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Extended Summary: David Dante is your ordinary kid. He's smart, charming, handsome, but if you look in his eyes, you can see it's all a disguise. Before David Dante got bit by the spider, he was a psychopath (Emotionless, manipulative, charming, practiced liar) who had a tic to lick his lips whenever he got an urge to kill. What happens when someone like this becomes Spider-Man, who breaks the 'no-kill' rule on his enemies?

David Dante/Spider-Man: A psychopathic boy who develops spider powers and kills his enemies.

Felicia Hardy/Black Cat: A cat burglar who is the love interest of both David Dante and Spider-Man.

Eddie Brock: The best friend of David Dante.

Barton Hamilton/Green Goblin: David's psychiatrist and supervillain.

Chapter 1-1

I used to imagine how my life had ended up here. For a long time, I thought I was a nobody and to this day, that thought still stands. I'm just David Dante, your average teenager to the naked eye but if you look carefully, you can see that everything I put on is an act. It's an act for the greater good because I get urges. Whenever I lick my lip, I get this urge to kill that it's almost uncontrollable. I don't know where it comes from. The woman who gave birth to me, and society demands me to call her 'mom', says that I was born with it and it's incurable. So even before I could remember, I was a monster. I was born a monster and I thought I was permitted to act like a monster but the one that society demands me call 'dad', said that I am not darkness, I was born in the darkness and I can still find the light. Easy for him to say, he wasn't the one born a monster. I got the short end of the stick and was born a monster but we can't change our lives and I knew that from my first memory as a four-year-old.

My parents, they shelter me like a little boy but I'm a big boy, I'm fifteen. I'll never understand parents and their weird fantasies in protecting their child because I'm not a child worth protecting. I would've had a sibling but both mom and dad were born from a psychopath in their family and the chances of having two psychopathic children were greater than becoming President of the United States so they decided that instead of giving me another psychopath companion, they would raise me as an only child.

Mom and dad were nice to me. They gave me free food, clothes, paid for my school, and they always fed me a good meal every night. Dad would teach me things that human males are bound to know by nature and mom would teach me how to behave like a normal human being around women. I've never been interested in women but sex does sound nice.

David Dante awoke from his slumber in his dimly lit room. He pulls himself up and stretches his arms out. He jumps out of bed and grabs a shirt and pair of jeans from the closet. After dressing himself, he turns the showerhead on in his bathroom and wets his dark brown hair. He dries it off and brushes his squeaky clean teeth. He headed downstairs for breakfast, jumping over the railings like he always did but this time, he almost landed on top of his father sitting at the kitchen table.

"Dad," David said.

His father, Jim Dante, acknowledged his son. "Son," he said cheerfully, "You seem excited, even more so than usual."

"It's nothing," David insisted, "I'm just trying to put on a happy face. You guys told me to wear a happy face when around other people so I was just warming up."

His mother, Misa Dante, came out of the kitchen with a plate of scrambled eggs for him. "I made breakfast for you."

Say 'thank you', it's polite.

"Thank you mother," he said as he took the plate. "I'll eat it on my way to school."

"Dr. Hamilton wanted to drop you off to school today," Misa said, "He's been worried about you.

Dr. Hamilton is my psychiatrist, he's the one who diagnosed me with psychopathy in the first place. I was four. He's amusing, entertaining. He's annoying as a doctor but he's a good source of laughter when he's just a regular human.

"I haven't done anything," David said, "I don't need to be monitored like a dog."

"He said that your urges to kill are becoming more amplified," she said, "Last time you were with him, you said that you had fantasies of killing dogs."

"They're just animals on four legs, what's so special about them?"

"The reason you're seeing a psychiatrist is so you can learn how people act," she said, "If the police find out what you are, they'll take you away."

Am I someone worth saving? Who wants a psychopath for a son? If they wanted a normal child, why didn't they just give me away?

"When does he get here?" he asked.

"In five minutes," Jim said after checking his watch, "So you better put the 'fast' in breakfast."

David looked at the plate of scrambled eggs. He felt like crushing the plate into glass.

I would like to put the 'break' in breakfast.

David finished his breakfast before there was a knock on the door. David answered the door and Dr. Barton Hamilton stood in the doorway.

"Barton," David said.

Call him Dr. Hamilton, it's respectful.

"Dr. Hamilton…" he said with fake enthusiasm.

"Ready for school," the middle-aged man asked.

"Like any other day of the year, school is tolerable." He grabs his backpack from the chair beside him before walking out the door.

"Love you," Jim and Misa said.

"Love you too," David said absentmindedly.

Jim and Misa both had hurt expressions on their faces but Dr. Hamilton gave them a soft reassuring smile.

In the car, Dr. Hamilton drove him to school. David sat in the passenger's seat and stared blankly out the window. They drove past a school bus heading in the direction of David's school.

I'm a psychopath, I have no feelings, but I do have friends.

A boy looks out the window on the bus.

Eddie Brock. He's a cool guy, he's not bland or dry or inappropriate like most kids are. He's like me in a way: Messed up. He's a regular human but he has to be messed up to be friends with me. Still, whatever makes the day less boring.

Then he spotted a girl with platinum blonde hair.

Now Felicia Hardy, on the other hand, is a different story. She is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. She moved into my neighborhood about a year ago and she is the most beautiful girl in the world. She's no pushover and she has four out of my six classes. She is my dream girl, everything about her is perfect. Her eyes, her skin, her breasts, her hair, her lips, like every inch of her body was made just for me and I blush at the sight of her every time.

David blushed and this did not go unnoticed by Hamilton. Both the car and bus stopped at a stoplight and Hamilton used this opportunity.

"How have your grades been in school?" he asked.

"Average," David answered, "Bs and Cs."

"Anything that interests you?"

David thought for a second. "Forensics."


"We're learning about profiling and I'm fairly interested in that subject. It hits a certain note with me that I can't explain."

"Any friends?"

David hesitated. "Plenty of friends, they're fun to hang around and nice to talk to."

"How many?"


"About six or seven," he answered.

"What are they like?"

Beautiful and not a cardboard cutout.

"Just regular kids, nothing special about them," David answered.

"Have you been having any more of your fantasies?"

David licked his lips. "I would not like to answer that question."

"We've talked about this, David," Hamilton said, "Whenever you get these homicidal urges you tell your parents and we talk through them. I've known your parents for a long time and it would break their hearts if you ended up in prison."

Why do people like him care for such a monster like me? But then again, if I go to prison, they might give me The Needle or send me to hell through Old Sparky. Maybe having parents that care for a soulless creature like myself is necessary to avoid a prison cell. At least in my mind, there is no difference between prison, The Needle, Old Sparky, and a mental asylum.

"Next time I get these urges, I will say something."

