Shifty stared up at the dirty ceiling of his rundown shack of a house as he laid on the equally dirty floor. A bottle of beer in one hand, he took a swig before wiping his mouth with the other and letting out a long drawn out sigh.

"Why isn't this fuckin' working anymore?"

The green-haired kleptomaniac had been trying his hardest to drink away . . .well everything. In the small time span of this last year, his life went from uncomfortably okay to utter hell. People seemed to despise him even more than normal. The whole town found out about his failed robbery turned murdering spree in the coffeeshop. And if that didn't give them a reason to hate him, they soon found about how he shot his own brother after trying to make him kill Flippy and Flaky while he tortured and taunted the superhero Splendid. To everyone in Happy Tree Town, Shifty was no longer a simple nuisance or a sly trickster.

He was a monster.

So Shifty locked himself in his house and hadn't left since. His brother visited every once and a while, along with his girlfriend, the shy redhead Flaky. It seemed they were the only two in the entire town who didn't hate him. But soon after realizing trying to talk to his brother was like talking to a brick wall, his visits became less and less frequent before they stopped entirely and Shifty was alone once more.

Just like last time. . .


"You can't be serious-"

"I'm dead fucking serious. Get out. Get out and never come back. You aren't my brother no more!"

Shifty grabbed his brother by the collar of his long coat and quite literally threw him out. He watched the younger twin ended with his face was in the dirt and then Shifty threw the trash bag of his things out beside him before slamming the door shut and locking it. Seconds later Shifty heard his brother try to open the door, only for it to stop after a few pulls when Lifty realized it was locked. Shifty waited nearly an hour before he came to the front door, pulling it open with a wide grin.

"I think you learned your lesson, little bro. Now come on back before you-what the fuck?"

Shifty was more than surprised to see Lifty was gone. His heartbeat quickened as nervousness took over. Where did he go? It was raining hard and Shifty knew his brother might end up freezing to death out here. He left in the twin's van and drove for a while, calling out his brother's name hoping to hear or see him. But as he was about to give up hope, he saw something in the grass a few feet away from this huge tree in the park. Getting out of the van, Shifty made his way over to the mystery object and saw it was the bag he gave Lifty before "kicking him out."

His eyes scanned the park but he saw no sign of the other twin. He was getting annoyed now. Why couldn't his idiot brother just have stayed put? It wasn't like he was really getting kicked out. And now he just left? What the fuck?!

"Oho, you wanna just leave," Shifty shouted out to the empty air, "Leave then. I don't need you anyway."

God, how wrong he was.


As the thoughts of how he ended up here started to fade, Shifty could only feel angrier and angrier. This was Lifty's fault. He should've just waited. If he had, Shifty never wouldn't have done the things he did to try and get his brother back. He sat up, anger clouding him as he threw the bottle and it shattered against the wall, staining the wallpaper even more. He felt tears coming to his eyes as his body trembled and shook with anger.

"Fuckin' Lifty. Why. . .why'd you leave me, man?" Shifty's voice cracked, "I miss you. You idiot."

Shifty rose shakily to his feet, wobbling back and forth as he stood there. He stared blankly for a moment before he smiled. Then he started to laugh. Loud, almost crazed-sounding laughs that would've chilled any normal person's bones. He left his house and walked all the way across town to a house he had only been to once before.

Flaky's house.

He saw the lights were still on, despite it being rather late into the evening. Shifty peered into the windows to see if he could see anyone and he saw Lifty sitting on a red couch, watching a movie. The other thief didn't even notice his twin staring at him from the darkness and didn't move for a few minutes before Flaky and one of her friends, the blue-haired germaphobe Petunia, entered the room. His brother's face lit up instantly and he stood up, hugging her and spinning her around as the girl giggled and held him back. They shared a kiss while Petunia gave the couple a warm smile, and Shifty's anger and sadness only grew.

"Look how happy he is," a smug voice echoing from the back of his mind taunted him, "Without you. He's become something you can never be. A good person."

Shifty grit his teeth, "Shut. Up."

The voice didn't reply and the thief walked away from the window. He kept walking until he made it to his destination. The outskirts of town. He knew he wouldn't be able to die in town, due to the curse place upon the town years ago that prevented its inhabitants from dying. He didn't know if leaving the town would stop the curse from bringing someone back.

But what better way to find out than to try first hand?

He pulled out two things from his coat pocket: his phone and a small silver pistol. He dialed the number he wanted and it rang for a few seconds before the person picked up.


"Hey, little brother."

"It's been a while, man. I was starting to worry about you. You doing good?"

Shifty shook his head, "No. No, I'm not."

"Why. What's going on," Lifty frowned, worry in his voice, "Wait, where are you? It sounds like you're outside or something."

"Or something. I'm on the outskirts of town."

"Shifty, what the fuck are you doing? You know the curse doesn't bring people back if they leave the town's borders."

"No, I didn't know. Thanks for telling me."

"Shifty, stay where you are. I'm coming to get you."

Shifty heard his brother hang up and now Shifty sat down on a rock beside the highway. Not even five minutes went by before he saw a red car driving down the road. It screeched to a halt and he saw three people get out of it and rush towards him. He didn't rise from the rock to meet his brother. He just sat there and Lifty knelt down beside him, locking eyes with the other twin.

"Shifty, what are you doing out here?" Lifty wrinkled his nose and made a face, "You reek like booze and look horrible."

"That's cause I'm drunk, little bro." Shifty chuckled, his eyes barely open as he kept his head lowered between his legs, "It's all I do anymore. Drink and drink until I forget why I'm doing it in the first place."

"B-But why?" Flaky muttered, a worried expression on her face.

Shifty's head snapped up and his eyes met the three people in front of him as he whispered, "Why? WHY?" the thief's voice raised as he stood up, feeling his anger coming back, "Because I'm alone! Everyone fuckin' hates me! Hates. Me. After what happened at the museum and coffeeshop, this town turned against me even more than it already was."

Lifty shook his head, "It's okay, Shifty. We can fix it. Tell 'em you're better now."

"But I'm gonna fix what I did," Shifty started to back away from the three and everyone watched in horror as he put the pistol against his head, "Permanently."

Lifty's eyes went wide and he rushed forward, hand outstretched as he screamed, "NO!"