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A day without their owner was quite strange.

Naruto left them for the day, in the Inn, so he could go and do something that he needed to do without them. Of course, this day always happened about this time of the year, and Naruto always took one day away from them a year so it wasn't so weird that they didn't ever experience this before. They could feel he was nearby enough that the flow between his spirit power filling them wasn't broken, or too weak, so he was within the town limits.

Kyouka wanted to masturbate, but didn't.

Mimane would interrupt her for sure, and then go to town molesting her or something along those lines. The funny thing was that her owner fit all of her dream man requirements, he was 180 cm tall, he was handsome and rougish, with a youthful aura, kind and understanding, and most of all he was now great at using her as a musical instrument was suppose to be used.

"... Man, I hate the days that Naruto visits his Kaa-sama."

Mimane spoke with a groan of annoyance. She hated spending a full day away from her owner when she didn't need to. Naruto never took either she or Kyouka to see his mother, and that was a crying shame. She had never met the woman once in her life, and she had been with Naruto since he was a young boy.

Of course, impossible to see a woman who-

"Wait, he visits his MOTHER!? I thought he didn't have any family!?" Kyouka was shocked and turned towards Mimane for the great gossip.

She had never heard Naruto talk about his family in the entire 15 years that she had known the man.

Of course, she and Mimane had not aged a day since he took possession of either of them. Naruto had been a child when he gained Mimane and a teenager when he took possession of her, and now he was a grown adult of 30 years old. They travelled everywhere still, and though they never settled down, none of them hated the lifestyle that they were living.

Naruto didn't keep secrets.

Mimane just prevented her from asking certain questions, and Kyouka didn't push for the answers since she honestly didn't care too much. She was quite selfish in that if Naruto didn't want to talk about something, she couldn't find it in herself to care to listen.

-With Naruto-


Naruto shouted in pain as he showed his shirtless torso to a woman, who was using a glowing finger to brand symbols into his stomach. He had to bite his tongue to stop himself from ruining her concentration, and he just grunted out as she branded the marks into his very soul.

A taller Japanese woman who wore godly ceremonial robes, with a cloth that floated around her, and a crown on her head. She was a Japanese beauty of a goddess for sure, and with her spirit power she was applying the brand to Naruto.

She stopped.

"You know... it's fine to not do this every year. Your parents wouldn't like you doing this to your soul."

"It's fine Kukuri... I'm used to it after this long. Keep going, I can handle the seal being applied to my soul." Naruto took a broken chain from the ground in front of him, and wrapped it around his torso. The seal started to glow golden, and the chain began to sink deep into his body and become one with his flesh.

A secret that he didn't actually keep a secret.

His Father was an Exorcist, the highest ranked at the 9th Sigil.
His Mother had been his Tsugumomo, a Kusarigama that he used.

His parents both died when his birth gave birth to massive amounts of curse, seeing as he was a child born with extremely abnormal amounts of spirit power. The God of the Land that had been in charge of the area had used his mother's broken body, and used it to tie up his soul and keep the vast majority of his spirit power in check. It sealed away the powers he inheritted from his Tsugumomo mother, and also tied him to the land itself so that his death wouldn't cause an explosion of curse.

"Being forced to bind yourself with your mother's corpse, and have this seal branded into your soul can't be easy. Ya should really just-"

"Please Naruto... you don't need to torture yourself."
"We were happy to die for you."

Naruto's parents souls appeared behind him and placed their hands on his shoulders. The seal sealed away their souls inside of Naruto, in a state of sleep where only 1 day of the year could they wake up and talk to him. It was their souls that they were willing to sacrifice to keep him alive, and for as long as he lived they would be unable to pass on. They were unaware of what happened when they were sealed into his soul, and were only every aware of the things that he told them on the 1 day that he could see them.

"It's not torture... I've got too much spirit power. This suffering is nothing compared to what would happen if I died without this seal on me. If my soul goes to the afterlife now, the amount of curse would inflict a great disaster on this nation." Naruto didn't see his suffering as any great torture. He needed to protect the world from him, which was why he required his Tsugumomo partners so much. He needed them to take his spirit power from him, and he needed them to be with him and save him from his loneliness.

Yet, only today did he need to be away from them.

He didn't want to let them see him having this seal branded into his soul every year. Mimane had seen it once, and only the once. She had cried for him, wanted to suffer with him, and seeing her heart broken look shook him to the core.

"You could always become an Exorcist... become my Exorcist." Kukuri spoke gently to him as she offered him her hand. She had raised him since he had been a baby, and once he turned old enough and got a Tsugumomo of his own, he set off and travelled. Every year she watched him come back to her, older and more handsome.

His father had died in his early 20s, and here was Naruto now, 30 and strong.

He had inheritted so much of both of his parents, to the point he was a beautiful and handsome man in his own right. He took on a great burden, had a great sense of honor, and she would be proud to have him fighting for her.

"I can't do that to you Kukuri... my lifespan is so short, and yours so long. I can't force you to watch as I grow old, and you stay young forever." Naruto knew what she really wanted, and he couldn't put her through the pain of watching a romantic partner grow old without her. He knew the gods would sometimes take humans as their lovers, but he had never heard of one of those stories ending well for either party. "Anyway... I've already got Mimane and Kyouka, and they are a handful." Naruto forced a laugh.

"To think, my son is with two women... I'm so proud."
"-I'm proud that they are both Tsugumomo, my son's a real man for getting with such difficult partners."
"Kushina, you're aware that you're a Tsugumomo and you called yourself difficult."
"You're DAMN RIGHT I'm difficult, loving a Tsugumomo isn't easy. How many times did you have to try to get me pregnant, more than I can count."
"To be fair, you can't count that high."

Kukuri turned bright red while she was engraving the seal onto Naruto's soul, and the married couple continued their argument. She could never understand how Minato and Kushina could argue like this in such a good natured way, while also mentioning such a lewd topic of discussion.

Well, they were only awake for 1 day of the year.

"Well... I wouldn't mind looking after you when you got older, and then when you died I could make sure you reincarnate. I mean, when Sasuke died I wasn't able to reincarnate him... but I'm sure I can do it with you." Kukuri spoke of Naruto's first Tsugumomo, his first partner quite easily. The partnership he formed when he was about 7, though not long into their travels she heard that Sasuke had died or something similar.

She had gifted him that Tsugumomo to help him, but she had never thought that he would get two Tsugumomo of his own. Even if she had only ever met the Blood Mirror once, and she had never met the Flute.

Naruto could feel his parent's souls start to fall asleep.

He just smiled at them, and respectfully bowed.

"Please, keep watching over me, and have a good rest." Naruto was highly respectful towards them, and as they started to fade away completely, they wrapped their tired arms around him. This year he didn't get to have much of a conversation with them, but even hearing them arguing was a nice change of pace.`


'That always give me a really bad stomach ache.' Naruto thought to himself as he walked back into the Inn room, where Kyouka and Mimane were waiting for him. The seal had faded away from his skin, and was now only visible to those who could see his soul.

The last 10 years Kukuri had been making subtle, but not so subtle, passes at him. She was a god, and he was worried for her future, but he also didn't want his life to be reduced to simply being her lover or worker. He liked his live with his Tsugumomo too much to give it up so simply give it up for a life of relative ease with a super hot goddess as a girlfriend.

He had these two troublemakers after all.

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