"That's unusual behavior for a psychopath," Hamilton said, "You're not one to take responsibility. I suspect that you'd rather be in the comfort of our parents rather than prison, am I correct?"

You're quite sharp.

Hamilton dropped David off in the school parking lot and David met up with Eddie as he disembarked from the bus with everybody.

Eddie approached David with a smile. "You remember what today is, right?"

David drew a blank. "Tuesday?"

"No," Eddie said, "The science department from Empire State University is visiting us. They brought some of their science displays from the university with them. During lunch, we're getting a whole hour with the science department. That should be fun."

"Will it impact our grades in any way?" David asked.

"No, we are just going for fun," Eddie answered, "There's something wrong with you. You have no taste for the thrill."

David caught sight of Felicia getting off the bus.

You have spoken too soon, Eddie Brock.

"I just have a different taste than what normal people are used to," he said, "I'll be right back."

David walks past Eddie to follow Felicia as she follows the crowd of students into the school. David was behind her and was about to make her move before he was interrupted.

"What do we have here, boys," a new voice said, "Looks like we have an escaped monkey from the zoo."

David looks over his shoulder and spots three boys, all taller than him with skateboards under their arms.

"Allan, Robert, Oliver," David said as he turned around, "The three dicks that detached themselves from their parents' groins. I'm not in a mood for this."

"But we are," Allan, the leader of the trio, said, "You still are long overdue on lunch money and we're needing the money." He pointed to Robert. "Bobby here hired a whore and he needs to pay her back."

"So sucking your STD cock wasn't payment enough," David said, "That's why I hate whores."

"Your mother is a whore," Robert said, "Don't see us paying for her."

"As if we would," Allan said.

"Guys," Oliver said, "Let's not forget our mission, we need to get his lunch money before the first bell rings."

"True," Allan said. He turned to David. "Hand us the money or I'll show you my knife when you least expect it."

David licked his lips. "A real man doesn't use his knife," he said, "No surprise there."

David clenched his fists and turned away from the three bullies. He walked toward his homeroom and Eddie caught up to him.

"Those guys are a bunch of jackasses," Eddie said, "We gotta do something about them; I heard they carry knives and cut those who don't pay them 'rent'."

"One of these days, someone is going to teach them a lesson and I pray that day will come soon and it will be me."

David and Eddie went to the same class and sat in desks next to each other. David's eyes lit up when he realized that Felicia sat down on the desk in front of him.

She's usually three seats up and to the right from me but she's sitting in front of me. This day just got better. It's destiny. Normal humans would be shaking in their boots from terror but not me. Not David Dante.

David licks his hand and rubs it through his dark brown hair. He leans forward and he taps Felicia on the back. She faces him with an expressionless look on her face.

Now's my chance.

"Hello, Felicia," he said in his fake polite voice that he copied from voice actors on TV, "Can I just say that you have the most lovely platinum blonde hair I've ever seen?"

"Do we know each other?" she asked for the first time after three seconds of awkward silence.

"I'm David Dante, don't bother asking me for my name, I like saying it twice."

"Nope, don't know who you are," she said, "But you got confidence."

"You like confidence?" he asked, "Because I'm the most confident guy you'll ever meet."

Felicia studied the look on David's face: A completely fake smile mixed with superficial charm. She could smell bullshit from a mile away and her bullshit detector was going off like hail bouncing off a window.

"What are you trying to accomplish, Davey?"

'Davey', she gave me a nickname! I have to give her a nickname to make things even.

"I'm just trying to make you laugh...Party-Hardy."

"You're trying a little too hard, 'David'," she said, "Try going a little softer so we can establish a relationship."

Relationship...as in boyfriend and girlfriend?

Eddie reached out and tapped David on the shoulder. "No offense but you are trying extra hard. It's getting creepy."

"Shut up," David snapped, "You stay out of this."

"No offense," Felicia said, "But you are trying extra hard and it feels forced. If you want to be friends with me, you have to earn that right."

"What do I have to do, walk around with a book balanced on my forehead?"

"You think I'm going to answer away for free," she said, "Pay up."

David drew a blank once again. Numerous questions were going through his head, mostly, what did she mean by pay up? When Felicia saw the confused look on his face, she smirked like she had the last laugh.

"That's what I thought," she said before turning back to her desk.

Maybe I spoke too soon after all.

David sank back into his chair and sighed. He shook his head like he said no to something. He feels a hand press against his shoulder and sees Eddie reaching for his attention.

"Don't worry," Eddie reassured, "You can expect to see her in the auditorium during the science department visit from ESU. I heard that she has a love for science."

David turned towards him with a blank expression on his face. "Are you sure about that? I would hate to make an embarrassment of myself. Especially in front of her."

"You know I can hear you two?" Felicia said without turning.

Hours passed and it was finally time for lunch. David had a routine when it came to school. He would grab his lunch from the cafeteria and then sit in the corner at a table with only Eddie. He didn't trust other people so he made sure there were only two chairs for him and Eddie when lunch came and when someone came over, David told them off. They shouldn't be eating lunch together but David always valued a good meal before something exciting happens so he wolfed down his chicken burger and fries before tossing the tray in the trash. He and Eddie grab their backpacks and head off to the auditorium, where the Empire State University Science Department was giving a job presentation.

David counted about ten different job types present in the auditorium and the auditorium was full of about half the amount of kids from the cafeteria. David liked large crowds, he could blend in and nobody could say so otherwise. He wasn't interested in the jobs on display, only looking for Felicia.

"You know," David said as he walked beside Eddie, "Science isn't my gig but I guess I can manage for a few minutes or so. I just want to meet Felicia."

"You have a massive crush on Felicia," Eddie noted, "It's borderline creepy, like a stalker's crush."

"She's the only one who doesn't bug me at school. And despite her sassy remarks from earlier, she is nice to me. I feel drawn to her like a moth to the flame."

"But don't get too close or else you'll get burned," Eddie warned, "Women can make a man do crazy things."

"A man shouldn't have to do crazy things for a woman."

Otherwise, they'd be insane.

They passed a job presentation involving spiders. The employee who brought the spiders had about twelve spiders in a glass box on display for students to google over. What they didn't realize was that one of the twelve spiders was missing and if some people had 20/20 vision and had the right mind to look on the rafts above them, they could barely see a spider-web drawn on the ceiling.

"Do you have any plans for when you get out of high school?" Eddie asked absentminded David, whose eyes wandered through the auditorium. His sole task was on finding Felicia and not even Eddie's questions could snap him out of his trance. "You have to focus on something else besides Felicia. What plans do you have for when you get out of high school."

Eddie is starting to get annoying. Maybe I should end our friendship here.

"I'm going to attend Empire State University," David said.

A complete and total lie, a symptom of psychopathy.

"What are you going to major in?" Eddie asked.

"Psychology," David answered, "I've always been drawn to the mind of a psychopath for some reason. Possibly because the mind of a psychopath is much different than a regular human being's."

