. Madam Bones had wanted to have it as quickly as possible so the mourning process could begin. Of course, she hadn't said that word for word but Harry knew this couldn't have been easy for her. According to Sirius, Susan's parents had been killed by Death Eaters in the last war and so had the rest of her family. Madam Bones would be the last of her family.

Harry regretted never getting to know Susan better. She had been his friend yes but never his closest. The only reason that she had been part of their little friend group was because she had been dating Blaise.

Harry knew he had to be there for his friend today. The other boy had been a ghost ever since that day. He hadn't responded to any of their letters except a single reply to John telling them that he was at his estate in Italy. That was it. Harry couldn't even guess how his friend was feeling. He had lost his parents when he was just a baby. He had cried over them sure but since then someone he cared about hadn't been ripped from him. The only thing that came close to it was when Hermione had been petrified their second year and she had recovered.

He couldn't imagine this happening to Daphne. He didn't even know if he would want to keep going on. He never wanted to find out.

There came a knock at the door. "Harry?" John said from outside. "You almost ready? We got to get going."

Harry sighed. Guess it was time then. He walked to the door and pushed it open. John had his mother hide his mullet today through a type of Notice me Not charm. He had been paying extra close attention to make sure she didn't try to get rid of it all together. "Let's go," Harry said to his friend.

"I'll just be glad when today's over," John said as they started walking. Harry nodded in agreement. This had been the first thing that his friend had said to him in days. Ever since what happened at Hermione's he had been giving everyone a wide berth but Harry most of all.

"Are you ready Harry?" Sirius asked him as the boys came downstairs. His godson nodded. "Alright you kids will be flooing to the Bones estate."

"Is that where Susan is being buried?" John asked.

Sirius sighed and shook his head. "T-There wasn't enough of her left to bury. All they left was her head."

"Oh my god." Hermione covered her mouth with hands.

"Bastards," John said gruffly under his breath. "I hope they burn in hell."

"None of that today John," Daphne chastised. "We're going to mourn Susan, not talk about revenge." He grunted at her but otherwise didn't say anything.

"Just say Bones Manor and it'll take you there." Sirius said. "Harry you can go first."

Harry nodded and grabbed a handful of floo powder before stepping into the fireplace. He disappeared into a flash of green light.

Off to his friends funeral.

Draco stepped into the manor and shook. It had taken him three days to get back to the island. Three days of dodging the Muggle port authority. He didn't have a Portkey and now that Krum was dead, he couldn't Apparate. He had to get back the old-fashioned way because there was no way that he was calling for help through his Mark.

Now he had to explain to the Dark Lord why not only Granger and her family were still alive but why Krum was dead and Weasley was in custody. The plan had been to kill Weasley anyway and leave his body at the scene of the crime. To most it would've been seen as an Azkaban escapee killing his former friends family but Potter would've known in his heart that the Dark Lord had struck.

Now he had to explain why the plan had gone astray. The Dark Lord didn't care if Draco was the last of a Great House. He would still punish him in front of everyone.

"Malfoy." Draco turned to see the big bear of a man known as Yuri walking towards him. "Vhere haf you been? You vere expected back two days ago."

"Complications." was all that Draco responded with. "Is the Dark Lord in the hall?"

"He is," Yuri said. "He said he vishes to speak vith you vhen you returned."

Yuri looked past Draco. "Vhere is Viktor? And the red headed boy?"

"I must tell the Dark Lord first," Draco said moving past the man. He sighed as he came to the doors of the main hall. Here went nothing.

The hall hadn't been anything of worth. While Nott himself was quite wealthy, this estate had been in his family for only a short period of time. The previous Nott had purchased it back in the nineteen forties at the time wishing for yet another vacation home. But the Orkney Islands weren't somewhere one went to vacation. This estate was purchased though from a foreign seller. Some Norwegian who sold it during a time where foreign property sales weren't as heavily monitored. So for all intents and purposes this estate didn't exist to the Ministry. Which mean it suited the Dark Lord's goals.

"Ahh Draco you return," his master said from the end of the hall. A type of throne had been fashioned there when in actually it was just a grand chair. "I was beginning to think you had been lost."

