David pulled his mask over his face.

Tonight's the night.

He turns on his web-shooters.

I have a plan and it's going to work. I'm on a tight schedule and I have to follow through with it. As long as I have the upper hand, I have nothing to worry about and me knowing the Green Goblin's real name while he doesn't know that I know his real name is the advantage.

David Dante became Spider-Man as he leaped out of his window to his apartment and plunged in a nosedive.

For once, my Black Cat is going to be useful to me in more ways then one. No longer will she be my companion to hang out with when I'm Spidey; she's going to be a pawn in this elaborate chess game. She will be the queen to my king.

Spidey shoots a web and swings across the street. He web-swings across downtown with the same destination in mind every Saturday.

If my web-shooters go out then Black Cat got here first, which would work out either way for me.

Spidey lands near the pool in a perched position. He looked across the roof for his partner-in-crime.

Where are you, kitty cat?

The tingling feeling went off in his head.

Behind me?

David's eyes widen behind his Spider-Man mask.

My danger radar is going off, but it's not going off out of danger, it's letting me know that Black Cat is behind me. Huh, I think my dang-ar works in several different ways aside from detecting danger. It's also a radar in general. Apparently, it works for sensing danger and people I'm looking for subconsciously. Because I'm looking for Black Cat, my dang-ar is telling me that Black Cat is standing behind me. If that's the case, I should probably chase the name of my dang-ar.

Spidey calmly stood up and he slowly did a one-eighty to see Black Cat sitting on the rails with her legs out and a smile across her face.

"I was trying to surprise you, Spider," Black Cat said seductively. She front flips off the rails. "What gave me away?"

She stood up as Spidey approached her. He put a hand on her cheek, which she deemed uncharacteristic of Spider-Man.

"I have acute intuition," he answered, "I also know where my prey is before they know."

"Is that so, Spider. In that case, can you figure out where I am right now?"

She drops a smoke bomb and vanishes when the smoke clears.

Spidey's radar told her where she was.

"You're clinging onto the side of the building."

He jumped onto the rails she was sitting on earlier and looked down at Black Cat clinging to the wall below him similar to his fashion.

"As I said, I always find my prey."

"Where have you been this entire time, Spider?"

Spidey smirked under his mask. He hands upside down from a web with his face to her level.

"I feel good today," he answered, "I feel more energetic, hyped up, excited."

"Wow," she said in a disappointed way, "You're saying you're being romantic only because something excited you? I don't excite you?"

"Don't get the wrong idea, Black Cat, there's nothing that makes me more happy than seeing you every Saturday. We should probably have dates every night."

She purred. "I like this new Spider-Man. Too bad it took him this long to come out."

"Trust me when I tell you this: Tonight is going to be a fun night." He grabbed her by the hand. "I'm going to take you for a ride."

"What kind of ride?" She drags a finger down his chest. "Will it be fun or do I have to do all the work?"

He grabs her wrist and raises it. "Count on me to show a kitten like you a good time."

Her eyes widening matched her smile as she purred. "Don't disappoint, Spider."

He holds up his wrist to show her his web-shooter. "I never 'aim' to disappoint."

He lets go of the web he was dangling from and clings to the wall. He grabs her by the waist and pulls her in. Had his mask not been in the way, he would've taken her by the lips but he told himself:

Stick to the plan.

He wraps his hand tightly around her waist as he blindly holds up his right hand to shoot a web without looking.

"Get ready, Cat."

He jumps over the side of the building with Cat in tow. He swings and thrusts his feet out to gain momentum. Cat clutches onto him.

"Don't give me bad luck," he whispered to her, "I'm the one who's web-slinging."

Spidey's chest was pressed against hers. He felt her adrenaline.

I can feel her heart beating against my chest. She's having fun.

He could feel the adrenaline of his own heart.

I'm having fun too.

"As long as you don't hold back, Spider," she responded to his earlier statement, "I hate boys who hold back."

"I never hold back, especially when web-swinging with girls in tow."

He swung her across the city for about five minutes, having no destination in mind. He swung across Time Square and let himself fall before swinging just several feet above the ground.

"You have a habit of swinging close to the ground," she said, "I like it."

"You should see me swing in between a truck and the container," Spidey said.

He spots a crane ahead of him.

"Black Cat, don't hold it against me if I drop you; after all, you have nine lives."

He swings towards the crane and lets his hand slip off the web. He lets him fall to the street and shoots a web at the last second. He swung between moving taxis and when he was high enough, he released his right hand from the web and used it to clutch Cat as he shot a web from his left hand.

He wall-runs across a business building with more windows than can be counted. He holds onto Cat with both hands as he leaps off using his spider jump abilities.

He rotates and wraps his legs tightly around Cat's waist for the next part of his trick. He shoots webs from both hands at buildings on opposite ends and swings across.

He wraps his left hand around Cat's shoulder as he shoots a web at a crane. "Hold on tight."

He swung over the crane, doing a loop-de-loop and watched Cat's face. It was buried in his shoulder and her claws dug into his costume.

Who's the lightweight now?

He flew into the air and dropped Black Cat.

"Oh no, I dropped you," he laughed.

He watched the expression of fear spread across her face and he smiled in delight under his mask.

I love the sight of people in terror.

He shoots a web at the crane and swings as fast as he could to catch Black Cat before she falls into the oncoming traffic. He caught her just five feet before she landed on an oncoming truck.

"Spider," Black Cat exclaimed, "You've surprised me in more ways than one, tonight."

"And is that such a bad thing?"

The tingling was back.

Spidey went stiff as he landed on the roof of a building. He listened to his dang-ar and the world was shaking for him once again.

Green Goblin….he's watching me. It went exactly as planned.

Then the feeling drew out slowly.

Maybe, I could kill him right now but since he's wearing civilian clothes, I can't touch him.

He looked in the direction of where the Green Goblin was located.

If I kill him now either way, then I'll be killing Barton Hamiliton, not the Green Goblin and to kill him in such a public place would tarnish my reputation since Spider-Man is known only for killing violent criminals. The police will definitely be after me under the suspicion that I killed an innocent person. And if Barton Hamilton, a psychiatrist, becomes targeted by Spider-Man for no reason at all, they're going to look at people connected to him and it won't take long before they find out that I was one of his patients and once they see my profile, I'll be under suspicion of being Spider-Man.

He looked back at Black Cat, who was detaching herself from him.

If I want to kill Barton Hamiliton and get away with it, it has to be as the Green Goblin, which is why I need him to attack first. Since he saw me with Black Cat, a criminal, swinging around New York City without tossing her in jail, just as expected, he'll be compelled to move in to capture her and once he's revealed himself in Green Goblin form, I'll kill him. But for now, I'll just spend the night with Black Cat.

"Wasn't that fun?" he asked.

She lightly slaps him across the face. "I thought you were going to take me to the Brooklyn Bridge," she said, "I've always wanted to go to the top."

She wants to go to the top of the Brooklyn Bridge? I'll keep that in mind next time. If she gets mad at me for whatever reason, I could take her to the Brooklyn Bridge to appease her. So, if she somehow figures out that I am using her, I could simply take her to the Brooklyn bridge and boom, she's happy and won't be mad at me.

Spidey lifts his mask and with his lips exposed, kisses Black Cat firmly on the lips. He pulls her by the back of the head so she couldn't pull away but she wouldn't pull away even if she wanted to. She rubs her hands against his cheeks and runs it down his sides.

He runs his other hand down the small of her back and clasps down on her rear.

