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Chapter I – Into the Fire

Finally dropping out from being flung across space and time, the Doom Slayer landed on his knees a bit groggy from the experience. He took a few moments to right himself with a shake of his head before the Bane of Hell got his senses back.

And once he did, the Doom Slayer was pissed as all fuck!

There are a few things that he hates just as much as those wretched demons and one of those things was betrayal. Digging his fingers in the dirt in anger, the Hell Walker remembered the countless times he had been betrayed from the Deags of Argent D'Nur to that Holy Bitch herself, the Kahn Maykr. Now, he fell for that robotic fucker's own.

In hindsight, the Doom Slayer makes it too easy for them anyway with his one track goal of butchering the Slaves of Hell. However, all that did was adding one more name to his fuck all list.

Grunting in annoyance, the Doom Slayer stood up from his position and surveyed the area. There were bushes, trees, chirping birds, clouds, and the sun. Any normal bastard would've welcomed this rare sight of peace and tranquility but he was not all about that.

He did not give two fucks about all of this. His end goal – now and always – was getting back to Hell and continue his ravenous slaughter of the vile. If anything, this world can keeps its peace for all he cared for.

Still, on the highly unlikely chance that Hayden did send him to the Earth of that dimension, then the Beast would not complain. He would hunt down that robot, peal him open like a banana and crush whatever organs he had left – saving the brain for last – and take back the Demonic Crucible from his still twitching fingers.

Having said all of that, the Hell Walker did wonder why Hayden sent him here. He expected that robot to fling him to some desolate place like a deserted planet or even outer space; or even Hell for that matter as a consolation prize.

Like that will do him any goddamn good.

Though the fact remains that the Doom Slayer had no idea where he was – Earth or not. His top priority now is to determine where he is and he would go on from there.

For that, he'd need VEGA, the trusty AI. Probably the only thing useful that came from Mars apart from his guns.

Fishing out the external drive from his Dimensional Pack, the Doom Slayer inserted it to one of the Praetor Suit's ports and he waited before VEGA's icon was displayed on his HUD. It took only a moment for the AI to install itself into the Praetor Suit's systems.

"Installation complete. Rudimentary systems check optimal. VEGA AI operational. Greetings, Doom Slayer. Thank you for creating a back up of my core programs."

The Doom Slayer grunted as if saying to not worry about it before thinking about his inventory.

"I have conducted a full systems check on the Praetor Suit and your armaments. Your suit is functioning at 100% capacity and is combat ready. Your health and armor, and ammo levels are at maximum and you have retained all of your upgrades for the suit and your weapons."

The Doom Slayer huffed in approval before looking around. He wanted to know where he was.

"I understand. I will begin searching for any satellites in orbit to determine our exact location – assuming that this is Earth. To hasten the process, I recommend moving to higher ground as the communication capabilities of the Praetor Suit are limited in comparison to its other functions. I have marked a suitable location to conduct a search on your HUD."

True to the AI's words, the location specified was about two hundred meters North West of his current position. Wordlessly, the Doom Slayer sprinted towards the place. With his immense speed, it will only take him seconds to arrive there.

"I wish to inform you that I have taken the liberty to include my function to the Praetor Suit's neural connection to your brain. We will be able to communicate mentally – thus increasing your combat efficiency."

The Doom Slayer grunted in approval. He will take anything that gives him an edge in his crusade against Hell.

After mere seconds of running, the Doom Slayer reached his destination on top of a hill. To better increase VEGA's chances to get a signal, he climbed a tall tree before giving the AI the go ahead for the search.

"Search pattern commencing. Please hold, this may take a few minutes."

The Doom Slayer huffed as he let the AI do its work before he decided to get his objectives straight. As he stated before, his primary goal was getting back to Hell but to do that, he needed a way out of this planet. First and foremost, he needed to find out if this is Earth or nor.

If this was, then lucky him and very unlucky for that smug robot. If not, then there are ways of getting back to Hell. The Praetor Suit still had the Tether system installed after all, he just need VEGA to reconfigure it so he can get back to Earth.

As time moves differently through the dimensions, there was a high chance that Hayden is already exploiting the Demonic Crucible for energy and other things…which means that Hell will be coming for Earth en mass. Why wouldn't they? Earth was his original home before Argent D'Nur and what better way to drive him further into despair – and rage – than to take his homeworld from him.

The Hell Walker mission was simple from here on out: he must get back to Earth so he can save it from Hell…again. Anything else would be classified under the category of FUCK ALL.

VEGA's symbol appeared on his HUD.

"Search complete. According to my scans, there are no communications satellites in orbit, no communications towers operational, and no radio waves detected. However, further scans of surrounding flora show significant genetic similarities with native Terran specimens. I believe that Dr. Hayden sent us to a world that has a similar biosphere to Earth. Or that we have been flung backwards in time."

