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Chapter VII – Fortress of Doom

On board Oberyn Martell's ship, every member of the crew was doing their part to make sure the vessel was in tip top shape as they sail to the Smoking Sea. The Dornishmen craved adventure and danger…but the real danger was there standing menacingly at the very bow of the ship.

The Doom Slayer himself stood almost impatiently in the direction of Old Valyria after coming aboard two days ago in Volantis. His very name struck terror in the hearts of every Free City of Essos. Tales of his savage butchery on Pentos spread far and wide, and when the Triarchs of Volantis heard of his coming, they practically shitted and pissed themselves silly.

It was a miracle Oberyn managed to convince them to let him handle that monster. More so that nobody dared to even come near them. Even the most zealous of Red Priests steered clear of him as he relentlessly marched to the docks.

Now, no one – not Oberyn, not his paramour, not even the Sand Snakes – were brave enough to even approach the Doom Slayer for fear of inciting his terrible wrath.

And that's the way the Doom Slayer liked it. They mind their own shit and he doesn't throw them the fuck overboard.

Still, a few brave souls had tried to invite him as a way to get him to talk. He told them to fuck off but VEGA translated for him in the pussy's way. He hated the pussy's way.

Anyway, they soon got the message and left him alone after a couple of tries. Although in hindsight, it might be a good things since the Hell Walker has something to occupy his mind a little instead of hallucinating demons again and go into a blind rage.

Against demons? Fuck yeah. Against humans? Fucking annoying.

The punk explained that the Smoking Sea and what's left of the Valyrian Peninsula was too dangerous for their ship to stay as no man had ever returned – saying that it was cursed or some shit. The Hell Walker scoffed at that; was that supposed to scare the Hell Walker? What they call cursed was him taking a shit down a Cyberdemon's torn head.

"Greeting, Doom Slayer. I am Tyene Sand. May I have the honor joining you?"

The Doom slayer looked at his rear and much to his annoyance, some blonde broad was there smiling at him like a lost puppy. He grunted in irritation before turning back; maybe if he ignored it, it'll go away…yeah, he ain't that lucky.

"My apologies if I disturbed you, My Lord, but mayhaps you could satisfy a young woman's curiosity?"

Jesus, this chick was desperate. The Doom Slayer had half a mind to start chucking them into the sea but asking simple questions wasn't considered fucking with him…unfortunately. He was actually hoping they'd start making trouble for him – the one time he asks for that and he wasn't even having it after almost three weeks in this bullshit world.

Fuck it, he told VEGA to handle it and mute goddamn everything. Probably have the AI play his entire playlist while he's at it too.

Maybe after that, they can get off his ass already.

Tyene Sand stood before the Doom Slayer; while she was composed, her nervousness was growing. Apart from briefly looking at her – possibly in chagrin – he didn't do much after. Normally, she would've been insulted to be dismissed so brazenly but what in the Seven Hells could she do? Poison him?

This was the man who tore the Mountain in half and made a detachment of Unsullied flee in fear of him. There was no way she could survive that.

Looking at her back, she could see her family watching on anxiously as was the entire crew. Her father was watching the interaction like a hawk while holding onto his poisoned spear – Tyene doubted that it would that help.

She was about to apologize for disturbing the Slayer until she got a response.

"Greetings, madam. I am VEGA. How may I assist you?"

Everyone was surprised to even receive a response but they shook it off. Oberyn immediately instructed Nymeria to write down everything they'd hear while Tyene resumed her friendly exterior.

"A pleasure to meet you, VEGA. But I am curious…who are you? A spirit perhaps?" She asked.

"As I said, I am the tactical companion of the Doom Slayer installed within the Praetor Suit's systems. You can say that the armor speaks for him for the Slayer has forsaken the ability to speak long ago."

Tyene could say that she was confused by the specifics of this…VEGA's explanation of his existence but she understood the simplified version of it. He was the Slayer's voice – possibly some kind of magical being? Normally unbelievable but she didn't think someone like the Slayer was real too.