You've got quite the touch, Davey, it's due to watching all the romcoms that you know how a boy rubs his hands over a girl. Then again, it could also be instinctive; I am half a spider after all and spiders need to mate.

"Slow down, Spider," she said after breaking the kiss, "If you keep going like that and you might suck the air out of my lungs."

"I'm a spider," he said, "I would never suck you dry, but I might make an exception." He pushes her against the wall and devours her once more.

Black Cat moaned and upon realizing this, Spidey moaned as well.

I still don't understand the concept of moaning but if that's what humans do during ecstasy then I guess I have to play the part.

She did the unexpected and tripped him to the ground. She got on top of him and devoured him.

But if there is one thing I do know about sex: I will not allow myself to be dominated.

He flips her over so he's on top.

"Don't try dominating me," he said firmly, "Remember, you are my pet."

"So forceful," she purred, "I like that in a man."

"And that man better be me, Spider-Man."

He dives in to kiss her again. He kissed her harder than before with more force behind it. He groped for her breasts and moaned softly into the kiss. He was starting to get turned on, he wanted to fuck Black Cat into oblivion but Cat put a hand on his chest and pushed him back.

Maybe I was getting carried away.

"Not here, Spider," she said, looking both ways of the alley, "Anyone could be watching us."

My dang-ar would've warned me of that.

"What do you propose?" he asked, pulling his mask down.

"I know a nice apartment where we can stay the night," she licked her lips. "What do you say, Spider?"

What is this feeling in my chest? It was there when Dad died but it feels different this time.

He clutched his chest.

This is NOT an emotion I am feeling. I know for certain that this is NOT love. David Dante is from the Deadpan DImension, not from Earth. He can't feel love like human beings can feel. This is just ecstacy. But goddamn it feels good.

He picks her up and piggybacks her. "Directions, please?"

Spidey swung off with Cat in tow once more. He swung in the directions to an apartment she told him about. They snuck in through a window on the twelfth floor and Spidey could only wonder whose apartment this belonged to.

Cat led Spidey into the bedroom with a queen-sized bed. The blankets were laid out smoothly with no wrinkles as if the cleaning crew had been present recently.

Black Cat lays on her side on the bed and turns to Spidey with one hand holding her head up.

"I'm all yours, Spider."

I suddenly have an urge to push her down into the bed and fuck her until she melts into a puddle of goo. Maybe I can make that a reality.

"Off with the costume," she ordered.

That's another thing, why do people strip naked during sex? Can't they just kiss and moan while fully clothed? Why do I have to take off my costume just to have sex with her? Oh well, if humans like to engage with each other with no clothes then I guess I shouldn't object.

"Don't take off your mask, Spider."

I had no intention of taking my mask off either way but I can't deny that this is most certainly awkward. By her logic, I'm going to be standing in front of her, naked, with only my Spider-Man mask on. What did I do to get into this position? I can feel my cheeks heating up and I'm glad I'm wearing a mask to hide my face.

"Now it's your turn," he ordered.

Black Cat made a sound that sounded like a purr. She reached up and removed her catsuit from her body. She was left in her domino mask which hid her true identity. She rolls on the bed and towards Spidey. She examines his arms and touches his muscles.

David was speechless under his mask

I'm staring at a naked female human right before my eyes. Her body is so curvy and muscular; I can tell that she's been working out. Man, now I really do want to fuck her into oblivion.

"Do you aim to impress?" Spidey asked.

She paused.

What? Why is she suddenly turned off?

"I feel like we've met before," she said.

What could possibly give off that vibe? I'm wearing a mask so he shouldn't be able to recognize my face. Maybe she's seen my muscular toned body somewhere but I'm not the kind of person to flash around New York like a politician. Maybe I have a similar tone to someone she's met before.

"There are eight million people in New York City, maybe I'm running in your wildest dreams."

Her smile returned. "I like that."

"And this dream is about to become a reality."

Without wasting any time, he dives in and kisses her, taking her in completely. He lays her down on the bed his breathing heightens as if he was being smothered. He relied on natural instinct to become one with her.

She moaned loudly and arched her back.

So this is what it feels like, it feels so...interesting.

He enters her.

And quite painful.

"Spider," she moaned, "Spi-"

But her uttering my name in a state of bliss turns me on even greater. If she wants it rough, I'll give it to her rough.

He built up a rhythm of thrusting into his beloved girlfriend. His heart started racing as he felt a whole new sensation overcome him. He gasps and moans in pleasure.

I'm going to die if bliss is a poison.

He snapped his eyes open and looked down at Felicia, watching her head as it drove deep into the pillow.

I can barely concentrate...sex is so...distracting from one's thoughts.

Spidey's breathing is dialed to eleven and he sounded like he could barely inhale a breath of air.

That...was a great sensation. Wow, I feel so good.

Spidey calms himself down. He takes slow breaths in and out slowly. He falls on top of Black Cat and breaths into her ear.

"I can feel your heartbeat," he said, "You're in a state of pure bliss."

Felicia sighs equally. "So are you, Spider."

Spidey sits up and separates himself from Black Cat. "That...felt good. Sex is everything I dreamed of."

"I could say the same," she said. She sat up and put a hand on his shoulder. "Next time, pull out."


"What? Why?"

"If you don't pull out next time, I could get pregnant."

Oh, sex is the process in how babies are made, of course. But she doesn't have to worry.

"I can't have children," he said.

Her expression suddenly became dull before shifting into a sad expression. "You're infertile?"

"Nah," he said nonchalantly, "They say babies are made with love and since I don't love you, I can't have children."

She slapped him hard across the face. "You imbecile, that's not how it works!"

She slapped me. Would it be such a crime to slap her back? Nah, I'll let it slide since I like her.

He collapses to her side. He pulls the mask down his face and sighs heavily. "Was I your first?"

"You think I do this for anybody, Spider?"

He cupped her cheeks and circled them with his thumb. "So I'm special."

She turns away.

I can see her bareback.

Spidey climbs out of bed. He dons his costume and turns to Cat just as she zipped up her catsuit. He looked at her breasts before they were covered by the catsuit"It's a damn shame that you can't display your beautiful twins all the time."

She slowly approached him. When she stood before him, she grabbed his cheeks with both hands. "What has gotten into tonight, Spider? Why are you suddenly sexually driven? What's your game?"

Damn it, I thought she would be in a post-sex bliss and out for the night but she's questioning me. If I tell her my real goals then it will be ruined. Luckily, I'm a practiced liar and I've already come up with a lie.

"Someone," he paused and bowed his head with both eyes closed, "Someone dear to me perished recently." he sighed heavily and slowly as grieving characters do in movies. "My dog passed away yesterday. She...was all I had."

It's possible for people to grieve over pets, I never did though. When I was seven, I stabbed a dog in the stomach with a butcher blade and left it alive. My father put it out of its misery and I was never allowed to go near a dog again.

"I thought you liked cats, Spider."

"I like you," he said as he put a hand under her leg and brought it up. "I've had her for thirteen years and I had to put her to sleep. I just needed to vent out my grieve."

"You vented your grieve over your dog on your favorite cat person?"

That's why I chose the dog story, to begin with.

"Yes," he nodded.

She narrowed her eyes. "Nice try, Spider, but I'm not falling for it," she said, "We only see each other once a week but I'm perceptive. You can't lie to me without me knowing. But at least you tried so I'll give you that."

Damn it, black cats ARE bad luck. How can I evade her?

Chapter 5-2

Sunday night. David's date with Black Cat went better than expected. That unlucky bringer of bad luck backed him into a corner when questioning his sex motives but he thought of a lie and he evaded her but he wasn't completely sure of himself.

