Doctor at Work

Claudia smiled as she grabbed her first aid kit and pulled out a wrap. She cut off a fair piece of wrap and tied it around her friend's arm. "There we go." Claudia beamed. "Better?"

"I guess… thanks, Claudia." Marcie said, feeling the wrap in worry. "Why did I forget my glasses?"

"I have no idea." Claudia said as Peppermint Patty walked towards them.

Peppermint Patty smirked. "Let me guess, forgot her glasses and fell down a flock of stairs?"

Claudia nodded her head as she grabbed a bandage. "The scars will heal though."

"As bad as the wounds are, my pride hurts more, sir." Marcie confessed, wincing in pain.

Peppermint Patty cocked her head. "How?"

"I always ask myself, why can't I have a normal dog like everyone else?" Charlie Brown lamented as he walked towards the gang.

Claudia chuckled. "I might start asking myself that as well."

Charlie Brown smiled and greeted the three with a wave. "I WAS gonna ask what the heck happened to you three, but never mind."

Claudia, not hearing the 'never mind' part, smiled. "Marcie f-forgot her glasses and fell d-down the stairs. I'm patching her up."

"Good grief!" Charlie Brown gasped. Snoopy was walking by, decked out in his surgeon outfit.

"Here's the world-famous doctor checking in on the injured patient." Snoopy thought, looking Marcie in the eye. "YIKES!"

"What got into him?" Peppermint Patty asked Charlie Brown.

Charlie Brown chuckled in disbelief. "I don't have the faintest idea."

"These wounds could be serious if not treated properly...what cat did you fight?" Snoopy asked Marcie.

Marcie sighed, rolling her good eye. "Oh good grief indeed, Charles."

"Am I the only doctor here?" asked Claudia.

"Human-wise, yes." Charlie Brown responded as Snoopy snooped in the first aid kit. Snoopy pulls out a bunch of wraps for Marcie and wraps her up, looking like a mummy

"You kinda overdid it, didn't you, Snoop?" Peppermint Patty asked.

"It isn't even Halloween yet… but, I can draw on it, can't I?" Claudia inquired.

"I'll get the scissors." Charlie Brown declared as he spotted Frieda.

"There you are babe." Frieda smiled. She went to see what was going on and nearly jumped in alarm. "Okay, Snoopy, what did you do this time? Wrap another patient in a bandage?"

Snoopy grinned smugly, making everyone roll their eyes. "I've said it before, and I'll say it again. You got a crazy dog there, Chuck." Peppermint Patty explained.

"Tell me about it." Charlie Brown said, grabbing scissors.

Frieda smirked. "Another reason you should be out chasing rabbits, Snoopy."

Snoopy rolled his eyes in annoyance and walked away as Charlie Brown cut Marcie out of the wraps. "Almost there." Charlie Brown explained, cutting the last bit of the wrap.

Marcie smiled. "Thanks, Charles. I felt like I was in a horror movie."

"Yeah." Charlie Brown said.

Claudia smiled as she whispered to Peppermint Patty, "Well, at least he kept the required bandage."

Frieda shuddered, making the tomboy curious. "Horror not your thing, Frieda?"

"Only when Charlie Brown and I go to the movies." Frieda explained, making the blockhead blush.

"Well, that should do it, Marcie." Claudia said, grabbing stuff from her first aid kit.

"Thanks, Claudia." Marcie smiled as Claudia grabbed a notepad.

"No problem." Claudia smiled, jotting stuff in the notepad, much to Frieda's confusion.

"What're you doing?" Frieda asked.

Claudia smiled. "Protocol. Now, let's black eye-left, one scar-right cheek, one scar-left side of forehead, one scar in a wrap-left arm, two scars-right arm, one bandage-right arm and one lollipop."

Frieda rolled her eyes while Peppermint Patty smirked.

"Looks like I'm all set." Marcie smiled.

"Come on, Marcie. I'll escort you home so you don't hurt yourself again because you forgot your glasses." Peppermint Patty insisted. Frieda chuckled at the comment.

Marcie groaned. "It could've happened to anyone, sir."

"And yet, it always seems to happen to you. And stop calling me 'sir'! See ya, Claude." Peppermint Patty explained.

"See you later, girls." Claudia waved, handing Peppermint Patty a lollipop for herself. "Two happy clients."

Charlie Brown smiled as Claudia gave him and Frieda lollipops too. "Well Frieda and I better get going too. See you, Claudia."

