Chapter One - The Seduction Begins

Author's Note- This story takes place during the summer of 1983 - the start of Warren and Wendy's sultry love affair.

Wendy applied bright red lipstick, carefully touched up her make-up, then slipped into the sexy, low-cut dress that Warren had asked her to wear. When she questioned him about her attire, he only smirked. She thought he had hired her as his "assistant" at the club to take care of all his paperwork. She assumed he needed help keeping his business running smooth. Little did she know that her drop-dead gorgeous boss had other ideas.

She stepped out of the dressing room and took a seat at the bar. It was late, well after midnight, and most of the patrons were leaving. Warren was still in his office and his best friend Ringo was standing behind the bar. He whistled as Wendy sat down, showing off a great deal of her slender legs due to the slit in her gown.

Wendy blushed a little bit, not expecting Ringo to notice her scanty attire. He had never said much to her. He was too busy following Warren's every order to the letter. Now he was staring at her as if she was completely naked.

She felt uncomfortable as he stared at her with lust. Not knowing what to say, she just gave him a little smile.

"The Boss is gonna love that sexy little number on you. Damn! You're hot!" Ringo exclaimed. He walked around the bar, approached her, and looked her up and down.

"Ringo, just what do you think you are doing?!" Warren's booming voice asked as he left his office and walked across the dance floor.

Warren stood there, tall and lean. He was wearing a suit and silk tie. His dark eyes were cold as he looked at his friend who was practically drooling over Wendy.

"Nothin', Boss. I was just about to ... uhhhh... go home for the evening."

"I think you should. The club is closing and I need to talk to Wendy," Warren said as he glanced over at his assistant. Her gaze didn't quite meet his eyes. It was as if she were afraid to really look at him.

"Hurry up, Ringo," Warren said in annoyance as his friend lingered. "I'm not in the mood to play games."

"Sure, I'll leave. I get the point." Warren always wanted Ringo to make himself scarce whenever Wendy was around.

"Talk to you both tomorrow," Ringo said as he prepared to walk out.

"Sayanora," said Warren as he waved Ringo away.

After Ringo left and the rest of the patrons were gone for the night, Wendy was alone with Warren. He sat down next to her at the bar, so incredibly close she could reach out and touch him.

"Why did you want me to put on this gown?" she asked.

"Because I knew you'd look amazing in it. And you do," he said as he looked at her with darkening desire. "I wanted to dance with you. Will you dance with me, Wendy?"

"I- I don't know, Warren," she started to protest, but he wouldn't have it.

"You're absolutely beautiful. I can't just keep you in my office, sorting papers. You should be out here... as part of the entertainment," Warren said. "One look at you and a man forgets everything."

"Are you forgetting your wife - my best friend Suzie?" Wendy asked.

"I don't want to talk about my wife. Suzie and I; we're having problems in our marriage. I'm not happy."

"Really, Warren? I didn't know."

"She's always accusing me of cheating on her with the pretty cocktail waitresses who work here at the club. But I will tell you, Wendy, I haven't touched any of those girls. I don't even want them."

Wendy just looked at him in confusion. Suzie never mentioned her and Warren having marital problems, but she knew that Suzie and Warren were nothing alike. Why they got married Wendy could not fathom. Suzie was so quiet... so wholesome... and Warren - well, Warren was like a wild, raging inferno. He was so hot that she knew if he ever touched her - if she even just so much as danced with him, she would get burned.

There was something about him. Something that pulled her to him. It scared her because of its intensity. She barely even allowed herself to look into his eyes. Just looking at him made her breathless. She didn't realize that the feelings he evoked in her were ones of desire.

"Wendy, please, will you dance with me?" he asked again. "Just one dance. What will it hurt?"

She shook her head, but her resistance was wearing thin. He made her want to do wild and daring things. With him, she wanted to break all the rules.

"Look at me," he urged as he took her chin in his hand and brought her gaze up to his. "All I want is one dance."

"O-Okay. One dance," she said. "But then I need to go home."

Warren looked pleased as he stood up to switch on some music. A tune began to play. It was Bonnie Tyler's hit "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

His eyes were hypnotic as he took her hands in his and lead her over to the dance floor. She forgot to breathe when he pulled her into his arms. Every part of her body was pressed against his. Their gazes locked as they began to dance.

The music played. Wendy got lost in the lyrics as the sensation of him holding her sent incredible tingles throughout her body. No one in the world had ever affected her the way he did. "Wendy," he whispered in her ear, making her shiver. "I know you want me. Don't try to deny it, because I've been feeling it since the first moment I met you. You want me as much as I want you."

"Please," she said, but she didn't know if she were begging him to stop or to continue. She did want him. She wanted him more than anything. And in that moment, she wanted to forget the world as if they were the only two people who existed.

"I can't. I really can't..." she said as she tried to pull away.

Warren didn't let her as he held her in his strong arms. "Wendy, please stay. I want to make love to you."

He spread tiny kisses on the flesh of her neck, then her bare shoulder. She shivered with so much desire. She responded to his touch as she clung to his shirt with her fingers.

She arched her neck as he traced her throbbing pulse point with his lips. The blood was racing through her veins. So potent. She moaned. She couldn't help it. She was lost in his touch.

He lifted her in his arms and carried her across the dance floor to his office as the music played. Once inside his office, he lay her on his desk, pushing all his papers aside in one swift sweep. His mouth then descended on hers in a passionate kiss.

She couldn't help herself. She responded when his tongue swept inside, seeking hers. She moaned against his lips as her glistening red nails grazed the skin of his chest. She was so close to ripping the buttons off his shirt.

She wanted to cry as he pulled away, looking down at her, his nostrils flaring as he was sucking in air. Their kiss had been so intense they had both forgotten to breathe. Wendy was breathing now, her breasts heaving in the sexy gown.

His eyes moved to her exposed cleavage, taking it all in. "We can't do this here... This is all wrong... You deserve more," he breathed.

"Warren, I..." she said as she tried to pull away and escape his tight embrace. She tried to hop off his desk, but he wouldn't have it. He was nearly a foot taller and all muscle. She wasn't going anywhere.

"Wendy, I want you and I am going to have you. Not tonight, but soon," he said as he pressed his throbbing erection against her.

Her eyes widened when she felt his steely length through the fabric of their clothes. "You can't fight me. You just have to let go. Let go and let me love you, because I want to love you... all night long."

She stared up at him, the words catching in her throat. "All night?"

He chuckled. A smile spread out on his face. It was rare as Warren Carter hardly ever smiled.

"It's a promise," he said as he helped her climb off his desk. He lightly slapped her buttock as she nearly ran from the room. She didn't get far as he was still holding her hand.

Wendy didn't know if she'd survive it if he made love to her all night long. What in the hell was she getting herself into? She didn't know, but she wanted it - so damn much.

"I have to go home now," she said. He then let her go. She was free of his passionate caress, but for how long?