"A pity, that is."

"Yes, but you may refer your questions to me as the Doom Slayer has granted me permission to answer them. I have extensive knowledge of the Slayer's past and legends. All supported by approved documents and historical records cataloged in the UAC database."

This pleased the Sand Snake as she let out a small smirk. "My thanks. First of all, does the Doom Slayer have a true name instead of a title?"

"Unfortunately, the Doom Slayer's true name was lost in history. No one truly knows who he is – even his people did not know."

Tyene frowned as murmuring started across the crew. "There must be more."

"My apologies, Tyene Sand, but there are no records of such. However, the Doom Slayer is known by many names such as the Beast, the Hell Walker, the Unchained Predator, and the Scourge of Hell by those he fights."

"Those…are fearsome names." Tyene said carefully. "I am sure that they are not unfounded. Where does the Slayer hail from? You said something about his people, does this mean he is of the nobility?"

"The first mentions of the Doom Slayer comes from the ancient texts of Argent D'Nur. Evidence gathered greatly suggests that he originated there."

This confused Tyene and the Dornishmen. They had not heard of a place called Argent D'Nur anywhere. They doubted even the great explorers of Westeros and Essos knew of it.

"Please, tell me more about this…Argent D'Nur place."

"Argent D'Nur is the home of the once powerful Argenta Empire, a warrior race of immense might and martial prowess. They value strength and conviction more than any other. Their armed forces, the Night Sentinels, are said to be among the most powerful there is. Perfecting the art of conquest. Unfortunately, the Sentinel Empire is no more.

Tyene looked at her rear and she could see the crew and family was listening intently to them. She had to admit, she was getting engrossed herself. It was a damn shame that the Sentinels were no more, though. If they still existed, this Argenta Empire could've been a very invaluable ally to be had.

"And what is the Doom Slayer to the Argenta people? He must be their greatest warrior, yes?"

"Do you see the orange sash on his right shoulder of the Praetor Suit?"

The Sand Snake peered around and she could see it among the armor and nodded. "Yes, I see it."

"According to the Ligra Sultagenta – otherwise known as the Book of Kings – the orange sash signifies the rank of sovereignty."

Tyene's eyes widened in surprise as did the rest. "H-He's a king?!"

"Yes. Evidence suggests that after gaining celestial might from the Seraphim, he lead the remaining Night Sentinels to successfully defend the Holy City of Taras Nabad from the Hell Invasion and the Dreadnaught Titan. The Sentinel people proclaimed the Slayer as the last warrior-king. In accordance with Sentinel Law, a king unfit for battle is unfit to rule."

Everyone on the ship had their mouths wide open at the implication. If what VEGA said was true, then then were in the presence of royalty.

"Your Majesty." Tyene took a knee in respect after regaining herself. She was followed by her family and the ship's crew. "You grace us with your presence."

"Please, there is no need to bow. Do you wish to ask more questions, Tyene Sand?"

Rising from her position, Tyene eyed the Doom Slayer with interest. She could already feel Obara and Nymeria doing the same. Former king or not, the Slayer was an impressive specimen already and his value just went up considerably. A child begotten from his seed would be of royal Sentinel blood.

"Yes." Tyene nodded. "You state that he was given celestial might. Would you please explain further?"

"Certainly. According to the Book of Kings, the Slayer was spirited away from the battlefield by the Seraphim – chancellor to the godlike Khan Maykr – and was gifted power and speed to match his will. When the process was done, the Doom Slayer was no longer a mortal. By all accounts, he was considered to be a god made flesh by both the Sentinels and the Maykr Angels."

The crew whispered in awe amongst themselves as Tyene's eye shone with desire and interest. Regarded as a king and a god, and had the might to back up such claims. That was someone worthy of her bed.

"Incredible." Tyene nodded with a smile. "Still, just what caused the downfall of the Sentinel Empire's demise? Surely an Empire such as that seemed unstoppable." All of the Dornish wanted to know as well. To defeat the armies of the Slayer was an almost impossible feat.