The Doom Slayer growled in annoyance but he expected this to happen. At least he found out that this was not Earth – or if it was, he was probably stuck in the Stone Age or something. This could set him back quite considerably. He mentally asked if it was possible for VEGA to get them back to Mars using the Tether System.

"There is a slight possibility that the Tether system may work but I would recommend against this course of action. Without exact coordinates to return to Mars, we would be jumping from location to location – dimension to dimension – in an unending cycle with a very slim chance of success."

Huffing, the Doom Slayer was very tempted to do just that. Anything to get him away from all of this peace and tranquility that was making him very uncomfortable. Before he could make that decision to just fuck it and do some dimension jumping, VEGA piped up again.

"It appears that Dr. Hayden has implanted a hidden video message within my core programs. I was not aware of its existence until I was installed into the Praetor Suit. Shall I play it for you?"

If the Doom Slayer could scoff, he would do so. Why would he subject himself to further torture by listening to that walking tin can's voice again after what he has done and going to do. Hayden was probably going to gloat at his accomplishments and how everything will be better to him anyway and from what the Hell Walker had seen, the robot was not beyond that.

In fact, it almost reminded him of that one fucker from his past.

With nothing else to do, the Doom Slayer allowed VEGA to play it. If the robot did just that, then the Slayer will have even more motivation to hunt his ass down.

"Understood. Playing video message now."

Immediately, a window popped up in the Doom Slayer's HUD and he was once again graced with the blood boiling visage of Samuel Hayden. How he wished he could get his hands on that walking tin corpse.

"Hello, Doom Slayer. If you're watching this then you've succeeded in stopping Hell's invasion of Mars and Olivia Pearce is no more. I'm sorry that I did what I did to you but it had to be done. Although, I believe that won't matter to you despite what I say." Dr. Hayden chuckled almost mockingly.

The Doom Slayer furrowed his brow in annoyance. There it was, that smug attitude of his.

"Still, you might be wondering why I've sent you to this specific location. Believe what you want to believe about me but I meant what I said about being committed in helping you against the legions of Hell. That is why I took the Crucible from you. You and I both know that despite your…unique efforts in closing the portal, the corruption of Hell has likely spread throughout the UAC back on Earth and they will invade again."

Although it pained him to admit it, the robot was correct. Only a fool would think that it would be over the moment he blew the Spider Mastermind's brains out. Hell would never stop consuming worlds just as he will never stop terrorizing it.

However, that doesn't change the fact that this fucker started it all in the first place.

"It is for that reason that I took the Crucible from you and sent you away. For your homeworld to have even have a fighting chance, they will need weapons of Argent Energy. Even you cannot dispute that."

Again, the Doom Slayer was forced to admit that the robot was correct. As advanced as Earthen weaponry had become since his days in the Marines, it will not be enough to hold off the demons and Argent Energy based weapons would be needed to give the humans even half a chance.

However, the Hell Walker had caught onto something. The robot said, "his homeworld." What did that mean…?

As if realizing his question, Hayden chuckled. "So you've caught on, Slayer? Your questions will be answered, I assure you, but time is short. Currently, I am in the process of finding a way back to Earth with the Crucible to prepare it for the coming invasion – it is inevitable. Still, even with Argent based weaponry and the vast resources under my disposal, Earth will still fall without you."

The Doom Slayer realized that. Only he was the one the demons truly feared and Hayden had just flung him to God knows where. He failed to see the logic in that.

"But I know of how you work, Slayer. If I brought you back to Earth, the bureaucrats will try to test you, confiscate you armor and weapons, have you follow their orders – basically annoy you to no end. They will also try to limit your use of their precious resources as a means to control you, most likely. So, as you can see, it would be better if you worked at your own discretion."

On that, the Doom Slayer could agree with the robot. No matter where he goes – be it on Earth or Argent D'Nur – politicians and bureaucrats were nothing but life stealing parasites. Though, that still doesn't explain why he was here.

"In order to accomplish that, you will need to reclaim what was rightfully yours." Hayden drew close to the camera. "You will need to reclaim your great fortress."

For the first time in millennia, the Doom Slayer was stunned before he narrowed his eyes in suspicion. How did this walking sack of bolts know about his fortress? The ones who knew about it were either dead or had joined the ranks of Hell, and the only other being possibly alive to know about it was…

Well, that sneaky son of bitch.

"While I rally Earth's forces to hold out the demon's onslaught, I sent you here to find your personal command ship long thought lost when the Deags betrayed you which I have hidden for I knew this day would come. You will need it to exact your revenge on them and the Kahn Maykr herself. It is located to the East of where you are. I have previously uploaded VEGA with the coordinates and additional information you might need. Don't take too long."

