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Tsugumomo... one of the few manga where the author himself lets us see what the female characters vagina's look like officially.
Story Start!

"Did you hear? Those bandits attacked another traveler?"
"That makes the third one this week."
"These bandits, rumor has it, have been using some mystic flute."

A young man, about 17 years old, hummed as he sat in a resturaunt. He was a good sized Japanese man, with un-Japanese looks, who stood about 166cm in height when actually standing at his full height. He had bright, shining blond hair and shining blue eyes, to many who were unaware of how common such looks were outside of Japan, it wasn't odd for him to be taken in as a marvel of beauty. His fair peach skin was flawless, with three whisker marks adorning each of his cheeks.

He dressed quite finely as well.

He carried nothing on his body but a mirror that was attached to his obi.

"Woah, that sounds like an Amasogi or a Tsugumomo for sure... we should go and see what the deal is right... right, right!?"

The mirror spoke.

In front of the man, appeared the naked image of a young girl that only he could see. She had wild, spiky orange hair that went slightly beyond her petite shoulders, and bright green eyes. She had a completely petite body to match it, and thankfully since nobody could see her other than himself. Small breasts, topped with the pinkest of nipples, and an always fresh and hairless vagina.

"Mimane-chan... you might be onto something." The man spoke with a slight frown.

"Well, it's so boring not fighting or doing anything! This sounds really fun, and we might be able to get you another Tsugumomo, we need to increase the number of partners you have an quick Naruto-sama!" Mimane would have poked his face if she weren't in a pure spiritual body at the moment. With her real body at his hip, and she forbidden from turning into her human form until they were outside of town. "... USE ME!"

Naruto Uzumaki.

Just a somewhat regular man who seemed to attract massive amounts of trouble for some reason he had never been told. Abandoned from a young age and forced to travel Japan in order to make a living, he could never stay in any one place for too long for fear of bringing disaster with him wherever he went.

Naruto stood up.

"Hello patrons of this fine establishment, my name is Uzumaki Naruto! You might have heard of me as Blood Mirror Uzumaki, famed for my performances!" Naruto announced to the entire business and all the patrons inside of it. Naruto took his mirror from his obi, and he tossed it up into the air and grabbed it with his left hand. The mirror being moderately well sized, with a red edge to it, and points at each of the cardinal directions.


"We just want our customers to eat in peace, please settle down-"

"My first trick, how about starting with some juggling!?" Naruto turned Mimane so that her mirror was facing the ground, and several balls dropped out of the surface of the mirror. He kicked the balls up in the air, and eventually a total of nine balls fell out of Mimane's surface. Using only a single leg, he kicked the balls up in a pattern and never allowed even a single ball to touch the ground.

Naruto flipped the mirror in his hand, and kicked each ball into the surface of the mirror without missing a beat. Tossing the mirror in the air from one hand to the next, a long cloth came out of the mirror's surface and covered the mirror as it gently fell.

"How did he do that!?"

"A performer never reveals how his art is made, and for the beautiful vixen who has been doing an amazing job serving us all food-" Naruto pulled the cloth off of Mimane, and on top of the mirror's surface was a pretty kimono that was neatly folded up. Just something that he aquired from his travels, nothing too expensive or anything. It was still well designed and comfortable though, so Naruto extended the mirror to the working woman.

"Oh-oh... thank you Uzumaki-san... Uzumaki-san!?"

Naruto waved the mirror in front of his own face, and in the next second and a puff of smoke he was gone, and replaced by the mirror image of the girl he gave the kimono to.

Blood Mirror Silhouette

"Uzumaki-san, where did you go?" Naruto spoke with a convincing mockery of the girl's accent, and he mimicked all of her movements in perfect unison with her as she inspected her own body that he was borrowing.

Naruto, still in the girls image, reflected himself.

A copy of Naruto, with a chunk of his spiritual energies, appeared across the room with a grin on his face. The copy was holding a hollow copy of Mimane, and he took a cup of tea from another waitress and walked over towards the still confused woman who Naruto transformed into.

"Tea?" Fake-Naruto asked as he offered the woman a cup of tea, and she looked at the copy of herself.

Naruto, before she looked back, transformed back into himself by ending the technique. Naruto grabbed the cup of tea from his copy, and he grinned as he offered it to her.

"You deserve it for being such a great part of the show! A round of applause for the young lady!" Naruto declared to the rest of the patrons, and they clapped their hands in amazement as Naruto's copy vanished like it was never there, and the woman was just left dumbfounded at what he had managed to do. "While not needed, any amount of coin from anyone would be appreciated and enjoyed!" Naruto exclaimed as he unofficially ended his little show.

Naruto saw patrons standing up and he offered the top of Mimane's surface to them, and they placed down their coins.

He earned a decent amount.

He earned himself 2 koban coins, and a handful of mon shu and bu coins as well, nobody had been cheap and offered him any copper coins. Naruto placed his cloth over Mimane, and the second he removed it, all the coins were gone. The amount that he had gotten for himself would feed him and Mimane for weeks, and they would be able to continue their travels and stays at inns no problem.