"According to the Book of Kings, the downfall of Argent D'Nur started when the Night Sentinels waged the Unholy Crusades against the Hell Dimension."

"Hell Dimension?" Tyene frowned. "I…do not understand, VEGA?"

"The Hell Dimension is an ever expanding realm of pure chaos and barbarism unbound by the laws of space time that thrives in the pain and suffering of other worlds. Many cultures have different names for it; yours refer to it as the Seven Hells although this is incorrect as Hell actually has 9 levels – maybe more."

Everyone was murmuring on disbelief. There was absolutely no way that was true; they refused to believe it.

"What happened?"

"As the war with Hell raged on, the Doom Slayer and his legions found Nekravol, the City of the Damned, and learned the truth. Constructed by Argenta slaves in secret by the command of the Khan Maykr, leader of the Maykr Angels and made the Infernal Pact with the Dark Lord of Hell. The Dark Realm would supply the Maykrs with Argent Energy derived from the tortured souls of those slain by the demons in return for unrestricted access to every innocent world under the influence of the Maykrs to consume. When the Night Sentinels reported this, it was already too late and Argent D'Nur was plunged into civil war. The Loyalist Sect led by the Doom Slayer against the Heretics who sided with the Khan Maykr."

Those present could only listen in a mixture of awe and horror. Some had even begun praying to the Seven that this tale was just a ruse and no such evil existed.

Tyene could feel the sweat rolling down the side of her head as she swallowed the lump in her throat. "S-So…the Doom Slayer…lost? How was that possible?"

"Because the Loyalists were betrayed. After years of civil war, the Order of the Deag – High Priests of the Elemental Wraiths – presented an opportunity to destroy the diabolical factories of Nekravol. Led by the Doom Slayer, loyal Night Sentinels mobilized and set forth to the Hell Portal before treachery struck. The Night Sentinels were scattered throughout Hell with no hope of return nor reinforcements, and were soon beset by the demonic swarms. Though scattered and faced certain doom, the Night Sentinels brought terrible retribution to the demons. An excerpt from the Book of Kings: "What Hell saw that day was the beating heart of the free people of Argent D'Nur; they did not flinch in the face of their own certain death. They died as they lived, with sword and shield in hand; Urdak too low a place to house such giants. Theirs would be the fate of warrior gods, remembered for all time". End excerpt."

The Dornish were all in awe. It was a story worthy of legends and veneration; the climactic battle between good and evil. Unwavering even in the face of such infernal and impossible odds; such courage and strength that not even the tales of the Age of Heroes could compare.

"What of the Doom Slayer?" Tyene asked. "If he and his army were trapped in Hell, how did he survive while all others fell?"

"When the trap was sprung and the last his Night Sentinels perished, the Doom Slayer succumbed to the ultimate rage. It is said that he slaughtered seven demonic armies and atop the mountain of torn corpses, the Slayer declared his unending war of extermination. For eons, the Slayer brought barbarous desolation to the demonic hordes – striking fear into their very existence. Would you like to hear the Slayer Testaments made by the scribes of Hell?"

"I'd like that, thank you." Tyene was certain that if they were to verify VEGA's claims, this would be it. Perhaps it is undeniable truth of the existence of the Seven Hells.

"Very well. Accessing UAC Report File: H8UM66S. "In the first age, in the first battle, when the shadows first lengthened, one stood. Burned by the embers of Armageddon, his soul blistered by the fires of Hell and tainted beyond ascension, he chose the path of perpetual torment. In his ravenous hatred he found no peace; and with boiling blood he scoured the Umbral Plains seeking vengeance against the dark lords who had wronged him. He wore the crown of the Night Sentinels, and those that tasted the bite of his sword named him…the Doom Slayer." End of recording."