"Draco," his aunt said gently to him as he walked to the hall.

"My Lord," he bowed deeply. "Auntie. I trust your mission was a success."

She frowned. "It was not. It would seem the new Lord Black has come up with a way to keep me from my own ancestral home."

"We will talk of your failures in private Bellatrix." Voldemort waved at her and she bowed her head, retreating to a seat at his side. "For now, I would like to talk to Draco and see why I am now just seeing him. You were expected back days ago."

"My Lord," Draco said slowly trying to find the best way to word this. "There were…complications."

"Oh?" Voldemort raised an eyebrow. "And what were these…complications."
"Granger wasn't alone," Draco said. "John Duffy and Sirius Black were there as well."

Voldemort was silent for a moment before a twitch of his wand sent Draco to the ground screaming in pain. At his side Bellatrix looked on in sympathy towards her nephew but otherwise didn't interfere. "You're telling me that three Pure-blood wizards were bested by two blood traitors and a Mudblood?" Voldemort sneered. "You disappoint me Draco."

"M-M-Mercy Lord!" Draco cried out as the pain shot through his body.

Voldemort let the boy languish in the curse for another few moments before he stopped it. "So Krum and the Weasley boy are dead?"

"Duffy killed Krum, My Lord," Draco panted as he stumbled to his feet. "I saw it through the window before I managed to escape."

"Fled would be a better term I think," Voldemort corrected but then pondered the thought. "But the Duffy boy is capable of murder? Interesting." Voldemort looked to Bellatrix. "I want the boy tailed. He could be useful in the future."

"My Lord he is a blood traitor," Draco said. "He is taken with that Mudblood Granger. He would never join us."

"That is where you are wrong Draco," Voldemort responded. "Anyone can be convinced given the right price."

"Is the Weasley boy dead as well?" Voldemort continued.

"No My Lord," Draco said. "Black had him at wandpoint when I made my escape. They took him prisoner."

"The boy knows nothing I presume?" Draco nodded. "Then they will get nothing from him. He is of little use to them."

"You are dismissed Draco." Voldemort waved him off.

"However," the Dark Lord added as Draco bowed. "If you fail me again then the Malfoy name will be finished. Am I understood?"

"Y-Yes My Lord," Draco sputtered as he turned and all but ran from the hall.

"Bellatrix," Voldemort said to his lieutenant. "You are to go to the Ministry."

"Yes My Lord." She bowed. "Am I to rescue Rodolphus and Rabastan?"

"If you are able. If not kill them. I will not have their secrets become Ministry property."

The two had gotten captured when they had gone to Greengrass Manor. One of the men who had escaped back to their headquarters had informed his Lord, that the Ministry had provided Greengrass with Auror protection. Two of their number had been killed and only the man, Gregor, had managed to escape. Rabastan and Rodolphus could resist Veritaserum for a time if need be but eventually every mind cracked. Except his own of course. "Bring Yuri with you and three others. However, make sure they are not men under investigation. We need our pawns on the Wizengamot."

"Yes My Lord." She bowed. "Has Barty reported in?"

"He has," Voldemort smirked. He had Crouch causing chaos up and down England. First had been the Bones estate to deal with that troublesome bitch running for Minister. She had escaped but apparently her niece had been killed. Another friend of Potter's according to Draco so it was a mission accomplished. He still would've liked to get the Elder Bones. "He is successful as of now. He has always been fond of causing chaos."

"It is one of his favorite pastimes My Lord," she said in a soft sultry voice. Her marriage to her husband had been nothing but political. A way to grow the Black Family fortunes and a way to keep their line pure. There was only one person in this world that she truly was passionate for and would give her life to protect them. It wasn't her husband.

Voldemort smirked. The woman was useful in more ways than one. She was willing to help him fulfill his baser needs. "Leave us," he said to his remaining followers who bowed before exiting the hall.