What is my problem with women? How come every lady I like always has some way of knowing that I'm lying under their noses? Are women really that perceptive? Was mother the one who discovered I was a psychopath before father?

"Davey," Misa called out to her son as she knocked on the door to his room. He opened his bedroom door and welcomed his mother in. "What are you doing?"

Waiting for my plan to kill my psychiatrist to work.

"Studying, thinking," David said, which was true to a degree, "Planning the next move I make to the tenth degree."

She caught on. "What are you planning exactly?"

Killing my psychiatrist, who is also the Green Goblin, in a Dexter type of way.

"My date with Felicia tonight," he said, "I'm going on a date with her to Texas Roadhouse."

Her eyes flared up with shock and confusion. She wasn't completely convinced. "What's your motive?" she asked suddenly.

David nearly lost his composure.

Women ARE perceptive. Damn it, she knows that I am onto something. Then again, I shouldn't be surprised; she is my mother after all, the woman who raised me for fifteen years.

"What is going on through that head of yours, David Dexter Dante?"

You don't want to know, Misa A-Something Dante.

"I already told Dr. Hamilton about this and he gave me hints," he said, recalling what his treacherous psychiatrist said to him over the phone, "He told me how I should behave around a girl and I trust him."

Trust him to fall into my trap.

Misa studied her son, studying his features as if looking for some signs that he's wearing a mask of some sort. Once she was satisfied with whatever thought that ran through her head, she leaned over and kissed David on the temple.

What was that?

"Are you going on this date as a way to blend in or do you really want to do this?"


"That's not something I can't answer easily," he lied, "I think for the first time, I really like Felicia."

Now I'm making it obvious that I want to be caught. Lay it on less, Davey.

"I mean, she does seem nice to hang around. I like Eddie but he can be boring sometimes. Felicia, she is such a badass."

"Language," she scolded.

"Mom, I'm fifteen and I stay home alone, I can say bad words."

I don't know why she even bothers as if I would listen to her no-curse rule.

"I just wanted to give you some advice before you left," she said. She stood up as David stood up. She grabbed him by both of his shoulders. "I understand that you are different from normal 'humans' as you refer to them but remember this: Women are perceptive.

Got that right, I can't lie to Felicia OR Black Cat and now you've been added to the list, Mom..

"If you're going to lie and manipulate them, then at least make sure you plan every conversation you have with them six steps ahead. If you slip once then it'll be over for you."

"I pretty much got that part down already, Mom," David said nonchalantly/ "Every time I tried to lie to Felicia or make up a believable story, even by my standards, she calls me out on my BS. I have no idea how she does it, either she's a stalker or she is just that perceptive." He rubs his chin, "But I have my suspicions on her."

"What are you talking about?"

"I don't know why, but my gut is telling me that she is also hiding something. The only way for someone to figure out what a person is hiding is to think like them and the only way to think like them is to hide something yourself." He cocks his head. "Now that I mention it, she could be a threat."

"That's what I'm trying to tell you," Misa said, "Women notice things men tend not to. When your father was alive, he thought that I wouldn't notice him taking the last of the cookies from the jar but I have my ways."

Does she know I took money out of her wallet?

"And I know you took a couple of hundred of dollars out of my wallet a few nights before Dad died," she said. "I don't know what you were doing with the money but it doesn't matter because we paid the taxes on time."

Yep, she noticed.

She hugs her son tightly. "Promise me you'll be careful of what you say because if she catches on that you're a psychopath, who knows what could happen."

Why would she care?

"You're my baby boy."

I'm fifteen...but then again, I don't want to go to jail. I trust myself in taking care of myself but I also trust Mom because after Green Goblin is dead, she'll be the only one who knows that I'm a psycho. I can hold my own against normal people but Felicia is different. I have to calculate every conversation I have to the tenth degree. I have to prepare answers for all possible scenarios. If I'm not careful, then I could slip. In the event that I do slip, I will need a backup plan. And if the backup plan doesn't work, I'm going to need another backup plan. It's one big chess game except the queen is the one I have to checkmate.

David's cell phone vibrated. When he checked for Caller ID, it read Felicia Hardy.

I strangely don't remember giving my phone number to Felicia, which could only mean one thing: Green Goblin. Is he acting already? Push the green button and find out, ironically.


"Ha ha ha ha."

Check...and soon to be mate.

David fought off the urge to hold in his laughter.

"I'm calling on behalf of Black Cat," Goblin laughed, "Is there a Spider-Man there?"

I can't believe...it….It all went just as planned, I've won, I've won once again...I've the king in check and it is now time to checkmate him.

Then he contemplated.

He's calling on behalf of Black Cat but used Caller ID as Felicia Hardy. Did he kidnap Black Cat, Felicia, or both? What is going on? Did he actually have a plan in mind?


Felicia returned home the night after her night with Spidey. She climbed in through her window and discarded her costume as she looked at herself in the mirror. She removed her domino mask first and returned to her normal persona as Felicia Hardy, no longer Black Cat. "Spider," she whispered in the mirror, "He sure knows how to show a girl a good time." She changed into a pair of pajamas and she laid down on her bed. "I can only imagine who that handsome man is behind that mask," she whispered to herself, "There's something about him that feels familiar for some reason. I feel like I've met him, and when his mask was lifted so that I could kiss him, his voice was familiar." She replayed the experience in her mind. "That voice, the jawline, I feel like I've met him and something in my gut is telling me that I have met him."

She sits up and looks at herself in the mirror once again.

"The kiss he gave me," she licked her lips and touched the bottom one, "Those lips of his were also familiar." She lifted herself off the bed and looked out the window to New York City. "The chances of crossing a sociopath like him is not an uncommon thing," she said, "I like him for being a different type of hero and willing to live on the bad side but I can't help but feel this familiarity of his aura."

She turned her back to the window. "But how many people have I known to kill people? But then again, if they killed people then they would've hidden it. That Spider-Man, he's sneaky but cats are perceptive and I caught onto him. All I can deduce is that he's trying to hide his real identity and I understand."

She looks at her watch, still early in the night. "I have to meet up with David for our date in about two hours or so. I guess I should get ready."

She walked into her closet and pulled out clothes she was going to wear. She turned on her tv to a live broadcast of a festival going on downtown. There were banners colored red and black that were decorated with Spidey's masked face on the front.

Felicia noticed this and smiled. "Spider," she whispers, "You do kill people, but only violent criminals. You could've killed me numerous times but you spared me. And not only that, but you saved innocent lives from violent criminals. You are a superhero who kills people, but people still love you. They love you even though you kill people." She touched the screen when a photo of Spidey flashed onto the screen. "I can't believe I had sex with this man." She looks at her catsuit. "Who knows, maybe I'll see him after my date with David. Technically, Felicia Hardy is going on a date with David Dante and Black Cat is dating Spider-Man, it's not cheating if you have alter-egos."

She dons her catsuit.

"I'll wear this under my dress."

Her room suddenly flooded with smoke coming from the window. She covers her mouth and runs to shut the now-open window. She succeeds in closing the window but suddenly feels drowsy. Even though her eyes were closed, she could feel her vision starting to blur. "What's going on," she said in a slurred voice. "I feel…" she never got to finish that sentence. She fell down onto the bed and suddenly lost consciousness.

"What's going on," she whispered to herself in the dark. When her eyes pulled themselves apart, she saw darkness with white dots spread across. She turns her head over to the right and tries moving her muscles. She shifts her left leg and exhales deeply. She suddenly felt weightless.