"You talk like you're not a regular human," Eddie said as he studied David.

Before David could respond, he fell head over his heels on the ground. The three bullies from earlier, Allan, Robert, and Oliver, laughed at the sight of David on the ground.

"You guys again," Eddie said to the three, "Pick on someone your size."

"What are you going to do, Eddie?" Allan asked.

"I'll kick your guys' ass if you mess with David," Eddie declared.

"That can be arranged," Robert said, "Let's meet after school."

A teacher stepped up to the five and put a hand on Allan's shoulder. "What is going on here?" Nobody ratted the other out. "If this continues, all five of you will be suspended." She helps David up to his feet. "Behave."

David and Eddie received the message and they walked away from the three bullies. "What jerks," Eddie commended.

"They're worthless," David said, "Not worth mentioning."

I might end up taking my homicidal urges out on those three.

David and Eddie passed the spider exhibit. There was a small crowd of four or five students gathered around and David's curious nature demanded him take a look at the spiders.

David stopped and turned to the glass display. His eyes roamed over the twelve glass boxes with spiders inside. His eyes didn't miss a single detail but he failed to spot two spiders. He looked carefully in the two empty glass cases before he spotted a spider in one of them.

It's a spider that changed color to blend in, a defense mechanism. That's probably the case with the other one and I'm not in the mood right now to play Where's Waldo.

"What do you think?" Eddie asked, "Creepy crawlers?"

"They're okay," David answered.

I do not like creepy crawlers of any kind. I'm a very clean and tidy person. I can't stand blood, insects, or a stench of any kind.

"I like spiders," Eddie said, "I wonder if Felicia will like them too. You should go ask her, she's hanging out over there." He points in Felicia's direction for David. He pats him on the back reassuringly. "Right wrongs this time."

I can't right wrongs, I can only wrong rights.

"Thank you," David said.

He ran a hand through his brown hair again before walking across the auditorium. Eddie decided to stay behind to get a closer look at the spider exhibit.

"At ESU, we've been conducting some research on spiders," the spider guest speaker said to the students present at the display, "We've spent five pain-staking years researching spiders because spiders are ideal candidates for a new set species. Our motive is to evolve humanity overtime to survive but we need to test how we can evolve a non-human species. Spiders come in handy. Each spider you see is one that has been evolved from their original state. The jumping spider's leaping distance is greater than average and the spider's camouflage ability is advanced, so much that you need a sharp eye to spot them. At ESU, we offer humanity a chance to change the future."

Eddie spotted the camouflaged spider in the glass but he did not see the last spider. His first thought that maybe the spider's camouflage was so advanced that it was invisible but he decided to keep his mouth shut because it might be part of the presentation...then he changed his mind.

"How many camouflage spiders are there?" he asked the speaker.

"Only one," the guest speaker said, "Why?"

"I think one's missing," Eddie said before pointing to the empty glass box. "There."

The guest speaker took a look for himself and saw the empty glass case. He rubbed his head in trepidation. "I think the genetic researchers took that one out and forgot to tell me."

David approached Felicia as she stood in front of an exhibit with cooked food. From what David infrared, ESU was also testing genetic research on food like steak and they were cooking and serving enough steak to feed a small army. Either that or they were testing genetic research on cows and are studying the outcome of the food. Either way, the steak looked delicious and there seemed to be plenty to go around for everyone. Had David not been pursuing Felicia, he would've asked for a steak right off the grille from ESU.

"Looks delicious, doesn't it?" Felicia said to David without acknowledging him. "I know you're behind me."

David didn't even realize that he was standing behind Felicia, he was just drawn to the smell of steak. "I was just drawn to the smell of steak."

"They performed animal testing on these cows," Felicia said, "Which is animal cruelty."

"They're just animals," David said.

As a human being, you're supposed to oppose animal cruelty.

"Which is why they should stop these experiments," David said like he was correcting a teacher.

"Glad to know we finally agreed on something," she said, "What are you doing here anyway? I know you didn't come here for the steaks."

I should've.

"I wanted to make amends," he said, "I felt...bad...for what I said in class and I just wanted to say I'm sorry." He tried to put sympathy in his voice and he could only wonder if it truly worked. "Did you know that spiders can change colors to blend into the environment?"

"A defense mechanism," she said, "Of course, I knew that."

"Nice," David said in a dry tone that he tried to make sound exciting.

This is a secret but I have a shoebox full of tapes. Each tape has a different reaction ranging from smiling to crying. I've recorded them perfectly from various events and I used these tapes to match my fake tone with the real world. I'm most proficient when it comes to sound exciting.

"I dislike this crowd of people," Felicia said, "They're eating something that was once living."

"Like you don't eat steak," David scoffed.

"I don't eat food made from a living animal."

So she's a vegan, I can live with that.

"To each their own I guess, right?"

Things were starting to become awkward. Not once had Felicia turned to face David nor did he do anything but stand there like an idiot not knowing what to say. He liked to consider himself to be silver-tongued but it was not going to work in this case. Even a single utter of two words would make things even more awkward and possibly cringe.

Eddie had grown bored of the spider presentation and decided to regroup with David. He walked in their direction before he bumped shoulders with someone. He was about to get angry and upset until he realized that bumped shoulders into a blonde woman.

Not just any blonde woman, Anne Weying.

"I am so sorry," Eddie blushed, "I did not see where I was going, please forgive me."

"Eddie," Anne said, "I already forgive you so there's no reason to be melodramatic."

"Promise?" he asked.

"Of course," she said, "What's there to be embarrassed about; we're all human."

Eddie would've liked to say because he bumped into his crush by accident but saying that would be awkward and cause a lot of blushing between the two so he decided to be formal. "I try to be superhuman sometimes."

"Don't be superhuman," Anne said, "Just be regular Eddie Brock, people will like you for it."

Eddie blushed and smirked at the remark. To Eddie Brock, Anne was a perfect human being. He had a crush on Anne before he even liked girls. There have been other pretty girls but none of them could match Anne. Now he knew what David felt like around Felicia except to a lesser degree.

The awkward silence continued between David and Felicia. David, however, was feeling brave and he decided to step forward and stand beside Felicia as she looked at the people being served.

The spider that escaped was starting to get bored. It had been stuck on this spider web for about ten minutes and it was getting boring. It barely evaded the incoming crowd of people thanks to its enhanced senses and jumping abilities but it was getting boring. One of these people down there, it was itching to bite. It needed a taste of human blood because, while his physique had evolved unnatural, his thirst for blood had as well. It needs a taste of human blood, not another insect. It moved down the web and waited patiently.

David grabbed a bite of steak and was saved by the bell. In school, when you're in an awkward situation when there's no chance of coming out alive, the only thing that could save you was the bell. This was the case with David because he could not think of anything else to say and the awkward silence was awkward as it was enough.

