So sorry about posting his late! I was actually busy today which was weird.

I am so sad that New Dream Week is ending. But I had such a fun time doing it! If there's a next year, I'm definitely doing it!

Happily Ever After

"I think that we should name the baby Balthazar."

Rapunzel peered up at her husband with a judgmental gaze. "Balthazar? So we'll have Adelaide, Caleb, Henry, Carlyle, Caroline and Balthazar?"

Eugene flipped through the pages of the book on his lap. He took a moment to scan each page then shook his head. He stopped the smirk making his way to his face.

"Wait, Bathazar? Isn't that the villain in Flynnigan Rider ?" Rapunzel put her hand on her hips.

"For your information, Balthazar is a beautiful name."

"It is a villain from Flynnigan Rider !"

She tore the book from Eugene's hands. He was on the exact page where Balthazar the Bachach. Rapunzel rolled her eyes as her husband laughed. She replied by saying that she did read the books.

"Stop trying to name our child after the bad guys in those books." She rested her hand on her swollen stomach. "Or I'll let Caroline name him or her."

"She's nine. She'll name the kid, 'Unicorn' or Wilhelmina or-"

"Wait, Wilhelmina? Like the mermaid in Flynnigan ?"

"That is her favorite character."

Rapunzel rubbed her stomach where the baby was kicking. "I think this one's a Wilhemina. If it's a girl, of course."

Eugene tucked a stray hair behind her ear. "That's pretty. Just like someone I know."

They shared a kiss. But pulled apart after hearing a giggle. All five of their children were watching them. Rapunzel shook her head, smiling. Eugene jumped right up to chase them away. She watched them.

This was their perfect happily ever after.