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Chapter 1

Percy p.o.v.

It was a great day for monster hunting. I mean great as in dark, stormy, and generally miserable for humans. As I was sneaking through the woods with my girlfriend, Annabeth, we suddenly heard a scuffle to our left. A milk-white stag burst out of the undergrowth, scaring the living heck out of Annabeth and I. The stag, to our horror, was being pursued by not one not two, three or four, but six giants, all carrying nets, swords, and bows. Following the giants, to our surprise, was Ares and four other women. Annabeth and I just sort of stared at them with open mouths, and one of the women stopped.

¨this is no place for children,¨ she said. ¨the giants have risen. You must warn the mortals.¨

¨wait just one moment,¨ said Annabeth, ¨you guys can't just say: ´the giants have risen, warn the mortals´. Who do you think you are?¨

¨we are the horsewomen of the apocolypse, I am Murder, my comrades are Battlefield, Micheif, Malice, and the stag the giants are chasing is Harbringer. We are all loyal to Lord Ares. i must be on my way now, if the giants catch Harbringer, Lord Ares will do anything to get her back.¨

While she had been talking, I(somewhat regrettably) had been looking the attractive minor goddess up and down. She was muscular, but not unattractivly so. Her face was beautiful, but still rugged and unkind. Suddenly, we heard an eagle screech, a stag's cry of anguish, and a war god´s yell of rage. We saw a huge eagle taking off, with the milk-whte stag we saw earlier in a cage caught in its huge talons. 6 lage figures could also be seen riding on the huge bird´s back.