"Oooooh, that is a lot of money! We were nearly broke too!" Mimane stated with glee, since the reason that she was in mirror form was so that they could save on food costs for a little bit. Since she didn't need to eat as long as she stayed in mirror form. Naruto enjoyed eating with her though, so he only did this with her when they were having money troubles. She understood, and she was more than happy to help.

She loved it when he used her for such fun displays like this one.

-Later the Night: At the closest Inn-


"Yes, freedom to move! Lets take a bath together Naruto-sama!" Mimane shouted, and she wore clothes now. A one piece that covered everything but her arms and legs, and a small jacket. As she landed on her feet, her hair parted to show a red mirror tattoo on her forehead for a brief moment.

Naruto smiled a little awkwardly.

"I told you I don't like being addressed as Naruto-sama, or Uzumaki-sama for that matter. You can just call me Naruto Mimane-chan. You're my partner." Naruto stated to her with his grin even more awkward when she shook her head quickly.

She saluted him.

"Nope, you saved me with your spirit energy. I might have been a goner if I hadn't sensed you, and you didn't take me in! So you are Naruto-sama, my partner!" Mimane was completely cool with taking a subserviant role with him. He was a very laid back man, with so much massive energy inside of his body that it was unbelievable that one human could contain so much of it.

Naruto's whisker marks became thicker.

"Ah! an Amasogi is nearby!" Mimane shouted as she pointed at his face.

Naruto's whisker marks were capable of sensing the presense of an amasogi, nobody knew how or why he could do that. The thicker the whisker marks became, the closer he was to the source. When the whisker marks returned to normal though, that meant that he was face to face with the amasogi.

Amasogi, Tsugumogami who were born instantly.
Tsugumomo, Tsugumogami who were born from beloved objects after a lot time.

"There aren't any exorcists in the area... and this god of this region isn't anywhere near here... Come on Mimane, lets take care of this as quickly as possible." Naruto offered a hand to her, and she turned into her mirror and landed in the palm of it. He spun her mirror around, and his hair started to turn white. A symbol appeared on his forehead, and his eyes turned green to match what Mimane's eyes usually were, his eyes gaining a ring around the pupil.


Naruto rushed out of the room with Mimane's body in his hand, allowing her ability to sense energy into himself. While he could sense the presense of an Amasogi, he was unable to sense much energy itself. Allowing himself to be possessed by Mimane in a controlled manner such as this was the best way to quickly dispatch any threats in locations he didn't know about.

"There!" Naruto declared when he jumped outside of the building and landed next to the hot springs of the inn.

He saw a large creature, a tree had been marked over and over. The tree had grown arms, and was currently holding onto the guests.

"Blood Mirror: Clones!" Naruto created several copies of himself as they quickly surrounded the tree. He never held back against any enemy, no matter how strong they were, even if he didn't use Ascension with every enemy. "This thing isn't an Amasogi, it's an Aberration!" Naruto realized when he sensed absolutely no human spirit energy inside of it.

Mimane's spirit body nodded her head.

"Lets kill it then!"

The tree shot razor sharp leaves at them, and Naruto absorbed them into Mimane's mirror by increasing it's size until it was as big as he was. He swung the mirror, and the razor leaves shot out and cut apart the branches that were holding the captured people. Faster than any normal human, Naruto rushed towards them and captured them in his mirror, safely taking them out of the situation in the blink of an eye.

Naruto's clothes distracted the Abberation long enough for Naruto to rescue the rest of the inn patrons in both the male and female sides of the hot springs, until he was left alone with the Abberation and all of his clones had vanished from view.

"It's about 1/10th as strong as we are withour Ascension, we didn't need to use Ascension for this at all." Mimane teased Naruto with a laugh.

They were fighting with way too much of their full potential, Naruto attacking something so much weaker than them with full power was completely unneeded. When the mindless monster attacked again, it sent a massive storm of it's deadly leaves at them. Naruto increased the size of Mimane to her limit, and absorbed all of the deadly projectiles until the tree was left completely bare.

Naruto deceased the size of the mirror to it's normal size.

"Blood Mirror: Pinpoit Mirror Reflection!"

Naruto shot out all of the absorbed projectiles, but instead of the waves the tree shot at them, Naruto shot them out as a faster and steady stream of attacks. His attacks severed the trunk of the tree and ripped the rest of it to shreds.


"You mispronounced the attack... you said Pinpoit Mirror Reflection... it's Pinpoint Mirror Reflection... you named the technique." Mimane giggled to herself as Naruto's hair turned golden, the symbol vanished from his forehead, and his eyes turned blue once more. Mimane appeared next to him and she released everyone from her mirror, people who all collapsed in a knocked out heap of humans.

Naruto collapsed, but Mimane rushed next to him and held him up.

"There are Aberrations forming here... the bandits having a Tsugumomo is responsible for this indirectly, or they came into possession of an Amasogi. Once I recover from Ascension, we need to go take care of the bandits." Naruto stated as Mimane grabbed him along back towards their room. He didn't know the strength of the Tree Aberration, so he went at it with full power from the very beginning for that very reason.

He didn't know the situation, so it was best to go full tilt from the very beginning.

"I'm going to play with your dick... a lot."

Mimane was also going to be going full tilt.

In a different way.

He might be fucked.

Chapter End!
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