Reality hit her like a car and she realized that she was laying on the edge of a roof in downtown New York City. She rolls away from the edge and looks up into the sky. She looked from left to right and counted innumerable buildings from left to right. Her hearing returned to her and she looked over the edge to see that she was on a building overlooking the festival she saw on TV. There were still crowds of people present meaning that she hadn't been out for long. If she knew the exact time she looked at the festival on the TV she would've figured out how long she went out.

Either way, she went back to moving her legs from left to right but felt something pulling them into her chest. She looks down and sees rope wrapped around her tightly. There wasn't even a rope but a cable of some kind. Her feet were free from the cable so she walked away from the edge.

"IF this is Spider's idea of a sick joke then it's not funny." Then she considered what she said. "Then again, Spider would've used webs and not cables. This isn't Spider's work, this is somebody else." She wondered if she was wearing her domino mask. She figured that she was because when she passed out, she remembered that she was in her catsuit but didn't put on her domino mask. She didn't know if she was Black Cat or Felicia Hardy

"Could somebody have fired out who I am?" she asked herself, "Then again, they took the time to dress me back into my Black Cat uniform. Could it be one of Dad's enemies?"

She debunked all theories going on in her head. "Either way, I'll just break out of these cables."

She tries using her flexibility skills to slide her hands out from under but it didn't work. "Whoever tied me up isn't an amateur," she said after realizing that every time she pulled, the cable tightened around her chest.

"I'm not going to be the damsel-in-distress; just doesn't fit my style." She sharpened her claws on her glove. "My claws can cut through most metal and these cables are no exception."

Black Cat looked to her right and saw a hoverboard flying across the city between buildings. She saw a green man standing and laughing. "Green Goblin," she recognized him from the papers. "Did he kidnap me?"

When she looked past the Green Goblin, she saw a familiar red man swinging on webs. "Spider," her eyes lit up, "He looks even more handsome when he's chasing down a violent criminal."

Spidey had followed Green Goblin all the way from broadway. After David left the apartment, he donned his Spider-Man costume and swung out to the city and kept on swinging until he could get his bearings. He perched on top of an antenna and he waited for Green Goblin. It was a gamble but Goblin told him he could be at one of three locations: The festival, Time Square, or the Empire State Building.

Spidey only made a guess and swung off to the festival and that's when he encountered Green Goblin and pursued him.

Can't let him get away.

Spidey swung high into the air after doing a loop-de-loop and landed onto the edge of a building overlooking the festival. The crowd suddenly went silent as they saw their beloved hero standing on the building in front of the crowd.

"Spider-Man," Goblin shouted as he lowered him to the building, "I'm going to show New York the monster you really are."

"That's a big gamble, you really want to try it," Spidey mocked.

"I know about your girlfriend."

Just as I predicted. But wait, is he talking about Black Cat or Felicia Hardy?

"And I'm giving you an ultimatum."

Spidey tilted his head.

This should be interesting.

"I'm listening," Spidey said.

"Behind you, to my seven o'clock, is your girlfriend, Black Cat."

Spidey turned and saw Black Cat standing on the edge of a building. She waved her hand nonchalantly at him.

"And on the building opposite to her at my five o'clock, is a small family consisting of a husband, wife, and son around the age of five. They are the mother, father, and younger brother of Felicia Hardy."

Spidey looked to the other building. Like Black Cat, they also had cables wrapped tightly around them and standing on the edge of the building. Unlike Cat, however, they were calling out for help.

That's Felicia's family? She has a younger brother, a mother and father? But where's Felicia, unless he purposely didn't target her. No, he DID target her because he was calling from her phone. But where is she? The only thing I can deduce is that she somehow got away or Goblin just sntached her phone from her and that's it.

"They don't seem to be in danger," Spidey said sarcastically to Green Goblin.

"Their lives are indeed in danger," Goblin said. He takes out a device from his pouch. "Once I press this detonator, the cables wrapped tightly around both groups will tighten. The cables will continue to tighten until their eyeballs are squeezed out of their head. The cables that bind them are made of the toughest steel that will cut through anything without skipping a beat. By the time the cables have enclosed around them, their bones will have crushed and turned to dust and the way I've got things set up, you've got time to save only one party. So, who's it going to be? Your girlfriend or the sweet and innocent civilians. You choose."

Chapter 5-3

Spidey looked at both buildings and sighed, analyzing the situation.

I get what he is trying to do but why would he involve an innocent family? If he is trying to prove that I am a monster then why involve an innocent family?

Then a thought crossed his mind.

There's a trick, obviously. I used Black Cat to draw out Green Goblin but I never anticipated Goblin using civilians as hostages. But I think I know what he is planning: He is trying to prove to the world that I am a monster, which is why he brought me to a crowded place and gave me an ultimatum. He knows I like Black Cat but my code prevents me from saving her in favor of the innocent. Damn it, I underestimated him. If I save Black Cat, then the family will die and New York will call for my arrest for negligent homicide. On the other hand, if I let Black Cat die, then I'll be killing off the only person who makes me ecstatic when I'm around. Given as to how he has a detonator with him, the cables around the hostages are either time-stamped or they go off instantly at the push of a button. If it is on a time schedule after the button is pushed then I won't have enough time to save both, only one. I'll bet the ropes around the family are less pressurized then the one around Cat, considering that I'll have to untangle multiple people at once.

"Don't," Spidey said without thinking, "At the very least, don't involve that child."

"You have a soft spot for children?" Goblin asked with sarcasm hidden in his voice, "You can't negotiate your way out of this one, Spider-Man."

Spidey studied the detonator in Goblin's hand.

If my theory is correct, then Goblin is holding a spring-loaded dead man's switch. If he removes a finger, say the thumb, the detonator will go off and the cables will start strangling the victims.

He came up with a plan in his head.

Spidey fires off three webs without even looking and they all aimed for Goblin. The first one went for the hand with the detonator and webbed his hand and detonator together so he couldn't remove his finger. The second web blinded him. The third web stuck his other hand to the glider. Not only was he trapped on the glider and blind, but he also could not release his thumb from the detonator.

Spidey swings off the roof, nosediving down into the crowd. He swung meters above the crowd and he aimed for Cat first.

Black Cat ran for the edge of the building and jumped off.

Spidey caught her with one hand before swinging over to the opposite building with the family of three.

"Thanks, Spider," Black Cat said. She looked at him, wondering if he had seen her real face. He said nothing so she assumed that she had her domino mask on. The real test was if her family recognized her. "Will you get these off of me and I'll help you with the civilians?"

"Use your bad luck powers, Cat," Spidey said, "It should affect the cables around you. If there is a possibility of them going out, even if it's only a one percent chance, you could affect them, right?"

"If I had control over the powers," Cat said.

Spidey grabbed the cables wrapped around the child and he used all of his might to yank the cables off. The more he yanked, however, the harder the cables wrapped around the poor boy and caused him to cry in pain. The parents were screaming at Spider-Man to save their child.

Goblin was using his super-strength to free his hand off the glider but the artificial webbing was stronger then he thought.

Spidey tugged one last time before the cables came apart and the boy freely stretched his arm without any worry.

"Did you do that?" Spidey asked Cat.

"Most likely," she answered, "I hate seeing a child in danger."

Cat quietly mumbled to herself: "Especially my little brother."

Spidey rushes to the other parents and he uses one hand on each parent to pull at the cables. Like before, the cable was tightening until they suddenly malfunctioned. No doubt that Black Cat's powers were the main cause.