Harry walked away from the conversation with Scrimgeour annoyed. He knew the man was making a run for Minister now that Fudge was out. Harry had forgotten that he was Head of the Auror Department, so he worked side by side with Madam Bones. The man had actually had the balls to come up to Harry and ask him to support him for his campaign. He hadn't said that in as many words, but he said, "It would be beneficial to our world if a man like me was in command." Did he really forget that they were at a funeral for Harry's friend? If the man would really sink that low, then he was little better than Fudge in Harry's eyes.

Harry had considered before about joining the Aurors after he graduated. He had been fighting Voldemort all his life, so it made sense. But now he wanted nothing to do with them. The Aurors now had so much red tape holding them back from doing their jobs. Harry wasn't suggesting giving them total control of the country but maybe allow them a bit of leeway.

"What did Scrimgeour want?" Daphne asked as her boyfriend walked back over to her.

"My endorsement," Harry said annoyed. "Said he'd make a fine Minister."

Daphne shook her head. "My dad said he's a good Auror and a decent enough Head, but he could never navigate the Wizengamot."

"Where is your dad anyway?" Harry asked. He knew that Daniel and Madam Bones weren't close, but they were acquaintances. If Scrimgeour was here, then Harry would've thought that Daniel would've been as well.

"Some kind of business at the Ministry." Daphne replied. While her father was on the Wizengamot he also worked for the Ministry itself doing…well she didn't know what exactly. All she knew was that he worked in the Department of Mysteries and that's only because she heard her parents discussing it one day. Nobody outside the Department really knew what went on in it. Not even the Minister from what she understood. She didn't know and she didn't ask.

"Harry," she said to him nodding at the other side of the room. "There's Blaise."

It looked like Blaise had just finished talking to John and Hermione. He put on a smile, but it clearly didn't reach his eyes. "Best go say hello I guess," Harry sighed and started walking with Daphne.

"Hey guys," Blaise said politely when they walked up. "Nice to see you."

"Blaise," Daphne said and took him into a hug which he returned by putting his arms around her. "I'm so sorry." Blaise only responded with a nod. "How are you holding up?"

"Just peachy," Blaise said. "Hey Harry."

"Hey mate," Harry said and shook his friend's hand once Daphne released him. "Susan was a great girl and a great friend. I'm going to miss her."

"Thanks," Blaise nodded. "Could I talk to you for a second?"

"In private?" He said looking over at Daphne.

"Erhmm…," Harry said and looked to Daphne for an answer.

"I need to go talk to Tracey," Daphne said making herself scarce. She wasn't sure what Blaise needed to talk to Harry about but it must've been important.

"Follow me," Blaise said before Harry could say anything and started walking. Harry followed his friend from the room and to the backyard. From the looks of it they were alone. "Cigarette?" (A/N: I know the correct term for it over there but I'd rather not say it for obvious reasons.)

"What?" Harry blinked.

"You want one?" Blaise asked pulling a pack out of his pocket.

"No I'm fine." Harry replied as his friend lit one up and took a drag. "I didn't know you smoked."

Blaise shrugged. "Only when I have a lot on my mind." Blaise took another drag and looked over at Harry. "I heard about what happened at Hermione's. With Malfoy."

Harry nodded. "I'm just glad John and Sirius were there to stop them."

"Bloody bastards are all animals," Blaise spat. "Every single last one of them."

"I want to kill them Harry." Blaise said.

"I kn-"

"I know you do but you don't," Blaise interrupted. "I want to kill every single last one of the bastards. I've never hated anyone as much as I hate those fuckers. I just want to see them all burn."

"That's how I feel about Voldemort every day," Harry said. "He's taken a lot from me Blaise and I'm going to make him pay."

"When can I start training?" Blaise asked. "I've tried writing to Dumbledore, but he never gives me a straight answer."

"I'll talk to him next time I see him." Harry promised. He wanted his friend training with them but not if his head wasn't in the right place.


"Hey Harry." They turned to see a blonde hair girl walking towards them. Next to Harry, Blaise shifted back into his emotionless stance.

"Hi Hannah," Harry said politely.

"I forgot you were friends with Susan." Hannah said ignoring Blaise.

"Not as well as I would've liked to," Harry admitted. "She was a good person."

"She was." Hannah nodded. "I'll miss her." She finally acknowledged Blaise. "Zabini," she said coolly.