"Bye, hun." Frieda waved as she and Charlie Brown walked home together.

Claudia giggled. "See you two later."

She was about to head inside when she heard some sort of noises-the thumping of a stereo, the crash of a window, the bonk of Lucy getting hit with a fly ball (and Schroeder nursing her back to health), Sally tripping but getting back up again and the sound of a goose.

"Honk? Okay! What was that?" Claudia questioned before noticing Peppermint Patty sitting in front of a lamppost.

"I bumped into a lamppost, Claude." Peppermint Patty confessed.

"Oh g-good grief!" Claudia exclaimed as she face-palmed.

Marcie chuckled, talking to the lamppost. "You can say that again, Claudia. Peppermint Patty sure goofed up!"

Claudia sighed and tapped Marcie on the shoulder. She jumped in shock before blushing in embarrassment. "We may never make it home." Peppermint Patty complained.

"You should call your boyfriends to escort the two of you." Claudia suggested, wrapping the tomboy's nose in a spare wrap. The two girls did so and waited for their arrival. When they did, Claudia greeted them with a wave and lollipops.

"Oh guter Kummer!" Franco exclaimed.

Franklin sighed, tucking his lollipop in his backpack. "I'm not even asking what happened."

"We need help getting home." Peppermint Patty told Franco.

Franco sighed. "Freundin, you can see in front of you."

Marcie huffed. "I feel offended by that comment."

"I bumped my nose on a lamppost, Franco! We need help getting home." Peppermint Patty explained.

Franklin just face palmed as he looked in his backpack. "You forgot something."

"Yeah-we forgot Peppermint Patty isn't ALWAYS the best Uber service." Claudia teased, laughing.

Franklin chuckled in disbelief, pulling out his girlfriend's glasses and putting them on her face. "You left them at my house after our study date."

"Thanks, Frankie." Marcie blushed, kissing him on the cheek.

Franco kissed his freundin on the nose. "Beep."

"Shaking my head. Why would ANYONE leave their glasses at their crush' house after a study date?" Claudia asked.

"Thanks again, Claudia. This time we're really on our way home." Marcie vowed. Claudia smiled.

"See ya, Claude!" exclaimed Peppermint Patty.

"See you, people." Claudia sighed as she headed home and closed the door behind her. "I have weird friends."

Krissy smirked as she read a magazine on the couch. "And I have a weird sister with weird friends-well, two weird sisters, but that's beyond the point."

Claudia shrugged. "You won't believe what I dealt with!"

"There's blood on your neckerchief." Krissy mentioned, making Claudia shrug. "How did it get there?"

Claudia smiled. If anyone would know these things-it would be Krissy. "Marcie forgot her glasses and fell down the stairs. I bandaged her up pretty good. She, Peppermint Patty, and their boyfriends just left. It's her blood that on me."

Krissy blinked for a second before it sunk in. "What?!"

"What do you mean by 'what'?"

"For a minute I thought you had a nosebleed and tried to stop it."

Claudia blinked. That was partially true, but she used the neckerchief as a wrap until she found the wraps. "No not this time. I helped Marcie patch up her wounds. I do need to have my clothes washed after this, though."

Krissy gave her the 'A-Okay' sign. "What am I going to do with you, Claudia?" she asked.

Claudia just shrugged as she went to put on some new clothes-maybe a pair of flannel pajamas with slippers. "What a day!" she told Gracie, who was resting on the bottom bunk.

"You're telling me, girl! And here, I thought I had a rough time chasing my own shadow."

Claudia smiled and ruffled Gracie's fur, making the dog lick her cheek. "Oh Gracie. Gracie-poo, what will I do with you?"

Gracie barked and licked her friend's cheek some more. "Good idea. But what if the blood stains?"

The dog shrugged. "Yeah. You shouldn't be dealing with this."

The next morning, Claudia sighed as she greeted Linus and Eudora. "Nice pink shirt." Eudora commented.

"Yeah." Linus agreed.

"And where's your neckerchief?" Eudora asked.

"In the wash." Claudia explained. "Krissy nearly had a cow when she saw it!"

"Why?" Eudora and Linus asked in question as Charlie Brown hopped over, decked in a wrap. Snoopy, as the world famous surgeon, smirked. "Oh."

"I'll free him. Got any left handed scissors, anyone?" Claudia asked.