I didn't exactly get to talk to Felicia the way I wanted but I guess beggars can't be choosers. Next time, I'll have her wrapped around my finger.

The whole crowd started moving towards the exits and the guest speakers started packing up.

Had it been kindergarten, the students in the auditorium would've walked out in a single file line. This was not the case, they just pulled out of the doors like zombies. David felt at peace upon blending in with the crowd because when you're part of a crowd, nobody looks at one thing but the whole.

Living the life of an emotionless monster takes a toll on me I will admit. I can't feel emotions so I don't know what love feels like. I love Felicia Hardy's appearance but can I tolerate her personality? She is not hollow from the inside like I am so it's difficult to say.

The spider was getting anxious. The spider built its spider web above one of the doors leading into the auditorium and crowds of kids were piling out. It could jump with all the strength in its legs and have a good chance of landing on one person's head. It lowered itself down the web and lowered until it ran out of webbing.

Anyone of these walking pieces of flesh could become a free sample for the spider to try human blood for the first time and the spider wasn't being picky.

It had found its target. It let go of the web and fell. A shortfall but anybody with a spider's perspective would see that it was worth it. No matter where it fell, it had the advantage of quick reflexes and spider-sense to evade the stampede of teens. Even so, it landed on the shoulder on one student and bounced off. It had to react quickly or it would miss its opportunity of a lifetime. The spider slid down the student's arm and dug its appendages into the skin of his hand. Without thinking, the spider bit down as hard as it could.

David Dante gasps in pain and instinctively slaps his hand down on his pain-ridden hand. When he looked at what caused him to suddenly jump, all he saw were two red dots on the back of his right hand right between his thumb and index finger. He couldn't stop moving but he swore he saw an insect fall to the ground in his shoes. He could only infer what had bitten him but he felt a rush of adrenaline.

What bit me? Is this surge of adrenaline out of fear or a side effect from being bitten?

The spider did it. It had gotten its wish. It had tasted human blood for the first time and it loved the taste. It tasted like Heaven and this after taste, it was almost unquenchable. It wanted to take another bite but this spider was clinging onto the jeans of his victim and his fangs wouldn't pierce through clothing materials. There were plenty of humans to choose from but it suddenly felt weird. It felt like someone was stomping on it without actually stomping.

The spider's spider-sense did not save him when David found the spider and crushed him in the palm of his hand.

Chapter 1-2

About ten minutes after lunch ended, the guest speaker took the glass display and he carefully loaded it into the back of a van. Their work at Midtown High was done and back to work at the ESU Genetics Department. When the guest speaker closed the door, he was met by Barton Hamilton, his brother.

"Barton," The guest speaker said, "What are you doing here?"

"I'm doing well, Jack," Hamilton said, "I was dropping a friend of mine off at school, and when I heard of the job fair I just had to see my little brother. How's the genetics department at ESU been treating you?"

"Not well," Jack said before slamming the doors shut. "I think I'm missing a spider and to add insult to injury, our funding is threatening to be pulled."

"What do you mean?"

Jack sighed before walking to the front of the van. "The military is funding us for a serum we've been working on called Performance Enhancers. The whole project is about increasing human potential. These spiders in the back of my van are part of the Performance Enhancer Project. We genetically encoded different spider species into one as a way of testing artificial evolution. The serum we've been ordered to make is going to the military, it's supposed to enhance a person's physical strength, speed, and intelligence. Eightfold."

"And how's it going so far?"

"Bullshit," Jack said, "Maybe not the right word but experiments are costing us a fortune. We have only enough money for one human trial and the military keeps pushing us but with the limited budget, we're running out of money and nobody wants to volunteer."


"When we were enhancing these spiders in the back of my van, one of them went crazy, actually tried to smash through the glass box but even with its enhancement, it was unable to. It's like it was thirsty for human blood because it froze whenever we got near the box, scientist or human in general."

"So a side effect is bloodlust?"

"Correct," Jack answered, "The military has us on a tight leash. With a limited budget, limited time, no volunteers, we're up a creek without a paddle." Jack opened the driver's door and climbed in. Hamilton climbed into the passenger's seat and turned to his brother.

"I told you to become a psychological doctor but you had to be a scientist doctor," Hamilton said, "I have a temperament that you don't have."

"Temperament doesn't matter in this day and age," Jack said, "I think I'll resign before I'm fired. I'd rather go out with my dignity than anything else."

"That's not unlike you," Hamilton said, "You always were a quitter and I'm speaking as your brother rather than a shrink. But after coming so far, all those years studying to be a geneticist, you can't give up."

"I'll turn my resume in in the morning and then I'll be on my way; I'll look for another job."

"How about I help you?" Hamilton offered, "I can help you with your research."

"I don't think there's anything you can do," Jack said before he started up the van. "I have to get back to work, for the last time. I'll see you when I see you."

"I volunteer."

Jack looked at him with a curious look. He narrowed his eyes. "What is that supposed to mean? You 'volunteer'?"

"I volunteer for human trials."

Jack's eyes widened and his grip on the wheel tightened. "I don't think you seem to grasp the danger of this experiment. One spider went through the Performance Enhancer trial and suffered a bloodlust desire. That on a human…"

"I'm willing to take that risk," he said, "Science demands sacrifice. Progress demands sacrifice. If this works, then humans can evolve into something greater."

"That's always been the point but you're my little brother!"

"I'm aware of that fact," Hamilton said, "Family takes care of each other, but the work you're doing is bigger than either of us. When's your deadline?"

"Three days."

"In three days, the military will see the results of your Human Performance Enhancers and when they see that they're been no human trials, your fundings will be pulled."

"I don't care about the military, you're my little brother," Jack said, "I'm supposed to take care of you, not the other way around."

"Don't be a coward," Hamilton said, "You said it yourself that what you're doing is for humanity and I will be a guinea pig if it means a better future for humanity."

"You're not a guinea pig, you're my brother."

"And that's why I'm volunteering for free," he said, "Have there been any recorded deaths in the experiments."

Jack shook his head. "The only bloodlust but we've only seen these side effects on spiders. We haven't even tested on rodents."

"Good, then there's a high chance that I'll survive and if I survive without any symptoms, the Performance Enhancers are a success. If not, then I'll suffer from the side effects and you can study me. Once the military sees that you have made it to human trials, they'll likely give your genetics department a second chance."

"I can't do this for the reason I keep saying: You're my brother. If anything, I should be taking your place in volunteering."

"Absurd," Hamilton scoffed, "You're the genetic researcher, you need to record the data, not me."

"I could never live with myself if something bad happened to you and I allowed it."

"Either way, I'm not changing my mind. I volunteer for the human trials and-"

"When you make a decision, " Jack groaned, "You never change your mind. That's what you said when you became a psychologist in the first place. It's the motto you tell your patients to live by."