"Abbot," he returned.

"Didn't think you would be here," she replied.

"Susan was my girlfriend last I checked," Blaise retorted. "Why wouldn't I be at her funeral?"

"Didn't think you two were that serious was all," she shrugged.

"We were serious enough for you to stop speaking to her," Blaise said.

Hannah's face went red. "That's not wh-"

"That's not why you and the rest of the Hufflepuffs cut her out?" Blaise's voice began to rise. "Is that what you were going to say?"

"Blaise," Harry warned. "Is this really the place?"

"Yes," Blaise spat. "Harry you might not realize this, but you were closer to Susan this past year than you think. You sure as hell were better friends than her fellow Puffs from what I hear."

Blaise took a step towards Hannah and flicked his cigarette away. "You pushed her away. And why? Because she dated a Slytherin?" Hannah didn't speak but the answer clearly showed on her face. "You know what the last thing Sue said to me was? She wanted to let you all know that she forgave you. Forgave you for treating her like a lepper. Forgave you for hating her because she was in a relationship you didn't care for."

"But you know what? I can't see why. She may forgive you, but I don't." Blaise ended the conversation by storming past the girl who had a blank expression on her face.

"Sorry Hannah, I uh better get back inside." Harry said quickly wanting to get out of this situation as fast as possible. She silently nodded and he walked back inside.

"What was that all about?" Daphne asked once Harry rejoined her. "What was up with Blaise? He looked like he wanted to kill someone."

"You'll have to ask him," Harry responded. This wasn't any of his business as far as he was concerned. She raised an eyebrow. "Daphne please. It's not my place to say." Her gaze softened and she nodded.

"I just can't imagine what he must be going through," Tracey said sadly. "Where is he even going to live? Is he coming back to England?"

John shrugged. "I'd offer to let him live with us, but we already have so many people in that house as it is. I'm not sure how many more it can fit."

"Shhh," Hermione said. "It looks like Madam Bones wants to say something."

The living room at Bones Manor was rather large. It was clearly designed to entertain. Unlike the Greengrass's, the Bones didn't have their own hall for parties. Madam Bones had placed herself in front of the grand piano that was by the fireplace. Around the room everyone was now giving her their undivided attention. "Hello everyone," she said her voice amplifying around the spacious room. "Thank you all for coming. It brings me joy in this dark time to see that Susan was so loved."

"Susan…" her voice broke a touch and she cleared her throat. "Susan was a gentle soul. She could befriend anyone in any situation. She was always near the top of her year at Hogwarts. She worked harder than almost anyone and it showed." Hermione wiped her eyes as the tears came. She put her arms around John, and he held her in a tight grip.

"She was taken from us before she could even experience life," Amelia continued. "She was taken from us by the very people who took her parents all those years ago. Death Eaters." Around the room people gasped. There were a few people who shook their heads in exasperation. "Many people will deny it, but it is the truth. These Death Eaters were sent by one man. Lord Voldemort." Around the room people flinched. "Some of you may believe the Daily Prophet but what I'm saying is the truth. I was there that night where I witnessed the return of the Dark Lord."

"I do not say this to frighten any of you," she clarified. "But to warn you. I will not Susan's death go without retribution. I will fight. I will fight tooth and nail until I cannot fight any more. I urge you all to do the same. If we don't then we dishonor Susan's memory with our cowardice," she finished. She took a deep breath and looked around the room at each and every person there. Most wouldn't meet her eye, but some did. They were either angered or inspired. Harry couldn't tell. That was when she locked eyes with him. She gave him an almost imperceptible nod in his direction which he returned.

"Some people aren't going to like this," Neville commented as the room slowly returned back to conversation.

"Who gives a shit," Blaise grunted.

"Has anyone else been in to see the boy?" Daniel asked as he and Saul Croaker walked the hallway.

"None," Saul shook his head. "You want us to pull him from the DMLE?"

"No," Daniel replied. "At least not yet. We'll let them have first crack at him. Plus if I get my hands on him I might throttle him." Saul snorted but Daniel had a straight face. He didn't care if the boy had been under the influence of a potion. He didn't care if he had apologized to his Tori. If he and the Weasley boy were in the same room as one another he'd likely end up killing the child. "Besides we need to have a little chat with the other two first."