"Stay here," Spidey said, "I'll get these three to safety."

"Thank you, Spider," Cat said with a smile. She whispered to herself: "My secret is safe; I'm wearing my domino mask"

He quickly swings the three to safety and lands them carefully near the crowd of people. They were cheering at Spider-Man for choosing to save the family before someone pointed out that Spidey's 'Girlfriend' was still in need of saving.

Spidey web-zips to the roof where he grabbed at Black Cat's cables.

"Use your bad luck powers," he snapped.

Goblin freed his left hand and yanked the webbing off his mask. He used his free hand to take out a razor blade and cut at the webbing.

The cables tightened harder than any of the three family members combined. Black Cat began yelling pain.

The razor blade cut the webbing.

Spidey's dang-ar warned him that Green GOblin freed his hand and came up with a plan.

If these cables act like a ticking time bomb with a detonator, then all I have to do is get Cat out of range.

Spidey grabs Cat with one hand and he swings off as fast as he can. It was not romantic like when he went on a romantic swing with Cat from last night. It was rough and he wasn't trying to be cool in any way.

"What are you doing?" Cat asked.

"If these cables are activated by a detonator then there must be a range to the detonator. I'm just going to get you out of here as fast as I can," he answered.

"Why would you go through all this trouble just to save me?" she asked, "Not that I'm ungrateful but I've never heard of you saving criminals."

Spidey already had an answer for that. "Well, you are a criminal, without a doubt, but so am I, by definition of being a vigilante who kills violent criminals. But it's like I said, you are my kitten."

Goblin flew after them, deducing what Spidey had in mind. "This detonator has a range of one hundred yards; I have to catch up to him as quickly as possible."

He flies his glider forward full-speed.

Spidey senses Goblin coming after him and he used his danger radar to warn him when he's coming within one hundred feet.

My danger radar is telling me that his thumb is off the button which means that if I can get Cat out of range and attack Goblin off guard then he won't be able to push the button down and release. I have to come up with a plan to lose him. If New York City is a chessboard then I would be a knight. But where exactly would this 'knight' swing off to?

A strategy comes to mind.

Of course!

Even when swinging, he was able to shout his plan to Cat and she agreed to it, hesitantly.

Spidey swings Cat around the city, retracing his steps from when he took Cat for a swing before they spent a night of bliss. They reached the crane and just like that, everything went according to plan.

Spidey senses that Goblin is behind him by ten meters which is more than enough distance.

Goblin presses onto the detonator and starts the timer.


Spidey holds his hand tightly around Cat as he shoots a web at the crane and thrusts his feet out.


He swings upwards from the crane.


He swings over the crane. He drops Black Cat after timing it.


Green Goblin didn't have any time to reach before Black Cat fell onto his glider.


The blades on the front of the glider easily cut the cables around Black Cat in half faster than a blade through butter.

Timed and executed perfectly.

Spidey was already swinging downward after dropping Black Cat and caught her just as she was about to fall on a moving taxi. He takes her up and into the air.

Goblin throws the detonator away in frustration and growls.

Spidey sets Black Cat down on the roof of a building. Ironically, the same building they kissed on earlier.

"That was one hell of a plan, Spider," Cat praised as she stretched out her arm, "Gotta hand it to you."

She complimented me.

His dang-ar went off.

"Anytime," Spidey said, "But I gotta finish this with Goblin. I'm sure you understand."

She remembered. "He abducted me, Spider. He saw me with my mask off, he knows who I am."

Spidey suddenly became angry. "Don't worry, tonight is his last night alive."

Spidey turned in the nick of time and he webbed onto Goblin's glider and was dragged in whichever direction Goblin flew. He pulled himself up on the web and towards the Goblin. Goblin throws a pumpkin bomb forward. It breaks off into razor blades and they fly towards Spidey.

"I love these things," Spidey said dryly.

The razorblades cut the web from Goblin's glider and caused Spidey to fall towards the ground. Before he could shoot another web out to catch himself, Goblin threw a cable he prepared ahead of time and hooked Spidey by the foot.

He played dragging with Spidey throughout the city.

Spidey climbs up the cable and manages to reach Goblin's glider. Goblin presses a button on his wrist.

Spidey punches Goblin across the face before grabbing him by the leg and throwing him as far as he could.

As long as I'm standing on the glider, then the glider won't fly in to save Goblin.

Goblin was falling towards the ground but another glider from out of nowhere swooped in and caught Goblin in less than a second.

What, he called in another glider?

His dang-ar went off.

Oh shit, he intended for me to hijack his glider. He has pumpkin bombs planted on the bottom of the glider.

Spidey jumped off the glider but the glider blew up mid-air and sent Spidey flying downward.

Spidey's senses went off. He shot a web and tried to swing upward but he crashed into the window of a building.

He fell into a warehouse and crashed through a wall, head-first


He landed on his back and felt his body scream out in pain. His senses went off again.

The glider, which had exploded mid-air, was still intact but on fire and coming at him from behind. He turns around and shoots a web for the glider to fly in. The glider was caught on the web but the web caught fire and blew up. The webs shot from his wrist caught fire and traveled down the webs until they reached his web-shooters and set them on fire.

He pats his web-shooters to put the fire out before the glider explodes again. The explosion sent Spidey back against another wall and left a large dent.

He falls on his stomach, injured.

That was utterly ridiculous.

He touches his face.

My mask, the front of my mask has been blown off, damn it. My face is showing; not like it matters anyway since Goblin already knows who I am.

The Goblin flies in through the window on his new glider. He jumps off and meets Spidey.

Spidey slowly moves his hands to a push-up position. Each muscle aches with every movement and he winced at the pain. He spotted the web-shooters on both wrists.

My web-shooters are gone.

"You're really pissing me off, David," Goblin said. "I gave you a chance to back out of this life and you kicked me while I was down."

David lunges for Goblin.

Goblin kicks David in the groin.

David folds and it met with a knee to his face. He receives a right hook from Goblin and blood spewed from his mouth.

This is actually starting to hurt.

Goblin uppercuts Spidey and kicks him against the wall. Before Spidey could react and pull himself from the wall, Goblin charged and kicked Spidey with both feet and Spidey crashed through the wall.

He fell down three stories and hit the rails of a balcony on his back before he fell another two stories to the ground.

David looked up and his mouth and nose started bleeding. He wheezes for air.

Goblin drops down to the ground and does a sliding kick to David's face and sends him flying back.

After the last attack, David sits on his knees. He barely managed to dodge a punch but could not move out the way when Goblin slashed him across the cheek with a razor blade in hand. David growls in anger and charges for Goblin but he received a kick in the face which sends him staggering back. Goblin doesn't miss a beat stabs David in the shoulder.

He picks David up over his head with both hands and throws him across the room. David hits a pole with his side and falls on his shoulder, pushing the razor blade deeper and into his collarbone.

The glider explosion injured me and I can't use my web-shooters. I still have my dang-ar but because I'm dizzy and suffering from a concussion, it seems to be malfunctioning. Goblin has the upper hand on this one.

David yanks the razor blade out of his collarbone and charges at Goblin with it.

Goblin backhands David and sends him into a state of disorientation.

Even though his dang-ar went off, he was helpless to Goblin's next attack. He suffered punches to his face, jaw, and chest. He got kicked to his temple and stomach and when he tried to retreat, Goblin would attack him with more force.

I can't do anything.

Goblin took out a pumpkin bomb from his pouch and threw it. David's dang-ar went off and he backhanded the pumpkin bomb away but he was still within its blast radius. The grenade sent him flying back into the same pole and hit his head.