"You understand," Hamilton said, "No matter what, I won't change my mind. If I won't experiment with you, I'll march straight down to ESU and volunteer with the staff. I'm sure they'll be more agreeable. If anything, I'd rather experiment with my big brother."

Jack's grip was tightened to the point the wheel would've crushed. His brother had him and he knew it. One of the few times he wished he was never a genetics researcher.



Jim and Misa worked during school hours. Jim was a school teacher for kindergartners while Misa worked as a receptionist at the hospital. They came home at the same time and waited thirty minutes for David to get home from school.

Jim turned on the oven and grilled himself Canadian bacon.

"I'm cooking dinner tonight," Jim said to Misa who was dressed in her casual clothes, "How does pork chop sound."

"Didn't we have pork chop the other night?" Misa asked. "You are what you eat and I don't want to be a pig."

"It's a good meal," Jim said, "Who doesn't like pork? David eats my pork."

"David will eat anything handed to him," Misa said, "Our son is a psychopath but he does love a good meal."

"Maybe that's why I like cooking so much," he said before putting the bacon on a plate. He handed it to his wife and kissed her on the forehead. "I've been meaning to tell you that I have to work overtime."

"For kindergartners?" she questioned.

"It's not working overtime," he said, "But I won't be home until late; I'm going to a meeting. I'm trying to see if I can get a teaching job at David's school."

"You think he'll like it? His father teaching chemistry at his school?"

"First of all, I'll be a math teacher and I'm sure David will love it."

"There's not a lot of things that David loves," she said before looking down at the bacon, "Except food."

"It'll be a good way for us to bond." He heads to the kitchen table to sit down. He grabs the newspaper off the table and reads from it. "I heard from Dr. Hamilton that there was a job fair at school, maybe David's interest peaked."

Speak of the devil…

David arrived home. He opened the door, threw his backpack to the ground, and locked the door behind him. He limped forward, barely acknowledging his parents.

"Hey there, sport," Jim waved to his son, "How was school today?"

David's face was as pale as the moon. He looked like he was going to throw up his lunch.

"Are you okay, dear?" Misa asked.

"I'm fine," David answered, "I just ate something bad at school."

No, I was bitten by a spider.

"Do you want anything to drink?" Misa asked, "We have Ginger Ale, that should make you feel better."

I could go for some soda right.

"What's for dinner?" he asked.

"I'm making pork chop," Jim answered.

Soda and pork chop, this sounds delightful already.

"Okay," David said, "I'm just going to go upstairs and rest for a while, can you let me know when food will be done. I love Dad's cooking."

Probably even more so than him.

David climbs up the stairs, Jim speaks to him.

"How was the job fair at school today?"

"It was fine," David answered.

"Anything that interests you?"

"The food," David said, recalling the steaks. "I'm going to rest for a while, let me know when dinner is done."

David climbed up the stairs and he barricaded himself in his room. He was beginning to feel dizzy as if he took another step, he would fall to the ground. He was hungry and thirsty but dinner could wait. His body was demanding a nap and who was he to deny what his body desired.

Man, I think that spider biting me was a little more serious than I thought. I've been looking up spider bite symptoms the whole way here and apparently, I have an unprecedented case. Why did things have to go so bad for me? I got a chance to talk to Felicia and eat some of the best steaks ever and I get bit by a spider.

David slowly walks towards his bed. He suddenly feels hot and starts taking off his shirt. His groin area felt tight and he removed his skinny jeans. He was in his boxers and sweating like a hooker in a church. His visions were starting to spin like he was on a roller coaster. He felt like there was weight pulling him forward as he walked towards his bed. It cost him all of his strength to just stand upright and not fall on the spot.

What do I feel like I'm dying? Then again, I've never died before so a feeling of dying could be subjective but why do I feel like my body is going to fall apart? Maybe it is falling apart? Am I going to turn into a puddle of goo in the middle of my room? Did that spider inject some kind of corrosive acid within me to turn me into its intended lunch or am I just going crazy?

David reaches his bed and falls headfirst into his pillow, which has never felt so soft before.

This pillow is so soft, I've never felt such softness before. Wow, I may have underestimated: Sleeping is better than eating. Wow, this pillow is so soft I just want to lay here for the rest of my life. Who cares about the world...the world is mean. David Dante doesn't need to live in a world of kindness when he's already a monster. Don't worry, this world will be a better place once David gets his nice, soft, peaceful sleep in for a couple of hours. He'll wake up, eat his father's famous pork chop then go back to his peaceful slum-

David loses consciousness.

The flashes he had in his dreams were bright. He couldn't tell what he was seeing but it looked beautiful. There was a spider's web and he was caught in it. He was struggling to get free but the spider, the same one that bit him, moved towards him. It wasn't the same size as before, but its height increased by eight thousand percent. David was the 'spider' to the giant spider. Instead of feasting on his flesh like he assumed it would, it just looked at him, as if saying...

'Thank you for the blood'.


Only twelve hours had passed since Hamilton had met with his brother at Midtown High. Empire State University closed at midnight and most of the staff had gone home. Some were taking the night shift but the genetics department was shut down until morning came. It was three in the morning and the Hamilton brothers were in one of the labs. Jack took Barton in the lab and showed him around briefly but he was mainly stalling for time by ranting on possible consequences.

"Brother," Jack began, "We can still turn around from this. "I'm asking you for the last time not to do this. We should at least get a medical staff."

"We've come this far already," Hamilton said as he rolled up the sleeves on his shirt, "If we're discovered or back out now, then everything you've worked for will be done and over with."

"I guess that you are right," Jack said, "I keep asking you to change your mind but my stubborn thinking tells me that your stubborn mind will never change."

"True," Hamilton said as he sat down in a chair.

Jack reached into a cabinet and pulled out a bottle full of a clear liquid. "Drink this," he told his brother, "It's Prochlorperazine, it begins catalyzation when the vapor hits the blood."

Hamilton took the bottle and drank the whole thing. "That tasted horrible."

"Step inside this gas chamber and I'll get the serum ready."

Hamilton obeyed and he removed his shirt. He climbed into a gas chamber and stood in the center. Jack locked up the door before switching on a computer. He reaches over to the same cabinet and pulls out a vial of green liquid labeled 'PERFORMANCE'.

He places the vial inside a tube connecting to the gas chamber before turning back to the computer.

He pulled the activation command on the computer. He looked at his brother and sighed. He pulls up Hamilton's body readings so he can keep track of his body's enhancement during the process. He presses a button to turn on a speaker in the gas chamber.

"Brother, this is your last chance for reals this time," Jack said, "Walk away or stay in the chamber. What happens afterward is permanent."

"Do it," Hamilton said.

"I am being serious," Jack said, "Last chance. It is do or die."

"Do it!"