VEGA gave them the rest of the Slayer Testaments and the Dornish were now convinced. Hell existed in all its wretched glory and it would devour everything. It feared nothing but one…something even worse than all the evil it could produce.

"W-Why is the Doom Slayer here? Is Hell going to invade?" The mere thought of it horrified Tyene.

"The Slayer is here because he desires to reclaim his Great Fortress that has been hidden by the Seraphim after the betrayal. He will need it to resume his cruel conquest for another world is in danger of a demonic invasion. Hell may not know the location of your world but they will sooner or later."

The crew began to erupt in hysterics. Some begging the Slayer for salvation rather than their precious Seven.

"The Slayer knows of your intentions to try and tie him down with your people but it will not work. If you try, you'll only incur his wrath. He is the only one the demons fear and the only one standing between Hell and the other mortal realms. He must return to the Dark Realm and continue his merciless annihilation."

"I-I understand. Thank you, VEGA. You have given us much to think about."

"You're welcome, Tyene Sand. Please, enjoy the rest of your day."

Tyene gave the Doom Slayer a bow before heading back to her father and family. The grave look in their eyes says it all. Whatever plans to tie down the Slayer had to be abandoned for he must resume his ravenous eradication of the demons.

It was the only way to ensure their survival from the evil of Hell.

"It appears that they have been satisfied, Doom Slayer. They may not disturb you unless necessary."

The Beast grunted in approval when he heard the AI after shutting off his playlist of some cat named Mick Gordon – motherfucker knows his shit. Taking a peek at these chumps, he saw that they were damn near pissing themselves. Some were even praying to him.

What the hell did VEGA tell these idiots…? The AI probably scarred them for life.

Another day had passed and the ship was approaching the Smoking Sea. The Doom Slayer saw that it was actually smoking and boiling but he frowned as VEGA came back with the results of its scans.

"There are high concentrations of volcanic gas being released by the water, Doom Slayer. Additionally, I have detected fair amounts of Sentinel Energy saturating the entire area and is slowly spreading."

That…was a bad sign. Whatever happened here, his Fortress is the goddamn cause. The thing – even if immobile – radiates incredible amounts of energy but he didn't think it'd be nearly enough to cause this…unless it's been here for thousands of years.

Fuck it, if this planet can survive for millennia harboring his Fortress, it can survive the Sentinel Energy for its existence.

"We can go no further, Slayer." The punk said from behind as the ship made a complete stop. "It's forbidden and hazardous to sail into these cursed waters but we've prepared a row boat for your use."

The Doom Slayer grunted; that was the best deal he's gotten all week. He was thinking about jumping into the damn water and be done with it…but he'd probably sink to the bottom and lose more time than his temper would take.

Hindsight was a bitch but a useful bitch.

"The Doom Slayer understands, Oberyn Martell. Consider your debt repaid in full."

Nodding, Oberyn led the Unchained Predator to his row boat and commanded his men to lower him into the water when he got on. Once the Slayer was in the water, he immediately started rowing into Valyria.

"Doom Slayer!"

Hearing his name, the Hell Walker peered up at the ship and saw the entire crew was looking at him before they all bowed. Then, some muscled chick got up on the rafters and raised her spear.







They all began chanting and the Doom Slayer huffed. He was pretty sure now that VEGA told them about the Ligra Sultagenta. Let them think what they want to think but damn right hail to his boys.

The ship began turning around and made its way back home. Well, now that they were gone, the Doom Slayer could finally able to get back his property.

"The main isle of Valyria is approximately 201.5 miles East of here. The location of the highest concentration of Sentinel Energy in the region is pinpointed at the North Western section of the island. Be advised that the surrounding volcanoes are still highly active. Marking your objective now."

With his target marked, the Hell Walker began rowing furiously into the sea. He passed by islands filled with ruins of a long lost civilization but he was unconcerned. He even passed by some ships with red sails and lion symbol stitched into it.

After a hour of rowing and weaving through ruined islands, the Doom Slayer had reached the main island. Now, all he needs to do is find a clearing so he can land this thing so he let the AI do its work.