With that, the video message had ended and the Doom Slayer grunted. So, Samuel Hayden was the Seraphim from all those millennia ago. For one thing, he really let himself go. For another, that son of a bitch should've told him right away instead of being a dramatic shit about it.

However, thanks to the Seraphim, he now had a way out of this rock. If and when he gets to his fortress, the Hell Walker will be able to attain space travel. Perhaps he can have VEGA retrofit the Tether System onto the Fortress so it can teleport through time and space to wherever the Slayer wanted to go.

Oh, he still intends to bash the Seraphim's metal skull in for what he did but he'll place that on the back burner for now.

"After careful analysation of the information supplied by Dr. Hayden, your Fortress has been hidden on a cluster of islands far to the East of here called Valyria. I recommend we obtain a map to verify its exact location. We will need a ship capable of undertaking such a journey. According to Dr. Hayden, this planet is inhabited by humans which are akin to the Medieval Period. I will enact a search for a settlement now."

The Doom Slayer grunted. His property was somewhere on an island in the middle of the sea? It doesn't matter if he would have to steal a ship or row there himself with a small boat, he will get his Fortress back so he can get back to Earth and save the stupid humans again.

Nothing and no one else matters.

"I have located what appears to be a castle to your rear at approximately twenty seven kilometers. There maybe a large settlement nearby."

Turning to his rear, the Doom Slayer noticed the castle jutting out in the sky. He mentally kicked himself for not even noticing the obvious sign of civilization but that could be an abandoned castle for all he knew. Still, it was the best shot he had at finding a map.

"We will be most likely meeting the locals. I recommend using subtlety and kindness to –"

The Doom Slayer let out a dark growl.

"Understood. Marking the location on your HUD"

Nodding, the Hell Walker jumped of the tree and landed with an audible crack before running towards the castle. At his speed, he'll reach the castle in under ten minutes of less.

The day the Doom Slayer plays nice was the day Hell stops invading worlds. Whoever these people are, they can either help him of they can fuck off. If they want to fuck with him, he will tear them piece by bloody piece.

In a small hut just outside of the village of Dragonstone, the Red Priestess of R'hllor, Melisandre was praying before a roaring fire to give tribute to the Lord of Light. She had arrived by the instruction of her lord to seek out Azor Ahai, the Prince That Was Promised, for it has been foretold that the Long Night was soon to begin and the Night King grows stronger with each passing day.

She had come to Dragonstone months ago to spread the wise and holy gospel of R'hllor. Of course, very few paid her any mind but soon, she had amassed a substantial number of followers – she has even made progress of converting Stannis Baratheon and his family to forsake the Seven and embrace the true god.

While the people of the Seven Kingdoms and those who rule it spend their days toiling and soiling themselves in their petty squabbles, the followers of R'hllor knew that the real enemy was building his strength in the far reaches of the North.

The heathen gods the people foolishly worship here care not for their impending annihilation; only the Lord lf Light cared enough to mobilize his followers and try to save their world. As far as Melisandre was concerned, R'hllor was entitled to be venerated for his actions.

Guided by her visions, the Red Woman was made certain that Stannis Baratheon was the Prince That Was Promised and she did all she could to convince him of such. The man had all the qualities needed to lead the living against the thralls of the dead.

Stannis Baratheon was a stubborn man but the idea was getting to him; especially after finding out the truth of Robert Baratheon's supposed children. Soon, he will take his place as the right hand of R'hllor and the symbol to unite the Kingdoms to face such a threat.

When she was done giving tribute, the Red Woman opened her eyes, she was assaulted by a vision by the flames. Visions of a man in strange green armor. He wandered the lands to fulfill his own purpose but there was something about him.

Underneath that armor was nothing but pure rage and hatred, and unmatched power; so much so that Melisandre grew wary of him. The visions then tell a great war orchestrated by an insect of a man and the stranger took no sides as he butchered all those who stood in his way – be they of noble or vile intentions – and he did so with brutality and cruelty that not even the most vile of monsters could ever hope to achieve.

When she was finally released from this vision, Melisandre was breathing heavily. Whoever…whatever that man was, even R'hllor was wary of him. He was a threat – not just to the Kingdoms but even to the Lord of Light.

Melisandre could not believe such a thing. No man could even pose a threat to mighty R'hllor but here was a vision sent by the Lord of Light himself. How could she deny that?

She cannot let this man – this…beast – to run free and destroy the entire known world but what could she do that even the entire armies of the Seven Kingdoms could not?

What could she do against…

The Beast of Doom.

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