David falls to his knees with blood dripping from his lips.

I'm going to throw up...

He breathes slowly and heavily as he climbs to his feet. When he looked up, Goblin threw himself forward and gave a powerful flying kick square in David's face. David flew back and hit the wall and laid down flat on the ground.

Still alive, David looked at Goblin.

I'm going to kill him.

Goblin approached David and he stomped on his right elbow and snapped it. David yells in pain.

Psychopaths can't feel emotional pain, but how come they can feel physical pain?

"You won't be needing that arm anymore, Spider-Man," Goblin said, "You've brought this on yourself, I gave you the chance to walk away but you chose not to and now I'm going to make sure you pay with your life. And once you're dead, I'm going to make sure your criminal girlfriend joins you. And as for your mother, David, she deserves a life without you in it."

David's eyes went wide with rage. The urges deep down inside were bubbling to the surface. He licked his lips and glared at his prey.

Chapter 5-4

Nobody speaks ill of my girlfriend or my mother except me.

"Don't worry, Spider-Man," Goblin said. He pulls out another razor blade. "I promise to have a hell of a time with your girlfriend."

He thrusts the razor blade forward.

I'm going to throw up.

David caught the razor blade with his good hand but the knife pierced through his palm and almost entered through his eye. He uses all the might within his left arm to keep the razor blade at bay.

"Die," Goblin shouted as he put more force behind the razor blade.

The razor blade was inches away from cutting through David's brown eye.

It's 'die, die.'

David thrusts his head forward and shoots a line of webbing out from his mouth and over Goblin's shoulder. The organic webbing caught an oil drum and jerked his head back, yanking the oil drum and hitting Goblin in the back.

Green Goblin is shoved to the ground by the oil drum and David is free.

"I offered you a second chance," Goblin grumbled as he picked himself off the ground, "And you spit in my face."

"That's not spitting in your face," David said, "This is spitting in your face!"

He fires another web from his mouth at Goblin, aiming for his mask. When the web connected, he threw Goblin across the room like a tetherball and hammered him into the wall.

What's better than having one trump card: Two trump cards.

David catches Goblin with another web and throws him into the air. Goblin's head collided with a pipe and he landed on the ground.

Goblin's world was spinning. His mask was damaged and his eye was bleeding. He picked himself up and when he turned around, Spidey used his left hand to swing on a web fired from his mouth and kicked Goblin into the air.

The Goblin hits another pipe with his back and almost broke his spine. He fell on his side and when he tried to get up, David kicked him to the brick wall behind him.

Who has the upper hand now?

David lands in front of Green Goblin. He pretends to wind up his good arm and punches Goblin across the face with all his might. He still had the razorblade in his left palm but he didn't let that be a factor whenever he made a fist. He grabs the villain with his broken arm and backhands him with his good arm. David picks up a brick that disconnected from the wall during Goblin's impact and smacks him across the face with it.

David uses his teeth to pull out the razor blade in his hand and with his good hand, stabs Goblin in the kneecap with it.

It feels so good...to torture this man.

David stomps his head into the ground and causes his mask to crack.

Stomp, crush, crack, break, snap, I'll do every physical attack to all 262 bones in his body. He'll be nothing but a sack of broken bones when I'm done and he'll be begging for mercy.

David snickered.

This feeling inside of me...it feels so good and I don't want it to disappear.


David cut off Goblin by smashing his head into the wall.

I am-

"STOP!" Goblin.

David looked at his downed opponent in shock.

Goblin cried in pain and pushed himself to his knees and elbows. "What the hell is this?!" he shouted, "What the hell are you doing!?" He fell onto his back and into a puddle of water. The water turned red from his blood. "JACK, where are you?!"

What is this? Is he crying? Who is Jack?

The Goblin sobbed in pain. "Why aren't you helping me, Jack?"


Goblin's tone suddenly changed. He looked above him as if someone was standing beside David. "Jack, help me."

David looked beside him and saw no one.

Who is Jack? Is he delusional or does he believe that someone is standing beside me.

"No," Goblin suddenly shouted, "Jack was never imaginary, he's my older brother!"

Barton Hamilton has an older brother, I don't remember him mentioning a brother.

"Jack was always imaginary, Barton," Goblin said, adopting a different tone then the crying one he had seconds ago, "He was never real, he was just a figment of your imagination. When I said that the performance enhancers awoke something within you, I meant it. It enhanced your split personality, which you didn't even know you had. You imagined that Jack Hamilton worked for ESU when it was you this entire time. Everywhere Jack was, you were actually there in his place. You were even there when the spider escaped at the highschool. You were both a psychiatrist and a genetics researcher."

High school, spider? Was Hamiliton there at the highschool when I got bitten? If what he's mumbling about is true then he was most likely one of the guest speakers. Given as to how focused I was on Felicia that day, I failed to spot Hamiliton.

Goblin reached for his mask and pulled it off to reveal a crying face.

David studied his down opponent with shock and confusion.

What is going on here?

"Jack was never real…" Barton said, talking to himself. He saw David and his crying eyes lit up. "David, you have to help me!"

Split personality.

"Thank god for you, David," Barton sobbed, "The Goblin, he tried to take over, he made me do things I never wanted to do." He falls into David's lap. "Please, don't let him take over again, I don't want to hurt anybody."

This isn't an act, this is too real.

"I can't protect you from a split personality," David said nonchalantly, "But, you should get a shrink."

"I tried to do everything in my power to save myself, but Goblin was too strong. I need to be locked up, I need to be thrown in a prison, the world has to be protected from me!"

David patted Barton on the shoulder, albeit in a mocking manner. "You're right. My diagnosis: You suffer from dissociative identity disorder and whatever you took to make you the Green Goblin enhanced your mental disability tenfold."

"David, I want you to know that everything I did when I was your psychiatrist, it was genuine. I really did want you to become a good person. If I had known from the beginning that there was something wrong with me, I would've turned myself in. The second I saw blood in my hands I tried to stop all of this but the Goblin took over." He grabs David's hand. "Please, forgive me, for putting your girlfriend in danger. I'm sorry for everything that I've done, I truly am. Please, David, protect me, protect your girlfriend, protect your dear mother."

Things have gotten much more complicated than before. I thought I would just off him and be done with it but no, now that I've come to the realization that Barton Hamilton has multiple personalities, I don't know what to do. If he was just a regular criminal then I could kill him without a second thought but he is an innocent person being controlled by something beyond him. What do I do? If I kill him, then I'm killing an innocent man but at the same time, by killing this innocent man, I'm also getting rid of a force of pure evil. I'm conflicted.

David wraps his hands around Hamilton.

A thought came into David's head.

"We'll figure this out."

He held Barton to his feet and they started walking together.

He is both an innocent man and a violent criminal. If I take out one then I would be canceling the other out.

A familiar urge came back and David licked his lips.

Pros of keeping him alive: I won't need to familiarize myself with another psychiatrist, no more annoying questions, no more Green Goblin, no more worrying about my girlfriend being killed by cables, no more setting my house on fire to save Mom. Cons of keeping him alive: He's Green Goblin, he's annoying, he knows my secret, he could put Mom and Black Cat in danger, he'll never get cured of his Goblin persona, he's a violent criminal.

His dang-ar went off.

David's eyes widened.

I knew my trump card would come in handy.

In slow motion, David looked at Hamilton.

My father was killed because I let a violent criminal get away. I'm not taking any chances, especially since I have my mother and girlfriend to protect.

He inhaled.