"Scans of the terrain indicate a possible clearing two miles to the South. However, I have detected a large ship anchored just off shore. Most likely pirates or looters."

The Hell Walker huffed. These idiots were dead men walking if they stayed out here for too long. He didn't care if they wanted to strip mine this whole place but they better stay the fuck away from his property.

Fortunately, that ship with the black paintjob and octopuses in its dark sails hadn't noticed the Slayer as his boat reached shore next to more than a few row boats. Tracks littered the beach bit that wasn't the problem. The damn problem was the tracks headed towards the direction he needed to go.

It could be nothing since there was a ruined city to the North so there was that. Anyway, they can do whatever the fuck they want just as long as they stayed out of his way.

The Doom Slayer started his trek towards his Fortress. If VEGA's scans were right, his property was buried under a goddamn mountain.

What a fucking cliché. Well, at least it's not at the bottom of a fucking ocean.

Smashing through trees and rocks, the Hell Walker wouldn't be deterred from reclaiming what was rightfully his. Not even the mutated monsters that tried to ambush him. All that got them was having their heads stomped in and rib cages torn open.

Along the way, he passed by some human corpses. Some were normal while some had stone-like skin. VEGA did some scans on the bodies and found that they were infected by some highly contagious type of skin disease roided out by Sentinel Energy.

Poor fucking bastards but not the Doom Slayer's problem. That is, until some of them tried to kill him so he splattered them into the ground. With how they looked, he probably did them a favor.

Anyway, he continued on the path until he came upon the mountain that housed his Great Fortress. Fucking finally. After he busts the damn thing loose, he can leave all this bullshit behind and get back to Earth.

First thing, there's got to be some kind of cave entrance here that leads into the mountain so he ordered VEGA to start scanning while the Hell Walker circled around the base to speed up the process.

It wasn't even 10 minutes until the AI got a hit.

"I have spotted a secluded cave entrance 1.2 miles from your position. This may lead you to your Fortress. Marking the location in your HUD now."

The Hell Walker grunted as he bulldozed his way to his prize. Upon reaching the cave entrance, it was actually a long forgotten mine at the base of the mountain. That meant that whoever lived here had found his Fortress!

This made his blood boil. They had found his property and no doubt tried to steal it piece by piece. The fucking security system better be online or Samur's going to fry. He rushed into the cave and as he moved further in, weaving through the winding paths, he could see the glow of torches and voices saying something about a sealed entrance.

Knowing that there were people – most likely the fucks from that ship – who found his Fortress infuriated him but they just made their position known to him.

When he reached the site, dozens of men were standing before the entrance of his mighty Fortress and some retarded looking shitstain had the goddamn BALLS to lay his slimy fingers on his property and say he'll loot it for everything! He'll feed that son a bitch his own damn hands!

Take it in you rotten fucks because it'll be the last thing you'll ever see!

With thunderous strides, the Doom Slayer was upon like a rabid animal. By the time they noticed his coming onslaught, it was already too late. He grabbed two by their heads and smashed them into the rocks; splattering their brains all over the walls.

Soon enough, the looters all charged at him as the retard smirked at him – mocking him. The Beast will save him for last.

Their pathetic swords bounced off the Praetor Suit as they tried to dog pile the Doom Slayer but he was too fast and too strong. He squashed one bastard's head between his fists and throwing devastating haymakers at them. For their attempted desecration of his Fortress, he held nothing back and every man he hits exploded into gore.

Digging his fingers into another's skull, the son of a bitch screamed before the Hell Walker split him apart down the middle; the familiar sound of ripping flesh and breaking bones echoed through the cave. He threw the carcass to the side and jumped towards another, stomping his head all over the ground.

The Beast saw one trying to rush at him and he dodged before punching the shitstain in the chest. He then smashed his head into the body cavity like one of those old school cartoons. Amusing as it was, he had some thieves to massacre.