And it looked like there was no going back.

Jack pressed a green button on the side of his computer. This allowed the ventilation system within the gas chamber to open up and allow green smoke to fill the gas chamber.

Hamilton inhaled deeply before relaxing his muscles. He looked at his brother one last time. The gas was already at his feet. His brother's face was the last thing he saw before the gas enclosed him.

Jack turned towards the gas chamber, staring with intensity. He looked at the computer to watch the growth of his brother's body. His physical strength had increased by eight hundred percent, intelligence went off the chart, stamina went to its peak.

There was the red button under the green button that Jack was just itching to press but his brother made him promise. He should take care of his little brother but his stubborn words kept echoing throughout his head. He kept telling himself not to press the button and that everything will be alright.

That's what the computer looked like it was telling him. His body was still undergoing the physical transformation but it was taking quite a long time. The green smoke had covered up everything in the gas chamber so he could only watch the progress from the computer.

It's been two minutes and nothing has happened so far. Jack kept switching between looking at the computer and the chamber and his concern were growing and it was no use in fighting it off. The more time that passed, the gas seemed to lose its color and turn back into a natural white color but even Jack still could not see inside the gas chamber. The smoke was as thick as the kind from a potent smoke grenade.

He turns back to the computer and presses the off button.

From previous experiments with the spider, especially the one that became violent and almost broke the glass, he had to wait for two minutes before entering the gas chamber or releasing the subject to the open world. That's just what Jack did and watched as all the clear smoke dissipated into the air and vanished. As it vanished, Jack saw his brother standing in the middle of the gas chamber, looking physically normal except for a bulkier body. His eyes gazed towards his face and he could tell that his brother was staring into...nothingness. His eyes were blank. Whiteout, blank.

"Barton," Jack called out, expecting him to hear before realizing that he still needed the mic to speak. Once all the gas drains out of the chamber, he opens the door and climbs inside to see for himself.

"Are you okay?" Jack asked.

Hamilton stayed frozen in the center.

Jack called his name again in fear before touching his bare chest for a heartbeat. There was one, a calm one. Before it quickly spiked adrenaline.

Hamilton grabs Jack by the throat with both hands and yanks him close that their faces were almost touching.

"A critical success," Hamilton said in a low voice with a devious smile.

Chapter 1-3

David's eyes shot open, his hibernation coming to an end. David the Demon was now back. David sits up slowly, giving his muscles time to regain their muscle memory. He threw his legs over the bed and jumped out, suddenly feeling a burst of energy. He also realized that when he jumped to the ground, he made a loud thud that was probably loud enough to wake up anybody downstairs.

Something's different. I know this much from intuition and my intuition is never wrong. Something is going on.

He stands in front of the mirror to see if it was a physical problem.

But if a six-pack is wrong, then I don't want to be right.

David touches his newly acquired six-pack, poking at each one to make sure they were authentic. He flexes and watches his muscles protrude from his arms. He makes several muscular gestures before he drops himself to the ground in a push-up position. He does several push-ups with ease, each one easier than the last. He switches things up by doing them with one-hand and the result is the same, if not better.

There's no way this could've happened naturally overnight. Could it be the spider that bit me? If it was, I'd like to get bitten again just so I'm as muscular as Hulk Hogan.

When he stands up straight, he jumps a little in excitement. He calms himself down but continues to stare at himself in the mirror.

His alarm clock went off, indicating that it was seven o'clock.

That's right, I forgot to set my alarm clock to go off at eight-thirty since today is Wednesday.

He didn't just hit the snooze button, he slapped it with a fair amount of force that the screen cracked.

Oops, well, Mom and Dad can buy me another one; they're obligated to.

He turned away from the clock before he stared at himself again in the mirror.

Is this happening? Last night, I missed an appetite and free soda but in return, I received a muscular body overnight. I don't believe in God so He didn't do this. That spider that bit me, that little rodent, could that have been the cause of my new self? I'm muscular and all but if a spider biting me caused this then why hasn't it happened to other people. Maybe I'm just special or I got lucky. I got lucky with spider steroids.

There were so many things that he wanted to do at the moment. He didn't know what a person who suddenly became muscular overnight should do. The only thing he could do right now was flex and imagine Felicia standing behind him and touching his arms.

If Felicia saw my guns then she'll fall head over heels for me. If I win an arm-wrestling contest against the toughest kid in school then she'll be over me like a dog. Maybe I was a little premature in killing that spider. All it did was bite me and gave me THIS!

There was still time to spare. He had an hour to get to school on a half-day so to get things out of the way first, he changes into his clothes for the day but what captures his eye is what he sees out the window. There was a girl in the room across the street who got dressed with the curtains open.

Oh man, she's no Felicia but she's got a curvy body.

She dropped her robe.

Man...I'm the luckiest man in the world. I'm drooling over here.

She wasn't wearing a bra.

And this is a free show.

Another thing that David found himself drooling over was the fact that he was hungry. He always loved a good meal and his father did make pork chop last night and he missed out on it. He decided to satisfy his craving and go downstairs to get some breakfast himself.

He leaped down the stairs in one jump and jogged to the fridge. He dug in for a plate with plastic foil and took out the two-liter with what little Ginger Ale remained. He wolfed down the cold pork chop and jugged down the Ginger Ale like beer.

This is life.

"David," a voice called from upstairs, "What is going on down there?"

David spotted his mother walking down the stairs and he smiled at her when she spotted him standing over the counter devouring his prey.

"Mom," David said with a smile, "This is the best food I've ever tasted. Dad should make my food every night."

Misa looked at her son with an odd look. She studied him from head to toe, trying to see if there was something wrong-er with her son. He's never enthusiastic for no reason. She figured maybe he was on drugs.

David finished his food before he suddenly ran and hugged his mother. He was taller than her five-foot height and picked her up off the ground in his tight hug.

"Have I ever told you how much I loved you, Mom?"

"No," Misa said, "Because you're not capable of love."

Oh yeah, that's right, I'm a psychopath. I don't know what came over me, maybe Dad laced the pork chops with Ecstacy and I'm feeling happy. Wow, if this is what happiness feels like then I'd rather go back to feeling empty. If such a happy and joyful emotion can be shattered in the crack of a whip then I'd rather not be shattered. Just be regular debugged David capable of nothing. Maybe it was just a sudden rush of excitement. Maybe it was nothing at all or maybe the spider biting me gave me emotions. If that's the case then I would like to be cured. I've seen how humans interact. To feel emotions, to be happy over some, sad over another, angry over the littlest thing, it just doesn't feel right. Because I'm empty inside, I have an advantage. I'm unique and I don't see the point of having emotions if emotions can be shattered. Maybe me telling Mom I love her was just a spur of the moment. I certainly hope so.

"I guess I was a little zealous," David said, "I'll be leaving now, Mom."