"Understood," Saul nodded. They finally came to a blank door that simply had a frowny face on it. Daniel wanted to roll his eyes. It had been an idea suggested by one of the new recruits. They pushed the door open to find a very familiar face.

"Ahhh Greengrass," Rodolphus Lestrange said. "Always a pleasure."

The room that they had come into was nothing that was noteworthy. There were four walls and a chair that was chained to the floor in the middle of it. Rodolphus was in this chair. "Lestrange."

"Who's that with you? I don't recognize him," the Death Eater said looking past Daniel.

"My name is none of your concern animal," Saul glowered at the man.

"Animal?" Rodolphus chuckled. "How original. It's been a while since someone has called me that. I've heard bastard, monster, scum etc but it is always nice to hear the old ones."

"Can it Lestrange," Daniel said. "We're here to ask you some questions."

"Before you do, I'd like to ask you one," Lestrange said and continued before Daniel could offer an answer. "How is it that you're the one questioning me? We were arrested for trying to kill you after all so one might think you might be a bit biased to the DMLE."

In truth the Unspeakables did basically whatever they wanted. Lestrange's ancestor had tried to shut their entire Department down at one point but they had simply ignored him. How ironic.

It had been a simple matter to convince Dawlish to look the other way while they took the brothers prisoner. But they wouldn't tell the criminal that. "That's none of your concern," Daniel said instead.

Rodolphus shrugged. "Just thought I'd make the attempt. You never know what you might get here."

"Where is he Lestrange?" Daniel said wanting to get to the point.

"Who?" the man played dumb.

"Voldemort," Daniel's eyes narrowed. At his side Saul shivered.

Rodolphus on the other hand was enraged. "You blood traitor! You dare speak his name?!"

"He doesn't scare me," Daniel lied. In truth the Dark Lord was the most terrifying person he had ever seen but he had to remain in control of this situation. "Why shouldn't I?"

Rodolphus didn't say a word but he slowly began to chuckle. The laugh got louder and louder until the man was cackling. "What's so funny?" Saul snapped at him.

"I-I was just thinking," Rodolphus said with tears in his eyes. "How funny it will be when the Dark Lord is standing over Potter's lifeless corpse."

"That's your future son in law isn't it Greengrass?" Rodolphus raised an eyebrow at Daniel who remained silent. "Your whore of a daughter is spreading her legs for him right now I bet."

"Shut your damn mouth," Daniel growled at the man his hand inching towards his wand.

"When Potter is dead finally dead," Lestrange continued. "Little Greengrass will be our slave I bet. I wonder who gets first go at he-" Whatever he was going to say next was interrupted when Daniel slugged him across the face breaking the man's nose.

"I SAID SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH!" Daniel roared and went in for another hit. Saul grabbed his arm and was barely able to restrain him.

"DANIEL!" Saul pushed him against the wall and held them there. "He's no use to us dead!"

Daniel pushed his colleague away but otherwise didn't try to go after Lestrange again.

"Did I touch a nerve Greengrass?" The man smirked at the Lord and now had blood now running freely from his broken nose but he didn't care. He had gotten under the man's skin. "It's alright. If Potter won't make you a grandpappy then I'll oblige you. I know that Wormtail would love to have a go at the bitch."

"Are you going to tell us anything freely or not?" Saul barked at the man and went to his pocket.

Rodolphus cackled. "Veritaserum? Really? That's your best idea? My mind is too strong for that." He looked to Daniel. "I don't know how the Greengrass's do it but I'm from the Lestrange Family." He puffed his chest out as best he could in pride. "We train our minds young. You shits will never be able to break down mine or my brother's walls."

"Maybe not now then." Saul said with a smirk. "But after a little time in solitary confinement maybe you-"

"Solitary?" Rodolphus cackled yet again. "I spent a decade and a half in solitary. If the Dementors couldn't break me, you really think you can?"

Daniel nodded towards the door indicating to his fellow to step outside. "He might be right," he admitted to Saul.