By now, the survivors gave up trying to kill him and were either begging for mercy or tried to escape. At least, they tried to beg because all they let out was annoying gibberish; maybe that's because they didn't have tongues.

The Doom Slayer didn't care as he kept ripping and tearing.

After it was said and done, the mine was covered in putrid gore and blood. The Hell Walker felt something clang on his back armor before he turned around and saw that the retarded cocksucker tried to hack him in two and shattered his pathetic sword.

He did say he was going to save the bastard for last.

The son of a bitch made the idiotic mistake of gawking and the Beast grabbed him by the throat. The retard snarled, cursed and spat at the Hell Walker, and tried to claw and pry the blood soaked fingers off his neck.

Spitting bullshit about Greyjoys, silence, and raping. For a guy that wanted silence, he wouldn't shut the fuck up! This cocksucker wants silence, then he'll get it!

Stomping on his knee, the Doom Slayer tore his fingers into his neck before ripping off his head together with the spine. With a grunt, he threw the head to the rocks and it exploded in fragments of bone and brain matter upon impact.

With the intruders dealt with, the Hell Walker strode to the entrance of his Fortress. His red chest piece turned blue and the Fortress hummed to life after the systems confirmed his return. His mark on the door glowed a crimson red as it opened.

Before he could enter, the Doom Slayer was greeted by the spirits of his Night Sentinels who saluted to him. He gave a single nod before marching into his Fortress. As he traversed through the halls, the ghosts of his Night Sentinels stood at attention until he reached his command center.

The Hell Walker had succeeded; the Fortress of Doom was his once again and he could return to Earth now. Hopefully, the demons still haven't invaded and if they did, that rat bastard Seraphim better hope he did good or he's scrap metal.

In any case, he needed to do a full systems check on the Fortress – make sure this thing can still work after all this time. The Hell Walker plugged VEGA into the console and he waited for the AI to do its work.

"I have been successfully uploaded into your Fortress' systems. Commencing diagnostics check – standby."

Letting out a huff, the Hell Walker decided to do a sweep of his Fortress. Can't be too careful.

"Systems check complete, Slayer. It seems that your Fortress has been here for an estimated 15,000 years since Dr. Hayden transported it here. It appears to be in working order but eight Sentinel power batteries have been stolen from the Fortress' central power core. Thus most of its primary function – as well as the Rift Drive systems – are not operational. Reviewing the security footage indicates that the Valyrians had infiltrated the Fortress in its dormant states and stole the power batteries as well as one other artifact designated as DSY01. Attempting to locate…"

The Doom Slayer didn't care to listen to what the AI had to say as he stood inside his personal quarters. His fists were clenched and he was boiling over in rage at the fucking travesty that was committed against him. The Beast's eyes burned with unbridled fury at the spot where his most prized possession SHOULD BE!

In the bowels of the Citadel, a Dornish acolyte by the name Alleras was scouring the Valyrian archives for information about a very peculiar fellow as per the Grand Maesters orders.

By now, word had spread through the entire Seven Kingdoms about this man and what he had done. In spite of all this, the Grand Maester believed that he had some kind of connection to the Valyrians so the Citadel dispatched every Maester and Acolyte they could muster to find it.

Alleras wiped the sweat from his brow before he found a small chest hidden beneath piles upon piles of scrolls and book. He had found absolutely nothing about this Doom Slayer and he had a feeling this wouldn't be any different but he still tried to open it.

Upon opening it, he saw that there was something covered in dusty old cloths so Alleras removed them. What he saw made his eyes widened in shock before he called a Maester over.

When the Maester came up, he too was surprised at what they had just uncovered. It was a painting of a strangely armored man with a crossbow like weapon on one hand and nestled possessively in the other, was a brown bunny. Along with it was a collection of books and scrolls possibly detailing it all.

They had found what they were looking for.


Did you honestly think I was done with Westeros and the rest of the world? The intermission is fucking over. Now the real fun begins.