"But, I haven't cooked breakfast yet and the school doesn't start for another forty minutes," Misa said.

"I can handle myself, Mom," David said as he grabbed his backpack from the chair he left it at. "Tell Dad that I said I love him."

"I'll be sure to tell him that," Misa said enthusiastically.

When I tell my parents I love them, my tone is as dry as a sandpit. I could stay the whole forty minutes home but I'm eager for what comes next. If my strength has been increased overnight by this spider then I wonder what else I could do.

David runs out the door fully pumped to test out his new body.

I'll test out my strength before flashing myself to Felicia, that way, she'll get the whole picture. And yes, I am aware of how this sentence sounds and it doesn't bother me in the slightest. I'm talking in my head and no one can read what I'm thinking.

With the burst of strength that he still had within him combined with his sudden burst of positive energy, he runs for it. He sprints as fast as he could to get from his house to the end of the street in less than a few seconds. He stopped only at a stop sign as a way to respect society's rules and he took the moment to make his analysis.

I can run approximately three blocks without tiring. Not only did this spider increase my strength but it also upped my stamina. I wonder how fast I can run.

He looked behind him and just on time, there was a car that slowed at the stop sign but did not completely stop.

There are four kinds of people in life. The innocent, the save, the guilty, and the die. The innocent, self-explanatory. The save, someone who needs to be helped. The guilty, self-explanatory. And die, someone who needs to be put down. Right now, this person who failed to make a complete stop is guilty.

Guilty, guilty.

The car took off but David sprinted with all his might. The speed limit was twenty-five miles but not even the car was adhering to this rule like it wanted to say 'Fuck You' to the rules of the law.

The car sensed that David was racing him and picked up speed. The more speed it picked up, the faster David went. Neither competitor was going to give up.

Not David.

Not the car...except when it heard a police siren behind him.

David finally slows to a stop and he sighs heavily. He puts his hand on his heart and feels it pumping.

Got what you deserved, a speeding ticket. I know I'm a psychopath but for some reason, I have a natural and innate sense of justice. My psychiatrist, Dr. Hamilton said that we all have some sense of justice, even empty me. My sense of justice is the guilty, the die, the innocent, and the save.


Jack and his younger brother remained at ESU for the remainder of the night after the experiment was done. They kept the lab to the genetics department on lockdown for now while Jack studied the results of his brother. He had him strapped down to the same chair out of necessity and he wrote down his analysis on a clipboard.

"Jack," Hamilton said softly, interrupting Jack writing down a note, "I hate to ask but what does that door lead to?"

Jack found the door that his brother pointed at and said, "It's for storage, canceled projects."

"Cancelled projects?"

"There's a glider in there that we planned on using for the military but every test of it had been a failure."

"What a shame," Hamilton said dryly with his eyes glued on the door. "What other kinds of canceled projects does ESU have?"

"None worth mentioning," Jack answered, "Simple stuff like radiological grenades or incendiary grenades. We mostly cancel out warfare projects because that's not how we operate here at ESU."

Hamilton smirked and licked his lower lips. "Interesting," he said quietly, "Jack, would you be willing to let me review the stuff once we're done."

Jack looked at his brother with wavy suspicions. If this was a symptom or after effect of the Performance Enhancer then the serum works faster than he expected. He remembers when he first walked into the gas chamber his brother grabbed his neck with both hands and started choking him until Jack pleaded with him to stop. He had a feeling that his little brother was up to something; it was uncharacteristic of his younger brother, a psychiatrist helping psychopaths, to be interested in military weapons. Maybe he still had some of that green gas on the brain and it was making him think the opposite of what he usually does.

"Can I have a report on what has been upgraded?" Hamilton asked, switching to a polite voice that Jack barely noticed.

"I guess," Jack said with hesitation, "Basically, everything about you has been increased by eight hundred percent. You were as weak as a stick bug but now, you're as muscular as a wrestler."

As if he was to prove it himself, Hamilton looked at his muscles. "What other side effects have there been aside from aggression and bloodlust?"

"Those are the only two side effects recorded. With more time and research with spiders, we could've found out more."

Hamilton suddenly stared at his brother with a serious look on his face that was stone cold and told no emotions. Jack felt chills running down his spine that he dropped the pen from the clipboard. He backed away slowly when Hamilton stood up and put a hand up. He remembers what happened in the gas chamber and was about to scream in terror before Hamilton gave his brother a thumbs up.

"No need to get jumpy," Hamilton said in a cheerful voice that came out of nowhere, "I'd never hurt my brother."


David Dante had suffered through boring school days but Wednesday Half-Days were always fun. School starts at nine-thirty and ends at eleven-thirty. Six classes in two hours and school ended with lunch.

David sat by himself at his usual table with the same lunch and he waited for Eddie. When he noticed his 'friend', he did the polite thing and pulled a chair out for him.

"How's life been for you?" Eddie asked.

"Life has never been better," David said with a smile. Once he realized he was smiling, he wondered if it was a real one or just instinct from learning to blend in.

"You look different today," Eddie said, "You look somewhat happier than usual."

I have been feeling excited ever since the spider bit me and gave me these powers. A psychopath like me can't be happy, just excited.

"And muscular."

David's head rotated towards Eddie's like a robot. "Are you talking to me?"

"I'm not calling your mom muscular but you look buff since the last time I saw you," Eddie said, "You've been on some secret exercise routine lately?"

Yeah, it's called 'being bitten by a spider' routine.

"I have been working out lately," David said, "Been getting in shape."

"For Felicia?"

Oh yeah, this spider bit me for the sole purpose of Felicia. I'm going to go find her right now.

He spotted his only half-empty food tray.

On the other hand, I could never let such delicious food go to waste.

David finished his meal before grabbing his backpack to meet up with Felicia.

"And I'm all alone again," Eddie said to himself. It was like this every time he mentioned Felicia around David. Whenever he says her name, David gets up and leaves as he must meet her. At least he could finish his meal in peace.

Just as Eddie was about to get up, he saw Anne walk across the table in front of him. He suddenly felt his heart rush and he smiled slightly. He blushed when Anne spotted him.

"Do you mind if I sit here?" she asked, gesturing to David's chair.

"Of course you can sit here," Eddie said, "This chair is your chair...even though it belongs to the school, you are a student so you're permitted to sit here-" he shut himself up because he was just making an embarrassment of himself.

"Thank you," Anne said shyly as she took her seat, "Why are you so nice to me, Eddie."

"I'm a nice person by nature," Eddie said, "Mom taught me how to be a nice person."

"And I think she did a wonderful job."

Eddie blushed even more, if possible. Deep down, he wished he had a mirror to see how red his face was.

"Eddie," Anne said, "Do you like fish sticks?" He nodded. "Do you want my fish sticks, I can't eat fish."