"We can't let this bastard win," Saul hissed. "We need to break his mind."

"I agree but I don't believe that we are the men to do it," Daniel shook his head. "We need to bring in someone else."



"Are you crazy?" Saul's mouth dropped open. "You want the Headmaster in here? Shit we barely even let the bloody Minister in here and he runs the country."

"I'm not saying in here." Their laws were very clear. Unless the Wizengamot ruled it, no one from outside the Department was allowed in their halls. Even then Daniel could just flat out refuse to let said allowed person in. "Have him moved to the DMLE holding pin. We'll question him there. His brother too."

"Consider it done," Saul nodded regretfully. He wanted to be the one who have broken Lestrange. The Longbottom's had been good friends of his and that damn family had tortured them with the help of Barty Crouch. To him it wasn't enough to know that justice was being done. He wanted the pricks to suffer. "Are we going to interrogate the Weasley boy?"

Daniel nodded. "Might as well."

Ron languished in his cell. All he wanted was to make things right. He would tell the Ministry whatever he knew about the Death Eaters. It wasn't a lot, but he would cooperate.

As of yet no one had come to see him except some witch who delivered his food each day. Every time she came, he tried to tell her that he wanted to speak to someone and every time he was ignored. He could help them. They just needed to let him.

He wondered if his father knew he was here. Odds were he didn't. His father worked with Muggle Artifacts not in the DMLE. Even if he knew his son was held prisoner, Ron doubted that he would care. He would just see it as another reason to keep the boy out of the family.

Ron hadn't received one letter from any of his family when he had been in Azkaban and not one visitor. He had known his brothers and father wouldn't have visited that was a given, but his mother and sister were a different story. Ginny had been the only one of his family that he had still been close to this past year. She had been there with him when he had made an ass of himself in front of his friends.

His few months in Azkaban had given him time to reflect. Nobody had put him there but himself. It had been his jealousy that had forced him there. Jealousy that Harry had made new friends from outside the house. Jealousy that Hermione a girl he had a crush on for two years had found someone else. And stupidity that he couldn't have seen that Harry hadn't put his name in that bloody Goblet in the first place.

Ronald had put himself there and he was the only one to blame.

The door to his cell came open and in came two men only one which he recognized.

"Lord Greengrass," he said moving towards the back of his cell.

"Relax boy." The man rolled his eyes. "I'm not here to kill you…yet." Ron flinched.

"Do you know who I am?" The other man asked. Ron shook his head. "Good and you won't find out. We're here to ask you a few questions Weasley."

"I'll tell you anything and everything I know," Ron said quickly. "I just want to help."

"Is that so?" Mr. Greengrass raised an eyebrow. "You want to help us?" Ron nodded. "I didn't think Death Eaters wanted to help the Ministry."

"I'm not a Death Eat-"

"You're not a Death Eater?" The other man asked. "Interesting. I do believe that you were captured by Sirius Black. Where was he captured Daniel?"

"London," Daniel said. "In a home owned by the parents of one Hermione Jean Granger, a former friend of yours Ronald, I do believe. And a Muggleborn if I'm not mistaken. Death Eaters don't take kindly to them."

"I'm not a Death Eater!" Ron said again. "And I didn't hurt Hermione!"

"Really?" Daniel raised an eyebrow. "Because both her parents had several wounds inflicted on them and your comrade Viktor Krum took her captive that day. We checked his body. He had the Dark Mark boy."

"I was there," Ron said solemnly. "I was supposed to be the lookout. I didn't know what we were going to do. Malfoy didn't tell me anything."

"So you're backing up Lord Black's story that Draco Malfoy was there as well?" Daniel asked.

"He was in charge of us," Ron said.

"Who sent you?" the man asked. "Who told you to go kill Miss Granger and her family?"

"It was You-Know-Who," Ron shook with fear. "He told us to do it, but nobody told me a thing till we left and were already in London."

"Voldemort," Daniel said to himself more than anyone but beside him Saul shivered at the name. "Where is he? Where did you come from?"

"I don't know the exactly place sir," Ron said honestly. "No one ever told me a thing."