I've made my decision to cancel you out entirely, Barton Goblin.

David pushes Hamilton to the side. He backflips ten feet into the air, narrowly avoiding the incoming glider with blades protruded on the front.

In mid-air, he shot a web from his mouth and he used it to steer the glider in the direction of Hamilton's.

Kill count: 100.

The glider flew into Hamilton's waist and pushed him against the same pole David crashed into and pinned him to the wall with a blade to his gut.

Hamilton gasped in pain and his body went rigor. His quick breaths slowed and his struggling ceased. He folded forward and his chest hit the glider. He looked at David.

"Thank you."

His body went limp on the glider, blood dripping from his mouth.

David stared at the body, pondering.

I was not expecting this. This feeling in my chest. I shouldn't be feeling it; Barton Hamiliton was the Green Goblin and had I kept him alive, innocent people would've died. I am not supposed to feel guilty, even if I was a regular human.

He clutched his heart.

So what is this feeling in my chest and why won't it go away? Am I grieving or something? It's not possible but if I'm 1/16th of a human as I believe myself to be, then I am feeling sadness.

David lowered his head.

I hate this feeling in my chest, I'd give anything to make it go away.

David swung away from webs fired from his mouth. He swung on top of a building and sat on the ledge. He clutches his broken arm tenderly.

His dang-ar went off.

"You used me!"

David didn't break his composure and said nothing, even when sitting on the ledge of a building when Black Cat shouted from behind. "In case you didn't realize, my mask is torn and I'd rather not show you my face."

"I should've known," Cat said again, "You weren't being spontaneous that night, you were using me."

"How do you figure?"

"The Spider-Man I grew accustomed to would never do something such as show extreme levels of PDA. There's no reason for the Green Goblin to go after me except that I'm a criminal but for some reason, he kidnapped me because I'm Spider-Man's girlfriend. He couldn't have known that not even the public knows that, unless you gave some indication that I was dating"

"It was necessary," David said, "I had to kill the Green Goblin."

Black Cat stomped towards him. "You used me and that's all you have to say?!"

"You're alive, aren't you?"

Honestly, why do women throw such fits? It's embarrassing, exhausting, unexciting.

"My catsuit has a tear in it!"

In the front or back cause I would love to see your skin; but I don't want her to see my real face.

"I've seen you naked," David said, "We did have sex after all."

"That's not the point, Spider! Do you know what it's like to be used?"

David was on the verge of turning towards her in anger but he kept calm and kept his back turned towards her. "Calm down, woman."

Black Cat scoffed at the sexist remark. She narrowed her eyes and studied the back of Spidey's head.

"I think you're forgetting that I can still web you to the wall and leave you for the police."

"You wouldn't do that, Spider."

"I might," David chuckled, "I did use you for my own benefit after all." He wanted to turn to her but kept himself stable. "But, in all seriousness, that night we shared, I truly meant it. Yeah, I was drawing the Goblin out by using you, but the sex was amazing. I've never felt this feeling of ecstasy in my heart and it feels amazing. Being around you, I feel like I'm the king of the world. I'm allowed to be my true self around you and you don't hate me for it. You know that I kill people and you don't turn me down."

Black Cat stepped towards him. "Don't get emotional on me, Spider."

Me, emotional?

"I'm not emotional. In fact, I'm incapable of regular human emotions, that's why I can kill people without feeling remorse."

"I sorta suspected that Spider, but the thrills when I'm around you are so intoxicating that I can't resist you."

"So, even though I'm not a human being, you still like hanging out with me?"

Cat patted him on the back. "Of course, Spider. But after using me as you did, you owe me."

She tilted her head and saw a glimpse of his real face through his torn mask.

Spidey covered his face. "Don't even think about it, Black Cat, you're not going to see my real face."

"I can only dream of the handsome man behind the mask," she said. She sits beside him, causing him to turn away from her so she wouldn't see his face. Curiosity was starting to get the best of her and she turned to see if she could spot his face.

Spidey grabbed her chest without looking. "Don't bother. And besides, use your imagination."

Black Cat smiled at that thought. "If you say so, Spider."

"Cat," Spidey suddenly said, "Close your eyes."

She obeyed.

Spidey lunges for her and kisses her on the lips. Black Cat's eyes widened and stared directly into Spidey's brown eyes.

She moans into the kiss.

Spidey puts his hand over Black Cat's eyes before pushing her down onto the ground softly. He continues to devour her, getting hungrier by the second and thrusting his tongue deeper into her mouth. He kept his right hand over her eyes and used his left hand to rub the space between her legs.

My mask is torn, if I'm not careful, she'll see my real face.

"What's gotten into you, Spider," she moaned.

"I just want to taste you. I want to be reminded of your sweet flavor."

He brings his left hand up and plays with her breasts. "You are so beautiful, Cat."

"And you're so handsome, Spider."

"If you even think about going out with someone else, I will kill him then web you to the wall. That's a promise."

She purred. "I suddenly like this attitude of yours, Spider. You better not be using me."

"Not this time. This time, everything I do is real."

Sex has never felt so good before. The first time we had it, I was just using her. I knew she'd understand; she would have to forgive me either way if she wanted to stay out of prison and not webbed to the wall.

Spidey kissed between her breasts.

But this sex feels so good. I now know why humans can get so addicted to sex. If sex is what defines a human then I am part of the human race.

Things got intimate.

Spidey took Black Cat where she laid.

Spidey collapsed onto her chest with his hand still covering Black Cat's eyes.

"That was amazing, Spider."

Spidey licked her cheeks like a cat. He kissed her on the ear before whispering: "We should do this more often."

"Don't get your hopes up, Spider," she said, "If you think that I'm only in this for the sex then you're wrong. I genuinely want to spend time with you, Spider."

Spidey paused.

Black Cat…

"I don't know what to say, Cat, but I actually want to spend time with you."

Was I saying it because of the moment or did I really mean it? It is possible I just said it out of instinct from trying to blend in?

He sighed.

It doesn't matter.

"Next Saturday," Spidey whispered, "I'll swing you up to the top of the Brooklyn Bridge."

Chapter 5-5

Another day, another funeral.

David and Misa attended Barton Hamilton's funeral.

This time, it seems less emotional. I am not standing at Barton Hamilton's grave, I'm standing at the Green Goblin's grave.

When the funeral ended, David turned to his mother.



"Can I have a minute alone with Dr. Hamilton?"

She studied him. "Take all the time you need."

Misa left David standing at his psychiatrist's grave.

David looked down at the grave, an emotionless face put on after an hour of putting on a sad face that pained his cheekbones. The pain wasn't as bad as his broken arm, which had no cast and he was having heals on its own.

His hands were clenched into fists in his pockets and his teeth were grinding.

His dang-ar alerted him that no one was within range to see him or hear him and he could finally vent.

"I don't know what to say to you, Dr. Hamilton," David said, "The instant I knew that you were the Green Goblin, you were automatically my enemy. I didn't care the reason or whatever, you were just my enemy. But ever since that night when you died, I got this feeling in my chest. It was the same feeling I had when Dad died. I'm not supposed to feel this after I kill my enemy but for some reason, I feel it for you. What I am feeling is not emotions, don't get the wrong idea, I have no emotions. I've been pondering over why I felt this stabbing feeling in my chest and I can only come to the conclusion because you had multiple personality disorder, you were both evil and innocent at the same time. When I became Spider-Man, I took a vow never to kill the innocent but in your case, it was different. You had DID and if I were to kill the Green Goblin then I would also be killing the innocent Barton Hamilton."