"Of course," Eddie said and took her fish, "I'm not a fan of fish either." If only he knew what he said while subconsciously taking a bite of fish sticks.

David Dante walked to the second-floor cafeteria where he knew that Felicia always ate lunch. He knew where she always sat and which group of friends she sat with. He raced up the stairs but something made him freeze two steps below the second floor.

What's this nagging feeling in the back of my skull? It feels like I'm being told that something is behind me. It feels like there is someone with a football throwing it forward and up the stairs. It feels like the football was aiming for me and is flying towards the back of my skull. Just to prove this feeling wrong, I'll just stick my hand out behind me and catch it.

David looks at his right hand that had been extended out behind him and gasps at the football that he caught mid-air.

"I'm sorry," a jockey said, "I meant to throw it at my friend."

Innocent, innocent.

David tosses the ball back before continuing with his mission. He walked into the cafeteria and didn't have to stop to spot Felicia's table. He walked over to her, running a hand through his dark brown hair.

Oh no, the feeling is back. I think I'm going to slip on something. Like, right now.

David slips on spilled chocolate milk. He front flips instinctively and lands in a crouching position.

That feeling, it's like something is still coming at me, but from above.

David looks up and sees a large textbook falling on him.

I didn't zip up my backpack, that textbook flew out of my bag when I did a front flip.

David catches it with one hand.

Not only has my physical strength increased but I have enhanced reflexes and some kind of danger radar. The football, the chocolate milk, the textbook, I can sense things attacking me from all directions.

"Nice reflexes," a voice said in front of David.


"Thank you," David said sheepishly, "I've been feeling energetic since this morning."

"Did you come up to the second floor just to see me?" She asked with a somewhat sass voice.

"Well, that first floor was being contaminated with Allan, Robert, and Oliver's presence so I thought you'd be a good cleanser," David said.

Felicia tilted her head, studying him.

"You look different today," she acknowledged, "You look muscular."

That's right, I am muscular.

"I've been working out," David said.

"Oh really," she said skeptically, "What's your workout routine."

"The regular workout routine," he said, "I like to stay in shape as much as possible. Push-ups, cardio, protein." He looked at her arms and noticed that they were muscular as well. "You have a workout routine of your own?"

"None of your business," she said, "You should get going, don't want to trip and fall over your big ego."

And she walked away.

Great, I do the manliest thing and she walks away. Damn, maybe Felicia is a lesbian, maybe that's why she won't hang out around me. I'm so mad, I could throw a trash can over the edge and hope it lands on top of three people that I hate so much.

His eyes suddenly brighten.

It is two minutes before school is out and there's a balcony over there and a trash can. And I know where Allan, Robert, and Oliver sit. Time to make them pay for picking on me all those months ago.

"Hello there," Allan said as he and his posse approached Eddie and Anne from behind. "I was wondering what was going on here, looks like Eddie found a whore to play with over the summer. I thought you were still queer."

Anne looked uncomfortable being surrounded by these three boys. Eddie, wanting to look tough in front of Anne, stood up and confronted Allan.

"Stay out of this, buddy," Eddie warned, "I'm trying to enjoy my meal."

"You mean her?" Oliver pointed to Anne, "Anne, has he touched your breasts by any chance?"

"That's crossing the line," Eddie said, getting furious by the second, "Get out of my face."

"Make me," Oliver challenged.

A trash can fell on top of the three teenagers and they fell to the ground.

David leaned over the balcony and smiled.

Guilty, guilty.

Milk had spilled out from the trash can and covered them in chocolate milk. The teenagers picked themselves up, soaked in food. They looked up at the balcony from the source of the attack and saw David. All three of them glared at David, their mischievous looks replaced with faces that want to cause someone pain.

David was once again saved by the bell.

David waved goodbye to Eddie and Anne before he ran off. School had been over quicker than expected and he was grateful. On half-days like this, he usually walked home from school instead of taking the bus and he wanted to test more of his strength.

He ran out of the school as fast as he could and he began a short jog home. After a few minutes of jogging home, there came that feeling once again.

It's that feeling again, my danger radar. Right now, it feels like I'm surrounded. In front of me, somebody is waiting for me in the alleyway and behind me, there are two culprits but all three were armed with knives. I may be wrong but one of them is walking out of the alleyway with a knife behind his back and someone from behind is throwing a knife with skills at the back of my skull. I guess I should trust my instinct...and duck.

David ducks and the knife flies over his head. It lands with skill into the culprit walking out of the alleyway.

The culprit was Oliver and he gasped in pain from the knife in his chest. His eyes were wide in fear as he realized that it was going to happen.

"Oliver," Allan and Robert shouted as they ran past David to check on their deceased friend. The two bullies realized what had happened and they glared at David like he killed him.

"You killed Oliver," Allan declared.

"You're the one who threw the knife," David said without any emotion in his voice.

"You asshole," Robert sneered.

"Takes two to know one," David said.

Allan took Robert's knife since Allan's knife was the one in Oliver's chest.

"I'm going to slice you in two," Allan said.

"I'll meet you halfway," David said.

Allan rushed at David with the knife. He swings it left and right with failure at each attempt. David wasn't even trying, he was letting his dang-ar do its work and his body naturally dodge.

David saw one particular punch from the unarmed hand come from him and he watched it fly towards him in slow motion. He moved out of the way.

What is going on? What is happening right now is not natural. Even if my strength increased by the spider and I gained some kind of danger radar, what's happening right now is not natural. Something is incredibly different.

His senses went off once more.

My dang-ar is going off again. Someone is charging from behind me while I am dodging Allan. He is charging at me with all his might and is about to hit me unless I jump right...now!

David backflips high into the air and over the charging Robert. The teenager didn't have time to stop himself from running into the street. He didn't get hit by a car but a truck passed him and he was hit with the side view mirror and his neck snapped. He dropped to the floor and joined Oliver to nothingness.

"What have you done?" Allan screamed. "You killed my friend! I'm going to kill you, David."

He charges at David with full intent on killing him.

David saw the hate and anger that completely took over Allan. He didn't want to kill Allan because if he did, police could arrest him. But he could get a good lawyer and argue self-defense but even this was questionable.

He caught both Allan's throat and knife with both hands.

"Calm down," David said, "None of this is worth it. Get over it."

Allan's face froze in place and his soul left his body.

Oh shit, I didn't realize I choked him so hard that his neck snapped.

David drops Allan's corpse to the ground and looks at his hands in shock.

What's happening to me is not natural. I can accept the muscles and what not but everything else is strange. The dang-ar, the reflexes, the abnormal strength to strangle someone without noticing, something is going on. Even if my body has been enhanced by the spider bite, what's happening to me is not something I can just go around telling people. If people discover that I've been bitten by a spider and have superpowers of some kind, I'll lose what makes me unique. I have to experiment with my body to see if that spider did do something to me.