"Think hard on it Weasley," the man said. "Help us so we can help you. If we like what you say, then we could get you a bit of leeway in your trial."

Ron thought to himself. "It was in the north," he finally said. "There were a bunch of islands next to ours. I think I heard someone say it was off the coast of Scotland."

"That could be the Orkney Islands, Daniel," Saul said. "Not a lot to go on but a start."

"How many men were there?" Daniel continued. "How many Death Eaters?"

"I only saw about thirty or forty," Ron said honestly. "Most of them didn't stay. Some people were saying that there were more in England."

"Where?" the man asked him.

"I don't know sir," Ron said. "I would tell you I swear I would. I'm no Death Eater, I swear I'm not."

"Why did you join their ranks Weasley?" Daniel asked. "I don't like you. I've made that very clear, but you don't strike me as a Pure-blood supremacist."

Ron shook with emotion. "I-I-I- I didn't want t-to hurt anyone s-sir I swear it," he sputtered. "I-I was going t-to slip away from Malfoy and K-Krum after we left. I wanted t-to tell the Ministry what I knew."

"So you wanted to be a spy?" Daniel raised an eyebrow. Ron nodded quickly. "Hmm…that might be the most foolish thing I've ever heard but I don't believe that you're lying. However, the Ministry won't accept what you've said as fact just because I believe it. They'll want to give you Veritaserum."

"I'll take it right now sir!" Ron said. This could be his chance.

"Soon," Daniel said. "We need to get everything situated. For now though suffice to say that we appreciate your information. We will return soon."

"Lord Greengrass." Daniel turned back to him. "D-Does my family know I've been taken?"

"I don't know, I'll be honest with you. I will send someone to inform your father. I wouldn't hold your breath, however. The last I spoke with him he was very adamant that his family have nothing to do with you."

Ron's heart fell into his stomach at the words and the men left him there. He shouldn't have expected anything different. He just hoped that if he cooperated that his family would see him in a different light.

Like Lord Greengrass said though, he wouldn't hold his breath.

"Think he was telling the truth?" Saul asked Daniel as they left the cell. Daniel nodded.

"I still want him questioned with Veritaserum," Daniel said. At the end of the long hallway they were in a doorway open. Through it came the Lestrange brothers who were unconscious and were being all but dragged by their chains by a full squad of Unspeakables and Aurors.

"Lord Greengrass," Dawlish said annoyed as the two men were taken into their cells. "Is there a reason that you're questioning the Weasley boy?"

Daniel raised an eyebrow at the man. "I do believe that it is written in the Ministry Charter, page 965, paragraph 8, that if the DMLE is understaffed the questioning of prisoners will be conducted by the Department of Mystery."

Dawlish frowned. "We were about to get to the boy."

"And we've made your job easier," Saul said. "I'll have a full report of the interrogation on Madam Bones desk by the end of the day."

Dawlish didn't look pleased, but Daniel didn't care. He never exactly cared for the man anyway. "I want a full squad of Aurors guarding these two men at all times," Daniel said referring to the Lestrange brothers.

"You don't have command here," Dawlish said. The man was running for Minister and he thought that he could start giving orders to them already. "If Scrimgeour tells me to move men here then I will. Until then I-"

At that moment the floor under them shook with motion and a loud BOOM was heard off in the distance. "The bloody hell was that?!" one of the Aurors exclaimed.

"It came from the Atrium!" a voice yelled from outside the long hallway.

"We're under attack boys!" Dawlish roared and sprinted down the hallway. "Let's go!"

His squad followed him leaving the Unspeakables behind. "Dawlish!" Daniel called after him. "Get back here!" But he was ignored. "Idiot!"

Suddenly he heard a familiar laugh start. The explosions continued and intensified but so did this laugh. "What's so funny Lestrange?" Saul snapped at the man from outside the cell.

"She's here," Rodolphus continued to laugh. "She's come."

"Who's here?" Saul questioned drawing his wand. The others did as well.

Daniel didn't need for Lestrange to answer that question. There was only one she the man could be referring to.

"My wife," Rodolphus grinned a bloody grin. "Bellatrix is here."