He kneeled.

"Then, after I quit my pondering, I came to this conclusion: You deserved to die. My reason is that if you were being taken over against your will, you would've naturally begged for me to kill you. It's human nature to ask to be put out of their misery so I decided to put you out of your misery while at the same time, I can satisfy my urge. Even after I told myself that killing you was justifiable, this stabbing feeling remained. I have no idea what to think anymore."

He paused.

"But there is one thing I do want you to know, Barton Hamilton: No matter what you do, no matter what you say, no matter what actions you took as either the Green Goblin or Barton Hamilton, I will never cease to be Spider-Man. I will continue to kill criminals and save innocent people like that woman and baby I saved in the alleyway and the science center."

I've never been this talkative when I was standing over Dad's grave. Maybe I should pay Dad a visit and tell him everything that happened to me these last few weeks.

His dang-ar went off.

What in the name of God is she doing here?

David turned around to meet Felicia standing across from him in a black dress. David studied her with his hands tucked into his pockets.

Felicia studied him harder and watched in delight as the wind blew against David's brown hair.

"Hey, David," she said softly, "I came here because I thought you might want to be comforted by me."

David smirked for a brief second before bowing his head. "You always seem to show up when I least expect it and when you do, you somehow find me at my lowest."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm completely cried out if you're trying to watch me shed tears so don't waste any time."

"I didn't come here to see if you were human or whatnot," she insisted, "I came here because I want to comfort you."

Should I believe her? Maybe she came to me because her mother, father, and little brother were kidnapped by Green Goblin.

Before he could say anything, Felicia stepped forward and stood at his side. David felt awkward but said nothing. He turns and they both face Barton Hamilton's grave.

"You lost your father and your uncle," she said, "It must be hard for you."

Actually, he was never my uncle and I killed him.

"It is," he said, "Do you know what it's like to lose both your father and uncle?"

"I never met your father but I could tell that he was a good man. I met your uncle for a short time but he seemed like a good man as well."

No, he wasn't, he was the Green Goblin.

"Thank you," he smiled. "By the way, I'm sorry I missed our date. But as soon as I got the news that my uncle died, I couldn't leave my mother sobbing by herself. You know, she lost her husband and now her brother."

"I understand," she said, "Nothing's more important than family. I'm grateful Spider-Man saved my family's life."

David suddenly remembered.

"Speaking of which, how has your relationship with your father been?"

She hesitated and David noticed this.

Did I really cross a line? What's wrong with asking a girl about her father's relationship? But if there's one thing I learned when disguised as a human being, it's that if a woman hesitates, back off. Regardless of the reason, you'll make them angry.

She still said nothing.

Yeah, I really should keep my mouth shut. What should I talk about? What do female humans like to talk about at funerals? Maybe I should compliment her dress. Yeah, that should put her at ease.

"Felicia," he began.

Then again, it'll look suspicious if I compliment a dress she's wearing to a funeral. After all, regular humans don't dress to look nice at funerals.

She snapped at him.


She's putting me on the spot. Come on, David, think.

A thought came to his mind.

Do humans kiss at funerals? Fuck it, I'm going for it.

David kisses Felicia on the lips. The kiss was long and thanks to the kisses he had with Black Cat, almost intimate.

He licked her lips.

This taste on her lips is familiar.

His eyes widened.

He pulled away.

She looked at his shocked expression. She studied him and wondered why he was shocked when he was the one who kissed her.


"That's twice I kissed you," he said, turning on his charm.

"It's not common to kiss at funerals."

He hugs her suddenly. "Who says I'm common?"

"I'm not going to make out with you in front of a grave."

"Felicia, you've got the wrong idea. I didn't kiss you out of sexual excitement, I just kissed you because you came to comfort me even when I didn't ask for it."

"I never knew you could be emotional," she said in a confused voice. "I feel like you're up to something."

" I am mysterious, remember? I don't care if it is common to kiss a girlfriend at funerals."

She replayed that last sentence in her head.


"Yes," David said sternly, "You are my girlfriend."

She shoved him back. "You've got kissing skills but don't push it."

She turned and walked away.

David was left by himself. When he was sure he was alone he turned back to the grave.

"Did you see that, Hamilton?" David said in a somewhat mocking voice. "I kissed my girlfriend right in front of you."

He went silent before bowing his head. He kneels on the grave.

"I'll see you later, Hamilton. I've never been a believer in heaven and hell but if I was, then you'll be trapped for eternity in purgatory. Barton Hamilton should go to heaven and Green Goblin to hell but since you're the same person, you'll spend eternity in oblivion."

He walks away and over to his father's grave.

He kneels before the grave.

"Hey, Dad," he said nonchalantly. "If I believed in heaven then that's where you are. Honestly, I don't see the point of believing in going to a good place for doing good or a bad place for bad but that's what mother believes."

He reaches into his pocket.

"I got you some flowers. I got the ones you like: Asters." He places them against the tombstone. "They say that you should give flowers to your loved one in death because it's a beautiful thing to do. I don't know if that's true but Mom did it so I have to do it as well."

He stands and pockets his hands.

"I'm Spider-Man," he said, "About a week or two after you died, I became Spider-Man to kill criminals like the one that killed you. I can already hear you lecturing me on how wrong it is to kill but because I didn't kill, you died. If I spare some other criminal, he could hurt Mom and I love Mom in my own way. If you are listening to me, I want you to know that you don't have to worry. As long as I'm Spider-Man, I'll kill criminals and protect my mother. She is my parent after all and I would hate to be an orphan."

Right on cue, his mother walked up to him. She put a hand on his shoulder and they both looked down at Jim Dante's grave.

"I miss him every day," Misa said.

David nodded. "So do I." He looked at her. "In my own way of course."

"What do you miss about him?" she questioned, as if unto him.

David contemplated. "I miss his cooking, I miss him driving me around, I miss him buying soda and paying the bills, the usual stuff."

She nodded in a somewhat disappointing way.

David clutched his chest. "But, I guess I miss him in general. I guess I wish he was back in life because it turns out, I can deal with not having the stuff I listed but life feels weird without Dad present. If I was feeling empty before, my Dad dying increased the empty feeling tenfold."

She hugged him. David patted her shoulder in a comforting way.

I was saying that stuff to put on a facade; I guess I really do miss Dad being around.

"He's watching over us," Misa said, "Just remember that."

David didn't know how to respond. He turned to the gravestone.

"I love you, Dad."

He turned and walked away.

Ever since I was born, I've accepted that I was a monster and to this day, I still believe. I don't know if I'll ever become human, or if I want to become human but if there's one thing I do know...this feeling in my chest after I told Dad that I love him…

He clutches his chest.

I love it...


My name is David Dante.

Spidey was swinging across the city.

I'm sadistic, emotionless, but overall, a psychopath.

Spidey swings between two trucks and launches himself into the air.

If you think I'm your average hero who saves the innocent and throws the bad guys in jails, you're wrong. I kill those who deserve and the innocent thank me for it. I'm not an average hero.

He swings towards the same crane from earlier.

I'm just a kid born a monster who was given superpowers.

Instead of swinging over the crane, he hangs upside-down from a web.

Psycho, socio, monster, Dark David, I'm fine with being called any of those names...

He lets go and swings off to stuff another body bag with a villain.

...But...you can call me 'Spider-Man'.

Sorry for the long wait but here is the last chapter to Sado-Masochism. If you guys want a sequel, let me know in the reviews and I appreciate constructive criticism. I had fun doing a different type of Spider-Man for this fanfic and I thank you for reading my story.